Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So now that the boobs are dry... for the most part... no longer engorged and no longer hurting, i decided that it was time for a proper bra fitting since i hadn't had that done since EVER. I mean i've been to Victorias Secret but come on, we ALL know their fittings are crap. They ask you what size you "normally" wear and go from there. I'm never completely happy with my bras from there and you always shell out a small fortune for a cheap piece of crap that you're going to get poked by and need to replace within a few months, IF they last THAT long.

So i went to Nordstrom. I've heard (via Oprah) that they are the Divine source when it comes to bra fittings. And since i have flap jacks that would like to be rewarded for a year of growing a human i decided to go for it! So i go in... she takes a measurement, looks at my jugs popping out from around my paint stained bra (GAH why did i not plan ahead and wear an old breast feeding one at least.... NOT the PAINT on the nipples bra that i wore when we were painting Kinsley's nursery and i had no sense of my body so i had i paint on everything that stuck out) and went and got me the "trial bra". This is just the basic bra they use to judge everyones size. My cup runith over slightly, so she came back when the next one. And once she explained to me that it was for my boobs and not a water balloon sling shot or yard tent, i tried it on. and it fit. and i almost cried.

I was officially diagnosed with G size boobs. How is that possible? How is it possible that i've been rolling up and cramming my boobs into DD bras when they really are a G-force? How is it that no one has figured this out before? SURELY there must be a mistake and a mathematical equation for why my boobs are fitting so snugly into this G size bra! So i bought two... I mean they WERE on sale for $37 each! They are nice t-shirt style bras. Next, i tried to find some pretty sexy bras, but well... the pretty/sexy G size bra department at Nordstrom is lacking. I asked for some cute ones and she brings me ones with enough lace to make a wedding dress... THAT much fabric is NOT cute.

So off i went to Bra la la for a second opinion on this sizing mishap and in search of something the hubs won't use as a life preserver once he starts drowning in my massive bosom.

Ladies and Gentlemen, i'm sad to say... There was something wrong with their charts too... still a G! What is wrong with these people?!?! But, at least they knew that Titanic size boobs don't want to drown in a sea of lace either and enjoy a nice demi cup! So two more bras in the bank.

So now between my 4 (ridiculous sized) bras i can clothe a small country in Africa, or I can just be "Lifted up"... que music!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A lot of updates coming... tomorrow

Not tonight. I'm too tired tonight. See my family came into town on Wednesday. It was great but that meant NOTHING got done that night. Then Thursday we woke up to Kinsley being COVERED in throw up. Happy Thanksgiving! She was fine though, i'm thinking maybe an upset stomach? So off we went to Grandma's house to cook all day and enjoy family time. Yeah i was in bed by 830 i think. We got up the next morning after being up all night with a fussy baby and a dog throwing up everywhere. Happy Black Friday! We did some shopping and got a call from my Dad that he had to leave to go back to NC to take my Grandmother to the doctor there because he was 99% sure she was coming down with a UTI. So my Mom was left at her hotel with no car, waiting on me to finish shopping (because she didn't want me to come and get her to shop with us). Once my tired baby and her tired Mommy finally got home and once Daddy (who worked all day)got home too, i tried to enjoy a glass of wine... wasn't really having it, so to bed again by like 830. Only to wake up at 11ish with diarrea. That wouldn't stop... oh and throwing up. Awesome I have a stomach bug. One thing i DO.NOT.DO. is nausa. So i was off to the ER, leaving Chris at home to take care of Kinsley and i was going to pick my Mom up on the way so she could be with me... until she answered her phone to let me know that she has the same thing.

But luckily she still had 2 adjoining rooms at the hotel (since they were already paid for and she couldn't get her money back), so i went to the 24 CVS at 230am and then stayed in the other room while she and i kept pooping and throwing up. Finally around 10 or so we were both feeling okay enough to go back home and see what was happening with Chris and Kinsley.

