Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Get him OUT of my ROOM!

Yesterday i had one of those lovely pee in the cup and measure my belly appointments. This time i saw who i think is the final doctor that i had to meet. (in a "practice" you never know which doctor will be around the hospital to deliver your baby so you have to meet them all). And I am NOT a fan! Nope not even a little.

After sitting in a room long enough to almost complete the crossword puzzle in the back of people and trying to take a short nap he FINALLY decides to grace me with his presence. He asks how i'm doing... i tell him i'm starting to get really uncomfortable. So he measures my belly and I proceed to tell him my tailbone is starting to really bother me again. He asks if i had issues with it prior to pregnancy and tell him... so he moves on! WHAT?!?! No take this or that or do this or that to help.... NO just "oh ok"... i tell him i'm not sleeping well and i'm really having issues functioning past 4pm each day "Oh ok well nice to meet you, we'll see you in two weeks".... THAT'S IT??? Didn't you HEAR ME??? Don't you CARE???

He gave off the impression that he has his own show and it's going to be run his way... Well NEWSFLASH You Big Fat Old Terd.... THIS is the Erin Show and I'll be running things MY WAY!

So i informed Chris if he heard the name Dr. Doom (at the moment i feel bad publicly bashing him, i might not later if i have to see him again) at the hospital then to ask for anyone else, even an intern because i do NOT want him NEAR my body nor my baby's body! And if he some how sneaks through and starts trying to spout "I think we should do this and that" at me when i don't want to and don't medically need to, i could possible permanently mame him... and while i'm sure i could plead temporary insanity, is it REALLY worth the trouble?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Recap....

Well it was a great day thanks to all my family and friends. Started with the traditional early morning phone call from mom. (well really Chris was the first to say Happy Birthday). Got to work and my co-worker brought me a balloon, a funny card, and a STARBUCKS gift card! YES! And two other co-workers got me cards. Today my work is taking me out for lunch. Last night Chris made me oh so yummy burgers on the grill! and i called my dad to remind him to tell me happy birthday!

But there are 2 "gifts" that i will forever remember. The first is from Chris... he gave me a card from him, one from Stella, one from Sadie, and one from Kinsley! He's so cute and thoughtful! Each card fit their personalities to a T!

The other gift i noticed this morning... From Kinsley.... STRETCH MARKS!!!! Yeah they are here! Those little f-ers arrived! So ALL those people who said "their genetic" LIE!!!! My mom didn't have them and I DO!!! Now MANY women love their "gifts" from their baby but i'm having a really hard time with it. I already have stretch marks on my thighs from soccer, on my boobs from their GREAT awakening, and NOW on my belly! It's tough because i never liked my other stretch marks... hate is a pretty accurate word... so it's hard to love the same thing for a different reason.

So thanks Kinsley for loving your mommy SOOOO much that you gave her stretch marks for her birthday.... wonderful! LOVE YOU TOO!

And here's what i look like at 30weeks, the day after my 27th birthday...

And for all of you FUNNY people who are all like "HAHA what are you smuggling under there? A basketball? haha" umm NO i'm not here's the proof

And for all of you critics out there, that thing hanging off the front of me is hard as a rock!

I tried to take a picture of the stretch marks for your viewing pleasure BUT i couldn't get a good shot... DARN! Don't worry i'm sure they'll make friends and start a real ragger on my belly and i'll happily gross you out with those later!

So here's to ME being 30 wks and Kinsley being AT LEAST 32!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I think i might try natural!

Natural birth! What do you think??? Hahaha... yeah most likely not, even though i think Chris IS pushing for that now.... see we had out childcare/birth class this weekend. We learned A LOT about birth, etc. We learned about breathing and relaxing, etc. Chris thinks he's a pro now (and actually he is pretty good at it!)... i have to say he's getting really talented at the soothing back rubs! Plus we found out that once i get my epidural that i'm bed ridden for the rest of the time! AND there's a chance it won't work or it won't work in spots! So yeah i'm not so down with that! I mean i know odds are it'll be fine but BED RIDDEN! No thanks! So we're going to tough out labor until i have to have the epi b/c they'll give it to you at any time. I want to be able to walk, stand, roll on my labor ball (oh yea we're getting one), take relaxing baths or showers! You can't do ANY of this if you've had an epi! And labor COULD slow down with an epi! I mean it can slow down if i'm not relaxed enough too... so enter Chris. (ya'll are going to LOVE this)

So we're practicing breathing and focusing, etc. During this time Chris is supposed to coach my breathing and help me to remember to relax whatever i'm tensing. We'll Chris was messing up my breathing counts (we're going to have to work on that) b/c i think he thought he was funny... AND instead of checking my hands, feet, shoulders, etc for tension he just kept blurting out DON'T KEGAL! Now yes he is supposed to remind not to kegal b/c that would keep my cervix closed but every 10 seconds?!?!? Umm not so much! But this was his favorite part! Not surprised!

