Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Had to save this one...

I know I've been missing but I had to save this one story for posterity's sake.

It was shaping up to be a lovely afternoon. The day before my mother-in-law had come over and helped to watch the kids while Chris and I prepared the new house for an array of visitors the next day. We were having over our church joining class and a few pastors to boot!

Sunday came and it was looking beautiful! Everyone started showing up and BOY were we going to have a full house! All in all about 20+ people! 3 of those families were pastors!

Now during this time in our lives we're also potty training our two  year old son. Often times we're outside with him and he needs to go to the restroom, but we live in the country and he IS a boy, so we tell him just drop drawers and go. You see where this is going, or SO YOU THINK!

Well everyone is out on the back deck enjoying the lovely weather we were having, when low and behold Parker needs to potty, so what does he do? Drops drawers. Not a big deal you say, he's a cute little boy just peeing... until you realize that No, No he's not JUST peeing... he's also decided to stick his little bum out and poop too. IN.Front of. EVERYONE.

We explain to Parker that we DO NOT poop outside, we can pee outside IF Mommy and Daddy say it's okay, but that's IT!

So what does my very sweet boy do? He decides to drop another deuce ON the deck stairs.

Oye, this one is going to be a handful!
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