Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Have you ever...

...Had a moment where you realized you were single handedly killing your family? I just had one.

The hubs asked me to work on the budget because I'm a boss when it comes to figuring out where our money is going and where it should be going, etc.

Guess what... It's all going to stuff that I can control but I'm not. I feel like a selfish spending whore.

Here's my biggest problem. I have an addiction to instant gratification. This is why I'm fat, this is why I spend too much.

It takes time to see the accumulation of saving money... it takes time to see the results of eating right and working out. But you know what? That pair of shoes looks great on me NOW and my face hole loves that donut here and now and BOY did that nap feel a LOT better than working out! I'm telling ya!

But I'm killing my family. I'm taking away from our future hopes and dreams and I'm ruining my husbands morale.

We will never be able to move, even if the market turns around with my spending. We will never be able to go on vacations, we will never be able to do fun things with the kids. This is all stuff the hubs keeps telling me but I don't really hear him. I shut down and click Pay Now while I eat ice cream when he's talking to me... I'm a horrible wife!

I did a pie chart (it's wicked pretty) and a tracker sheet with our budget. Do you know we spent over $1000 at the GROCERY store?!?!? That doesn't even include other foods that we bought at Wal-mart or Target or the food my mother-in-law regularly stocks our shelves with. WTH!?!?! WHO DOES THAT!?!? That's a lot of food!

I spent $550 on things for myself last month! I did need some new clothes (nursing bras were falling apart and clothes are wonky) but I did NOT need all the cheap jewelry or books or lattes, etc.

Dinning out? over $390... Um who needs to eat out that much when we are spending over a grand at the grocery store?!?!?

I'm an emotional spender/eater. I spend and/or eat when I'm tired, depressed, run down, you name it. It makes me feel momentarily happy. It's my drug of choice.

I need a spending cold shower and FAST. It's no joke people and it's got to start now!

Any help would be awesome!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So here's a catch up that will make you go whoa~

So I had hand, foot, mouth disease. I'm like the ONLY adult i know that has gotten it... yup it's rare for an adult to, yup, i got it... Guess what else??? It's rare to have peeling skin afterwards... BUT I DO! Seriously my toddler asked me what is wrong with my feet BECAUSE i look like i have leprosy (sp?). gross, not my finest moment.

Parker is almost 6 months old... my uterus just cried. He waves, even though he doesn't know he's waving and if he was my first kid i might say that he IS waving but I know the truth's still cute.

Kinsley is very grown up and likes to scream bloody murder when i force her to pee on the potty in the morning... awesome. You would think I was cutting her and not trying to make her relieve her bladder. Her bladder loves me, Kinsley does not. Kinsley DOES love Veggie Tales (or as she calls it, Mato). But she only likes the Veggie Tales Live DVD, not as much into the cartoons... weirdo

I made these sugar cookie bowls that i filled with cream cheese mixed with powered sugar and topped with fruit, you know to make it healthy... my face hole was happy.

I have yet again WAY too much on my plate and want to add more because Pintrest is the devil. So instead of working at lunch like I should be doing I'm planning my kids birthday parties that are in December and February... good job tubby

We got an awesome new memory foam mattress that I loved for 4 days... now i want a topper on it... don't tell the hubs. We got it for so cheap so i think the topper would be okay to buy... except we need a new roof now... boo Oh and we need new windows, siding, sliding doors, and chimney inserts. Can i get a sponsor?!?!

I have a lot of pintrest projects to show you, but that requires me taking pictures, uploading them, and then editing them and using them... that's a lot of work... just find me on Facebook!

That's enough for now... i would hate to overload you with how interesting my life is~

Friday, August 10, 2012

Here's where I throw up on you with pictures and epic stories!

Okay hold your hats and away we go...

Parker looking devilishly hansom in his swim trunks. I forgot his rash guard top to he stayed in his onezie, I thought that was a nice nod to all of the cool kids at the pool... 

He was happy in the water, until I sat him in it... already complaining about the shrinkage "That water is VERY cold girls"

K's been going to dance class. WHEN she listens she's very good technically... except when it comes to jumps/leaps... she sucks at that, i'm not going to lie, kid has no ups... it's cool we'll work on it... I mean she's only 2! She has like 3 years before we put her in the Olympics for gymnastics! 

See, she's good! 

Chunker turned 5 months... I know! And he loves his feet. I think they are pretty tasty too so i can't blame him.
These are rare smiles caught on camera because as soon as son sees a camera he turns into my brother and either looks drunk, confused, or unhappy... great 

Of course the hambone of the family couldn't let brother get his picture taken alone! So i let her in on the fun.

Kid dressed herself after peeing and leaking snot from her nose. I let it stay because at least she put her clothes back on...

Chunky loves to make silly faces... I think my uterus just flip flopped... DOWN I SAY, we're closed for business! 

hence the name Chunky... look at those chins!!!

This is the part of the show where sister gets aggressively affectionate... oye

"Save me Mom!!!"

And yes for those of you who can do math these pictures WERE taken after he turned 5 months, which IS AFTER the forth of July... Where I just so happened to miss taking ANY pictures of Chunky... Mother of the year... so I celebrated again in his room... Never miss an opportunity people!

This is how I know she belongs to me... i mean besides the stretch marks.

okay maybe more so this one... such an awkward one that one... 

And then there was one day, at my house, that diva was playing with her Daddy and whacked her head on our banister behind the couch and M&M's are the only thing that calmed her...

Oh yeah, this one IS sort of recent... we have a SITTER!!!!