But after learning all of this we both feel more ready for birth and kinda excited to put our new tools to the test!

Now the "baby" part of the class where we learned about soothing and swaddling, etc. Chris is quite the pro. He could swaddle from the first try and has the perfect football hold and baby jiggle down! He's going to be such a great daddy!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

29Wks and 2 days

Yes we are almost at 30 weeks! Crazy i know... i'm at 29 weeks and Kinsley is at LEAST 31! lol. Wow... so here's what she's got me looking like now:

Yeah looking a little tired... see the feet are starting to try to swell (wonderful!) I pee at least 3-4 times a night (not even a lot some of the time!) and she's feeling pretty heavy today, really messing with my butt bone~

BUT we did have a fun moment with the coworkers, i found a leg for them to feel and she kicked one of them b/c she didn't want to be touched at that moment! My little drama queen! lol
How far along? 29 weeks 2 day

Baby's weight: yeah she's over 3lbs now... Grow chunker Grow!

Stretch Marks? no... at least not from pregnancy... always had other ones.

Sleep? I have found it's not healthy for me to answer this question because i get all Holy Mother of Baby Jesus and that might stress out the reason i'm not sleeping... not saying any names... KINSLEY!

Best moment this week: Finding a Maternity dress for my friend's wedding.

Movement? It's like this... she feels the need to crawl up and hide in my left rib cage... to the point that i screamed in pain one day and i've taken to crawling on the floor to change her position.

Food Cravings: lets change it up and say Carbs.... and burgers!

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: no

Belly Button in or out? barely in

What I miss: being able to walk normal

What I am looking forward to: our parenting classes this weekend... should be interesting

Weekly Wisdom: When in doubt keep your mouth shut... you're pregnant and Crazy and liable to hurt someone if you even get started...
Milestones: we took maternity photos and after Friday night the only thing left to do will be to put up framed photos and have the showers and put the stuff away! Her sheets even came in this week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

29 Weeks

So i don't have a fruit or veggie for you b/c well my daughter has decided to leave the "norm" and grow at her own pace which is FAST!

She just had another growth spurt, i always get shocked into these and then realize later... OH THAT'S what that was... see i had been feeling very BIG lately, sore everywhere, stretched our and Kinsley was having a hard time finding room. Well today i'm almost back to feeling as normal as one can at this point and i realized it's most likely b/c this "little" girl was having a growth spurt! DUH! this happens about once a month or every 3 weeks... i just forget in time for the next one to come and knock me over like a bad hangover. So there you have it... our next ultra sound on October 5th should be interesting.

So as we're getting to the final two months and are only 77 days away (IF she's on time... yeah right) we have a PACKED schedule! Yeah you get introduced to the busy life of a baby BEFORE the baby even arrives. Here's what i've got scheduled....

9/25 Chris's parents come for dinner and Chris and his dad hang the ceiling fan in the nursery while his mom and i go and get the curtians for the nursery.

9/26-27 our child care class! 10am-5pm!

9/29 first of my bi-monthly ob appointments

9/30 meet our first pediatrician

10/5 Ultrasound

10/9-10/11 Good Friends are getting married

10/13 next Ob appointment

10/17 Pumpkin picking (got to get one for Kinsley this year!) and Friend's BBQ

10/20 Meet another pediatrician

10/21 Our 3 year wedding anniversary

10/23 pick up my mom from the airport! YEA!

10/24 Breast Feeding class 9-1130
10/24 baby shower!

10/27 another ob appointment

11/3 Meet another pediatrician

11/4 Ultrasound!

11/8 hospital tour!

11/10 another ob and then i think i go WEEKLY!

yeah this is only the beginning of the schedule... stuff gets added in daily... this doesn't even include normal stuff like people's birthdays, work stuff, church stuff, etc! I would like to complain about it but honestly... I LOVE IT! Every appointment is another step towards getting to see my sweet Kinsley and i can't wait!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dear Kinsley

Dear Kinsley,

I love feeling you move everyday. You're such a special part of Mommy and Daddy's life already. We've almost finished decorating your room for your arrival... we just need a few more touches that we'll hopefully receive at the baby showers.