So Mom and I recovered for the most part. I was in bed by... are you waiting... 830, only to be woken up by 330am to the sounds of Chris loosing everything he's eaten in the past year. Awesome. Now he's sick.. oh and did i mention that his brother was sick too? uh huh. So today, even though i was still trying to recover I had to pick up my Mommy bootstraps and take care of my family. I banned my dear Cowboy to the room because i was terrified if he came out then Kinsley might get sick. I Lysoled the world and cleaned like i was starting a new business. And through it all Kinsley was whinny and clingy.

I'm tired ya'll, it's hard. I'm sleeping in another room for fear of getting sick OR having a sick germ on me when i go and tend to Kinsley. So I'm kind of happy to be going to work tomorrow... will almost be a vacation... plus i REALLY think that Kinsley needs to get back onto her schedule and be on the routine that she's used to. AND OMG ya'll! Her party is in 6 days!!! I have SOO much to do! AND i wanted to do so much this weekend but we were all sick. PLEASE pray for me and my nerves and my energy and PLEASE pray that Kinsley doesn't get sick!

Love ya'll, talk to you tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 away... well now 4

From 700 posts! I mean since i've combined my blogs that's what i'm looking at! WHOA!

OKay enough about that more about the annoyance of Mommyhood. No not being an actual Mommy but being a Mommy annoyed with others. See i LOVE how people want to WOOO and AHHHH all over my darlin little bundle of boogers, but seriously, can you do it when it's convienant with ME? Not when, say, I'm late getting back to work from my lunch break?!?! I want to be gracious and give everyone their kinsley time but seriously people, you're not paying for the privilage so i need to get to where they are paying to be sitting! GAH! But since everyone was taking their sweet time Kinsley decided to grace them with a poopie diaper! HA HA revenge on the world! But Kinsley also made a liar out of me but not doing hardly ANY of her sign language. UH!

Now i could use a nap, but that's not in the cards today, today i need to go home, releave my Mom from Kinsley duties and then make dinner, put away laundry, and put together paper chains for Kinsley's party. LESS THEN TWO WEEKS AWAY!

I WAS super excited about this party and all that it's going to be, now i'm worried it won't be enough! I know you're thinking i'm crazy, between the custom signs, moonbounce, candy bar, pizza, real goldfish, pom balls, and balloons, how can it NOT be enough? But i'm worried... people are expecting a lot now. Especially since i've given a few previews everyone has it all blown up in their head. I know it's going to be great and it's going to be what i wanted it to be for my little Cupcake but will it be what everyone is expecting?

Monday, November 22, 2010

I know i've been a bad blooger

But i have good reason! i've been so busy i barely know my name! For REALS ya'll! I just threw a (FREAKING AWESOME) baby shower, pictures coming soon. My mom is in town. My family is COMING into town. I'm planning a birthday party. Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK. We had two thanksgiving parties last week. I wrecked my car and had to get it fixed. The hubs has been working much longer hours. Kinsley has been a little sick and VERY clingy!

SEE, it's a lot... but i do have some great pictures coming ya'lls way, because we ALL know that's the only thing you want around here.

But even though you're DYING for pictures I'm going to tell you a story. A story about my daughter Sunday morning at church. See I sing on the praise team at church. That means i have to be present for both services. So Sunday i got up, got ready and left Kinsley in the very capible hands of my Mom and Northern Cowboy. They show up for the first service, drop Kinsley off in the nursery (where she normally laughs at other babies) and tell me that during the second service they will be going grocery shopping so bring Kinsley home with me. Got it.

Well between services i decide to go and snuggle my little ankle bitter and ya'll... she was having a fit! She was just laying there on a teacher SOBBING. My child DOES NOT do this. She laughs at the other kids when they do this. I don't know if she wasn't feeling well, was overly tired, or just needed Mommy love, but she was PISSED.

I think it was Mommy love because as long as i wasn't going anywhere she was fine. UH, this wasn't good, i still had one more service to go and my Mom and Chris were MIA at the g-store already! So I took her upstairs with me. I tried to get her situated with someone else so she could watch me sing... NO GO. so we left. I couldn't sing the second service and my daughter was just fine the rest of the day. yea....

