Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poop and the tide pen

Well it was one of those mornings. It was SOOO hard to get out of bed. I REALLY didn't want to but I had to so I did.

Then I got ready... I got K ready... and we were late.

So i plop her on the floor while I finish getting her bottles, etc together and i hear grunting. I turn to look and see what's going on and it's the poop.

She's bending over grunting and pooping all up her diaper. I go to change her and yep... there's a little line on her shirt. UH! Are you serious!?!? i don't have time to change her clothes! It's no small feat to change this child's clothes now with how much she twist and turns and kicks and pulls, etc.
So I take a moment and thinking over while i'm putting her new diaper on and think "You know Erin, your tide pen has gotten out blood before, SURELY it can get out a little poop"! So i put her back together and get the tide pen and you know what? Worked perfectly.

Now don't get me wrong... if it was a big back covering spot i wouldn't have tired the tide pen, we would have changed. AND if i would have had more time i would have changed her. BUT i was already running late and it was only a tiny little bit soo... WHATEVER! Don't judge me!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Stinker... literally!

See this crazy little girl below... just FULL of LOADS of energy?? (she's waving around her Sofie in excitement)
Yes well this little girl had around 4, count them 4 blow out diapers at daycare yesterday! Yeah, she had so many the teachers went out and bought her new clothes (which they wouldn't let me reimburse them for, reason 103843 on why i love my daycare) because she pooped out of her extra clothes! SERIOUSLY!

So i brought my little stinker home and fed her and she zonked out right in the middle of her feeding. So i put her to bed. Enter the dogs around 730, yep they woke her up (hence reason number 2933 why i want to get rid of them still). Then K woke up again at 9... again at 130... again at 2... again at 445... Are you catching my point here??

I'm FREAKING TIRED today. And she is bouncing off the walls happy....
But i don't know how you could get mad at that face! squeee!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ABCs are Big at our house!

So this isn't news to anyone but Kinsley LOVES the ABCs. She could be having the break down of the century and almost every time the ABCs will calm her down. Well, our good friend Melody had extra ABC refrigerator letters so she let us have them and boy are they useful!
I just bunch them all up and plop Kinsley in front of them and she's entertained while I do whatever i need to do.
And she LOVES it! Some of the time i'll put her in her bumbo if i don't want her going anywhere (b/c she is a crawler now) and other times (if the floor is clean) i'll prop her down without it and a few Tupperware containers and she's in heaven! What a sweetie!

Monday, July 26, 2010

What a mother will do....

To get her baby to poop.

So we sent Kinsley off to stay with her grandparents this weekend while we attended one of our good friend's wedding. Well she hadn't pooped by the time they took her (3pm), but i wasn't worried... she often had a day here or there where she didn't poop.... But then we got her back on Sunday and still no poop. And to make matters worse she was trying to poop. Like REALLY trying. Red face, grunting, squatting, you name it.

Enter this morning.... she had a tiny little terdlet in her diaper when i changed her. YEA for some progress. So i was all ready to explain to her daycare that she's been eating prunes and drinking apple juice and to look out for poopies.

But alas that was not in our future... why? Because Chris locked my purse in my car, which had my keys in it... thanks. The keys to my car were IN my car. Wonderful. So I was stuck until my mother-in-law came with the spare.

And it's a good thing too, since here came the red face again! And cries. This time i picked her up and laid her on her table and I proceeded to help my child poop.

Oh yes ladies, this is something that you will have to do at some point in your life if you have kids, i promise. Here's what you do. Lay them on their backs and lift their feet up to their head. You then must help them to spread their little butt cheeks and, here's the BEST part, if need be... pull out the poop.

Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen. I have pulled poop from my little baby's bottom. She was grunting and crying and pushing with everything in her and it just wouldn't come out.... but now, it's out.

I've since called my mother-in-law twice to find out what's going on with K's poops... well she cries then pushes, cries some more and then she has a big ole hard terd in her diaper. Poor little thing.

I hope we get this poop thing under control soon. i feel so bad for her.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Me... talking...

So after seeing the video my eyes look REALLY street walker/night out at college dark. So i took a quick pic to show you I (infact) do not look that way for work (everyday).

Okay off to do what i'm getting paid to do... take people's crap.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She makes it better!

