Monday, November 30, 2009


So this morning i go to my doctors office. I get there and am told she's not there b/c of a family emergency. Well that's too bad, who will i be seeing? Well she's our only OB for the day. OKay so what are we going to do... this is where the incompitent staff looks at me like "what do you mean". What I MEAN is i'm 39 weeks pregnant and i want a status update bitches so figure this out!

So after my sonogram (which baby looks great in) i go to the other office, 20 mins away. See a doctor that tells me i have not changed AT ALL from last week. GREAT! BUT he thinks i need a non-stress test done since baby isn't moving as much anymore.

I'm sitting here thinking 1. DUH baby isn't moving as much, there's NO WHERE TO GO! and 2. She was GREAT in the sonogram, moved, etc. So WHY do i have to get this "test done" and he says standard, blah blah blah.

Basically they put two monitors on you, one for heart beat and movement and the other for contractions. Or something like that.

So OVER to labor and deliver i go (yes the place at the hospital). They take me into triage and hook me up and i sit... and sit... and sit. I see baby is moving, heart beat is great, and i'm contracting (even though they are 8 mins apart and i don't feel them all). So what does all this mean??? NOTHING... just that baby is healthy (YEA, but DUH already knew that!).

So there ends my morning. 4 hours of leave WASTED to still be pregnant! GREAT! THANKS!

So this weekend we've tried sex, walking, raspberry tea, rolling on an exercise ball, rolling hips like i'm washing the floor... basically i've tried EVERYTHING by castor oil... got any tips??? i can't take this much longer!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

She is still in there!

So i had REAL hopes that she would come this week... but so far no luck. I know it's not over yet but MAN can't she come?!?!?

Since she hasn't come we've taken advantage and decorated the house for christmas, finished out Christmas shopping with some black friday door busters! AND i've wrapped all those gifts!

Last night for all of 15 mins it was looking promising! lol. I had this HORRIBLE and i mean HORRIBLE pain in my left side... felt like (but worse) i pulled a muscle or something and it was making me contract. So for like 15 mins i was dying trying to find out if i should wake Chris up... but then it started to slow down... i layed down and bam it was over. STILL didn't sleep though!

Sleep lately has been non-existant. I sleep for MAYBE an hour at a time... i'll wake up at 2 or 4 in the morning WIDE AWAKE and then i feel like a zombie the rest of the day until i practically FALL into bed to realize i'm still not going to be sleeping~ Joy!

So here's to keep our fingers crossed, the weekend isn't over yet!


Oh and PS for those of you wondering what the end feels like??? My coochy hurts... yes, not just every bone and muscle around it but like the front bottom area, it feels like she's trying to escape from there rather then the exit hole. It's terrible. Makes walking VERY hard.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OMG! SOOO in love!

No i'm not talking about that tall drink of water that impregnated me (even though he is quite hot)... i'm talking about Frosted Flake Cereal! So i hadn't had this stuff in FOREVER and when we were at our friends wedding in NY the bed and breakfast we stayed at had this. SO i decided to have some, YUM! Well i promptly forgot about the awesomeness of it's taste until this past weekend at the g-store. I got a box (well the store brand kind) for breakfast this week. And i'm sitting here enjoying every mouth stimulating bite of it!

This cereal is AWESOME! Not only does the sweetness do my taste buds good but the flakes don't get all mushy! AND THEN spoon after spoon of crunchy sweet goodness i get to drink the milk left at the bottom of the bowl, WHICH IS HEAVEN! Not only is it Milk (one of my favorite drinks of late) but it's SWEET milk, sweetened from the tantalizing flakes themselves!

Ahhh what an amazing breakfast! Now if all this sugar would make K bounce right out of me!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So i went to the OB yesterday to get felt up for my progress and I'm at least 2 1/2 cm dilated (close to 3) and 90% effaced. And since that all mean NOTHING when it comes to when i'll be going into labor i cried. Yes i cried in front of my doctor because she can't induce me until 39 weeks unless there's a medical reason.