We talk to you everyday and i think you hear us because you move and kick and wiggle! It's so special to feel you and to know that you're such a happy and healthy baby already! This journey with you has been very magical and amazing. I can't believe God has blessed your Daddy and i with such an amazing gift. But don't get any ideas, you need to stay put for AT LEAST 6 or 7 more weeks... then if you REALLY need to come out to see everyone i know you'll be okay. I just want the best for you baby girl. I want the best church to help you grow morally and emotionally strong. I want the best daycare and school for you to help take you to places that i've never been. I want to teach you how to be grounded and giving and not put all your happiness into things and money. But i do want your Daddy to teach you how to take care of what you do have. Your Daddy and i pray for you every day and i think God is hearing our prayers since you're growing so big and healthy!

There's only one tiny little favor baby girl that i have to ask of you... well maybe two... First could you maybe give my ribs a break... and i don't mean to break them... maybe stop kicking them so they don't hurt all the time. I know I don't give you a lot of room in there since i have such a short torso and i'm sorry about that, but i promise you're really not going to make any more room for yourself by kicking my ribs out of the way... and i can't sit back to give you more room since you've decided to use my tail bone as a punching bag... now while i'm not BLAMING you... it might benefit us both if you would think about these things.

Now for the second favor... could you time it so that your first really bad blow out poop diaper happens on your Daddy's shift... i think he would think it's funny!

K thanks!

I love you more then i can put into words and i can't wait to meet and snuggle you.

Love you Kinsley Grace,


Friday, September 18, 2009

what's a woman to wear in the fall???

So many of my Fellow Bumpers are wondering where to get cute fall finds that are rustically cute... so i'm compiling a grouping of items that i think everyone would enjoy!

First you need jeans... This will all depend on what your shape is... if you prefer a full panel (like me) or an under belly fit, etc. It doesn't matter what style you get (skinny, boot cut) as long as you have some jeans that make you feel good... I even found an awesome pair at Ross for $12 and a great pair at Kohl's for $25 (half off!).

Lets talk tops:

This is my most recent FAVORITE find:

This goody is at motherhood for $34.98... now while a little more then us thrifty spenders want to spend it was a GREAT buy! I get so many compliments on it every time i wear it. and think of the layering possibilities: cute sweater coat, big fluffy scarf, awesome boots... it's endless!

I'm also a fan of this top from Motherhood for $24.98. It's a bit thin so always wear a cami under it... but it's very versatile! It looks GREAT with work pants and pearls and also great with jeans, chunk topaz jewelry and a sweater!

This top at Motherhood is on sale for $14.99 and is a GREAT casual fall day in the woods, or dress it up and layer it with a great sweater or bright long scarf!

now i'm waiting on this gem to go on sale since it clocks in at $39.98. But it's the essence of Comfort Chic! Keep it classic and simple with some sliver balls in your ears or spice it up with some great turquoise bracelets/rings/earrings!

Now i know you're wondering WHAT CAN I LAYER WITH??? here's a great find from Old Navy for $19.50! It comes in a few other colors (sadly none that scream FALL at ME) and will keep you warm while stylish!

Old Navy also has some really awesome scarves starting around $12.50!

This is a favorite at $19.50!

Gap has also got some good finds, IF you dig (or else you'll pay a lot)... like this basic tee for $19.50... comes in multiple colors and ladies when you're pregnant it's ALL about the ruching (did i spell that right?)! Really flatters!

I also love this number for $29.50... can we say COMFORT!

don't discount a good hat too! these are at Gap for $9.99-$12.99!

Now don't forget Target! This great boyfriend sweater for $24.99.

plus how can you not LOVE these boots from Target? $49.99!!! AWESOME! These will top off ANY fall look!

And there you have it... here are you essentials and just build from there

2. Boots
3. Solid color cotton tops
4. at least one awesome scarf
5. One super cozy sweater!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stop it people SERIOUSLY STOP! IT!