Ya'll i LOVE my baby and LOVE that she loves her Momma, but i don't want to encourage this! Here's to hoping it's just a faze.

Oh and on a happy note, Kinsley now knows Thank You in sign language. So we never really know if she's blowing kisses or saying thank you but hey, it's a start!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stopping Breastfeeding... or pumping

So i mentioned that i was done with all milk production but here's the dirty details. I'm no longer pumping... at all. While it's slightly freeing... i do miss it a little. The problem though is the pain. See i was down to one pump a day, and i stopped it. It was fine... not a big deal... until today. Today is bad. Today hurts. Today hurts A LOT. It's like huge rocks on fire and it feels like my boobs did squats for a week solid and now they are sore, oh and they were punching backs and bruised and tender to the touch... awesome.
Remember in the beginning when i was crying and complaining about how much it hurt TO breastfeed. Well now i'm crying and complaining because it hurts so much NOT to breastfeed. But i won't five up, just like i didn't then. It's all about time and well, i won't remember it that much in a few months... and it is REALLY nice to not have to think about my caffeine intake or am i producing enough, and can i drink tonight.
BUT IT HURTS. It's hurts SOOOO bad. I can't even huge people without cringing in pain... can you imagine wanting to cry every time your child wants to snuggle on you and NOT because it's such a sweet, touching moment but because she's killing you?
Well i'm off to take some ibuprofen and maybe some wine.... oh the yummy wine!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I would like to take a moment of your time to... COMPLAIN!

Uh this is a CRAZY week and a lot has already happened and i'm trying to make lemons into lemonade but i need to vent, and i need you to listen, and i do NOT want to be judged!

First, Kinsley has been sick. She started getting sick on Saturday night and it is still going on. I kept her home from school on Monday, meaning i missed a day at my new job, which my boss was totally okay with but I WASN'T. BUT I'm pissed because it's always ME that has to stay home. This isn't negotiable and i get it and it sucks but i want to complain about it.

So to make up for having to stay home I worked on the baby shower that i'm throwing this weekend.

Second, I hit a curb, hard, because it was raining and my tires needed to be replaced and i went around a turn and WHAM. the whole way to work my car is making fun noises, i take it in to be looked at and WHAM $1700 bill... uh huh.

SO i do my research, call them back, HANGLE like my life depends on it (which it does, at least my grocery money for the week) and work them down around $500.

Third, the part isnt' going to be in until the next day and Kinsley has to be picked up from school and i have to get home and Chris works on the other side of the world.

So mother-in-law takes us home before driving to the other side of the world to take herself home and my neighbor takes Kinsley to daycare AND me to work (saviors!).

Forth, This week is impossible. Tonight, AFTER i pick up my car, i have to make two desserts. Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving party at my work AND the thanksgiving dinner at K's school. Friday my Mom flys in for a visit, meaning i have to pick her up from the airport... Saturday I'm throwing a baby shower, meaning i have to CLEAN MY FREAKING DOG HAIR INFESTED HOUSE! Awesome.

Now i'm super excited about this shower and OMG you're going to die when i show you all of the details put together... BUT there's A LOT on my plate. As stressful as the "pick up" is for getting my Mom, i can't wait until she's here because lets face it people, Momma's make everything better (at least that's what K was telling me this morning as she was snuggling closer while babbling until her hearts content... my mine).

AND breathe...

WAIT one more thing... My BOOBS HURT! Yep i'm done breastfeeding AND pumping. K has PLENTLY of a stash to go from and so now i'm waiting for my milk to stop. I was only down to once a day pumping but even THAT makes for sore boobies!

and NOW i'm done!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yea, funness!