I told her how i can't sleep, how i hurt, and how i'm just DONE overall being pregnant.

She suggested how "fun" thanksgiving will be and how i'll get to take a picture of my belly beside the Turkey and i cried more b/c i want Kinsley to take a picture beside the turkey, not Kinsley in my belly!

I almost cried this morning because i slept pretty good last night and i was upset about that because i wanted to be up all night with real, take me to the hospital, contractions.

I know i should be doing a huge Tom Cruise couch dance (maybe i will if it helps this baby get out) for all of my "progress" but since that progress really means NOTHING in the scheme of things, it's hard to dance about it.

But here i am 38wks 2 1/2cm and 90% effaced.

Monday, November 23, 2009

These Freaking Idiots!

That would be my co-workers. yeah!

I would like to call them many other names, a lot harsher, BUT Kinsley can hear me and i don't want to be a bad influence.

It went down like this:

Co-workers: So two weeks huh...blah blah words blah word
Me: Yea but i'm going to BEG my OB for an induction, i'm so done!
CW: WHAT! But you're ONLY 38 weeks!
Me: ONLY!?!? That's full term thanks! and besides this kid is measuring ahead!
CW: But if you're body isn't ready that could be dangerous!
Me: UMMM it's ready, i'm dilating and almost completely effaced!
CW: Um No it IS dangerous for the baby if it's not time
Me: Then take her by C-section
CW: well blah blah words words...

I mean seriously!?!? Do they REALLY think i would pick my comfort over the safety of my child!?!?!?

1st of all She is measuring big
2nd My doc said we won't talk induction unless my cervix is favorable (IT IS!)
3rd What do they think i'm going to do... Go to my local CVS and pick up an "At home induction Kit" if my doctor tells me to wait?!?!?

These people have another thing coming if they think they can gang up on a pregnant lady that is STILL at work even though everyone wants me to go ahead and start my Maternity leave! I have a letter opener and i know how to use it!

Pregnancy + Kids do not mix

So i know what you're thinking... wait... You're pregnant to HAVE a kid, how does that not mix.... so let me rephrase that: Pregnancy + Kids on the OUTSIDE do not mix.

We had a friend over yesterday with his three children. Twins age 7 and son who is almost 5. Now while they are EXTREMELY well behaved, polite, sweet, and i just love them to pieces. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and tired and my belly hurts. So even the most well behaved children need attention, etc. And i did my best to give it to them but MAN i was sooo worn out when they left. LOL, i went and tried to take a relaxing bath, fell asleep. Went down stairs to eat cereal for dinner and then BEGGED Chris to let me go to bed (at 700) even though he wanted to hang out. I eventually made it to bed and it was NOT restful!

I tossed and turned (which is NO small feat), I peed... a lot, and through it all my belly was in huge pain. It wasn't like "OH i'm having another contraction" pain it was "i just did a thousand sit ups" pain. I think part of it has to do with a little old wives tail Chris and i were working on that morning but maybe it's Kinsley beating me up from the inside.

Here's a shot of me yesterday trying to support my team (that lost, we're not talking about that)...

Then i had a conversation with my Dad last night... went something like this:

Me: So i have a doctors apt. tomorrow, i'm going to beg, plead, and cry for an induction.
Dad: Why?
Me: B/c i'm so done being pregnant, i'm so tired and sore
Dad: Well you want her to be healthy
Me: She is, she was last week, she's just getting fatter and harder to push out now
Dad: It's only two weeks left
Me: Have you ever been pregnant?
Dad: No and nor will i ever
Me: Exactly, enough said... i want an induction!

Men will never understand where we're coming from... i've had hormone scares, tail bone issues, cyst, hip pain, swelling, and now a belly that is bigger then me. I am VERY grateful that is my full list of complaints and it doesn't include anything serious, but still... I'm DONE! I don't want to be pregnant anymore. I want to hold my little girl and put on pants that zip up. I want to be able to kiss my little girl and put on underwear without grunting! I want to be able to feed my little girl and be able to go up stairs without needing to take a break halfway through.

