Monday, August 31, 2009

Okay so we KNOW pregnancy makes me insane... why fight it?

This is all a progression so work with me here okay?

It started on Saturday... Chris and i were running errands. I wanted to go to Michaels to look for a shelf for Kinsley's room. SCORE found one and after my 40% off coupon it was $9 yes that's NINE! so i'll paint it white with leftover room paint and wha la beautiful. DANG okay add to my to do list paint shelf...

Sunday: we're hitting up the baby stores with my mother in law and the whole time i had an ulterior motive... i KNEW i just KNEW if i could get Chris into that store i could get the mattress for Kinsley's crib! So we find mattresses... i test them out (seriously i was rolling around on the ground of them testing them for comfort and firmness) and i pick my mattress. I pick it up and give it to Chris to carry to which he replied okay, scan it. UMMM NO NO NO we NEED this NOW! "Erin just put it on the registry, someone will get it" me: "NO THEY WON'T! I don't know that many people!!! and we have SOOOO MUCH other stuff on the registry that i need that if we get this there will still be PLENTY!! We have to get it"... well his mom jumps in at this point and tries to convince me to put it on the registry to which i reply that my shower isn't until the end of OCTOBER and i'm due at the beginning of DECEMBER so that's NOT enough time and i want the nursery done regardless if she won't even sleep in it until March or so... to which Chris chuckles and says "mom we have to get it, there's only 3 months left, we're running out of time! FINALLY he SEES my reason, then i notice the eye roll... jerk.

But in the end we get the mattress and i leave floating out of the store on cloud nine because IF we don't get our bassinet then Kinsley will at least have a crib!

And then today hit.... i go into the registry to take off the old mattress that we had on there and guess what... it's bought.... yeah i know. BUT here's my logic! IF the person who bought this ISN"T family and they give it to me at the shower then i can return it and get OTHER stuff that we equally need or put it towards the breast pump b/c you KNOW NO ONE wants to buy a breast pump.

Oh and then i look at my count down ticker... 99 days left.... that's right DOUBLE digits! oh i'm a hot mess right now... FREAKING OUT! So i know you're supposed to wait until the shower for your stuff but my shower is like a MONTH before the baby gets here... now i know in YOUR mind a month is a long time but that stresses me out! I like to have stuff DONE, FINISHED, COMPLETED! so that i'm not rushing at the last minute and the last month feels like last minute to me...

I NEED to get her room done. I NEED to wash all her clothes. I NEED to get all her things put together (swing, pack n play, etc). I NEED to get my house in order.... i NEED to paint the house, fix the carpet, replace lighting fixtures, paint the front of the house, plant mums, decorate for fall and then Christmas. I NEED to finish her baby blanket. I have this list building and building in my head driving me crazy and now she's going to be here in 99 days (give or take a few)!!! It's really terrible they can't give pregnant women something for this like vicodin(sp?) or shots of vodka or something equally relaxing. Sounds like i need a plan, or a schedule, or heck, some common sense???

Friday, August 28, 2009

Need a laugh today?

Okay so i COULD keep this to myself and NO ONE would be the wiser since i was basically alone when this happened... BUT i figured some of you could use a laugh and those of you who are thinking about pregnancy might want a warning.

When you sneeze you will most likely pee.

It's like this... i KNOW by now that if i'm about to sneeze i better clench my legs together as tight as possible (maybe i should have thought of that 6 months ago... HAHA just kidding!) or else i might embarrass myself and whoever else i'm with. BUT there are times that i forget, or when that dagum sneeze just sneaks up on me.

Example: Feeding the dogs.

I used to be able to bend over and fill their little bowls up with yummy Bentiful but now Kinsley either doesn't want them to eat or she just thinks my butt could use some toning. SO i squat... but it's a pregnant squat where you have to spread your legs and you resemble a frog of sorts once you get down there... so yes you can imagine, i'm squatting, like a frog, legs are WIDE open and BAM a sneeze! Now i used to have the dainty little sneezes that everyone would laugh at and say were fake but now that i'm pregnant i shake the earth. It's like rolling thunder coming out of my nose. So the storm hit while i'm croaking like a frog. It was so big that it knocked me off balance and onto my butt, and sadly that's not all. Yes you guessed it, i peed myself. It was like a water gun of pee just shooting out of me... through the panties, through the PJ bottoms STRAIGHT onto my floor. Terrific... even better is that i now have my dogs looking at me like "WHAT did you DO?!! Oh you're in trouble now! You're not supposed to pee ON THE FLOOR!". So i quickly clean it up, clean myself up and try to forget it ever happened.

