Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Art of a family picture...

First... give up now. It's NOT going to happen, especially if you add in more and more people.

Enter exhibit A: My brother is crazy and my grandmother looks confused.

Exhibit B: Kinsley is now crazy with her Uncle

Exhibit C: Brother got crazier, Kinsley and Mimie aren't looking, oh and dog butt!

Exhibit D: Brother... K is bored, Mimie's eyes are closed, Dad is slumped and dog butt...

Exhibit E: Where is Kinsley looking? and stand up dad!

Not like things got a lot better when there were less of us...

Oh well, at least we had a good time in NC visiting the family!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

oooh the poop...

So Kinsley has had poop issues for a few weeks now. It all started, took awhile to go away, thought it did, but then came back so we took her in for testing. See she was having diarrhea and even some blood in her stools.
We did a poop test to test for parasites and bacterial infections, etc... all test came back negative. We had stopped giving her obvious diary and put her on soy milk, cheese, and yogurt. Once the test came back as negative this week the doc said she could eat dairy again so we slowly started adding it back in here and there.

Last night poop-sposion 3 happened. But we didn't know, she didn't cry so she slept in it and woke with a big awful red bum. So we're taking diary out of her diet again and doing soy but here's my question...

Can a kid develop a dairy intolerance or allergy? How do you know? I'm guessing I should call the doctor but to not sound like a bad mother... we've paid a few hundred dollars in co-pays and missed a few days of work that I don't have leave for to not get any answers. It's frustrating to keep doing this, but at the same time I HATE for my poor girl to be going through this!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

30 by 30 update

Thirty BY Thirty
1. Loose weight: Currently (6 weeks post pardum) I'm 178. That's only 6lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, not too bad. Too bad my pre-baby weight was bad and unhealthy. My ultimate goal weight is 140... that means i have to lose 38lbs!!! Whoa, that's nothing to laugh at. Could I get there by the time I'm 30? Probably... but lets be realistic, so I'm setting my goal at 20lbs. If I lose more by then, GREAT, but that's my first goal. this is tricky because i'm changing my current weight since i'm going my the official Weight Watchers scale... so according to THEIR scale i've only lost 4lbs... but we'll see if there's more off tomorrow.
2. Down size clothes to fit the space I have. Currently I have clothes EVERYWHERE! Part of it is the curse of trying to fit back into my clothes again. Part of it is different sizes. Part of it is different seasons. And who am I kidding... I'm a product of the "I MIGHT wear it again one day"... yeah. I want to reduce everything to hit into my closet/drawers and one 30 gallon container. THAT'S IT!  Still purging! Did all my shoes! They almost all fit in my closet now!

3. Church, we need a church BAD. We need one that fits us as a whole family. That fits all of our needs. That makes us all feel at home. We need a church.

4. Visit a city I've never been to. Like a REAL trip, not a we're going to Sesame Place and I've never been there so that counts, because it doesn't. I've been to PA but I've never been to Philadelphia. That would count. I've been to Nashville, TN but I never really visited it (did a mission project there) and got to SEE it. That would count. We drove through Philli to get some cheesesteaks... i know doesn't count.

5. Have Kinsley Potty trained. Hopefully this will happen WAY before I'm 30 but it's a goal none the less. this WAS going weel, then K got a weird poop bug and was in diapers and so reverted back, we put her back in panties, she was doing well then yesterday she went downhill HARD. we're working on it.
6. Have Kinsley off her passy. DONE GONE! WHOO HOO!

7. Consistently work out 4-5 days a week. 1 day this week so far! HA! I'm going today and plan on working out while in NC this weekend... OKAY!?! lol

8. Go on at least one date a month with Chris. We REALLY need to make sure we take us time and often we get caught up in the kids or friends, this needs to end. Bam we saw a movie! Awesome and we might even go on one this weekend!

9. Have a girls night once a month. Whether it's dinner or a drink or a movie. It needs to happen! And Chris should get a guys night too once a month.Yea need to schedule this soon...
10. Stay on top of my cleaning... i guess organization should be part of this goal. Motivation should be? I don't know what the exact problem is but I'm tired of always being behind and dreading someone stopping by my house unexpectedly.

11. Have a new consultant under me in thirty-one (so then i'll have two!).

12. Have TWO of my thirty-one parties reach over 1000k in sales.

13. Still be breastfeeding Parker (I want to make it a year like it did with K).

14. Have my bedroom painted and look like it has style!

15. Have the basement framed.

16. Be able to run 5 miles. well i ran 3.1! So over halfway there!!!

17. Sew curtains for the den.

18. Finish Parker's baby blanket.

19. Have started Parker's Christmas Stocking. Started!!!

20. Sew ruffles for lights in dinning room.

21. Sew the ruffle pants i've bought fabric for for Kinsley. I sewed one pair! I want to do more but at least I did that AND a dress for her!