PLEASE just let the doctor give me my wish!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

okay sorry, i complain a lot... now i won't

So this post is not going to be about complaining, it's going to be about the sweetest man ever, my husband.

I mean ya'll know we aren't perfect but man was my world perfect yesterday with him. There is just something about a man, his blue jeans, and his boots!

We went to church yesterday morning and He wore some boot cut jeans, a button up green shirt, and cowboy boots. He walked down those stairs and my heart did a little flip flop flutter! Something about my big tall rugged man in his boots and jeans! I swoon just thinking about him in it! He looks so classic and amazing in such a mainly earthy way that it just reminds me time and time again why i knew from the second i laid eyes on him that HE was going to be MINE!

Then when that rugged man of my dreams makes me lunch, fixes pillows for me, and makes sure i'm happy and THEN rubs my belly and talks about our daughter, i really almost burst with happiness!

So ladies be thankful for Boots and jeans and then men that fill them in our lives. Without him, i would be so lost!

Friday, November 20, 2009


This is for the delivery guy who just came into my office to have me sign a packing slip and said "You have a nice size belly there". I mean REALLY!?!?!? Okay i GET what you meant but REALLY!?!?!?!

So yes, it's Friday. I have made it another week, joy! The stroller arrived last night and i was dealing with Braxton Hick contractions for much of the night... but I have made it another week.

Everyone keeps making stupid comments, suggestions, tips, etc... but it's Friday and i've made it another week.

I peed myself a little sneezing and I've snarked out at least 3 people so far, but it's Friday and i've made it another week.

And yes "I'm STILL HERE!"

Happy Friday, now BACK OFF!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yummy! Mucus Plugs!!!

So i think i might be loosing my mucus plug. I think i'm a gradual kind of girl... this is about to get WAY TMI so be warned!

I've read that sometimes women have a big glop fall out and that's pretty much their mucus plug falling out... but some loose it gradually and it's like slug trails from hell when you wipe.

Well i went to the restroom and it took 4 wipes for the slugs to slow down... it was a lot of gunk that was a clearish greenish tinge. We'll see if this keeps going...

but don't worry, even IF i'm loosing it... doesn't mean a thing... can still be pregnant for weeks. FUN

You WILL have LOW days!

So i'm sitting here trying not to curse like a sailor (to keep my mom proud of me) but seriously i'm over it all!

1. we went to visit ANOTHER daycare last night since ours aren't looking too hot on the wait list right now and while we liked it, we can't afford it. I mean seriously... why do you have to pay $1200+ for childcare! for ONE child!!! Are these people batty?!?!? I thought the two we were waiting on for 1045-1140 a month were crazy but this one last night was 1320... that's only for a 4 week month! WHAT THE HELL! AND HALF the teachers BARELY spoke english! Great for my kid who will one day be able to tell me to f-off in 3 different languages one day but not for me when i'm trying to figure out if they are telling me my kid pooped or talked!

2. I'm SO DAMN tired i almost cried this morning. DID i stay up last night hosting a rave at my house??? no. Did i stay up late to finish that book i was reading? no. Was i in any kind of labor? no. I ACTUALLY fell asleep around 9 on the couch. Then went to bed.. peed like 3-4 times... slept so soundly i would wake up in buckets of my own sweat... AND I'm still about to prop my eyelids up with tooth picks! I pity the person who says (like they always do) "You're still here" first today. Because guess what?!?! I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT NOW! I WANT TO SLEEP YOU STUPID *#UROEWHR*#RY!!!!

3. I'm emotionally drained and want this kid out. I love her, i can't wait to hold her (ON THE OUTSIDE) but i just want her out. I can't take the stress, the worry, the is it time yet, the "you're still heres"... I just want to have her and snuggle with her!