BUT it did happen and well... that's what this blog is for right? the good, the bad, and the embarrassing!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

25 Wks

Well actually it's 25wks and 2 days, whateve!

So i would like to take a minute to point out a few things in this picture... FIRST the NC State banner above my head WOOP! Go Pack!

Second the fact that you can SEE 2 of my three cups on my desk (fluid is very important
Third my butt pillow... yes that is what i sit on everyday all day to keep my tailbone intact
Oh How about a forth!!! My butt is still cute! She's letting me keep my butt so far! She's completely taken over the northern hemisphere of my body but i still have my butt!
How far along? 25 weeks 2 day

Baby's weight: I think she's over 2lbs now!!!!

Stretch Marks? no

Sleep? you know i'm over this question b/c it stupid... who gets sleep anymore?? NOT ME! I won't get it later either b/c i'll have a screaming infant... so whoever said "sleep now to store up" is a JERK b/c you can't!

Best moment this week: Chris felt her move!!!

Movement? Yes we're doing a little mambo number five!

Food Cravings: burgers. period. the end. oh i like taco salad too!

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: no

Belly Button in or out? barely in

What I miss: having shopping stamina

What I am looking forward to: seeing my family next weekend

Weekly Wisdom: Blogs work... you get to vent and when husbands read them they are nicer to you!
Milestones: Well we have a nursery! All the furniture is together, almost all the paint is done, now i just need to decorate!!! YEA!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello rutabaga!

Your baby rivals the average rutabaga in weight -- about 1 1/2 pounds. (Length: 13 1/2 inches, head to heel.) she's beginning to exchange her long, lean look for some baby fat (that's my chunker!). As she does, her wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out and she'll start to look more and more like a newborn. She's also growing more hair — and if you could see it, you'd now be able to discern its color and texture (gee i wonder if it will be brown like mine or brown like her daddy's?).

whelp that's the baby this week... i forgot to take pictures of her nursery yesterday, sleep was more important to me, SO SORRY! Yes i missed yoga b/c i took a nap... whatever, sue me! Oh but here IS something fun... Chris FINALLY felt Kinsley move last night!!! it's was just a little thump but he felt it and i couldn't be more excited... i think he was more excited then he let on! Always the cool kat.

So today is Chris's birthday, i'll be cooking up a storm when i get home, so after i get the cake in the oven i'll try to remember to get a photo of the darn crib for ya'll. I mean it's ONLY a crib and the cutiest most beautiful bumper in the world... i don't know why it's such a big deal to ya'll! hee hee!

Monday, August 24, 2009

learning material for Kinsley!

So we had a nice weekend! I got some new bras that won't dig into Kinsley anymore and we got the crib put together (pictures to come) AND we got a great gift from my male reader! You remember Paul right?paul

yea i thought so...

well Paul is a very thoughtful kind of guy! He understands that children have questions about a number of things and he wanted to help Chris and I answer one of these very important questions... so he bought us a book!

Oh yes, you are reading that title correctly... it's about diarrhea! Here's the basic story line: Four year old Miles develops a tummy ache while on a family picnic in Maine. His planned camping trip with Papa (complete with canoeing and fishing) is postponed when throwing up (oops!) and diarrhea (loose poops) develop. Mama, Papa and Lucy Moose take excellent care of Miles at home helped by their kindly pediatrician, Dr. Hippo. Of course, Miles recovers in time to camp with Papa under a special, star filled sky.

Yea... well sounds simple enough right? oh but it really gets SOOO much better! Especially when Miles asks Papa a questions "Papa why is there a waterfall coming out of my bottom?" Oh that is only the first of MANY MANY graphically funny questions.

So when you're laying in bed awake at night because you can't figure out how to tell your children why there's a waterfall coming out of their bottom... then THIS is the book for you!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I was wondering if it were going to happen...

and it did...