22. Sew Pillows for Dinning Bench.

23. Deep clean and treat couches.

24. Shampoo carpets

25. Do 10 projects off of Pinterest. I have TONS of things on there I want to cook, make, try and I need to  start Cross them off the list rather than thinking "One day I'll do it"
1. Cleaned my Jewelry with a cleaning solution on there
2. Cleaned my stove top with another cleaning solution from there
3. Made a BLT pasta salad reciepe from there
4. Cleaned my dyson following the directions from a post on there
5. Made a coloring case from a DVD case for K
6. Made a crockpot ck recipe
7. used an idea on there for collecting grease
8. made a crack potato recipe
9. labled a medicine bottle from a idea on there
10. made a lemon cake from there!

26. Get rid of 30 things, baby items don't count. I need to PURGE and clothes don't count either since that's another goal. If Chris and I want to finish our basement we seriously need to make room down there, so PURGE! Yard sale on Sunday, lets see if i can do this in one sweep!

27. Complete THREE 5ks. (or larger) BAM one down!

28. Go 30 days without buying a single frivolous thing. Target is a down fall. Randomness is a down fall. I need to go 30 days without buying something that I feel the need to justify.yea i suck
29. Get 3 pedicures with Kinsley. She and I need that bonding time and she enjoys getting her toes painted. We don't need to go every month by any means (I mean I might but she doesn't) but these outings will be special for her.

30. Have a kick butt party for my 30th!

Won't you tell me how to get...

We went to Sesame Place! While I didn't take a ton of pictures i took a few.

Kinsley Loving her hat (thank the lord!)!

See that rollar coaster inthe background? Yea she went on it... not the smartest idea on my part... kind of turned her off of ALL the rides. Yes i'm an awesome mom.

Parker loved the Sesame

Kinsley still found time to be the center of attention by doing the hoakie pokie down the parade street for everyone without being asked to! Ham.Bone.

And now the real attaction comes (what my kid wasn't good enough for these people?)

Oh well, she loved watching!
It was a successful trip but we never saw ANY characters around Sesame Place that day. I mean we didn't HUNT for them but you would think that you would look around and see a few here or there, nope. Oh well, maybe next time. and there WILL be a next time! We have free (you pay 60 and you get in twice kind of free) passes!

My daughter has her own sense of style...

Toddlerhood if fun because they start discovering who they are as little humans and want to act on that.

Here Kinsley is not acting on that. Here is where I made her wear a dress that I sewed and wanted to see if it fit her.
What do you think?

This is a Kinsley special... comfy clothes and cowgirl boots.

Also another... Wearing the dress Grandma bought her and minnie mouse slippers... i mean what else?
Or we could just wear our PJs with our princess dress, elmo boots and helmate... I mean DUH!

He's three months now but here's his two month shots! lol

So i'm like awesome on being on top of things! HA... But even if i'm not telling you about it like i should i'm still mostly keeping up in person... except I am 5 days late with his 3 month pics, UH! Anyway, here's his two months...

This is his "I'm a dude and dudes don't smile shot"

This is his "HA Mom don't take a picture of me smiling" shot

This is his "How you doin?" shot

This is his "I'm going to kiss you" shot

And this is here just because he's so flipping cute!

So remember when I showed you his completed nursery? No... oh yeah, because I didn't... here it is.
This is the diaper cake from  my awesome co-workers... it's now been used!

His growth chart purchased from Decorative Labels on Etsy. Love!

This room doesn't seem so busy in person but then again maybe it does since my two year old is ALWAYS rearranging something... notice the push trike behind the glider...

Here's a very professional blurry shot of the crib wall

Awesome letters from way cool friend

this is a window... enough said

Baby  on the changing table!
Like his camo bag? You can have one too for your kids just go to my thrity-one website and order!

close up of the knobs!

Boom, because I can
Like it? I do

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Holy over supply batman... and i pretty much rocked that 5k's world!

So first thing first. I have MAJOR milk happening. I don't FEEL like I do but at the end of each week I freeze whatever milk is leftover (meaning Parker didn't eat it at school)... yeah I'm averaging between 52-60 oz A WEEK of extra milk! I have over 300oz in my freezer! Like whoa! I've really got to get a game plan happening here of cycling it! I mean I know that milk changes as your child grows so I don't want to hold on to milk from March ,when we're in May, for too long because he won't get the nutrients that he needs, etc. But at the same time I know it's only a matter of time before this supply levels out AND i know that I'll be able to stop breastfeeding early if I want to and just use up my stash like I did with Kinsley. With Kinsley she rejected the boob at 9 months but I kept pumping until she was 10 1/2 months and then used my stash for the rest of the time. Part of me is like "keep going because if he rejects the boob too you'll be happy for that over supply" but then another part of me is like, UM you are filling up your freezer, DONATE! what to do??