When you ask how i am and i say "good but Kinsley is seriously hurting my ribs, i even have to take pain medicine for it" that is NOT your que to say

1. That's so cute
2. Oh just wait you still have a few months, wait until she's really big

It is NOT cute when this child is trying to crack my ribs... i was almost in tears last night! Is it cute when she kicks around or moves or hiccups or dances? YES Is it cute when she pushes her foot so far up in my ribs that i can make out a foot? NO

Oh and PS I think i know how much longer i have to go... i have these great things called a calendar and a doctor that tell me amazing information like that! So yes i know she still has 12ish weeks of "baking" to do and yes i KNOW that means she will be getting bigger... but guess what.... That doesn't STOP it from hurting like oh holy hell now!!!!

So when a pregnant woman actually tells you how she feels sympathize! SYMPATHIZE! Got it? Don't say something "cute" or "funny" b/c guess what... she doesn't think you're cute or funny... she just wants to take a letter opener to your head!

Nursery update!!!

So her Knobs came!!! Chris hasn't seen them so i can't tell you his thoughts... see we made a deal about them. I REALLY wanted PINK curtains and chris didn't b/c he was worried that people would see pink from the street. Well i made a deal that we could have white curtains IF i could have the dresser knobs... and he agreed... well he didn't say no and he smiled and we've talked about White Curtains so in my mind that's agreeing... even though i'm sure when he sees them he won't agree, but whatever they are AWESOME! I'm SOOOO happy with them! just look at her room (keep in mind we need to put up curtains, a ceiling fan, and maternity photos... also the stuff on the shelves is just there for the time being... not staying mostly).


i got a neutral glider for lasting purposes, i'll throw the blanket i'm cross stitching over it to help it "blend"


Just waiting on the sheets to be delivered... Target is VERY VERY slow!


Please excuse the fan and tools... like i said still waiting to go up... also the lamp... i can't not find a lamp shade that i like for it (that's the original) got any ideas???


Everything from the Hat to the right we're not sure where it will go... shoes in the closet, handprint on the christmas tree when she's born... crosses we're not sure yet so they are just there.... oh and here's the close up of the knobs!!!!


I'm soooo in love with them! they just make the dresser so much FUN!

Now here is my other favorite part of my daughter to be.... her BUTT COVERS! You already saw the Wolfpack one but look at the others too! She's is going to be TOOO cute!


The Santa one if from BuybuyBaby and the others are from 2 different sellers on etsy. Just love them!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guess what i'm NOT huge, i'm...

Healthy and PREGNANT! Yes I KNOW my child is measuring ahead by a lot and it's making me look bigger... yes i KNOW that i have a small torso and that's putt all of this baby out in front for the world to see... but I.NOT.HUGE!!! This is the typical comment i get now "Wow you look great but your belly is HUGE"... strangers, friends, family... tact doesn't stop anyone anymore! I actually had a co-worker come up behind me on my way to the office and ask if i felt heavy because my because my belly is so big... WHAT!?!?! Are you freaking Kidding ME!?!?! In what world is THAT okay?

That's it i'm going to eat the next person that makes a comment!

On the upside, got my Glucose test results back and I PASSED! YEA! With flying colors i might add! Sweet!

I know you love to hate me when i don't update

But i have a special treat for your patience.... MATERNITY PHOTOS!!!!!

We had a great time with Dave King and if you're in the MD/DC area i would love to give you his contact information. He was very friendly and professional and took amazing photos as you'll soon see. These are just some of our favorites (and that's out of over 1000 photos! Yeah crazy cool!) I haven't done any effects to these (yet) so look how good they are untouched!














Whoo hoo Go Wolfpack! N-C-STATE NCSTATE!



I know that's a lot but that was narrowed down from 1003 pictures!!!

oh and if any of you "funny" people want to comment on my double chin... i WILL eat you!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hicks of all kinds

And no i'm not talking about my beloved North Carolina (even though i could if you wanted, i could go on for hours how i went to buy a beer for my darlin husband with a GIANT belly and no one even batted an eye at me....). I'm actually talking about hiccups and Braxton Hicks. Both were plentiful at my house this weekend.

Yeah so that cute little Braxton Hick contraction that i was so excited about at my parents house apparently has friends. But i've noticed those friends like to come around when i've busy... not when i'm Busy being lazy~ So maybe that's a hint for me! STAY ON THE COUCH AT ALL COST! Yeah right, like Chris would approve of that! oh well... for now i just stop what i'm doing, hold the belly (because it feels like Kinsley is trying to escape and i have to hold her in) and breath for a few seconds and then i'm fine.