You know no matter how bad my day is getting all i have to do is pull up a picture of Kinsley and I'm instantly reminded that it's all okay. Today Sucks! Work. SUCKS. I'm almost in tears here sitting at my desk. Tonight I'll be going to the therapist AND physiologist. After that i have to go to Target to get my medicine, that i'm out of. This all means i won't get home until after K is in bed. And it's KILLING.ME! But luckily this morning i got to sit in the back seat with her while my gas pumped and listen to her sing!

Oh baby girl, one day it will be you and Mommy, all day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Raining Tears

Dear Kinelsy,
So yesterday you and i took a walk with your boyfriend and his best friend (and their Mommy's). We were a regular stroller brigade! When we got to the back of our neighborhood and we were coming back the heavens opened up and laughed at us. I mean it was like the angels were hovering over head with buckets and they were just dumping them on us.

When it first started it was a heavy drizzle. You were sleeping and staying asleep. Then the angels got bored and decided to up the game. You were NOT humored. You woke up and cried, so i picked you up out of your stroller, from under the safety of your awning (even though it wasn't flood proof) and carried you the rest of the way.

We arrived home to Daddy (wouldn't you know THIS would be the ONE day he got home early) SOAKED. I don't mean wet, i mean we might as well have jumped into the pool with all of our clothes on. My underwear was even wet. SOAKED!

So after laughing at us (b/c it was warm so we were not in danger of catching a cold) he ran us a warm bath and in we hopped! We had fun splashing around and later Daddy even joined us in the bath (yea for big garden tubs!)! It was such a fun family moment in time. You were splashing and bouncing back and forth between us, just magical all the happiness.

So then Daddy got out and you, wild little girl, ready for bed. I came in and nursed you and put you to sleep. Later before we went to bed, I decided you needed a "dream feed," I just HAD to hold you one more time. Daddy picked you up, gave you to me. I fed you and cried. I cried for the immense amount of love I feel for you and for the man that gave you to me. I cried thanking God for this little miracle in my life and asking him to help me to be a good Mommy to you. Daddy came back. Smiled at me. Took you and laid you back down to sleep. I wiped away my silent tears. Then, my Cowboy put his big strong Daddy arms around me as we looked down at our little miracle and we just shared that moment. A moment that i will always cherish and never forget.

I love you miracle. You're such a blessing.



Such a Big girl in the swing!

So Kinsley had her first trip to the playground thanks to her "cousins"! YEA! After she figured it out she REALLY loved the swing!
Luckily her cousins loved pushing her so my job was made easy!

And down the slide. Oh i could just gobble up those thunder thighs (not mine, hers!)!
Here's some live action, sorry for the shakiness of the video. At the end is where she laughs a little!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yea for Cousins!

So Chris's good friend Mark came over on Sunday with his kids to visit. It was a blast. The girls were in Chris and my wedding back in 06. The twins are now 7 and Luke is 5. They are getting so big!
Kinsley just had the best time playing with them too! It was nice because they kept her happily entertained so I could relax with Mark and Chris!

After some yummy burgers we went up to the playground and then later to Jimmy Cone! Yum!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who's REALLY watching our children?

So Babycakes goes to a daycare, i'm a working Mom, sucks (in my opinion, but may be great for others). Well i LOVE LOVE LOVE her daycare so I'm okay at work all day. YES i miss her like crazy but I'm very comfortable with her there.

Well earlier this week one of my FAVORITE women there tells me she's leaving because she and the management aren't seeing eye to eye and she was thinking of retiring anyway. I was upset. This is the first woman (besides myself) that K sees every day. This is the woman that has K do art projects and circle time, etc. Babycakes actually LEARNS I feel with this woman... in my head Kinsley is going to school not just daycare (makes it feel better in my heart since school is mandatory once she's older). And now she's leaving?!?!?!

Well i held it together long enough to find out that my two other favorite teachers are staying, AWESOME! At least it was until yesterday.

So there's a new child there in her class that's about 18months and cries almost the whole time. She's finally gotten use to one teacher (the morning teacher) but obviously THAT teacher can't work from 630-6 every day! SO in the evenings the little girl is normally crying again. The law for daycare infant rooms is no more then 3 children per teacher. So (even taking mine out of the equation since i was there) there were 4 kids. So a "floater" comes in. This "floater" is some high school girl that most likely thought she would have a cush summer job just watching kids play. Little does she know that NO you need to play WITH them, that's why i shell out a small fortune every month!

