Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Part 4: Where do we go from here?

Whoa I totally dropped the ball on telling you our love story so please, let me continue!

We left off at me arriving in Maryland in a breaking down pick-up truck at midnight. Yep, I met his parents for the first time at midnight. Not REALLY how I wanted THAT first meeting to go, but I didn't care! I was with Chris!

That weekend was amazing, he took me to Annapolis, I was freezing (having packed for South Carolina!) but I didn't care. We returned to school with him towing my truck and to our friends laughing because they were surprised to see us together.

This became our norm. We were together. We were casual about it, but knew that there was no one else in each others lives. November he finally made it official asking me to be his actual girlfriend (so awkward) and the rest is history, right?

As you can imagine meeting the love of your life in college isn't all it's cracked up to be. You have so much going on and it's hard. People are coming and going into your lives, some are good, others not. Some are getting married, others are breaking up. You're dealing with the stress of exams, papers, work, summer breaks, etc. But through it all, despite one or two short breaks, we made it through.

In the summers Chris would go back to Maryland to work, while I stayed in Raleigh to work and attend summer school. The distance was lonely, but oh did it make the heart (and other things) grow fonder! I would have my car packed up before my 9am class with Stella in the seat waiting (I parked in a basement parking garage with the windows down and for less than an hour). AS soon as class let out Friday, she and I would take off for Maryland! We would meet Chris on the shore where he was building boat lifts and then spend the weekend with him, his friends, and family. We had the best summers! Sometimes he would come down to see me, even surprising me a few times! It was magic.

But, then, he graduated and I did not. I was taking my time getting through college (never been a big academic), so when he graduated in December of 04' but I knew I wasn't going to get out until summer of 05' I was devastated. Not because he was graduating, but because he was graduating and moving away and NOT coming back. This started a very difficult time for us because now I needed proof of where we stood... it was a shit or get off the pot kind of moment in our lives.

to be continued.
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I think my body likes to be fat

Hey, we're 9 weeks into this "transformation" of mine and well it's hard as shit! Not that shit is hard, normally it's quite soft... oh TMI?

Anyway, I'm SEEING no results. I saying SEEING because that's it. I feel results in the fact that I can run farther, but I'm not seeing them on my body. It's frustrating. I know part of it is that I still don't have my eating under control, but it's not terrible! Well, in an effort to change things up AND keep running I've realized I need to add in some other stuff to my workout rotation.

Monday I went to a circuit class at the gym in my building. Y'all, I walked in there with some other over weight and older women thinking "well this will be a joke, I've done Insanity"... except this time Sean T was actually IN MY FACE! UH! Granted, I did push myself a lot harder than most of the other ladies pushed themselves, but I have a "don't be a grape in your brother-in-laws wedding" deadline!

My thoughts on the circuit class? Walking is over rated... that or my body is too old for this shit and doesn't want me to lose weight! Because it's Wednesday and I am still limping along! HOLY COW!

I "meant" to go and do upper body weights yesterday (to give my lower body a break since it's SCREAMING at me) but getting out of my chair was hard enough so that didn't happen. Today I really need to go do some but I just had some neighbors give birth at the hospital that's literally right down the street from my work, so I think cuddling newborns is a WAY better way to spend your lunch right????

Don't worry, I'm still running. It's TOTALLY NOT pretty because OMG my lower body hates me. AND I might be running like a duck because I keep forgetting to pee before I go out, but I don't want to just quit!

So that's it... the scale isn't moving, I'm not losing any inches, my whole back side feels like it's been pummeled by a wrecking ball, BUT I'm not quiting!

PS Got any EASY FAST lunches I can bring to work? I need ideas because I'm getting tired of my same old stuff.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Birthday Link up!

So Chrissy and Lindsey are hosting an awesome most memorable birthday link up so i thought i would join in... I have a few most memorable birthdays so bear with me.

First is my Kindergarten birthday. See my birthday is September 28th so normally I get to celebrate AT school. I was a very fashion driven child (I'm not saying I had fashion sense or even an eye for it, what I'm saying is I cared very mush about clothes) so I insisted on wearing a new dress that my Mom had gotten me. I was all excited about my day (as I still get excited about it)! After naps we were going to get to eat cupcakes and sing to me! Problem was that I had an accident at nap time... that's right people, I PEED myself at nap time. So they took me off and put me in clothes from the clothes closet (oh the shame!) while they washed my dress (yup my public school had a washer and dryer?). The problem came as I walked back in the room, IN my clothes closet clothes!!!, they started singing to me and I hid behind my teacher because I didn't want anyone to see me. Tragic? No... but I still remember how upset I was.

Next birthday I was turning 14/15 (?) and I was in high school joining a club called Civitains (?). Now this club when you joined you went through a week of "hazing" where a senior got to dress you up and make you carry their books and yell at the top of your lungs in the cafeteria that you love them. BUT people this is an HONOR! The day of my birthday was Tacky Day. Awesome. I was in zebra print leggings with some sort of short short over them, mouse ears, weird make-up, some shiny top from the 80s and god knows what else. Also Balloons that said Happy Birthday. That everyone thought were apart of my costume.

The End.

I've never had a WOW Birthday. I've gotten things, like for my 21st Mom and Dad took us all (Chris too) to Hawaii... but that wasn't ON my birthday (but I mean totally worth it!). I didn't really have parties growing up because it wasn't my Mom's thing and I didn't have a lot of friends anyway so we had sleepovers. The hubs still hasn't planned anything that was crazy awesome or that I didn't know about (dinner with friends)... maybe one day~
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh hello!