I had another pregnant emotional breakdown.

SOOO yesterday Chris gets home late from work all gruffy and angry at the world and is a little short with me... so what do i do? Comfort him, tell him i'm sorry work is so tough, etc... Yeah right! I'm PREGNANT, HELLO!

No in my mind it's he's taking out everything on me because he's disgusted by pregnant body and doesn't love me and is a mean mean person.

I mean THAT's rational right???

So what does my sweet amazingly sensitive husband do after i've gone up to the nursery to cry heaping sobs that make me gag? He leaves me up there and later comes up and tells me i'm being ridiculous, with (mind you) a very sweet smile on his face.

OKAY BOYS!!! REMEMBER THIS!!! I do get that i was a LITTLE over the top and may have seemed a LITTLE irrational BUT i am pregnant.... let me state that again... I.AM.PREGNANT! So over the top and irrational is just apart of the whole making a child process (don't you remember me crying at the ultra sound??)

So, if/when your wife becomes pregnant and she has a moment similar to this, whether it's about you loving her or her having to make a grocery list, or something in the nursery isn't perfect so she thinks the whole room needs to be redone.... here's what you do...

CONSOLE! COMFORT! Reiterate your love for her and the child. HUG HER! Do not... i repeat DO NOT tell her she's be ridiculous! DO NOT laugh at her! and DO NOT disagree with her... just GO with it and COMFORT! It will pass!

Now if someone would just forward this to my silly husband who likes to joke too much all of the world would be right! I know i'm wearing on him, but honestly it's NOT ME! It's the spawn!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

more nursery updates!!!

So it's like this... I'm a VERY patient person *cough cough* and since Chris had to work a little later then normal i decided to wait go ahead and put together some nursery furniture. It went down like this

Me: Hey what are you doing?
c: well we just finished up a meeting with the owner and i'm going to have a beer or two
Me: oh ok
c: what are you doing?
me: putting together the dresser
c: you're not going to wait??
me: for what?
c: I don't know
me: Yeah that's what i figured, don't worry i'll let you help with the crib

see the thing is i know that if i wait for Chris time to come around it will, i just might be pushing this kid out of me when it comes around. And for those of you who have not been pregnant before you turn into a crazy person that when you decide that something needs to be done then it needs to be done NOW! NOT tomorrow, NOT this weekend, NOT next month.... NOW! you will feel like the world is coming to an end unless you get your child's dresser put together! SO even though i wasn't feel too hot and i was REALLY tired I put it together... and you know what... i actually slept like a baby for the first time in DAYS (without drugs!). Yeah i didn't wake up until 2 something to pee and then i woke up again with the alarm!! SWEET! It was heaven... now i am having terrible dreams about work, but that's a whole other post!

Now for your viewing pleasure.... more of Kinsley's nursery!


I'm making Kinsley a baby blanket so i think i'm just going to throw it over the rocker to take away from the fact that it's SOOO not her green, but it was the rocker i wanted and it's SOOOO comfy!


look!! She already has some toys and books!!!

babyroom3Tada! the dresser! Isn't it pretty! (please ignore the random cable and closet... still works in progress). Now she needs her changing pad, etc. that's my diaper bag on top!


and this will be her crib... hopefully tonight... don't expect too much, we still don't have the mattress... but isn't that bumper BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!

aww she's such a glamor queen!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

24wks... she's huge

oh you doubt me do you??? well looky here

 Yes so before you start calling me a nutritionist let me show you the front view (but do take notice that i still have a cute little bum).

 Yes i'm VERY curvy... i warned you early on about the boobs... can't help those... but you do notice how i still have a curve and hips, etc. She's ALL out front! i'm telling you! She takes a flying leap out from my the top of my girly bits and ends herself abruptly about an inch or two below my boobs... when i sit she shift up into my ribs... lovely little terd that she is.

So that's the belly... i'm not showing you a bear shot b/c well i'm in a dress and i'm not hiking it up.... that's how i got into this mess!
How far along? 24 weeks 1 day

Baby's weight: She weighed 1lb 6 oz last week so around 1lb 10oz this week.

Stretch Marks? no

Sleep? none... that's it just none... it's terrible i'm not going to lie.