Now as for hiccups... they are REALLY fun! seriously.... it's like a repetitive poke poke poke poke poke poke.... it's so funny... it's almost like she taping me to tell me something! Maybe that she can't wait to see her room that her Daddy and i have been working on so hard? Really she's a cute mess and i love feeling her in there... the problem is my child doesn't "swim" like some babies do... no no mine keeps her big ole head position right IN my pelvis so by the end of the day i feel like i'm being ripped in two and then she likes to beat me with her fist and kick my left ribs like they are soccer balls. BUT the hiccups are fun because they don't cause any pain... it almost tickles!

So today i go to the doctor for my Glucose Test. This is where i have to stop eating like at least 2 hours before hand (they tell you that you don't BUT everyone who doesn't FAILS! and has to do the 3 hour test, so i'm just trying to better my odds)... then you go in and drink a delishious warm, flat orange soda type mixture (i've also heard it compared to Tang... you remember that drink right? it's orange powder they put into water... except the people mixing this drink put too much Tang and not enough water). You must drink all like 12oz or something in 5 minutes (it's cool i went to college and drank worse... we'll just pretend i'm at City Limits again). THEN (this is sooo anti-climatic) you sit and wait for an hour! yeah just sit there... fun i know... then they take your blood and find out if you pass or fail. If you pass you better thank God because if you fail you GET TO DO IT AGAIN! YES! but this time you get to wait for 3, yes THREE hours before you blood is drawn.... now you're thinking in your rational "I'm not pregnant" head big deal... umm it IS a HUGE deal... i eat SOMETHING like every hour and a half to two hours (whether it's a piece of fruit, a glass of milk, an entire cake... whatever you know)... so dealing with the first test is bad enough... to have to go through the second one! UH might as well just starve my child! Oh and what happens if you fail the 3 hour test? Well then you might have Gestational Diabetes and you'll have to check your sugar level multiple times a day, go on a strict diet (yeah not even fruit, or very little), and ***GASP*** exercise more! So please send your happy Glucose tests thoughts my way... i really don't want to deal with this!


Friday, September 11, 2009

What in his mind thought this was okay?

So this is a slightly venting post and a post to help out future Dads of the world... you would think some of this is common sense but I guess it's not.

First lets set the scene. When your wife is in her 7th month of pregnancy and she has a VERY VERY small torso so that the VERY VERY large baby she is carrying is making her look 9months pregnant it starts to hurt by the end of the day. She is experiencing Braxton Hicks contraction, she feels like she could give birth now but knows she has 3 more months. Her child is constantly kicking her left rib cage to the point where she's now bruised internally, and now her feet are swelling. So to say the least by the end of the day she's tired, hurting, and mostly out of humor.

For some reason when my husband gets off work he wants to stop thinking (i get it, his job is very stressful) and starts asking me the most ridiculous questions that i know he can answer himself. Not sure if he's just trying to include me or what but i would rather not be included and him just take care of it. So after the evening progresses on from Are You Smarter Then a Fifth Grader we start to tackle a long overdue project: replacing the carpet on the stair landing that my dog tore up.

So we're pulling staples out, etc and when we finish we're going to Kiles (sp?) the floor to seal it before we put carpet pad down. So Chris gets up and i need to get up so i ask for help. I have NO ABS, i FEEL HUGE, I CAN NOT GET UP FROM A SITTING POSITION ON THE FLOOR AT THE END OF THE DAY. So he's helping me up and do you know what he thought would be the PERFECT comment? "How are you going to get up if you ever get just fat?" WOW REALLY?? I've gained what 20/25lbs, i never hear from him that i'm pretty anymore, he's already told me that my belly doesn't turn him off but it might after i give birth, and now he's asking me how i plan on getting off the floor if i ever get "fat".... I AM FAT... i mean i know it's pregnancy BUT STILL! I FEEL like a HOUSE... DO NOT mention the F word around me!

He didn't mean anything by it, he thought (key word thought) he was being funny, when all I wanted to do was throw the can of paint at his head!

So husbands let me give you a list of approved actions/comments

1. Tell your wife she is Beautiful
2. Rub her belly and tell her how much it means to you
3. Never EVER talk about her weight
4. Help without her having to ask (help her up off the couch, from a laying down position, from the floor)
5. Understand she has NO mobility in her midsection... so maybe be sympathetic when she finds it hard to do something that seems like a simple task (have you ever tried even vacuuming without using your abs, carrying something without using your abs?)
6. Don't give her a hard time for laying on the couch when the house needs to be cleaned
7. Rub her back and feet, without her asking you to do so
8. Just be there for her, she's physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted, especially by the end of the day.