First she tries to pick up the crying baby. NO HELP. So she just walks away, sits down and stares at the other kids. Doesn't get down to play with them or interact, just watches. I mean if they go to her then she'll interact, but i mean HELLO it's the infant room!

What do i do? I get down on the floor, in my work clothes, while holding my child and begin to sooth the crying baby. That's ALL it took and that little girl climbed into my arms and laid her head on my shoulder (and my heart promptly broke). Luckily Kinsley was Happy so i gave her to the OTHER teacher (that i like) and rocked this poor little lonely baby.

IF that was my child that she just left there to cry at the gate until I came to get her i would have yanked my child out of that daycare so fast it would have made heads spin!

So what do you do? Let it go? Talk to management? All the other teachers are great but I don't do well with lazy high schoolers ignoring the children they are supposed to be comforting.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Know what makes me smile?

Babycakes sleepy face in the mornings when the light is too bright

When she's laughing and then stops and does this high pitched valley girl laugh (almost concentrating on it) and then starts giggling again.

When I ask Babycakes for a kiss and she leans towards me with her mouth wide open like she's going to eat my nose.

When she's tired and ready to go to sleep and she rubs her eyes on my shoulder.

When she's playing on her mat, she keeps looking over her shoulder to make sure i'm still there watching her.

When She scrunches her nose and smiles at me.

When she offers me her feet to eat (she's already sharing!).

Looking at the man that made all of this possible.
Love you Northern Cowboy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

You Shook me ALL NIGHT LONG!

So there was an earthquake here today, no i'm not in California. I'm in good ol' Maryland! Yeah it was a 3.6! Pretty WOW for here. It happened at 5:04 this morning. Chris was just about to step into the shower. I was trying to come to grips that it was indeed morning and i should have been up 15 minutes ago, then the whole house shook. My naked Cowboy came flying out of the bathroom asking if i had felt that, well, INDEED i HAD. Sadie started barking at the wall, thinking maybe the rowdy neighbors had moved back and Stella hid under the bed, scared the fireworks had been taken to a whole new level.

So Chris and I run to the front of the house to look out our window to see if the neighbors are out, mind you Northern Cowboy is still buck naked. Well they are so he sends me down (in my lovely PJ's) to check things out and make sure we aren't crazy. Sure enough, the neighborhood watch concurred, they all felt the earthquake. So i went back in and told Chris that we weren't crazy, BUT we turned on the news JUST to make sure it was a quake and not a bomb or something (people we live close to DC, it wouldn't be our first Tupperware party). And sure enough, despite all the murders, wars, etc in the world EARTHQUAKE IN THE DC METRO AREA was top news!

So was it scary? No (Kinsley didn't even wake up). Is it BIG HUGE NATIONAL NEWS? No. Was it kind of exciting and fun to talk about? Yea

Gotta love when you go get your hit of Starbucks everyone is asking each other... "Did you feel it? What were you doing?".

Ahhh nothing like a little exciting drama to start off the day right~

Way to go Cowboy!

So Chris got a PROMOTION! I'm so proud of him. I puffy heart that boy! So as a reward i cooked him a special celebration dinner! Enter all of Chris's favorites foods!

That is a fillet, stuffed with crab, wrapped in bacon, and topped with a creamy whiskey mushroom sauce! OOOOOH yea! It was AMAZING (if i do say so myself~)!

And here's the happy couple ready to go out for dinner! I think we make a pretty cute pair! Here we come Morton's Steak House! YUM!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

There's no place like home!

"Oh Mom, You're SOOOO funny!" *enter belly laugh*
"You just tell the best jokes! Man it's like a comedy club here in the mornings."
But look closely, do you see why I'm acting like a fool at 615 in the morning? TEETH! I love pictures of teeth! and cute dimples!
"oh, wow! Are those Rubies on my feet??"
"I'll bet rubies taste good!"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh my Lord, we have a crawler!

There she goes! This isn't the BEST of what K can do (she's not quite ready to "perform" for the camera) but you get the general idea.