And I did my first 5k this past weekend. I was REALLY nervous about it because I didn't have long to train for it (like 3 1/2 weeks!) and I was running it with some friends that had already done a few and are like 50lbs lighter then me... THAT MATTERS! It's harder to run when you're heavier! That's a lot of weight to plop up and down for 3.1 miles! But guess what?!!? I DID IT! I actually jogged the WHOLE THING! BOOYA!

Now I will tell you that a little over halfway into I asked an 8 year old to yell at me if i started walking and she MIGHT have walked the rest of the way beside me while I jogged (yes my jog was that slow) BUT I DID IT! BAM!

Yesterday I had a random moment of WTF hormones and kicked my door in. yea... See I took my key chain off my key ring for the dog sitter. Well I then put that key in my purse and well, I don't know what happened to it. I was running back home to quickly grab Parker's bottles for daycare (since I forgot them) and well it was raining and I needed to get the bottles back to daycare and back in my house by 7 to start teleworking so after a failed attempt to credit card my door I kicked it in. Yes I broke the door frame in the process. WHY did I do this? In the moment it seems logical. Now, I'm hanging my head in stupidity.

I went to Home Depot and showed them the piece of the frame so they could help me repair it and they asked how it happened and I told them to which they replied "Bad Ass!" and I said I think my husband is thinking "Dumb Ass!"... So I also bought a new knob/lock for the door. NO i didn't break the original one but it was always getting jammed and I needed to make extra keys LIKE NOW and I didn't have MY key there because it was lost so I thought I'll get an unjammed lock and make new keys WIN WIN! Yeah hubs is mad I spend $50 on something that was technically broken... It made sense at that time... that's my only defense.

So how are y'all doing?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

This is my happiness

A little girl who likes to channel her inner Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader when choosing her outfit for the day and a little chunky monkey that greets me with smiles every morning!

Weight watchers

So i did it, i joined an actual meeting. A, I have to go in and weigh myself in front of someone else and i can't fudge a few pounds kind of meeting. WHAT?! But I thought we took 2lbs off for clothes?!! NO??

So my official weight (even though my scale makes me 3lbs lighter!) is 174.2. So for the sake of losing this weight we'll go with THEM. Even though i don't like THEM! I mean I'm paying THEM, they could at least give me a few pounds right? No, that's not what this is about, I KNOW!

So what did I learn this week? Not a whole lot EXCEPT weight watchers has an app where it will scan a barcode for you and tell you how many points it's worth! WHAT?!?! LOVES! I feel so high tech! So if i want to know what a point value is in the g-store i don't have to punch in all the info i just SCAN! Amazingballs!

As a reward for going to the meeting I decided to buy myself a new workout t-shirt (shh don't tell Chris)...
Hot right?!?! I'm in love! I'm TOTALLY into tanks too because i'm turning into a sweat machine! So if I could get a few more of these I might do a little happy dance! And OMG the bow! DIED!

So here's to my 40lb weight loss journey! Damn that's more than my toddler weights, ouch!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


When did disciplining your child become so socially unacceptable? When did the thought of spanking my child put me in fear of going to jail start? When did the odd stares start from other parents when you drop everything to put your child in timeout? WHY are all of these negative things in society?

This whole "give your kids choices" and "empower your child" thing is crap! Do you know why teachers have it harder than ever today? Because parents don't parent they "empower". Do you know why kids are rude and piss you off daily at movies and stores? Because Parents give them the choice to be polite or not.

I was "that" parent that parented my child and you know what, everyone was jealous at how well she listened and behaved... but then i stopped. I got tired of hearing from my husband and everyone else "she's only being a toddler" and then I had another baby that took up a lot of my time and I stopped parenting my child. Know what happened when I stopped parenting? I started yelling because my child stopped listening. Now because I kept giving her chances and choices she is not listening as well at school either.

This morning because she had a choice she had at least FOUR meltdowns because even though she got her choice she wasn't happy and wanted something else.

YES she's two and half but I can also argue she's ONLY two and half... WHY does she need a choice?!?!

Today I hit my limit and I hit a wall with her. I had to call my husband to talk me off the crazy lady ledge with her. Tonight we will start over.