4. My f-in lab has ANOTHER urinary track infection... yeah she's peeing on the carpet we just shampooed! ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME! I just got the house ready and this twerp (i love her i know it's not her fault) has to do this! So i come home each day to the lovely smell of pee and have to get on my hands and knees (which hurt like hell lately) and clean up her pee. Thanks... so lets add another $300 vet visit onto the stress!

Okay, i would love to thank you for letting me get all this out BUT i still don't feel better. IF i could get a nap, find a daycare and loose my mucus plug all in one day then i MIGHT be on the road to recovery.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


That i might be having contractions last night... not oh this is it i'm GOING to the hospital... but Oh my body is revving up! Maybe some real ones will be coming this week or next!

BUT then i moved Sadie so her feet weren't touching me and the "contractions" went away and i realized it was just Kinsley being pissed that her sister was "touching" her.

Yeah so not even are there no contractions but I'm already dealing with "Mom! She's TOUCHING me!!!!"


Oh an update to baby world... her car seat is IN my car! weird i know but we need to be ready!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Kinsley, 37weeks

Dear Kinsley,

Here's you and i at 37 weeks. You're full term today! Good job! It's now safe for you to come into the world so, PLEASE come! Your Daddy and i are very excited to meet you. I already love you more then i thought possible and so does he. Daddy gives you goodnight, good morning, i'm home, hey how ya doing rubs every time he sees you!

We're very excited to see what you look like, if you'll take after me or Daddy. We know that no matter what you're going to be perfect, just the way God intended for you to be!

I can't believe that the time of you kicking in my belly and making it hard to move is almost over. Even though i've complained a lot it was worth every single second. Feeling you stretch and move is just magical, thanks for letting Daddy feel you lately too, you should see the smile on his face!

Well i know you still have a few weeks left if you want but we're really excited to meet you soon! You're nursery is all ready, your sisters (Stella and Sadie) are ready, and we even got your stroller ordered! So don't wait too long to make your debut! And don't believe what you hear about "fashionably late"... it's not all it's cracked up to be! TRUE divas like to arrive early and make sure everyone is ready for them!

Well i love you baby girl, i can't wait to kiss your nose, fingers, and toes! You're so special to everyone already and i know you'll just take the world by storm when you come!

Love Always,


Wow so we're full term now...


Yes we're 37 weeks. That means we're "full term" and it's Perfectly safe for baby to come out... So i wish she would take the hint! i mean I'm good... the cyst is all healed and my butt is functional again... but really... do you know what it's like carrying around 35 extra pounds that are pounding into your pelvis with every step you take??? Yeah, i'm over it! I mean i LOVE her little kicks but really i'm okay with feeling them on the outside!

So i was waiting to write this big long horrible post about BabiesRus b/c my stroller was out of stock and i was worried that when it came back IN stock the free shipping promotion would be over and then i would have to pay an extra like $20 for shipping... so i called/emailed their customer service to express this concern and they kept blowing me off (like 5 times no joke) BUT i was FINALLY (after 2 weeks) able to order my stroller and the Free shipping promotion was still going on SO i'm not going to write a big long entry about how terrible BabiesRus's customer service is, and how they do not answer your questions, instead giving you the run around, and about how they lie lie lie... b/c i DID after all get my stroller with free shipping... so here's me being quite about how terrible BabiesRus is...

And on to other news, we're still looking for a daycare... fun stuff i know... do you have ANY idea how problematic this whole thing is?!?!? I mean you have to get on waiting list, then you have to compete with parents that are already at that daycare and decide to get sperminated again. THEN i'm finding out you ALSO have to compete with workers that are newly hired and bring their babies with them! UH! So we're going to tour another place... they have an opening.. at the moment... i hate to find out how much they are though!

We'll see~

Monday, November 16, 2009

i am....

still pregnant... yep still going strong. Went to the doctor today and i'm still 2 cm but now i'm 80% effaced. So we're progressing but not how i want to... i want to progress right on my way to the hospital (well at the moment i want to progress to bed b/c i'm so freakin tired)! I'm tired, i'm big, i'm ready to see my little angel!