So Kinsley was super sick today... no fever but a terrible cold. Kept her up all night, not to mention US up all night. YUCK! But on the positive note... 1. i got to spend the day with my cutie patootie fuss bucket AND 2. We got a preview of K's One Year Photo shoot! I LOVE them! I can't wait to see more!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza, 3 weeks and counting

Since i've been terrible at keeping ya'll updated with Kinsley's birthday extravaganze i decided i would make it up to you by also giving you a sneak peek into the baby shower that i'm throwing!

One of my best friends is having a little boy and needed to be stocked up on all the little boy things. So i'm throwing her a western theme baby sprinkle!

Here's the diaper cake, i'm going to add a bit more to it but here's the start of it! It's my first time making one and i think it turned out awesome!
These jars are going to be filled with homemade cobbler as take home gifts for the guest!
This sign will be hung above the table where everyone will put Kinsley's gifts! I still need to add one or two things to the sign but here's where it's at now.
Oh the candy bar! I can't wait. Again, another unfinished piece, notice the C and F of cafe are missing... working on that. But this is for the Candy/cookie buffet!
And i loved how Kinsley's sign came out so i decided to make a few for the shower. LOVE it!

There's a lot going on in the week ahead of me. This coming weekend my Mom is coming into town and I'm throwing a baby shower for one of the best people i know. And i'm on praise team at church on sunday. Oh and THIS thursday is the Thanksgiving celebration at my work AND Kinsley's daycare, both i have to make things for.
The next week is Thanksgiving, luckily we're staying in town, but my family is coming up for it... awesome but slightly stressful.
Then the next week is Kinsley's first birthday. OMG! Can you believe it? I really can't.
So yeah, things are VERY busy around here. But it's all stuff that i love. I just hope i can make time between all of that to loose some weight and tone up a bit.
Well off to try to take care of my sick husband and sick baby.

Winner winner chicken dinner~

I know I was supposed to annouce this yesterday, but ya'll it was quite the busy day! So here's our winner now!

Enter a number:
I want a number between 1 and 24


Anonymous said...
Favorite PCD bow: Moulin Rouge (b/c its also NCSU colors)!Christina
November 11, 2010 1:51 PM

Congrats Christina! you get to get something from the most awesome bow shop ever, ON ME!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm the fat friend...

So growing up i was always super skinny. I mean i thought i was heavy when size 4s were falling off of me. I mean not like i thought "wow I'm fat" but THAT WAS heavy for me. I was always just super skinny. This seems like a dream to most but when all of your friends hate you or pick on you for it then it's not a dream. You feel bad that you're making your friends feel bad, so you feel like you have to prove to them that you're not super skinny by choice, but genetics, so they won't be mad at you.
So i ate, A LOT. I would eat every and anything. This way they would see me eating and know that i wasn't TRYING to be skinny, i just was. Don't get me wrong i LOVED being skinny, i rarely had to try on clothes because i KNEW they would look great on me. You got lots of attention from guys. And you just felt good about yourself. That was ONE thing that you didn't have to think about it.
That is until your metabolism stops. This happened for me around 21. It just stopped and well, it's really hard to go from eating burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, in as big of a serving as i want, to watching what i eat and trying to make good choices even though that burger and beer is SCREAMING at me to eat it and all of it's little friends!

As a result... I'm now the fat friend. I mean don't get me wrong, they aren't having to bring me seat belt extenders at the airport, but I'm not someone to be envied anymore. I was looking around my friends kitchen last night at the two other Mom's in my play group and realized I was the chubby one... and what does that make me want to do? No, not diet and run, but eat and drink more.

I KNOW how to loose weight, but the motivation to keep me going for any amount of time over 3 days escapes me. I dream about being skinny again, or at least comfortable with my size, but when you have a husband who works crazy hours, a baby and dogs that need attention, and no one to hold you accountable, it just doesn't last. I allow life to get in the way and i don't know how to stop it.

I've tried different diets, just trying to be healthy, signing up for 1/2marathons to motivate me... and the end result? Money down the drain because i never follow through with it.

Ya'll I don't want to be the fat friend anymore, i don't want to project this insecurity onto my daughter as she gets older. I don't want to have to wear a cami under every shirt i own because it helps to smooth out the rolls cascading from my belly.