Tonight I will tell her things are about to change. Mommy will ask ONE time to do something and if she doesn't then she will be in timeout. Timeout will not be in her room but sitting on the stairs landing facing the corner. It will not be crawling up down the stairs and every time i have to put her back IN timeout her timer will start over until she can sit there for two minutes. I'll tell her Mommy is sorry for not being a good Mommy to her and teaching her properly. But, I will also tell her that I'm sorry for not giving her just Mommy and her time. I'll promise to take more time rocking her, reading to her, and cooking with JUST her.

I'm not against spanking but the hubs isn't a fan so I'll will try other ways to teach my child. But I will teach her, i won't give her the "choice" to learn or not. She will learn or she won't ever see anything but the color of my hallway wall!

How do you discipline? Do you?

Monday, May 7, 2012

So maybe all the crap they put me through was worth it...

Being back at work last week was a joke... since i REALLY wasn't there at all. I had to leave early on Monday, had to stay home on Tuesday, worked on Wednesday (the hubs went home early for Kinsley) and then I was home "teleworking" with her on Thursday. I was off on Friday for my surgery (infected sweat gland removal).
Thursday night we decided Parker was going to stay home on Friday because he was just not getting better with his cold. Then, at 3am Kinsley woke us up with more diarrhea, so she was going to stay home on Friday too.
Chris took Parker to the Pedi after we got home from my surgery and he had a double ear infection!

We then road out the rest of Friday with more diarrhea and called it a night. Saturday Kinsley threw up and then felt great. Took her to the doctor though since she had diarrhea for a week and was now throwing up. They said she had to ride it out but call back if she pooped blood. Well, wouldn't you know she DID! Of course she did! The weekend just wouldn't be complete without pooping blood (well honestly she farted blood)...

We called and since she didn't have a fever and was acting normal and full of energy we could wait until Monday for them to run cultures and tell us what is wrong and that they aren't going to give her medicine but let her ride it out.

Yesterday, while it wasn't pretty (not that poop ever is) she pooped sort of normally so she went to school today along with her antibiotic filled brother. I went to work... oh glorious work!~ And found out I'm a pound under my pre-pregnancy weight! So while i NEVER want to go through this weekend again, I like where I'm at!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I published an old post that never got published for sake of keeping up with things for the kidos, etc... it's a post about Parker in my belly NOT #3. There will be no #3 I had an IUD put in on Friday.

Ding Dong the Passy's gone!

So here's how it all went down...

I have been to known to bitch and complain on here about the damn passy. I know shocking! And one of my readers/friends (you're all my friends really!) found a solution that worked for her and past it on to me. Becky and I met at a Nest get together (theNest.com is from theknot.com but for once you're married. and now i'm also on theBump.com because i have kids) at my friend Katie's house and she has been keeping up with my struggles. She popped me an email about this pd.f that she used and suggested I try it. Y'all at this point I would have tried ANYTHING that promised no tears because I was just not ready to handle screams for God knows how long!

So I went to http://www.bye-bye-binky.com/ and downloaded the file (I was worried I was going to be hacked and jacked, sorry but true Becky... but I wasn't!) and read it and it made sense and I thought "Well I have nothing to lose!"

Here's the basic principal. You child has gone to their passy for comfort their whole life! That sucking is soothing to them and it registers in their brain as comfort. You have to get that association to disassociate itself. How? By slowly taking away the suck!

First day round up all the passies without your child knowing and poke holes in them about the size of a ball point pin head. ALL of them. Now put them back where your child looks for their passy. When they suck on them the next time it won't be the "same" and they may ask you about it and just lie to them! "That's funny, I don't know what happened?!?! Did you bite it?" Let it be for 2 days... they'll keep using it but it's working, promise!

Day 3 round up all the passies and cut a hole in the tip. Put them all back. Remember... you don't know what happened to them! OH NO!
This is when K had her break through. She would tell me it's broken and I need to fix it or we'll buy new passies, etc. I told her I can't fix it and we're not getting new ones she just has to use these. AND SHE DIDN'T!!! She set them down and hasn't picked one back up!!! We've gone 2 nights, one nap, and multiple injuries (hey she's a toddler) and she hasn't even ASKED for it!!!! This is BEYOND amazing for us! She was ALWAYS whinning "Where's my passy?" "I want my passy"... blah blah AHHH!

IF your child is still hanging on then on day 4 cut a bigger hole, rinse and repeat your lies. And day 5 cut a slit up the sides.

I'm not positive that this will work for everyone but I'm BEYOND amazed with it!

Cheers to being Passy FREE with NO tears!!!

My Life is starting to get back to the normal...

But please let me update you in one sweeping post again and then we can just move on like I never missed a beat? Yes? Okay.

