Monday, December 15, 2014

Guys it's NEVER going to get easier...

Kids I want to apologize. I'm not a Mom that picks you up full of energy, I don't get down on the ground and play with your like I used to. Heck I don't even sit and color. I don't know what to tell you other than, I'm tired. I love you more than I can say but I'm just tired. You'll know, you'll go through this one day with kiddos of your own and I hope I can be there to help you the way your Grandma has helped me.

Here's what my typical day looks like:
5:30AM Get up, get ready, get lunches packed, get y'all up (if you're not already up and in my bed begging for TV shows PARKER!)
6:40AM Leave the house for daycare
7:10AM Leave y'all at daycare after setting up your breakfast for you and multiple goodbyes.
8:10AM Arrive to work late, hope no one notices or cares.
Lunch: Run errands we won't have time for later or sleep b/c y'all were waking me up all night
4:40PM Leave work late in case someone did notice me getting in late.
5:30-5:45PM Pick y'all up from school
6:00PM Get home, do homework (yep even in preschool), get you a snack, get dinner ready, eat, etc
7:15 ish Bathtime, bedtime, etc
8:00PM you're in bed, normally

Now I SHOULD be working out or something, but normally I'm cleaning dishes, doing laundry or something... or heck, i've given up and i'm zoning out on the couch. It's a rats race we live. Soon we'll be adding in weekday activities to try to make our schedules that much more challenging. YEA!

Just find a job you love babies. It makes it REALLY hard for me every day to go to work knowing that I really want to stay home and take care of y'all and our house. I don't want to be at work... especially one that is so far away (HA i shouldn't be talking with the commute your Daddy has).

Y'all are lucky you're so darn cute and worth it! Love you to the moon and back.

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