I want to turn my life around, i have the motivation I think to do it, but honestly, i REALLY need the accountability too... like IN YOUR FACE accountable. I tried to start a biggest looser competition with some friends, yeah i only had 2 takers. Maybe if i opened it up on here? would there be any takers? I could open a paypal account for it, $10 a pop, have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place looser?

Let me know if that's something ya'll would want to do OR if you have anything else that would help me... I don't want to be the fat friend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guest Blogger Thursday: Kinsley's Favorite Bow Maker!

Here is a woman who is quickly turning into my Best Internet Friend! She has a great blog where i LOVE catching up on what her beyond adorable baby girl is up to, AND she has a business, Princess Couture Designs, that well, Kinsley and I just might be her main supporter! Kidding! So many people love her and her mad skills, I'm almost jealous that I have to share her! On any level that you look at she is the all around Super Mom! So here Ladies and Gentlemen is Michellene!

Can a Women really do it all?

Now I'm not here to answer this age old question for everyone.. Simple just myself. Can I do it all.. Maybe but I think the better question is can I do it all WELL? The answer to that is certainly NO

A little back ground on myself..

First and foremost I'm a mommy

My little stinker {14 months old now}

Secondly I'm a wife {1 and 2 are completely interchangeable}

Third I have a full time job at a computer company

Fourth- I run a small online business making hair accessories {Princess Couture Designs}

and Last but not least I also go to school full time....

Don't get me wrong here I'm not complaining at all.. I'm happy where I am but some days I think to myself, what areas of my life are suffering because I've taken on so much...trying to be super mommy! Definitely my sleep has suffered and my reality Tv watching time has suffered but has my relationship with my husband or even my daughter? I often find myself up way past everyone else finishing up some last minute things. I'm guilty of having a laundry pile and sometimes even a dish pile. I am by no means perfect but I'm trying.

While I know the things I take on everyday are for them, they take there toll on all of us. So while I fully believe Women CAN do it all, I intend to start thinking whether I should do it all. Sometime us mommies get so wrapped up in being the "perfect" mom that we forget what really matters... You trying to be the perfect mom and loving your little one already makes you perfect. We are too hard on ourselves sometimes... Its ok if the laundry goes undone or you don't want to make dinner. I guess now I'm just kind of rambling.. I just want all the other mommies and even women in general to know that while you CAN do it all you don't have to.. And you don't have to feel bad if you don't want to!

Being a mommy makes you super woman whether you conquer the world or not!

Thanks Michellene! It was such an honor to have you as a guest poster on my blog! AND as a BIG thank you, i'm going to host a giveaway to Princess Couture Designs! This is all on me guys because I love her stuff THAT much. So if you win you will get to spend $15 in her store (shipping not included, i'll cover that seperately!)! And that can REALLY go a long way people! So here are the rules for the giveaway.
1. MANDATORY: Follow my blog and Follow Princess Couture Designs publicly and comment that you did and/or are. (Two entries since you are following two blogs)
2. Comment what your favorite PCD bow is. (one entry)
3. Blog about this contest (TWO entries)
4. Tweet about this contest (one entry)
Please leave a seperate comment for each entry. A winner will be annouced Saturday, November 13, 2010. The giveaway will be closed at midnight on Friday, November 12, 2010.

Time to start thinking about Christmas... WHAT?!?!?

Guys I LOVE me some Shutterfly! I mean what is there NOT to like? Remember this post about Kinsley's birthday invite? Yep, printed thanks to Shutterfly. Plus our super awesome christmas cards last year? Uh huh, shutterfly!
We JUST got some christmas pictures taken and ya'll I'm already trying to decide which card we're going to get! There's so many GREAT Christmas cards! Like:

This Damask beautifulness is beyond beautiful!

And OMG, it's POLKA DOTS! I puffy heart polka dots!
But Christmas plaid is just so timeless!