Best moment this week: getting to see the monogram in her nursery!

Movement? yes... i've tried to recruit chris to help me stop it at night, since she won't move when he's touching my belly... but he falls asleep himself before he's a big help.

Food Cravings: burgers. period. the end.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: no

Belly Button in or out? Oh it's coming closer but still in

What I miss: being able to sit comfortably

What I am looking forward to: finishing up the nursery

Weekly Wisdom: Pregnancy is a blessing from God, but it also has really sucky moments, punch the people who tell you other wise!
Milestones: Nursery is almost ready to start moving stuff in... we have paint, and we're putting together furniture this week!

I'm pregnant

i know WOW news flash but today, i'm REALLY pregnant. I seriously feel like child is trying to rearrange my body in addition to making it bigger... it's just HUGE! She's going straight out but there's no where to go out there so she's forcing skin that doesn't want to move to move. Not to mention she's now found my ribs and is playing them like a piano. oh wait no more like a xylophone (remember those thing where you take a wooden stick and pound it to make music).... yeah well guess what... my RIBS DON'T MAKE MUSIC! they hurt, they like where they are and they would like it if YOU KINSLEY would leave them be!

SO i feel huge, i am nauseous, and i'm emotional... i was telling a co-worker about it and almost started CRYING! What the heck!?!? Crying because my bowling ball of a baby is trying to make a strike out of my ribs.. i know this is normal, this is to be expected... BUT I WANT TO COMPLAIN TODAY!

thank you still don't feel better but it's nice to get it off my chest... Belly shot to come b/c you really have to see this!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am christian, i just like my Ommm too

That's my pre-natal yoga class Ommmm. Oh it's like heaven in a class! We breath, we stay quite, we relax, we work our hips, back , etc. We stretch, we twist and bend and Ommmmm. I leave there every time with the biggest smile on my face b/c it makes me feel so much better. I'm so glad my doctor wanted me to take it, or else Chris might not have let me, it's sooo nice.... Ommmm

24 wks!

and we're now...

corn! lol i think they are going to length here? lets hope b/c corn is kinda small for what i feel like i'm carrying!

Your baby's growing steadily, having gained about 4 ounces since last week. That puts him at just over a pound (uh yeah she's measuring at one pound 6 oz LAST Tuesday soo....). Since she's almost a foot long (picture an ear of corn), she cuts a pretty lean figure at this point (haha NOT my chunker!), but her body is filling out proportionally and she'll soon start to plump up. Her brain is also growing quickly now, and her taste buds are continuing to develop. Her lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory "tree" as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help her air sacs inflate once she hits the outside world. Her skin is still thin and translucent, but that will start to change soon.

and here's the inside scoop

Monday, August 17, 2009

Nursery Update

So we worked hard and finished the green and started on the trim and and ceiling AND we got the monogram put up!!!

monogram here's the room in a progress shot...

roomprogress We have one coat on the trim and ceiling and one more to go... then we get to PUT TOGETHER FURNITURE!!! YEA!

Back off perfect people!

Why is it that when you're pregnant and you're going through all  kinds of changing and pain and emotions you're not allowed to complain. I mean IF you complain then the world of PERFECT pregnant women who had perfect pregnancies come out of the wood work to tell you how WORTH IT it all is. UMM i KNOW! But that doesn't make the pain go away!

So i tell people how i was trying to take a nap the other day but Kinsley got all Kung Fu fighting on my organs and wouldn't let me sleep. They laugh think it's so cute... and in a way it is... BUT would you like to be elbowed in the face? NO??? Why not??? It could be worth it right??? Well guess what i don't like being elbowed in the Kidney! No matter how much i love this little girl and how excited i am to meet her i'm just never going to savor having to wake up at 2:30 in the morning because i'm having extreme back pain and i have to get up and walk and stretch and take medicine, etc. I'm just not...

Oh here's another good one...
Perfect Person: How are you doing?
Me: Oh, i'm good but wow my back is still really hurts from the child moving my tail bone!
PP: Oh hee hee I'm sorry but it's soo worth it!
Me: no shit (sorry for the cursing) sherlock, but how about that child that you love so much comes and back hands you like a piece of meat... Are they still worth it? Yes you could give birth to them all over again, i know... but did you enjoy getting back handed? Yeah well my kidney doesn't enjoy getting sucker punched!