Oh the bad news front... my work will most likely only let me take 6 weeks of paid leave... anything else will be unpaid. I had already planned on 4 weeks of unpaid leave but not 6! (i wanted to take 12 weeks off). So i'm super bummed... Chris and i are going to talk tonight but i can't see 6 weeks with no pay! that's a lot!

Well back to work... so tired! Just want to hold her!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Please tell the co-workers to back away slowly

Or i can't be held accountable for what i could do to them!

So a few (the ones i like) know that i'm 2cm dilated and 70% effaced. But for some reason they are all hopping up on their couches Tom Cruise Style telling me K's going to be early! I mean seriously, most of them have given birth... they KNOW i could be this way for WEEKS! But does that stop them??? NO!

My boss is all freaking out wanting me to get my list made of the status of everything on my desk in case she needs to step in... okay i GET that but really that list will change COMPLETELY in a week and THEN i'll have to make ANOTHER one!

My co-workers are making guesses about when NEXT WEEK i'll deliver or if i'll even make it that long. This is all making me antsy in my pants!!

here's the cake topper... the kind amazing angels making my pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks are even on a count down! SERIOUSLY!?!? I order coffee from you and yes even though i feel deeply bonded to you since you give me a sense of peace and relaxation at 630 in the morning all i ACTUALLY say to you is "decaf venti skim pumpkin spice latte no whip please, thank you" so now you're asking me how many weeks, or telling me how many weeks are left or saying you figured i went into labor b/c you hadn't seen me in a few days... Seriously... do i need to add Starbucks to my "Call b/c i'm in labor list"???

So people while i'm very excited about my "progress" you are making me Crazy! I know i've said FOREVER to get this kid out of me, but NOW i'm freaking out and i want her to stay put... so DON'T encourage her!


So my nesting isn't exactly typical...

So last night I got this crazy urge. I couldn't sit still... i wanted to organize, clean, put batteries in things. And that lasted for all of well 40 minutes, maybe... lol. Then i promptly became tired and lazy and went to read a book in bed.

It was really funny in my head b/c at first i was all like "sweet! I'm SOOO nesting, look at me!" and then i wasn't... and i began thinking why aren't i like everyone else... why don't i want to "nest" and then i realized that do, just in my own way.

I nest the best way i know how... i shop, lol. I want to make sure we've bought everything little K is going to need. I organize what i've bought and then feel the need to buy more... not Chris's favorite trait of mine.

So i'm going to do my best and NOT nest... IF i can't ignore the urge i'll try to turn it into something productive, like real nesting... lets see how this goes.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby Shower #2!

These are a little late in coming but here is my baby shower from my awesome co-workers!

I will pretext this with, it was casual Friday, i wasn't supposed to know about the shower and my tush was KILLING me... i only came to work that day b/c i DID know about is. But i think the photographer did everything she could to make me look like crap...

yumm i just love potlucks!

Yes i was given a crown... b/c everyone knows i'm a princess... don't worry i'm giving it to K.

Why yes that is my tush pad under my butt... only way they would get a smile out of me!

CAKE! But seriously, you MIGHT be turning your baby shower conisour(sp?) nose up to this cake but DON'T! this cake is from Super Target! It tasted SOOO good! I mean i went back and back and back (hey they brought it back to our lunch room RIGHT next to my desk! Of course i had to eat it!

Some of the lab peeps relaxing after the food!

It was so special. They not only threw me a beautiful shower BUT they also got me all the little things i needed AND a gift card to get my Stroller with!! YEA!

Thanks guys!

Here i am!

This is what you look like when you're 2 cm dilated!

oh please you didn't think i was going to show you something else did you? this is not the discovery channel! moving on to the belly

Well Harvey (my foot) is doing better, i've found that if i wear these workout compression shocks it really helps with the swelling... i was even able to put them on MYSELF this morning!!! Because my tush is doing SOOO much better! Still stiff and stuff but it's SOOO doable compared to where i was at on Monday! I feel like a new woman... i feel like i can keep doing this pregnancy thing for WEEKS (which is good since i might have to)!