But this one is FUN and we could include the pups.

It's really going to be hard to decide. But while i'm thinking about my christmas cards i start thinking about grandparents and uncles! But Shutterfly can have them covered too!

They have GREAT notebooks that you can cover in your own photos, make it a journal so that you never want to get rid of it! And a Mug is ALWAYS a great gift and i great way for Dad's to show off kids at work while being practical!

But the most awesome is this photo video that i think is going to be a MUST for Kinsley's first birthday!

Now why am i telling you all about this awesomeness? Because Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up: http://bit.ly/sfly2010 ! How cool is THAT for the budget, so sign up NOW and MAYBE you'll get one as cute as me:

She a Lover

Kinsley had a playdate this past Friday. It was with her boyfriend, Jackson, next door. She was so excited and wanted to be very stylish like the big girls to impress him... since he is older, by a month and a half.
They had a great time getting into everything.

The little buddies were talking and playing all night.

Jackson was a silly ham for the camera

But little did he know, Kinsley just LOVES a silly boy. Reminds her of her dad. And every girl wants to marry her Dad.

Jackson tried to get away, but he was no match for a determined girl

She soon got him right where she wanted him.

Time for baby kisses! Oh Northern Cowboy is going to be in trouble with this one!

Jackson tried to tell her not in front of the parents... but Kinsley finds it hard to stop her effections.

Soon Jackson gave in a little bit, he knew what was best for him.

He was even high fiving her on her techniques

But Kinsley just didn't know when to leave well enough alone.

But despite Kinsley attacking Jackson and Jackson throwing in a little Chris Brown action, they were still friends

Share and caring

Sort of

Oh Kinsley, you've already given your heart away haven't you?

Well he is a sweetie

Even if he's already made you cry... (JUST kidding. This was her rubbing her sleep eyes, no tears in site).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OMG, i left my baby!

I went to a work conference at the beginning of November for three days. I missed my little cupcake so much. It was a nice break but dang I don't want to do it again any time soon (sorry to all of you who were gonna offer me a traveling job). When i got back it was about an hour before i normally would pick her up and she was sitting down for a snack. I snuck up behind her and this is the face that greeted me. Man my heart is just melting reliving it.

Ever since I picked her up she's been pretty cliggy and cuddly and WOW is my heart just soaking it up. She's giving out kisses, hugs, snuggles and pitching fits! lol. Yes she's begun to figure out how to throw a tantrum. She first started out just putting her head on the ground when she was tired. But then i guess she decided this was a good idea for when she was crying too... lol. It's hard not to laugh, since she's trying SOOO hard to be dramatic. Like the other day when i spanked her hand for yet AGAIN getting into the dog bowls right after i told her to stop. She cried out (but didn't actually cry) then she glared at me as she walking into the other room. Nothing is funnier then getting the stink eye from an 11 month old! lol

God i missed this girl!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween... the real deal

There was almost what some would call an epidemic of pregnancies in our townhouse circle. Seriously there were like 6 babies under 1 at one point. Since then two are above one but there's now another one on the way and more couples trying (no not us!). So this Halloween we were all excited to get together and see everyones babies all dress up.

Here's the oldest now as a Gator Cheerleader... it's okay, she's not old enough to explain that she wishes she was an NC State one!
Kinsley loved playing in the candy bucket with her, even if they didn't actually get a piece.

Kinsley, yet again just LOVED the attention!

Some dogs even came out!

We had a very grouchy/hungry dinosaur... yeah he's only 3 months old... but weighs as much as Kinsley... he was 10lbs born! WOAH! Yea and that's his TINY mom... makes me sick because she really WAS all baby!

The current youngest member of the crew, Baby Michael was a Monkey! So freakin sweet!

Reese the resident Lady Bug.

Kinsley giving her Momma some lovin

The whole family. We were supposed to be her web, but no one got it.
All ready for bed! Cute down to her bones!
So excited that Grandma is sleeping over, since Momma is going to a work conference the next morning

Happy Halloween!