So it goes down like this: I'm picking her up from daycare and they inform me she has crawled like two little oofs for them. I immediately whisk her home (where she's spazing out in the back seat and singing) and plop her on the floor and insist she crawls. After she finishes looking at me like i'm a crazy person and after i wise up and tempt her with the unobtainable until now (the remote control) she does it! I mean like REALLY does it! She has three crawls (because my girl is cool like that). She has the "normal" crawl (boring), the army crawl (b/c she's tough like that) and what i like to call the inch worm. The inch worm is where her knees and butt come to kiss her arms and then her arms move forward and so on. So freakin awesome.

Okay QUICK, need to finish child proofing EVERYTHING! Is it illegal to bubble wrap a dog?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sonoma Who? Sonoma Me.

Well i've decided that my diet of choice is going to be the Sonoma diet. I've done this diet before and it's good... but this time i'm REALLY motivated! The first wave is 10 days. I've made it two and a half days so far (yea me!)... so here's to doing what we gotta do.

See i'm not THAT bad off. I've lost all the baby weight... but there's this problem... the weight PRE-baby AND the fact that no matter how much you pick up and put down your child (whoever said that "taking care of my child is a workout" either has a 40lb infant that requires them to run up and down stairs while holding OR they are full of shit, I like to believe the latter) you will NOT loose the weight.

OKay so THOSE people probably aren't watching their kid squirm around while they polish off the last 10 cookies in the container. Whose, judging though, i'm not, even if i polished off the first 20 cookies for breakfast and lunch. NO JUDGING!

See i REALLY believe i make more and better milk when i eat a high fat (enter lots of french fries and cake) diet. And you know you burn like CRAZY calories (okay so MAYBE a tiny slice of cake worth) when you breastfeed, so it all cancels itself out right?

Yeah well the other day when i was trying to pry on a pair of spanx like it was going to save my life to wear them. Just because it took me a good five minutes of tugging, pulling, jumping, and considering using Crisco, doesn't mean ANYTHING... and then AFTER all of that, realizing that i was too big for the spanx and it was hard to breath, and it didn't help to begin with, so i took them off IN the car on the way to the event, praying that a trucker didn't pass by at that moment... that ALL means NOTHING.

Well that made me realize that maybe, just maybe this breastfeeding thing has met its match and the match is my mouth. Now i'm not giving up breastfeeding because we all know we don't JUST do it for the weight loss (enter eye rolls)... but i am going to start taking into account my food intake and my serious addiction to eating anything in the cabinets within reach (reach being a relative term). So i'm following the lean meat, whole grains, lots of veggies diet. For the first 10 days i can't have sugar, alcohol, any white/processed/enriched flour, fruit, etc. This is to help my addiction to making my ass bigger. And i think it MIGHT be working! I already look a little leaner!

Anywho.... here's to no longer using a crowbar for my spanx!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What is up with people at my work.

So i work for the government. We ALL have ID badges to get on to campus. This is for everyone every day! It's not new, it's been this way since before I started working here in 2005. This is not a news flash to anyone.

So WHY is it when people pull up to the gate where you have to scan you ID badge they don't have it out and ready? They have to sit there for a few minutes while the dig through all their bags to find it. So that myself and all the other cars who are ready with their badges have to sit at a light and possibly be late for work because these people don't have enough sense to think ahead and have it out and ready!?!?!?

People, if it's obvious, do it... don't wait!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kinsley has fun at Daycare

When we go to Daycare Kinsley has the best time. She's so happy to get there and play with her teachers and friends. This is one of the things they will do with her, put her on the floor and let her pull all the toys out. Great! Wonderful! Lets make a mess! Silly little girl!
It's hard not to be happy when you see this smile every morning.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kinsley really likes this eating thing!

Kinsley is really enjoying feeding herself now. Most of the time she prefers it to us feeding her! On the 4th i tried to give her stage two baby food and that was a NO GO, she ONLY wanted the puffs, cookies, MumMum, french fries, toast, etc.

See exhibit A below: This is her after she finished her veggie stick.... notice the tears in her eyes, and i gave her another one, notice the smile on her face!

This is her with her Daddy at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Yep she LOVES some guacamole!

Little stinker wouldn't go to sleep because she wanted to keep eating!

Other things she love to munch on: Raw green beans (great teethers)

Friday, July 9, 2010

She's still swimming!