K is moving less but bigger now. It's no longer a party in my uterus but more like a mime box that she is trying to explore. I'll get an elbow sticking out here and a knee there, it's really funny to watch and when i tickle it she moves it, so i tickle it there and she moves it again! Already my baby girl and i are playing!

On to the "pregnancy stuff"... So my body is cleaning itself off. I feel like my IBS is back b/c of all the loose poops i've had! And now we're getting the glorious slug trails. Many women get these all through pregnancy but mine are just starting. So my lady napkin in place i inspect each one... is that just regular goo or the start of a mucus plug goo!?!?!? Hmmm

For those of you wondering this is the definition of a mucus plug: the mucus plug is just an accumulation of secretions that form within the opening to the uterus, also called the cervical canal. The fact that mucus accumulates early in pregnancy is quite beneficial, as it serves to create a protective barrier against infection between the outside world and your growing baby.

As you near the end of your pregnancy, your cervix will begin to thin out and dilate. As it changes, you may lose your mucus plug and find a gooey deposit in your underwear or on the toilet tissue after wiping. It is not uncommon for this mucus to be mixed with brown, pink, or red streaks of blood from the changes occurring within your cervix. Some women may lose the plug at 36 weeks' gestation, while many others may not lose it until labor has begun. Sometimes moms-to-be may not even notice that they are losing their mucus plug because it happens gradually, over several weeks, and they've already grown accustomed to varying but increased amounts of the vaginal discharge that often accompanies a normal pregnancy.

So you see i COULD be loosing it right now... in bits and pieces... but that doesn't mean much for the onset of labor sadly since many women do not go into labor for one or two weeks AFTER loosing this disgusting thing.

this is where it's coming from:

and here's some photography about the whole dilation/effaced thing:

Hope this helps a little bit!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well to me it is! First lets start from the beginning...

I woke up yesterday in so much pain, pain that had been building for days... pain that made me almost forget that i am pregnant b/c i could only feel this pain... Guess everyone who called me a pain in their ass is getting their revenge on me now huh? haha... okay yes that was too easy...

so i go to work and show my body's handy work to my co-work to which i get "Holy crap that's terrible, put that away!" SO yes it's not all in my mind... just my butt. I call my trusty little surgeon (he is little i'm taller than him... he's a cute little old man, makes me laugh, when he's not making me cry)... they tell me he is all booked that day... UNTIL they get my name... MRS. BREEDLOVE!!! Let me just run in the back and talk to him for YOU! (No i'm not making this up... apparently my body malfunctions make me a celebrity in this office!) "Oh yes we can squeeze you in at 1" GREAT! I'll be there!

I arrive... "Oh look at you! How exciting" Then my little man comes in... "Oh yes, have you had a polyonatal Cyst before?" Umm yes i say, you removed it (okay so i'm not legendary... THEY still know me!). "Alright turn over and try to keep breathing" he says... great i knew this was going to happen, i wanted this to happen, but now i'm terribly upset this is happening.

Numbing needle, cut cut, squish squish, taping of a very large maxi pad on my butt (which in case you are wondering, i'm NOT wearing the proper pants to disguise) and i'm all done! See you on Thursday!

So i'm now waddling around with a HUGE pad on my butt, now covered by tying a hoody around my waist (wait i don't have one of those, okay under the belly that is NOW my waist) and i'm waiting until my next doctors appointment, my weekly checkin with the OB!

Finally after an hour of trying to get comfortable i just go to the OB (even though a previous call informed me they could not squeeze me in earlier, so much for being a "celebrity"). I sign in and BEG (with tears in my eyes... critical!) if i could lay in room while i wait since i can't sit. YES they say! Wonderful!

