Wednesday, March 11, 2015

That moment you rejoin weight watchers, again...

I've done it, A LOT, many times... catch my drift. I've had luck following weight watchers one time and surprisingly it wasn't when I actually joined, it was when I ganked the plan from a friend who did. I just followed it on my own. Well I've taken the plunge, again, and joined online. I've downloaded the apps, again, and started to enter my food, again. I've gotten SO FAR deep into easy, quick, comfort food that I don't think our lives could be any more full of pasta, bread, and sweets. It's.not.possible. And not only is my waistline/wardrobe affected, but I think my kids behavior is. They are so caulked full of processed, sugar filled, snack food that not only are they eating poorly, but they are kind of jerks. I think it's the crap in their bodies.

So I'm doing this for me and my Disney trip in 45 days AND I'm doing this for kids and their well being. There are other options to eat besides jello, chocolate chip pancakes, and chexmix. The problem is real people. REAL!

So we're cracking down, we getting it fixed and I'm not telling anyone but you because I'm desperately afraid of failure.

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