Now as a side not my husband does do most of these things some of the time but when he relapses it's like a volcano at my house.

Oh and if you do the opposite of any of these things APOLOGIZE! don't just hope she forgets you did them... SHE WON'T!

k thanks~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Right so... a califlower right???

That's what she's "supposed to be" right now

except she's not, she's bigger... she's not even Chinese Cabbage

no my child is the length of a butternut squash

and weighs as much as a good sized cabbage

Yep that's my little girl and i felt her full force yesterday, thought my belly was going to fall off! So since the website that gives us these lovely veggie visuals is no where near accurate for my child... we will have to stop using them. I'll throw some up after each ultrasound to give you an idea but not weekly... b/c we never know where she's going to be!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh Dear Lord.... new Ultrasound pics

So it's like this... my child is HUGE... H.U.G.E. Now before you get on my for "giving her a complex in utero" let me give you the details...

1. I'M huge... no not my butt, my stomach... it has it's own zip code now and makes an appearance in rooms before i do.
2. We had our monthly ultrasound and well she's measuring ahead again... and not just a week. TWO WEEKS!!! Uh YEAH TWO, One TWO. Every time i go there she's measuring further and further ahead. Oh Dear Lord Chris and his Family's big babies
3. She is 3oz shy of 3 THREE pounds. Yeah she's 2 pounds 13 oz!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!!?

Oh and also this child is ALWAYS head down... every time i go in for another ultrasound she's HEAD DOWN... now for those of you who are worried about your breached babies and want to be me with a head down baby, i'm worried that she won't stay in... i mean seriously i've told Chris from the beginning that THIS child is ready to meet the world and i keep having to remind her she needs to get bigger and healthier to meet the world... so she listens to me and is now 2 weeks ahead... gezzz. Smart ass!

So here's the "little" beauty

the first one is her hand that she was opening and closing for us... she was WAVING!!! and then the foot. The tech said the top is a big toe and the bottom is the heel but i think she has it backwards.

now prepare yourself... maybe you should over the age of 13 and accompanied by an adult to see this photo... if it's dark where you are turn on all the lights.....



I'm serious prepare yourself.....


Yes that's my beautiful Kinsley's face. See she was so deep in my pelvis and turned just so that we couldn't get a profile, just this... scary skeleton alien baby. And in the first one it looks like she's laughing like an evil spawn at me.... i can just hear her now **enter creepy horror movie music** "hee hee hee... i LOVE you mommy, i'm coming to see you SOON! hee hee hee...we're going to 'play'... hee hee hee". Yep that's my daughter!

Seriously i am happy so healthy and evil active. I can't wait to meet her, i just hope she understands i would rather meet her later then sooner... unless she's trying to set a record for the largest baby born... then sooner is okay with me.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

WOW we're in the Third Trimester! 27wks!!!

Holy moly!!! Can you believe it?!?!? i can't! Third TRIMESTER!!! HELLO! That means there's no more trimesters left! This is it... at the end of this one we'll have a bouncing baby girl! C.R.A.Z.Y!!! so yes.... we're 27 weeks today

So one sight says this: This week, your baby weighs almost 2 pounds (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with her legs extended. She's sleeping and waking at regular intervals (yeah HER intervals... not MINE) , opening and closing her eyes, and perhaps even sucking her fingers. With more brain tissue developing, your baby's brain is very active now. While her lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning — with a lot of medical help — if she were to be born now. Chalk up any tiny rhythmic movements you may be feeling to a case of baby hiccups, which may be common from now on. Each episode usually lasts only a few moments, and they don't bother her, so just relax and enjoy the tickle (I believe we've had this b/c she is ALWAYS moving and there have been times where it's hiccup like).

Well get ready ladies and gentlemen... Today is Ultrasounds day! So tomorrow will be Picture day! and we'll get a better idea of how big she REALLY is~ YEa!

So you know i'm pregnant and all right?

I know NEWS FLASH! Anyway i have an ups and downs post!

Lets start with the downs... that actually i'm not complaining about (yet) because i found it so cool and strangely amazing! I had my first Braxton hicks contraction this weekend! YEA! Right on schedule... i'm not complaining b/c it wasn't too bad (yet) and i was so in awe that it happened! It went down like this....