There have been about a million and one times that I almost wrote a post and then didn't... that I almost uploaded some pictures, but then I didn't. But ya know what? I'm here now.

So, I'm STILL Running!!! HOLLA! Last week i didn't run much but I was taking a break since it rained all week!! UH!

My friend and I did our first 5k together and I think we did great! According to my app we made it in right around 40mins! We averaged a 13.5min pace I think. That's GREAT for us!!!

I haven't really lost any weight. I know it's my eating but I'm not eating any worse and most days I'm eating better so this is frustrating.

But guess who just got like WHOA motivated... ME! My Brother-in-law FINALLY proposed to his girlfriend and she asked me to be a bridesmaid!! YEA! SQUEEE!~ So this is NOT going to look good in purple unless I drop some lbs! I will not look like a big ole grape up there! NO MAME! So here's my baby step goals

172-weight when i got pregnant with Parker
165- Weight when I got Pregnant with Kinsley
145- Weight I got married at
138- Weight I graduated college at
125-weight I weighed when I met chris.

DO YOU SEE THAT!?!? I've gained 50lbs since I met Chris! WHOA!
I don't want to lose the 50 because lets me realistic people, I've had two kids and things are just not going to go back... BUT 40lb? Yes please!

I've been using the LoseIt App off and on to track my food and I like it! It has a scanner, etc. So i'm going to use it more regularly to make sure i'm being honest with myself.

Also, I'm going to make sure my friend and I are running more, If we don't run, we do a video (like Insanity... You know you love me Cathy!) Also I'm going to make sure I'm adding in weight training to my weeks. I've been running for 8 weeks, I need some strength. So I'm going to go to a circuit class on Mondays here at the gym at work and a boot camp class on fridays and then do weights the other days.

Other big downfall? Not drinking my water. I can seriously go all day with one drink... not good. So i'm going to make that a huge piority. So future sister-in-law says that they are thinking April, that gives me a year. I hope to make it WAY before then, like i'm thinking December? but at least I have until April!


PS Spell check isn't working so, sorry... i know I suck at spelling
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Friday, May 3, 2013

Are the kids alive?!?! Why yes they are... proof! BAM!

Warning, my spell check isn't working and i'm a terrible speller... k thanks...
Because I love y'all i'm finally giving you pictures of my kids... yes they are still alive and well.
This man you can barely get a picture of these days because he's so busy and fast... hense the blurry shot.
This girl is still being very pushy about her wardrobe, I mean as long as it has the "same" pattern it matches right?

We like to torture ourselves as parents and take the kids to things that they won't remember so we get pictures as proof of what awesome parents we are... enter visiting Thomas the Train!

Now ALL morning long Kinsley was beside herself with excitment to see Thomas, however once we got there her story changed. She was did NOT want to get on Thomas. But, like any good parent I told her to "Suck it up buttercup, Mommy didn't pay $20 for you sit on the side". So on we got and she was pretty happy about it!

Little man was beyond excited!

Now, side note about Thomas. We had friends that went to see Thomas in Lancaster, PA and raved about what an amazing experience it was (while being over crowded). So we saw that Thomas was coming to Baltimore and thought how awesome would that be?!!? So we went and it wasn't that crowded, considering... but let me tell you the experience was VERY different.
In PA they had nice old wooden trains with open windows and everyone is hanging out and feeling the breezing waving to the Amish people. Baltimore? No, we were in closed cars with Police on moterbikes escorting us and we got to see (thank God not wave) at the homeless habitates we passed by. Can you imagine?!?!? "Mommy why is there a mattress over there?" Because that's where people live who don't eat their vegatbles!!! WHA HAHAHA
The the unthinkable happened... my kids school got LICE! OMG! NOT COOL!
My kids were (and hopefully still are) spared but as a precaution I mayo'ed up their heads (because Lice hate grease) and took pictures for future senior yearbooks!

The invadors are finally starting to play with each other and Kinsley is getting her wish to boss Parker around more. Sometimes I want to tell her to cut it out but as long as he's not crying and she's not asking him to play with outlets I generally let it go.

We had picture day at school too... Parker was the typical guy "Smile for the camera buddy"

Kinsley was herself... yet somehow she let me pick out her clothes

Lastly I'll share Parker's love of Mickey Mouse with you. Mostly it's very serious business, but you can tell when Mickey makes specials appearances... so cute!
SO now you're caught up on them, i'll get back to complaining about running/weightloss... lack there of soon.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Seriously i'm like a freaking energizer bunny

Except for the energy part. Ha I seriously have none of that shit. Everyone and their mother is talking about this spark stuff and seriously i need a spark but that would mean i would have to buy something and well, the hubs is being all practical and saying we need to spend money on a roof and windows... uh grown-up first world problems.

But I'm here to tell you that even though I'm seriously lacking in the energy department I don't take that as an excuse! I get out and run almost EVERY FREAKING DAY! Note I did say almost~ ha! But seriously at least 5 days a week! Holla~!

My running buddy and I are also adding into the mix a thirty day challenge where we have to do mini arm/abs/legs workouts. Its awesome... not, but it WILL be when we have the results!!! Serious y'all!

So get your ass up because if this 175lb (that's right 5lbs DOWN!!!) heffer can run every day, take care of two kids, go to work, feed the kids... something and keep my house relatively sanitary-ish then you can too! GO Follow Me on Pinterest