Monday, September 16, 2013

Do you ever have moments of clarity? Moments where you just go "Ah HA I WILL CHANGE because that won't even happen again"?!?! Yeah i have those a lot too. But then nothing changes and I keep making the same stupid mistakes that I made before... it's awesome (not at all).

Call me human, call me lazy, call me whatever you want, it's all most likely true on some level! Lately I've been having a lot of those moments and I'm trying to let them marinate so that maybe they take root before I go all balls out and fail, again. I'm having these inklings about weight loss, spending issues, parenting let downs, and couple time that I know needs to all change so I can be the best me I can be... I'm just letting it sink in as I develop a plan of action.

The weight-loss involves a gym that the hubs and I joined together and a diet we're doing together. Spending issues involves not spending, because I'm at a loss for how to stop that crack craving (not real crack people, the shopping crack). As for the parenting and couple connection i've got a few bible studies to do. One of which Chris and I will do together!

Like I said, I've got all these plans, but i know how i roll with plans so I'm letting them marinate for bit. Follow Me on Pinterest

Friday, September 13, 2013

Picture Vomit!

So i'm nothing if not on time right? Here's some beachy goodness. My Kids LOVED it.  Kinsley was a beach babe ALL the way, while Parker loved the sand and the foot bath on the deck. He would NOT go near the water, while Kinsley was always wanting to go in it with us! 

Here she's checking out the jelly fish that were EVERYWHERE. They didn't sting but still I didn't like them. Kinsley also has a slight obsession with tattoos and band-aids. So it looks like we abuse our biker child... oh well

 Now these are going to be awesomely out of order but deal with it. We went to the Aquarium! Parker loved it once we let him out of the stroller... he can't say fish but he was excited about "UH!!!"
 My ever talented and extremely smart 3 year old was writing her name in the sand
 And since we know she's a child prodigy she might as well save the turtles too.
 He likes to build though like his Daddy! Look at the baby belly! NOM NOM NOM
 First ever Putt-Putt. It went...
 SHARKS!!! And it was shark week on discovery while we were there... didn't get to watch it much since K has nite-mare issues.
 Here's our attempt at a family picture. Ha, epic fail

Then at the end of August I flew with the kids and my family to Texas for the weekend to visit my Granny for her 90th birthday. She was a little surprised!

 Four Generations!
 Parker met my cousin's daughter Ollie. He loved her
 I mean check the girl out, she's stunning!
 This is his "um Mom she's getting naked again" face. Such the gentleman, trying not to look.
 Being in Texas he also got his fill of guacamole!
 Ollie love!

 A little swimming!
 When did this boy get so big???

 He likes to drink thing like a dog... even out of dog bowls. It's really awesome.

Whelp this weekend we started back up to the normal grinding schedule. Little priss was excited to be back at dance! 
 Later that night we took the kids to a rodeo. It was pretty awesome. They got to do some fun stuff and we got to watch bull riding and barrel racing!
 Dang that kid and his cuteness!
So that's it. You're caught up. My kids have been driving me crazy, it's the end of the Fiscal Year here at the government so shoot me now... and wow. I'm a month away from my first ever 1/2 marathon... yea we'll see how that goes.
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