So i'm in NC hanging with the family and we decide to go on a walk... around their neighborhood it's a mile circle... perfect for a walk (even though Sadie my lab wouldn't agree, i think she would want it shorter, considering at the half way point she started to lay down then walk, lay down then walk, lol). So right after the halfway point i feel like Kinsley is trying to do a daring escape from my lower belly, right above my lady bits... it was A LOT of pressure... then everything gets tight and full of pressure (not time to push pressure, but just like WHOA my belly all of a sudden weights a lot.. to the point where i had to stop walking for a minute until it went away... and then it was like nothing happened and on my merry way i went... CRAZY! This little chick is getting my body ready to push her ginormous body out... she better practice a lot more!

Here's the REALLY cool thing about being pregnant... expectant mothers parking! YES! I KNOW! It's almost WORTH being pregnant to just to get to park that close ALL the time (except when stupid Baby stores only have like 2 spots... HELLO BABY STORE... there MIGHT be pregnant women or MOMs coming to you!)...And let me tell you this is SUCH a treat! I went to Best Buy the other day AFTER work and was just so tired but HAD to stop to get a camera bag for the new Camcorder my parents bought us. So i'm driving up.... noticing that for some reason at 4pm on a friday afternoon everyone and their mother needs something from there too... until i see it! ***enter angelic harps*** THE SPOT... Saved for ME (well me and other expectant women/Mom's) Right at the FRONT! I would only have to waddle across the little road and i'm in the store! Sweet mother of Jesus, Mary knew i needed it!

Now i was relaying this story to MY mother and she commented that they didn't have these wonderous spots when she was pregnant and she had to walk and it was good for her! And i said "Great i'm glad you had to walk... don't be jealous that i don't have to!" And then she explained to me that for all of the walking she had to do then she was going to park in all of those spaces now with her belly poking out... riiight...

So if you see a middle aged woman parking in that spot and arching her back while trying to poke out her stomach... call the cops and have her car towed... it's my mother and she's just being viscous!

Friday, September 4, 2009

i know i know

You're all like GEZZ Erin you sure are talking a lot... i don't come here everyday to hear you rant about things i could careless i about... i come for the pictures! They make me feel good about myself... make me feel skinny and light! Well if that's what you REALLY are thinking i have a few words for you but i can't post them on here because my mom might be reading them and would be very disappointed that her darlin sweet southern bell of a daughter is a closet sailor... i mean I'm NOT Mom, i promise it just that sometimes people are asking for it!

Okay anyway... to appease all of you SKINNY people here's your photo update...

and this is what you see when i'm coming for ya!

and this is what i see when i'm disciplining my fetus...

yeah you see it too don't you... she LOVES my left side! And that's where your stomach is, which explains why i NEED tums like a addict needs crack! Not to mention she LOVES stretching her way up into my left rib cage and kicks me when i try to push her back down to where she belongs... oh children, always with a mind of their own, pushing their limits!

So NOW do you feel better? And Do you feel all Skinny and Hot again??? GREAT! WONDERFUL! But you have to admit i'm having a bitchin good hair day! SWEET pregnancy hormones for that!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I KNOW how far along i am and i KNOW how far i have to go

So shut up already! Seriously if i hear one more time that "you still have a ways to go" i'm going to seriously decapitate  that person. I GET that you are now a Mommy and have had your child so you've experienced it all... BUT THIS IS A FIRST FOR ME! So when i "complain" or comment or something about my pregnancy DO NOT tell me i have a ways to go. I get it... i'm 27 weeks... do the math i have 13ish weeks to go (until the typical 40). I GET IT... but Guess what all knower of everything... 27 is more then 13 so i'm over half way, i have less then 100 days to go so back off my Sh#t!!!.

Now that THAT is taken care of... we had yet another clothing fail this morning... you THINK you can save your cardigans to where over a maternity top or tank... but guess what... you can't. It just ends up looking like you're trying to steal a watermelon or wrestle a hippo into your skinny jeans... it's all buttons puckering and the back of the sweater is all crop style... now while i know the crop sweaters are sort of still in... skin tight ones that look like the buttons are about to become weapons are NOT...