I lay (reading) for a while... eventually get my sonogram (K's doing great!) and then *dom dom dom* they put me in another room for my FIRST (well i mean first we're officially looking for progress here) internal! Yes this is where my cervix gets felt up. Many women hate this... b/c well it doesn't exactly feel good... i mean it's not like she's trying to start something with me, just trying to see if K's starting something. But i'm all excited just to see what might be going on... plus THIS pain is NOTHING compared to where i just was...then i hear the words

There's her head "WAIT", i say, "You feel her HEAD!" Oh yes she does and she says MORE "You're two centimeters dilated and about 70% effaced"!!!!

Okay for you non-baby factories out there here's the break down of all of that...

Effaced is your cervix... you want it to thin out and get out-of-the-way... you have to be 100% to give birth.

Dilated is where your cervix is opening up... you start at zero and must get to 10 to push the kid out.

So WOW this is like HUGE progress, send me to the hospital right? NO... see you can be this "far along" for WEEKS!

But you know i don't care... after all the pain i've been going through this past week it was so great to hear those words of progress! So amazing! Just thinking that Kinsley is doing and my body is doing what it needs to do to bring me this little Angel... it just makes it all worth it and takes my breath away!

36wks today!



**side not for those who read this for information... Internals aren't pleasant but aren't terrible. You WILL most likely bleed after them... i'm still bleeding today... today is brown and we all know brown is old which equals GOOD**

oh and my bootay is feeling much better... sore but i can actually lay down now!!



Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm serious! CUT IT OFF!

My Ass... please please please! I haven't slept in i don't know how long b/c i'm in SOOO much pain!!! I'm trying to deal with it by taking Tylenol but it only takes the edge off! I'm convinced now that it's not a tail bone issue or spinal issue, it's another cyst. It's huge right now... bruised and inflaming my old scars from getting the other cyst removed. I'm hoping to have an update of what i can do today about it... B/c here's where i think my options MIGHT be...

1. Take an antibiotic (perfect choice...if it works... and if it's allowed... this is what i prefer)

2. Get it lanced/operated on (yeah great lets have a healing hole ON MY BUTT right before i go into labor... which will have me LAYING ON MY BUTT!)

3. Deal with it until K's born (oh this is EVEN better... besides labor pain i'll have cyst pain AND i'll still have to get it taken care of AND recover WHILE taking care of K.... umm no)

So lets cross our fingers for an antibiotic... i can't deal with this much longer.... I can't sit, lay, sleep, walk, you name it without being in EXTREME pain!

Friday, November 6, 2009

So how many doctors do you need

in order to make it through pregnancy? With me... apparently a lot. I need my OB and all her team. I need my sonogram team (which i will be seeing weekly now), i need my happy pill doctor, and NOW i need a chiropractor! Yep the tail bone/ spine/ pelvis is SOO bad i'm seeing a chiropractor. HOPEFULLY he'll have success where others have failed b/c i really can't take much more of this.

I'm trying to decide if i'm just going to move my office into the ladies room... i mean hey, on my floor it's a one person only deal so it's not like i'll be "sharing" my office. And frankly that's the only place where my ass doesn't hurt. Yes ladies and gentlemen and i'm pissed and over this dagum ass pain! I found some relief with Tylenol and a heating pad (straight on the crack... i mean there was a pants barrier) but it's there still... even my ass pillow is not helping this thing. SO i'm seeing a man now who sends vibrations to various points in my butt to see if he can "giggle" things back into place.

My biggest fear right now??? Well you know how i've been praying, begging, bribing God to let this child come a little early??? Yeah that's my biggest fear now... that God will actually listen to my crazy rantings just to get me to shut up and she'll be here early... i'll have to lay ON MY BACK (which is something i cannot do right now with out screaming and crying) and i will have to push a child through the very area that is taring me apart. Yeah Wouldn't that feel just terrific? HELL NO! So now i want her to stay put until we get this worked out or else i should not be held accountable for anything i say, do, or throw in labor and delivery.

thank you

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wanna see K's room???