So for all you that had your perfect pregnancies or are too delusional in your happiness of babiness that you forgot about the karate chops, I REMEMBER! It JUST happened to me and i would like to complain... you know Vent... just like YOU vent when laundry is left around the house, etc i want to vent that my child is trying to turn my spine into a tail! So nod, console, empathise, but other then that.... please keep you happy little perfect mouth SHUT!

thank you and good night.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Yea look what we did!

Chris surprised me with a phone call yesterday that he wanted to PAINT when we got home! YEA! so we started painting Kinsley's nursery!

painting1 Chris is loving the color!

painting2 don't let his hard work fool you... he's doing the top, i did ALL the bottom!

painting4 see i did the bottom!

painting3 see Sadie even decided to help!

painting5 well maybe she wasn't such a big help, after she got it on her tail and back she tried to sniff it... yeah her whole snout was covered! lol I had to get it off before she tried to eat it so no pictures of that. lol.

Don't you LOVE the green?? I can't wait to make it REALLY pop with with the Bright Pink and White! YEA!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

might have lost my mind but....

Look how freaking cute these are!!! I know i know... $40 on hair stuff, but she needs them to be PRETTY!!!

little NC State action!

look these will be interchangeable on the headbands OR can go right into the hair!!!! YEA!

oh dear

Oh Dear Lord! The HEAT THE HEAT!

So normally the heat wouldn't bother e since i'm smart enough to know that my pregnant butt does MUCH better in a nice cool 67 degrees environment! HOWEVER there are times when i must venture outside but i'm smart and make sure they are for very quick things... darting to the car where i can turn up the AC... Darting to a store that has AC... you're getting the trend right???

So what i DO NOT do is take hikes across my campus in the middle of the day... oh wait, that's JUST what i did! Yeah had to go across campus to pick up my boss's Official Government Passport (i feel like theme music should be playing when i say that) and i needed to cancel the gym membership that i'm well... NOT using, lol. Aerobics just aren't my cup of tea right now... ice cream is (and if you have anything to say about that you're welcome to come and visit me when i'm in the middle of labor and try to convince me other wise!). So i did the hike and NO the walking did not kill me! Actually it was great, loosened up my hips... but the HEAT the HUMIDITY! They should make little bubbles for pregnant women to walk around in! It would keep us more active!

Well so lately the heat (real or imagined) has been getting to me and the first place it likes to strike??? my butt.. OOOH yeah, that's sexy BUTT sweat... i kid you not... i still have pretty good looking behind, still pretty perky... but that crease likes to sweat! It's like it thinks it is its' own little aerobics class and must sweat to the oldies... terrible... even worse... when you're on stage at church b/c you're singing with the praise team and they forgot to turn on the air, so not only are you pregnant and hot, but you butt is doing its own music video so you have sweat trickling down your legs like you peed yourself! Yep i'll always wear pants or a long skirt on stage!

Kinsley is BIG!

Sorry i was MIA yesterday because i needed to give my tail bone a rest so i was on bed rest yesterday and BOY did it help! I feel SO much better, still hurts some but the difference is AMAZING!

Well we had our monthly check up on our little girl and she was SOO active, it was hard for the tech to get measurements! lol... that's my wild child! lol.

Well here she is in all her beautiful glory...

 Isn't she cute??? that first one is supposed to be feet... mmmkay... but look at her too cute profile!

She's measuring a full week ahead and is 1lbs 6oz!!! What a cute little chunker!

I can't wait to kiss all those rolls!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here's the Baby bump

So i figured i would give you the photos early this week since i've been depriving you and tomorrow i'll have Pictures of Kinsley... so i want you to see how big i am today when her pictures will be taken too!

Don't laugh!

 yep there's Kinsley in all her bearness. DO you see why i have tail bone issues??? Yeah that's my little chunker!
How far along? 23 weeks

Baby's weight: We'll find out today!

Stretch Marks? no

Sleep? well since my tail bone is in extreme pain i can sleep with the help of drugs... yes they are safe for her.

Best moment this week: hmmm well it will be today at the u/s when i see her!

