Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding link up!

Doesn't this seem like tons of fun?!?!? Especially since my brother-in-law just got engaged!?!?!? So here's my wedding!

It was October 21, 2006 at the Rod N Reel at the Chesapeake Beach Hotel and Spa.

We chose that location because I didn't want to get married back home and because the water held a special meaning for us. We also loved that we could get crabs (hello Maryland) and there was a hotel attached for our heavily drinking friends!

We had a fall wedding, because EVERYONE was doing spring and I wanted to be different!

I had ALL my best friends/drinking buddies from college

First dance was When I Say I Do by Clint Black.

We honeymooned in Ocho Rio, Jamaica!!! Sandals resorts (totally would do a million more times!!)

What would I have changed? A few details that could only be helped with Pintrest!
A few member of my wedding party...
I would have actually TRIED to lose weight.
I would have gotten the dress of my dreams
I wouldn't have gone to the hotel salon for my hair and make-up

This is my jump suit that was ALL the rage at the time... by butt says "lucky Chris"
We had a VERY large wedding party. We were just out of college AND Chris was really close with all of his childhood friends so we included them all! (there was also a ring bearer missing from this pic)

My parents looked amazing, especially my Mom!

The Church was awesome, we just happened upon it and it was beautiful!
Time to party!

I did a fall wedding theme. My Mom and I sewed about 19 of these tablecloths for the reception. My Dad tied all those napkin bows. You can't see the table number that I made and the gourmet apples that we made aren't on this table either... but it was AWESOME!

Chris was not happy about me with the cake but well... I wanted a cake fight and I got it!

It's fair to say my friends had a great time!

A little clogging was done

We just got down!

Even Mimme!

All my NC State girls!

My Dad with his sisters

Chris's only request for the wedding was open bar and no pink... preview to our marriage?
It was a perfect day and is still talked about to this day as the best party ever! YEA!

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Day 4

Okay so day 2 I caved and had a cupcake left over from the weekend... yea one of the ones i said I was going to throw away. I blame it on not getting to workout. I'm telling you people when you workout it motivates you to eat better. Even though weight loss is 80% what you eat... you'll be WAY more likely to eat right if you're also working out. Fact.

BUT day 3 (yesterday) I'm so freaking proud of myself. We went to McDonald's for dinner and I got a salad, took off the corn chip things and as much cheese as i could and then topped it with grilled chicken and balsamic vin dressing! Also K's running group (more on that later) had Popsicles that i DID NOT EAT!!! AND I got an extra mile in my workout by jog/walking with K!

So I mentioned how god-awful the smoothie was... i like it now! WHAT? I find my taste buds are changing and it's only been 3 days. Crazy right? Also I've been sleeping better! I know it sounds like nonsense but it's TRUE i tell you! This whole non-processed food thing may or may not be the magical cure to losing weight, that's yet to be determined BUT it's definitely helping with other parts of my body/life!

A while back I did a 5k with my friends and ever since then Kinsley has been BEGGING to "run" with me. So a friend contacted me about kids running group that's starting up wondering if I would be interested. So Kinsley and I went out last night and you know what? K ran a freaking MILE! Holla!
When they first started my little bean was a the back of the pack, she is after all the youngest and smallest... but that little turtle kept at it! I'm so proud of her! I ran/walked with her and we would stop after every lap but then I would look down and she was gone! Running again! I didn't push her, just encouraged her and she was AWESOME! I'm so proud of my little bean!

Other notes, Parker has an ear infection AGAIN! I know I know, get tubes... and we are, July 3. Point of me telling you this is to trust your Momma intuition. He was off, had a mild fever off and on and was SUPER snotty, coughing, and stopped eating as much. When my son doesn't shovel in food like a trash compactor, something is wrong. So my beyond awesome sister-in-law used her day off to come and take care of little man and take him to the doctor for me so i wouldn't miss work. I felt bad asking her since he didn't have a fever and was acting normal, but i just had a feeling. And you know what? Full out ear infection in one ear and they could see the build up starting in the other ear! BAM! Win for Mom! Also they are putting him back on his nebulizer since he has a history of chest issues and his cough is really bad. So little man is on the mend and will be getting tubes NOT SOON ENOUGH!
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day one down... and it was a close one

Day 1 of this Bob Harper Skinny diet is down. It was close, I ALMOST had to start day one over again, even after I forced down the terrible smoothie no less!

I did well and ate and drank mostly what i was supposed to. Made my co-workers think i have a terrible bladder infection because I was peeing so much. Got a pretty decent workout on and went to the pool... then it happened. A rushed, unplanned, full of screaming kids dinner time at home... in front of cupcakes (which I will be throwing away tonight)!

In the end of the drama I ate a spinach salad with broccoli and steak topped with a little EVOO and Balsamic Vin.! WIN for me!

So we're on to day 2 now. This morning I weighed myself... enter happy face, FOR REAL! I've been hovering around 178 despite all my working out. Well even though I had a less than stellar weekend for eating (or maybe it could be considered an AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS weekend) I weighed in at 175! HOLLA! So that gave me a nice little bump to force feed myself this terrible watermelon/flax seed smoothie (hold your nose!)~
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Lets get IT together! Right now...