So K is still swimming and she's such a little show off! She LOVES it!
And my parents just LOVE watching her since I was 2 1/2 years old when i taught myself to swim, according to them. The story goes, they were busy teaching my brother to swim and each one thought the other one was watching me and next thing my Dad knew I was on his arm in the middle of the pool saying "Swim Daddy, Swim!". And the rest (me going off the high dive by myself) was history. So i think they have similar expectations for K... I just want her to enjoy the water... SAFELY!
A little play time before class!
This class she became OBSESSED with splashing! It was awesome! See that determined look on her face? Yep that's the makings of an Olympian!
We float... or i should say her head does, but her butt sinks because she's trying so hard to see my face that she arches her back too much! lol
Big Big Spiders! We're about to go under!
Yea the Kangaroo bounce!
Just went under, look at that pro!
I don't know what is cuter, the fact that she's standing on her chunky legs and loving it or the ruffles on her butt! AWWW! (ignore my weird face, what you do for smiles...)
Play time! She's a superstar!
We've now been swimming for 4 months and she's quite the little show off in her class. We have this one child that i feel SOOO bad for because his Dad really does not make it possible for him to learn. His Dad is scared to do/force whatever the instructor says to do, so as a result his (almost 3 year old) is developing fears (which this class is supposed to prevent). I mean REALLY!?!?! This swim class is to teach water safety and survival swimming, if you don't do the exercises HOW is your child ever supposed to learn these things?

Example #1: The instructor sends the kids down a slide into our arms. They are then supposed to go face first into the water (at least up to their mouths if not all the way under), roll over onto their backs and "float" away. Yea... So this time (since ALL the kids in the class have been attending for at least a few months) she sends them down into our arms BUT there's a hula hoop at the bottom and we're supposed to have them go underwater under the hula hoop and then roll onto their backs. Enter Dad with irrational fears: Not only does he NOT do it, he then says "Oh sorry Daddy got scared". Great teaching there buddy! Now Enter Kinsley: goes right under and pops up (i mean i guide her doing all of this) right up and floats with no problem. Well when the other parents saw Kinsley did it (the smallest baby in the class) they all knew their child had to do it... and they all did... until Dad With Irrational Fears had another turn. This time... yep doesn't do it AGAIN! Everyone else does it.... Okay last turn (by the way he's the only one getting a third turn) He does it, sort of, GREAT! And then he ends it with this when his child is mildly fussing "It's okay, i know you're scared, Daddy is scared too, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry"... Now what will he take away from this experience? NOTHING positive that's for sure!

I went over to the Dad and high fived his kid for going under (yea hmm once he got positive reinforcement he stopped crying!) to which the Dad said his Mom is better about this "stuff". I told him that his son would be fine with most of it if he would just do it and show his son that HE'S okay with it and that it will be okay.

Example #2: The instructor says for everyone to float on their backs, some will have their heads on the parents shoulder and others have been there long enough that the parent just holds the head. So we'll have everyone doing it, whether the child (like the one to our right) is crying/fussing or not or whether they are splashing and sinking happily (my child)... oh but not Dad with Irrational Fears (lets call him DWIF)... HIS son is just being pulled through the water, face up, looking around, doing nothing besides smacking his father in the face while the instructor keeps saying "Okay on our backs, we need to float". Seriously!?!?

So people, teach your kids it's okay and to face their fears, don't instill your OWN fears into them. That isn't helping ANYONE out!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lock up your sons, i caught her!

Making out with her daycare boyfriend! And do you know that the teacher was just WATCHING! There was my little princess mouth open and both hands on either side of her "boyfriend" while she happily ate his nose and he held her shoulders.


We are going to have to put bars on her windows and a tracking bracelet on her leg! My girl is BOLD!

Preppy or just cute?

So when i was in college I was a member of a Agriculture Women's Fraternity. It was NOT your typical DZ, ADPi, ZTA, etc. At our school those sororities were well kinda of stuck up. They had a "uniform" of what you were to wear and a few of them wanted to see your bank account statements to make sure you could afford them.

Now while my daily dress was pretty close to their uniform, i didn't have interest being friends with people that needed a deposit on my life.

So went to where the fun and genuine people hung out! I'm not saying EVERYONE was all rainbows and fairy dust but at least if they didn't like you then you knew it!

Well, at the time i was quite the preppy member of this group so i adopted (was forced upon me) a name. I was introduced to people as "This is Erin, The Sorostitute of *said fraternity*". Honestly it didn't really bother me because in my head it just meant i had nice style and well... I'm trying to give my daughter that style.

