Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Happened?

I'm here to tell you I was on a roll! I was working out CONSTANTLY, eating healthy i would say 70% of the time and looking good. I wasn't loosing pounds but everyone around was telling me that they could see a difference.

Now they would have been lying to me and just feeding me crap because they felt pitty for me that was working so hard with no results but I saw a difference (no matter how slight) too!

Lately though, no go. UH it's been so hard. Work is all crazy wonky and will continue to be until the end of September. I feel guilty if i don't work late, which means i then miss my workout time slot. UH sucks big time. When i don't workout then i eat bad. It's a terrible cycle.

Then we went to Texas FOR THE WEEKEND (crazy i know) and i came back sick so that threw me for another loop. I'm so far behind on my 1/2 marathon training i just want to give up but i won't let myself. UH! LIFE is sucking huge!

So you see, life happened and my motivation went with it. I'm trying to get it back and my good friend Cathy is trying to help me because she needs a boost too, but the desire isn't there right now. How do you get your motivation back? Follow Me on Pinterest

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wedding Redo!

SO i have a MAJOR update coming your way but I wanted to throw this in for fun until I can get my act together! Over at Crafting a Fairytale she did a little Wedding Redo and I thought I WANT A REDO!!! So here's how it would go down if Cowboy and I could get loaded and do a killer vow renewal!
Now Northern Cowboy and I got married way back in circa 2006, aka Pre-Pintrest. So here's what i wouldn't change:

Time of year: LOVE the fall! Love what we did with the fall!

Change Time: The dress

While my dress was beautiful it wasn't my dream. I think i decided I wasn't going to be able to afford my dream and since this was beautiful, it was enough. Here's what I wanted at the time:
A silk taffeta look, but with more folds and drapes, etc. 

 NOW i would go for something more like:

 I would want it to be more memorable. Have the details more pronounced so they are more easily seen in photos. I would want it truly unique and i wouldn't listen to anyone else (like my Dad who hated the corset back, but that would have saved my back-fat!)

And for my hair (because OMG i HATED my hair!) I wanted something natural and free, like:

The Cake:
First of all it wasn't what I was told i was going to get. I was supposed to get a cake with swiss dots all over with edible fall foliage, not fake plastic crap.
What I would redo to:
Or even go non-traditional like:
The Flowers/table center pieces:
While proflowers did a budget good:
IF i didn't have a budget i would have preferred:
And while I LOVE the pumpkin/flower center pieces, i wish they would have been executed better:
and maybe with some height thrown in

The Venue was amazing a far as location and the staff and food. I wouldn't have minded if it looked a bit more like this though:
I mean if i had all the money in the world.... ;)

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yea for VACA!

Hey y'all! So this time of year is cray cray for me. It's the end of the fiscal year here at work and well... it SUCKS. HUGE! So that's limiting my workouts and making me want to eat my feelings. I'm trying not to but it's hard when you get wine from a wine party you attended delivered and it taste SOOO good, so you have 3 glasses to make yourself feel better.... wha was that me?

So what have I been up to? Vaca! We went to Southern Shores on the Outer Banks in NC and it was AMAZINGBALLS! These are in no kind of order so enjoy! ha

Here's my little family at the Dunes. That shit is NO JOKE! Especially when you have a 3 year old that wants to do it again and again and then doesn't want to walk... whoa! Basically you walk forever up and over HUGE sand dunes... LIKE mini mountains. then you get to the ledge and run down and try to climb back up to do it again. It's supposed to be fun. yea...
 Car Ride down! Too cute not to take a pic of.
 Living out Parker's dream of seeing a big "Blub Blub". He makes this car noise every time he sees a big truck or something and so we stopped here. You might be a redneck if...
 My sweet girl in the sand. She was a true beach beauty. She LOVED being on the beach and going into the water. SO MUCH FUN!

 This little stinker/wildman was NOT okay with the ocean. He did NOT want any part of it. Sand on the other hand was totally fine!
 My future sister-in-law and I did a 5k while we were down there. Yeah we ran on the SAND! Dumbest thing EVER! There were so many people that there wasn't any packed sand so you were dying after 4 steps. Basically it took me 48mins to do, normally i can run a 5k in 34mins now. yea... dumb
 What are some other highlights? Duck Donuts. OMG look it up! They are the bomb, basically worth a whole trip just for them. Our house was around 2.5-3 miles from the donuts so i would load the kids up in the bike trailer we rented and off we would go. Didn't feel as bad eating my Maple bacon donut after that! The future sis and I also got in a 4 mile jog and 15min P90X ab routine and a mini calisthenics routine last week. So while I wasn't as good as I could have been, I was WAY better than I've ever been before so I'll call it a win!

Don't worry I'll more pics coming soon, these were just on my iphone.


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