We had a VERY busy weekend! This is just a little taste of the pictures, I'll have A LOT more coming, I promise!
Kinsley had her first dance recital. That was a chaotic mess but SO adorable! LOVED being a dance Mom!!! And Kinsley LOVED wearing makeup!

We got the kids baptized at our new church home. We've decided to be Lutheran! It's such an awesome mix of Chris's Catholic upbringing yet NOT catholic so I'm very happy with it too! Especially our Pastors! They rock!

Here's Kinsley with her Godfather (my brother)... her Godmother (Melody, my friend) was already committed to singing at her church so she couldn't make it... but she was there in prayer and spirit!

And here's Parker's Godparents (Chris's brother Dan and his soon to be wife, Jessie!)

He was running around trying to read the Bible... boy just likes to read but it made for obviously cute photos!

This is out of order, outside of the restaurant that we ate at after K's recital there was a water pad that the kids HAD to play in! SOOOO Cute!
So as you can see it was JAM PACKED! But so awesome and special.
And I've started Bob Harpers Jumpstart to Skinny! I'm using his diet plan to help me eat cleaner and healthier and to Jumpstart me loosing weight. It's not going to be easy (like not drinking at a BBQ on saturday) but it's time I sucked it up and just deal with it do I can get the results I want!
I'll keep you posted on how that goes for me... this smoothie is not going well! YUCK

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Bucket list!

Honestly I'm not sure WHY I'm creating this, it's not like we're not going to have a million and half things getting in our way BUT I'm still going to try like hell to make it happen.

1. Play in the rain with my kids
2. Go to Hersey Park
3. Make that water/tarp pillow you see all over pintrest
4. Host a toy swap... with just Moms and wine!
5. Go on a picnic
6. Feed the ducks
7. Go to the Farmers Market
8. Pick Strawberries
9. Host an Ice Cream Party for K's friends
10. Go out to breakfast (while NOT on vacation)
11. Take Kinsley to make pottery
12. Finish Parker's Christmas stocking
13. Finish Parker's baby blanket
14. Make Giant Bubbles
15. Take the kids fishing
16. Go to the library
17. Go to an outdoor Concert or movie
18. Make ice cream in baggies
19. Make sponge balls
20. Have a date night
21. Make smores
22. Host a Movie night in the front yard (somehow...)
23. Build an awesome and cheap slip n slide in Cathy's backyard
24. Visit the pool at least weekly (once it's consistently warm)
25. Create a rotation of "pool dinners"

So for love of the kids and the summer.... lets start the Bucket List!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I wouldn't mind a little help/guidance

So I've always thought I know how to eat, I just don't. And I think if I really put my mind to it and a lot of energy then I could... but there's the kicker... energy. I don't have any of that!~ Who does??

So I'm getting my sweat on at the gym now because this girl can't breathe outside when it's hot. And then that leads to all kind of fun things, like spotty vision and asthma attacks... it's so not pretty. So I like to drip sweat and scare all the mens at the gym.

I've been using a 14 day free pass to Anytime Fitness and I really like it. I think adding in the weights is going to make the difference in my body that it's craving.

Here's where my problems come in. Eating. It's no secret, I LOVE FOOD! OMG NOM NOM NOM. But I really need to get a handle on it and honestly I don't know where to start. I don't have the energy to do it myself. Can you help me PLEASE!?!?! I would love to eat cleaner, but who has time for that shit?

Here's my hang ups.
1. I eat breakfast and lunch at work... so it has to be portable.
2. I may drink a lot of coffee (with fat free creamer and splenda)... love/need coffee
3. I get home and have 0 minutes to get dinner ready for the family. I get home later now because I got to the gym before I pick my kids up. So when we get home they are HUNGARY. They are little mini dictators demanding food.

So I need food and plan... I see a lot of eat this stuff, but i don't like that, etc etc.

So Can you help me set up something? I'm tired of looking on Pintrest for the perfect plan every day!
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Sometimes life just happens...

Despite my lack of posting we have been chuggin along. We've been dealing with illnesses, jobs going crazy, lots happening on our non-stop weekends. And of course I've been getting my sweat on!
Parker got his first haircut! OMG
He also had his 15month check up... where he's tall and skinny, despite his Budda belly!

"I'm not skinny Mom!"

I chopped off all  my hair!

I love it! I think i want it even shorter!

We went to some birthday parties~

K is a hambone and had her dance pictures

The pool opened!

Parker got a sword in Gettysburg and it's his favorite toy EVER.

We've also hit the age of epic meltdowns. And let me tell you, he makes Kinsley's look tame!

This one is at Home Depot. I wouldn't let him play with a broken splited stick... oh the horrors!

And despite this terrible, weirdly scrunched photo, I'm getting my sweat on now at a gym! Because it's HOT people!

So there's the catch up.

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