Movement? snap crackle pop all the time

Food Cravings: burgers. period. the end.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: no

Belly Button in or out? Oh it's coming closer but still in

What I miss: being able to sit comfortably

What I am looking forward to: her ultrasound today and painting the nursey!

Weekly Wisdom: Take care of yourself, your child, and your family... nothing else matters, don't let anyone guilt you into thinking other wise.
Milestones: we bought paint... need to use it now.

23 weeks!

So we've done this fruit but for some reason we're doing it again...

A mango, actually it says she weighs as much as a large mango... but MY baby weighs MORE! We'll find out more about her today at our ultrasound!

Turn on the radio and sway to the music. With her sense of movement well developed by now, your baby can feel you dance (YEA, we're going to start her early for those dance classes!). And now that she's more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound (about as much as a large mango), you may be able to see her squirm underneath your clothes (haven't seen this yet but she IS moving ALL the time!). Blood vessels in her lungs are developing to prepare for breathing, and the sounds that your baby's increasingly keen ears pick up are preparing her for entry into the outside world. Loud noises that become familiar now — such as your dog barking or the roar of the vacuum cleaner — probably won't faze her when she hears them outside the womb.

Yea we're going to start banging pots and everything to get her ready for Chris and my WILD ways of laying on the couch! lol

So what's wrong with me???

I'm pregnant... that's what! I'm serious. Remember that excruciating debilitating pain in my butt (no not Chris, haha... he's been GREAT actually) well it's NOT a cyst coming back to ruin my life... it's MY CHILD! Sort of. See you have this little point at the bottom of your tail bone...

There at the bottom... see that thing called the Coccyx? Yeah well it looks like a little nothing doesn't it... well apparently it's tired of us thinking so and is taking its revenge out on me! See between my laziness of wanting to recline, lean, rest, etc and Kinsley's uncalled for need of more room.... they are working together to move that Coccyx so that it feels like my tail bone is broken. Here's how i found all this out...

Went to the OB/GYN yesterday in tears about all my pains but mostly my butt. Telling her PLEASE i'll deal with my back and both hips just PLEASE fix my butt! So she wants to see the spot and starts poking around (umm I told her it hurts why does she need to make sure???)... so after i gasp, cry, and slightly scream she decides there's nothing she can do besides give me pain meds (more on that later). BUT she does give me a note for work and mentions a orthopedic. Yeah so i'm thinking... orthopedic isn't that for old people with feet problems?? no it's for me.

Well this AWESOME nurse, my favorite at the practice, knows someone upstairs at the orthopedic office and gets me right in (practically, i waited 15 mins). I explain to the nurse what is going on and the doctor comes in having been briefed and says he knows exactly what's going on and he'll tell me how to fix it right away. I just need to turn around so he can make sure he's right. So i turn and do you know what he did???? He POKED ME!!!!! I mean he KNEW the spot, went right to it with his stubby little finger and BAM hit it right off... this of course caused me to have the calm reaction of SCREAMING and jumping, and gasping and TRYING to hold in all the curse words i wanted to throw at him.

Well he was quite proud of himself and said, Yep i was right... WELL GREAT i'm so glad you weren't WRONG and wanted to keep poking! So know what he tells me??? No more leaning on the couch, back in bed, against walls, back in my chair at work. I must Sit up straight yet slightly forward and maybe with a small hunch if need be OR lay flat. And that will magically make it all better.... IN A FEW WEEKS! Yeah, in a few weeks i MIGHT not have this terrible stabbing pain in my butt. Well i only have 17 weeks left in pregnancy so, maybe the pain will leave when Kinsley does! HA! So not funny.

So now i'm carrying around my Tush Cush... yes that's the name of my pillow that i sit on... it's a padded incline pillow that has a U shaped hole cut out where my crack is. Very effective. Sort of.

So thanks Kinsley for moving my tail bone and everything around so that my hips, back, and butt hurt... you're worth it, but i WILL remind you of this every day of your life!

Monday, August 10, 2009

may i just complain?

Of course i can! it's MY blog! hahaha okay and off we go

Friday i get home and i'm all like OOOOH honey, my hips and back hurt REALLY bad. We walk a little and then run a errand and then i lay down at like 830 b/c i'm in so much pain and fall asleep until 130 where i wake up and can't go back to sleep or get comfortable. so i go down to the couch and manage to get comfortable there and after reading for 30mins i fall asleep, wake up after a few hours and go back upstairs and manage a few more hours.