It's all done... now i just need to get the car seat in my car and get Chris to set up the monitors! Hospital bag and baby bag are in the car (just incase something happens at work) and all the clothes are washed and her stuff is set up around the house just waiting for my little princess to get here... now THE ROOM!

Here's her little night light... i'm going to put a picture of the dogs in it... they'll guard her!


Here's some close ups of the baby blanket i made her... started it the weekend after we found out i was pregnant.




and lastly a close up of the Christmas stocking i made her!


Hope you enjoyed her room! Chris and I do... we can't wait for her to get here to show it to her! I know her furry sisters love it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today is SOOO good!!!

Want to know why???

1. I'm 35/35!!!!! That means i'm 35 weeks along and it's 35 days until my due date!!! SWEET JESUS!

2. We saw our little dancing bean yesterday and she's doing AMAZING! And they are approximating her weight at 6lbs 3oz!!! Such a healthy girl!

3. She's being kinder to my hips today! Still sore, tailbone is still in pain but it's worlds better then yesterday!

4. Holy Gingerbread Latte Batman! They are out and being served at your local Starbucks and i couldn't be happier about it! I just love the flavor and the reminder that Christmas is right around the corner (not to mention MY BABY!!!).

Ahhh what a great day! I'll post a belly shot later~ Right now i'm going to put my feet up and sip my latte~ (okay so i'll still be sitting straight up thanks to this tailbone and i'll keep working b/c well that's what i'm supposed to be doing... BUT MY MIND will be putting it's feet up and enjoying the sweet bliss of today!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

ever wonder

What it feels like to have a watermelon lodged between your legs??? Yeah me either... didn't care to know... but now i do... so you will too!

See this is what happens when the baby "drops" they "drop" that cute enormous head into your pelvis. It's also known as baby being locked and loaded. Ha ha... yeah funny when you hear it but NOT when you're feeling it.

Imagine if you will that you are trying to walk with a cantaloupe between your legs and with each step, it's not only hard to take it because you're trying to keep that melon there but ALSO because this melon has a pulsating sensation that goes WHAM with each sept. It's like a balloon... deflated... and each step you take it quickly infants to the point where you feel your pelvis cracking and then deflates right before the next step. NOT FUN! Every time i turn or roll to the other side... my hips pop/crack whatever. Lovely.

So Kinsley is getting ready and getting me ready... we'll see~

Okay yes, i'm nesting

In the wee early hours of the morning before i need to get up i'm woken up by the thoughts in my head... YOU know those thoughts... the ones that nag you like nicotine habit until you finally give in and DO what the thoughts want you to do... yeah those.

So i had these all weekend... Example being Sunday morning where i felt this uncany need to start washing Kinsley's clothes, but i couldn't because the deck guys were using the washing machine outlet to build out deck but i still had to get the clothes out and ready to wash... i HAD TO! So i got up at 7 and got all her clothes, sheets, etc in a pile ready to go to the basement and i was THEN able to go back to sleep until we had to get up for church.

So what DID i do this weekend? Friday night we put up the pack n play and swing. Saturday we took a bunch of stuff to be donated, i got her more sleepers, pants, and onesies. I rested for the rest of the day b/c i was worn out, etc. Then we had trick or treaters. Chris's brother came over and i went to bed b/c my hips hurt.

Sunday i got up and loaded all the clothes, etc to get washed. We went to church where i was feeling REALLY weird. After the service we left to go to Target b/c i HAD to get stuff for the hospital bag (and some prescriptions). And then we went home where i vegged for a long time b/c i felt so weird... and Stella was attached to my hip! I mean this is normal behavior for Sadie but not Stella... she's VERY independent... but she curled herself around my belly and slept.

I could get up every now and then and do something... load bottles into the dish washer... give Chris things to take to the basement... pack the hospital bag... go to the bedroom for another nap... etc.

Over all it was VERY productive AND we now have a deck! WHOO HOO!