Monday, June 22, 2015

Following God

Dear my two babies (who are possessed by demons but we're not talking about that in this post #threeyearoldsarecrazy),

So we take you to church, we pray at home, we try to learn how to be thankful, but are we teaching you to have a heart for and to follow God? Are we teaching you to pray over every decision and trust that God will reveal himself? I hope so but, I'm not so sure.

This past year has been a tough year for Mommy. My job wasn't what i hoped it would be and it was a DAILY struggle. It effected my life on all levels. My stress rose, my temper shortened, my depression heightened, to say it was hard on us is putting it mildly. In addition to all my personal struggles we moved houses (farther away) and y'all moved schools (farther away). So my commute got longer with NO wiggle room, goodbye working out!

This last year I let the feeling of despair overwhelm me. This was my struggle.

Luckily God had lead us to an amazing church and already had set up a great support system for us in our bible study. Mommy hit bottom and those ladies started praying. I had so many amazing people praying for me that I actually started to feel better just knowing I wasn't alone. My problems weren't solved, but I knew that I wasn't alone and then a really cool thing started to happen. I began to trust. I began to trust that God had a plan for me and that he would reveal it when it was time. This trust was tested Some days I failed and other days i kept trusting.

One day I received a call to interview for a job. They pulled my name off another job I had applied for. Figuring it can't hurt to interview i went. It's not any closer to home but we'll see. Babies I Kept praying and I kept asking everyone else to pray for me.

See here's the thing. My name was pulled out of another job to interview for this one, I was the only one called back for a second interview, AND whenever I tell anyone the job description (because it has nothing to do with my current job really) they say it sounds like it was created for me! The office has an amazing reputation and you can have 2 telework days a week. Oh and I can get my promotion without having to go back to school to get business credits! Now TELL ME this wasn't provided for me by God! TELL ME he didn't have his hands ALL OVER this one! I dare you!

Here's the thing to remember though littles, I don't know if this is my forever place. I don't know where God wants me eventually, but I know he does want in this new job until I figure it out. He has provided~ Maybe this is my forever career path, I don't know, but I do know now that prayer works! And I'll keep praying, I'll keep praying for guidance to make sure I'm following HIS path, not my own.

So pray babies! Pray about school, pray about friends, pray about jobs and spouses and children. PRAY and don't EVER stop!

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