Saturday, wake up... doing okay but notice where i had a cyst previously removed 2 years ago (bottom of tail bone) is starting to hurt. But i clean and cook and do stuff... when i'm like WHOA this IS starting to hurt. So i lay down for a bit before i have to get moving again. That night it hurts to sit. I am ready to go to bed... i'm VERY tired... but my hips now hurt an addition to my back and butt. So i wake up at 230 to redo Friday on the couch. 630 i go back up stair and sleep sort of until it's time to get up for church.

Go to church can hardly stand the sermon b/c my butt is in so much pain... go to sunday school where i'm ready to kill everyone b/c there's no air in out sauna of a room! Then we have lunch and run a few errands and when i get home i try to rest before we go to a BBQ. Go to the BBQ and stands most of it b/c MY BUTT hurts. Go to bed last night after chris rubs my back to wake up to either 1. my butt hurting b/c i rolled on my back or 2. my butt CHEEK hurting b/c my hip hurts so bad it's giving my cheek a charlie horse! I mean seriously?!?!? Charlie horse in the BUTT?!?!? Who thinks of this stuff???

So i'm tired, in pain, can only take regular strength Tylnol and ready to kill the world.

love ya! promise!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lets go Bowling, i'll bring the ball

So have you ever sat around wondering what a bowling ball would feel like if it were attached to your abs and sticking out through your skin? Well wonder no more! JUST GET PREGNANT! I mean seriously, how do those men with those HUGE beer bellies that lap over their pants do it and not be in pain all day??? Does beer weigh less or just make you forget the weight b/c you're too drunk to think about it???

So the BEST is right after you eat a nice FILLING meal! Oh it's terrific... not only have you taken precious space away from your little one (which she will be invoking the revenge for) but now you are trying to not reflux yourself to death WHILE you're trying to make sure your "baby"/ball doesn't go tumbling to the floor with your skin still attached to it.

You know now that i think about it, THAT's SOOO where they got the idea for Alien where an alien comes through a woman's stomach! I'll bet you a million (something, b/c i don't have the bucks just in case i'm wrong) that a woman thought of that! She's sitting there in her black over sized wolf shirt with her greasy hair and rock necklaces pondering the next great sci-fi movie when BAM she remembers her pregnancy! Yeah now you're with me...

On that note of feeling rather large... i'm now getting the comments

"You look SO cute! You're carrying sooo well! How far along are you???
Me: well i'm 22 weeks but she's measuring in at 23 week
"OH my, haha are you sure there aren't twins in there? haha
Me: You know you have a point. I'll bet ANYTHING that they just missed seeing that other PERSON in me during those last FOUR ultrasounds! WOW thanks SOOO much for solving THAT mystery for me!

oh here's another good one

"How much weight have you gained?"
Me: Only about 15 pounds and that was AFTER vacation so i'm sure it'll even out for a while
"WOW, seriously i only gained THAT during my ENTIRE pregnancy!"
Me: Well whoopdedo for you! I'm soo happy that you were obviously SOOO much more dedicated to you and your child's life then i am
"well i mean you aren't REALLY eating for two are you??
Me: OH you mean i'm not supposed to order TWO number ones with cheese every time i go to Burger King?? Damn (when really i'm lucky if i can fit ONE in me, forget the fries... this kid DOESN'T share room).

Now to be fair my friend who accomplished this feat was just sharing and being nice and meant nothing about it (i'll spit in her dinner later) and my mom only told me b/c i asked (still mad at her for not letting me keep my metabolism longer, i KNOW she took it away). And my mother-in-law was just sharing her AMAZING pregnancies with me, to relate??? I'm sorry but if you only gain 15-20lbs and your kid came out weighing 10lbs 11ozs you CAN NOT relate to me. Thank you and good night.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wait i thought we were in Barbados...

SO after the Monkeys we (we being my dad) decided to drive along the north eastern coast because we (dad) heard that the rocks and views were very reminiscent of Ireland or something... k whatever, lets go to Ireland while we're in Barbados... cool.