This is his "OMG you are looking at me and I just want to eat your booby" face... i mean don't we all have one of those???

I know I promised stories but well, i'm out of time... I know i'm such a tease... more to come
Laters babes (where is that quote from... hee hee)

Friday, August 3, 2012

I'll have real updates soon... i just wanted to do this since i'm only 2 months out...

Thirty BY Thirty
1. Loose weight: Currently (6 weeks post pardum) I'm 178. That's only 6lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, not too bad. Too bad my pre-baby weight was bad and unhealthy. My ultimate goal weight is 140... that means i have to lose 38lbs!!! Whoa, that's nothing to laugh at. Could I get there by the time I'm 30? Probably... but lets be realistic, so I'm setting my goal at 20lbs. If I lose more by then, GREAT, but that's my first goal. Okay so i'm at 174 BUT i've shrunk out of all of my size 14s, 12s are getting big on me. I fit into some 10s and even an 8 or two!!! so that's progress!
2. Down size clothes to fit the space I have. Currently I have clothes EVERYWHERE! Part of it is the curse of trying to fit back into my clothes again. Part of it is different sizes. Part of it is different seasons. And who am I kidding... I'm a product of the "I MIGHT wear it again one day"... yeah. I want to reduce everything to hit into my closet/drawers and one 30 gallon container. THAT'S IT!  I did it! Thanks to my sizes shrinking and being able to wear some of the old stuff again I've done it! And now my basement and hubs are much happier!
3. Church, we need a church BAD. We need one that fits us as a whole family. That fits all of our needs. That makes us all feel at home. We need a church.
4. Visit a city I've never been to. Like a REAL trip, not a we're going to Sesame Place and I've never been there so that counts, because it doesn't. I've been to PA but I've never been to Philadelphia. That would count. I've been to Nashville, TN but I never really visited it (did a mission project there) and got to SEE it. That would count. Nada yet

5. Have Kinsley Potty trained. Hopefully this will happen WAY before I'm 30 but it's a goal none the less. I'm just going to go ahead and count this as done as she's pretty much there... i mean not at night but i don't count that. We can go out on weekends without accidents. She poops in the potty all the time. It's a total win now! As long as I keep reminding her to tell me when she needs to go, she GOES!
6. Have Kinsley off her passy. DONE GONE! WHOO HOO!

7. Consistently work out 4-5 days a week. does one week count? lol i'll check back in in a few weeks

8. Go on at least one date a month with Chris. We REALLY need to make sure we take us time and often we get caught up in the kids or friends, this needs to end. yea, do dates count if you bring other people? lol

9. Have a girls night once a month. Whether it's dinner or a drink or a movie. It needs to happen! And Chris should get a guys night too once a month.slacker

10. Stay on top of my cleaning... i guess organization should be part of this goal. Motivation should be? I don't know what the exact problem is but I'm tired of always being behind and dreading someone stopping by my house unexpectedly. boo... if i could just get everything cleaned and organized then MAYBE i would have a shot but right now i'm up a creek without a paddle.

11. Have a new consultant under me in thirty-one (so then i'll have two!).boo potenial is gone... looking for a new person...
12. Have TWO of my thirty-one parties reach over 1000k in sales.
13. Still be breastfeeding Parker (I want to make it a year like it did with K).

14. Have my bedroom painted and look like it has style!Bam! It's happened! I have a painted bedroom and it's so cozy!

15. Have the basement framed.Well this one is gone because we have to replace our roof, replace our windows, sliding doors and siding... so buhbye basement for now...

16. Do Insanity ALL the way through. I'm doing insantity now so i've changed this one to comeplete Insanity since i have NO energy to do running after my insanity workouts
17. Sew curtains for the den. And we bought them... I kept flopping around and not finding anything Chris and I agreed on so we bought brown ones. they are nice... the end.

18. Finish Parker's baby blanket.

19. Have started Parker's Christmas Stocking. Started!!!

20. Sew ruffles for lights in dinning room.

21. Sew the ruffle pants i've bought fabric for for Kinsley. I sewed one pair! I want to do more but at least I did that AND a dress for her!

22. Sew Pillows for Dinning Bench. change of plans... threw out the "pillows" maybe i'll buy some but not doing this for now.

23. Deep clean and treat couches.

24. Shampoo carpets

25. Do 10 projects off of Pinterest. I have TONS of things on there I want to cook, make, try and I need to  start Cross them off the list rather than thinking "One day I'll do it"
1. Cleaned my Jewelry with a cleaning solution on there
2. Cleaned my stove top with another cleaning solution from there
3. Made a BLT pasta salad reciepe from there
4. Cleaned my dyson following the directions from a post on there
5. Made a coloring case from a DVD case for K
6. Made a crockpot ck recipe
7. used an idea on there for collecting grease
8. made a crack potato recipe
9. labled a medicine bottle from a idea on there
10. made a lemon cake from there!

26. Get rid of 30 things, baby items don't count. I need to PURGE and clothes don't count either since that's another goal. If Chris and I want to finish our basement we seriously need to make room down there, so PURGE! DONE! But I want to get rid of MORE MORE MORE!

27. Complete THREE 5ks. (or larger) BAM one down!

28. Go 30 days without buying a single frivolous thing. Target is a down fall. Randomness is a down fall. I need to go 30 days without buying something that I feel the need to justify.yea i suck

29. Get 3 pedicures with Kinsley. She and I need that bonding time and she enjoys getting her toes painted. We don't need to go every month by any means (I mean I might but she doesn't) but these outings will be special for her. so yeah... nothing
30. Have a kick butt party for my 30th!