Lastly in the post i would like to take a minute (to sit right there and i'll tell ya how i became the prince of a town called Bel air.... sorry couldn't help myself) to take my amazing family and friends that 1. listen to me 2. help me and support me! I know you're all ready for this baby to come out so we can discussed poop exploding diapers, rather then my poop exploding incidents... but i thank you for hanging in there! I love you and i can't wait for all of you to Aunts, Uncles, Gunkles (private joke), Grandmas, and grandpas. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I don't know if i buy these comparisons anymore... but whatever

The network of nerves in your baby's ears is better developed and more sensitive than before. She may now be able to hear both your voice and your partner's as you chat with each other. She's inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential for the development of his lungs. These so-called breathing movements are also good practice for when she's born and takes that first gulp of air. And she's continuing to put on baby fat. She now weighs about a pound and two-thirds (oh please my little lady passed that a LONG time ago) and measures 14 inches (an English hothouse cucumber) from head to heel.

I just really feel like this "update" is the same as 2 or 3 weeks ago... disappointing... i need to find a new site.

here's what she looks like all crammed up in there...

Except i swear she's head down and likes to stretch her legs up into my ribs.... UH! BUT Chris did get to feel her again last night... she was VERY active!

All is now right with the world!

So yesterday i really thought i was on the verge of a mental break down. Work was BEYOND crazy, won't even get into that... I'm stressing myself out about baby stuff, house stuff... general Nesting i think has set in... i'm tired all the time and i was just physically and emotionally about to check out...

BUT THEN... enter my wonderful husband. So i often like to compare men to the canine community because they have many similarities. As long as they get fed and "played" with they are happy... give them a little extra scratch and they are over the moon with you. They are generally happy and oblivious to bad things. Well Chris is all these things... almost too laid back for me... so i like to start giving him heads up when i feel like i'm hitting bottom... I'll call: "Hey, bad day... I need comfort food, how about Five Guys"... He gets home "Honey i can't think straight, why can't i just have a nice HOT bath and wine?"  To this he takes his cues well... and tells me to get into a warm bath, read a book and he'll make dinner. Ahhhh

So i soak, get a fun call from my best friend, come down stairs to a not made by me dinner, and THEN i get to sleep... and God was on my side last night... i woke up maybe twice BUT only ONCE yes ladies ONCE to pee!!!! Oh i had such a wonderful night! THEN the CEOs at Starbucks decided to take pitty on me too and are now selling their Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!!! OH SWEET HEAVEN FROM ABOVE! I'm in a happy relaxed coma right now! And if anyone tries to disrupt my zen then i will be forced to stab you with my letter opener.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And this is what happens when you're a pregnant type A personality...

Okay so it's like this... i am not know for my incredible patience... in fact i'm known for having none... oh and always having to know what is going on or being said around me. Example: Chris sent me a photo from target but my phone doesn't like picture mail so i couldn't see it... i call and ask him if he did in fact send me a photo and he says yes, i tell him i couldn't see it, try again. He says don't worry about it, it's not a big deal.... UM excuse me DEAR husband... you took the time to take a photo of something in my favorite store and send it to me and i'm NOT SUPPOSED TO WORRY ABOUT IT!?!?! So i ask him what was it and he starts laughing b/c he knows i won't drop this until he tells me...

So we're going to revisit the mattress from yesterday... remember the one i was rolling around on the floor of BabiesRus testing out? Well you might also remember someone already bought the one i had previously registered for??? Yeah... so this is the follow up to that... I mention to one of my best friends the story of my fit about the mattress and she replies "ummm there was a mattress on your registry no?" and then like the smell of poo in a fresh diaper it hits me between the eyes... SHE'S THE ONE THAT BOUGHT IT!!! I immediately ask her... OH NO YOU'RE not THE ONE are you??? And i slowly find out that my dear friend TOTALLY gets my type A personality because she and her finance decide to buy us the mattress now rather then wait for my shower because she knows how i want to get the room all perfectly put together and you can't do that without a mattress and she knew when the shower came i would remember she already got me the mattress.

I just hung my head in shame... CHRIS HAD WARNED ME! No he didn't know they had done this... he is just always logical and crap, thinking of these things while i'm freaking out that my baby is going to have to share a bed with the dogs. So i get home and tell him the story to which he laughs and says "I won't SAY i told you so" ummm isn't that the same as saying it? jerk...

But i mean SERIOUSLY people what is the chance that on Friday the registry is full, shower isn't for another 2 months about and so on Sunday i go and buy a MATTRESS... what are the chances that a good friend it going to think ahead for my Pregnancy Brain and go ahead and get me that mattress??? THE MATTRESS?!?!? Apparently VERY likely in my case because i have awesome friends who have Type A personalities too!

So now when it arrives i'll roll around on both of the mattress and pick the favorite and return the other one for some store credit that I WILL WAIT TO USE until AFTER the shower! gezzz