I dressed her the other day and realized she is ready for sorority row....

Notice the embroidered capris (very J-Crew) and the Polo shirt (I didn't pop the color that day) and her pearl earrings and then topped it off with a hair accessory. Oh my little Sorostitute! Lets hope the only part of that statement is referring to her style and not the many boyfriends she has!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crying it out works! Most of the time

So we decided that we were going to cry ti out finally with K. I mean, she's 7 months... she does NOT need to eat in the middle of the night and i'm getting tired of being her passifier and if we're going to keep this breast feeding thing up, then it has to end!

So we braced ourselves with a long weekend and grandparent support! Hello Thursday, July 1st this WILL be the first day of the rest of our lives (dramatic? no). I lay her down, she goes RIGHT to sleep (uh huh like always) and then WHAM 11:30pm rolls around. We cry, we fuss, we talk and all the while chris and I stare at the ceiling and wonder when it will be over... 12:30. That's when it was over. Not too bad.

Hello Friday! She goes down like a little pro and then WHAM Midnight or 2am, i'm not sure makes an appearance and she cries, and fusses, and 40 minutes later and she's back to sleep! Getting the hang of this now!

Saturday night was pointless since i wasn't there for her to smell my milky boobs wafting down the hall but my parents (see they put Northern Cowboy and I up at a hotel, Bow Cha Wow No...)said that she did her fuss/talk for 10 minutes and off to dream land she went (now people she will still get up at like 530AM for a bottle (or boob when i'm home) because that's when she's used to eating thanks to my amazing work schedule!

Rolling around to SUNDAY! Goodnight sweetheart I'll see you at 5AM!

Monday night??? oh we greeted each other at 530!!! Sweet holy mother of Jesus Mary!

And then our little friend Teething steps back in (NOOOOO WHY!!!!!). Last night she woke up crying like her eyeball was about to pop out of her socket. I mean it wasn't just a "Dang Mom, could you quit thinking of yourself and all that SLEEP you THINK you need"... oh no no. It was a "WHAT THE HELL WOMAN, THERE' A DAMN RAZOR CUTTING THROUGH MY SOFT BABY GUMS AND I WANT IT OUT LIKE YOU WANTED ME OUT OF YOUR VAGINA!". So no amount of Motrin, teething tablets, or wubanubs was going to do it... it was a job for the boobs, the milk makers, she needed to cruise on up to this jersey shore.

And just like that I'm terrified that my sleep filled nights are over. I'll let you know...

weight loss

what worked for you? i want a new plan to follow... but it can't be extreme b/c i'm breastfeeding... GO!

Happy 4th!

We had such a nice 4th! We started it with some swimming in my parents hotel pool (which Kinsley just LOVED even though it was FREEZING!). Then we had Crabs with my parents and Chris's parents. Lastly we went up to Frederick to watch some fireworks! Such a fun and relaxing day! We had a blast!
Kinsley was SOOO excited for the fireworks! This was her 3rd outfit of the day... she pooped out the first one and then spit up on the second one... third times a charm!
Aww the happy blurry family!
K LOVES being on my shoulders and playing the bongo drums on my head! lol

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7 months, Stop this girl NOW!

Take this little girl OUT of here! She is WAY too big for her britches! She's now 7 months! She's closer to being a toddler then to being a newborn! NO! Make it stop! She is growing and changing so much each day i can hardly stand it. Here's a list of what Kinsley is up to...

Well she's over 16lbs now... by how much i'm not sure...
She LOVES to stand and can do so for a few second unsupported. If her hands are being held (not even above her) or she's holding on to something the time is almost limitless.
She is SO close to crawling, we're at the up on our knees rocking stage
She reconizes her name, and people
She's at that "I need to see Mommy" stage
She can hold her breath to go under water
She eats up to stage 2 baby food, though is NOT a fan of meats
She will eat some finger foods, loves all the puffs, MumMum, etc.
She smiles at almost everything
Her hair is turning blonde (weird i know)
She has hazel/brown eyes
And she has 2 teeth!

What a big girl!
She's such a wiggle worm, though i am teaching her to hug!

Thinks standing is so much fun!

Happy 7 months baby girl! Momma loves you!