So we drive FOREVER down really great roads we nicknamed quilts and saw the not to local locals and finally found what we were looking for (the maps aren't always the most accurate).

 yea that's my brother out there.

So after we saw these sights we're going back to the car when i notice a man with a pet monkey. And i KNEW my brother would be so excited if we could hold him b/c we couldn't touch the monkeys are the reserve. So i ask and he says yes. So he tried to put Jojo on me...

and Jojo was not a fan of me... but i gave this guy $5 which is ten barbados dollars and i WANTED my picture. so he said stand still and he would place Jojo on my back.... ok...

i stood still....

my dad got ready with the camera....

Jojo got situated....


yeah, that's Jojo peeing ALL the way down my back... not just a little trickle at all.

To say the least my brother LOVED this monkey!

Back to Barbados!

So ever wonder what the wildlife is like in Barbados? No? Never thought of it? Me either honestly... i mean who really sits around and thinks of random places and wants to know what the wildlife is like, weirdos.... well since ya'll are normal and don't care, i'm going to tell you anyway! YEA!

So there aren't any snakes (or at least so few no one is worried about them) b/c back in the day (before cars, etc we're talking WAY BACK) the sugar cane people brought over muskrats and they ate them all up. Yep all of them. We did see a few muskrats while on the island but they decided they didn't want to pose for a picture, oh sad for you.

So now the adventure begins... we had heard and read that there are monkeys on the island... but alas they did not want to introduce themselves to us SO we had to go and find them... and where did we look since we're the ever educated explorers? The Animal preserve... on the other side/end of the island! Fun! More Barbadian roads!

So we get there and walk through a really cool rock entrance, oh and pay like 10 bucks a person... and we're looking and NOTHING! But you know what we see a TON of???? Turtles... oh but not just ANY turtles... these are horney turtles. Yes you read that correctly. These are horney humping turtles. Don't believe me???

 Yeah we'll they were just setting up but i PROMISE they were NOT alone. Everywhere you walked in the place you saw turtles, i swear there had to be hundreds and all you heard was UH UH UH UH, the grunts of a male turtle getting some.... and they would take their heads like little tickers on a clock from one side to the other and it was like they were counting the thrust, UH UH UH UH, CHING start over again UH UH UH UH, okay you get the idea.... anyway that was very entertaining.

Oh so back to the monkeys. Well we were told it's feeding time so off we went through the very "well" laid paths, with my wheel chair bound grandmother... and then her wheel blew, what GREAT paths... until we came across this...

 Enter MONKEYS! Now i don't have a lot of jokes about them, b/c they didn't throw poo on us and were very cool or watch, especially walking all over the turtles, so i'll just give you some pictures and let you enjoy...

to say the least Chris and i thought this was pretty cool... So did the entire family... so off we went on the search for another adventure!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Okay I'm still here...

I was just laid up Thursday and Friday with a lame hip and Monday was Jury Duty. I took a pre-natal yoga class on Monday for my hip and it was GREAT! I REALLY enjoyed it!

Kinsley is moving ALL the time now, she's really encouraging me to have good posture because when i slouch she starts beating me like i'm a piece of meat and not her mother.

Here's our Kinsley now...

Yep she's a spaghetti squash!  Yea i tried to cook one of these one time, not my finest moment, terrible actually... lets hope i do better on Kinsley!

here's what the "experts" say: At 11 inches (the length of a spaghetti squash) and almost 1 pound, your baby is starting to look like a miniature newborn. His lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and he's even developing tiny tooth buds beneath his gums. His eyes have formed, but his irises (the colored part of the eye) still lack pigment. If you could see inside your womb, you'd be able to spot the fine hair (lanugo) that covers his body and the deep wrinkles on his skin, which he'll sport until he adds a padding of fat to fill them in. Inside his belly, his pancreas — essential for the production of some important hormones — is developing steadily.

The problem being that she's OVER 1lb now (b/c she's a chunker!)... oh and he's a she!

Here's IN MY WOMB!

i know thrilling, shocking, disturbing, all of the above... oh don't let that sleeping little baby fool you... that's NOT MY child... no mine is having her own private dance party in me... so you know what I'm going to JOIN her... to my favorite dancing number!