I will also be using photos from my iphone as I do not know where my camera cord is and well, i haven't taken THAT many photos on it anyway. Moving on.

Kinsley is still very protective of her brother. Sometimes agressively loving, but i'll take that over disliking him!

Parker has a girlfriend, she's cute. He's huge... Milk does a body good! Speaking of milk, it's going well! I Still have a large over supply and have filled 5 trays in the basement for storage. I know it won't always be this amazing so that will help us get through the lean days and hey if it keeps up and i don't have to dip into the stash much then that will be that many more months I can stop early with breastfeeding!

Every day that is sunny we go outside for a walk after Kinsley gets home from daycare. This is mandatory because it keeps me sane. Without this i would be trapped inside with a fussy toddler and clingy baby until bedtime since the hubs has been getting home later than I approve of. Not. An. Option! So we walk and most the time we walk like this... aint he cute?

Why has life been draining? I mean I stay home all day right? I send my toddler to daycare, hello esay street! Yeah NOT. My infant has refulx and is clingy about it. He isn't fussy as much anymore but he must be held... all the time... by ME. If someone else holds him, he cries. If i put him down and he's not in a DEEP sleep, he cries. Don't get me wrong, the kid gets put down. I need to shower and pee jsut like the rest of y'all and while I can do a lot of things while holding a baby and even while breastfeeding, those are two things I won't cave on. Peeing is ME TIME! Also we're Potty training. I think I've clearly explained before how this sucks... A LOT! My child is fond of peeing in the potty then going and sitting on my couch and peeing agian. YEA! She also likes to scream for whatever it is she wants and she always makes sure she wants something you don't want her to have. Three Packs of fruit snacks for dinner? No sorry but fruit snacks are NOT a meal and aren't even REAL fruit. Enter toddler tantrum. There have been MANY nights where both children and screaming to high hell and the hubs walks in wondering what I've done to them... right what I'VE done to THEM...

SO to try to make sure that Kinsley knows I still love her even though I'm a crazy Momma sometimes I pick her up from daycare early to take her to get ice cream... I don't think she gets what a big deal it is (in my mind) but she enjoys it~

I Technicially started back to work last week. I was teleworking however, and well it wasn't quite like being BACK at work. I did take both kids to daycare each day and well I only teared up about 6 times over leaving Parker. And as a Thank You to Kinsley for watching her brother at daycare and to make sure she knows she is still a big deal to us I got her a new dress up dress~

She liked it until she peed on it. She loves dressing up now and I LOVE it!
Last week we also got our pipes replaced. Our townhouse was built in 1987? and the code for pipes then was different than it is now and since we're going to be refinishing out basement soon we knew that would be the first step. So done and done.

Parker was sick, again, this weekend. Saturday he woke with 102.2 fever. Took him to the pediatrician and it's just a cold but he's been super clingy and puniey. He'll go from this...

to this...

pretty quickly so it's been a struggle since i'm the only one that can take that lip away. Poor guy!

We also had a community yardsale in our circle this weekend.. Kinsley LOVED it because she got to play with all her friends all morning.
WHY all my photos are uploading sideways I DO NOT know but there you have it.
Working from home equals not being a good eater and not working out, which equals no weightloss.

I worked out Monday and Tuesday (this is last week people not this week). I did Insanity. Google it, it's hard. But after being so tired because my kids don't like sleeping and having to work full time again I decided it was in my dropping milks supplies best interest to take a break from everything and sleep... and eat. But now we're "Back in the Saddle again..." Yes i just referenced an extremely cheesy country song. Moving on.

I'm back at work WORK today (HA started this post on Monday, can't you tell... it's now coming to you on a wednesday, more on THAT later). YEA! Is it bad that I look at this as my ME time? Because I do. I know when i get home that I will be wiping noses, butts, and mouths and then there are the kids to take care of! So right now I'm acting like an adult and talking to adults and pumping my boobs dry.

My daughter has had a few break throughs!
1. She started doing AMAZING with her potty training this weekend. We only had poopoo accidents!!! Well one peepee friday night but that was it!

2. I've found that if i really talk more to her and ask her about her feelings or why she doesn't want to do something that things go smoother. Example... "Kinsley would you like to go potty now at home or when we get to school" stops the meltdown of not wanting to peepee at that moment because she feels like she's incontrol. And she will actually hold it until we get to school if that's what she chose to do!

3. Passifier. GONE! Thanks to a lovely lady named Becky that thought of us and our struggles, but THAT all deserves it own post! You'll love me for it (and her since she sent it to me!)

Well now you're caught up... i'll give you another post that will catch you up even more... because I'm always behind now~