Monday, March 28, 2011

so frustrated!

Kinlsey will eventually be moving into the other room for her "toddler room". Well since I like to plan ahead I've been looking up bedding options for her. THERE.ARE.NONE.

Meaning, I want to do a very cute, girly, dog themed room. Um,  yeah, there are NONE! Not in the stores, not on etsy, none! Apparently if you're a girl  you have to like cats, owls, or poodles. The only semi close options i can find are weinner dogs, not that there's anything wrong with them (Lyndsey~)... we just don't have one. We like (most of the time) floppy cuddly lab-like dogs. But there's nothing out there that isn't short of hidious or blue that i can find.... i REALLY don't want to have to make this bedding myself, but even then... fabric is at a shortage.


Friday, March 25, 2011

She loves to cook, what can i say?

So i needed to make cupcakes for a good friend's birthday and i thought that it would be fun to make them with Kinsley... Boy was i right! I clearly have a budding baker on my hands, no?

Don't worry though, she didn't have to go far to get cleaned up!

Moments like this are why I LOVE being a Mom. Getting to make these memories with her are so priceless to me. What is an extra load of laundry when she knows how that Mom can be silly with her and do crazy things and not always be the "enforcer". She's the most amazing child and I'm so blessed to get to eat batter with her!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can you tell me how to get....

We went to my parents house a few weekends ago and while there they got tickets for us to see Sesame Street LIVE! Kinsley LOVED it! She walked around in her Birthday dress and just charmed the pants off everyone. Well worth it in my opinion!

Girl Loves her Pancakes

My daughter has inherited my love for all things junk. It's true. She will NOT let you feed her anymore but if you come at her with ice cream or any other not so good for you treat and boy will she gobble it down!

She is a good eater and will eat, happily i might add, most foods... she just LOVES her junk.

Well, she hasn't been, shall we say, in the mood for pictures lately, so I've turned to bribes. I miss the morning photo shoot she used to be SO good at, looking all stylish in her outfit for the day. So i resorted to pancakes!

Total win!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Friend!

Kinsley's very special Friend cole (the one in suspenders, he's a fireman!) had his 4th birthday at Romp n' Roll and WE got invited! It was so much fun and Kinsley had a blast! Not to mention she puffy hearts Cole!
Waiting to go in~
 First climb of the morning
 What's going on over there?

 Yes! The SLIDE! My New Boyfriend!!
 Did i mention i LOVE the slide?

Please excuse the state of these pictures, i forgot my camera so they are from the hubs phone AND for some reason it turned them ALL sideways... well most of them... weird.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE! We have two more parties this weekend! Yikes!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Do you have a wall that you've hit?

I do. I hit one hard this past weekend. What made me hit it? This photo:
That's me, next to two very skinny girls. I was already feeling very insecure before we met up with them. I knew they were smaller then me, i even made chris stop at target to get me a different top to wear, note to self, NEVER WEAR WHITE AGAIN!
I saw this picture and it made me want to cry, and if i wasn't so disgusted with myself I would have. I'm practally the size of both of those girls put together. W.T.F. The worse part of it all?? This photo is on Facebook. EVERYONE can see it. Now, no, i don't always look THAT fat, but I do there. THAT is not okay.

I can't look like that anymore. I can't look like that at the beach. I can't look like that and love myself.

THAT is not who i want to me. THAT is not who i used to be.

I'm on the South Beach diet now. Done.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nosey Neighbor!

We have entered some very interesting stages with Kinsley. One being the nosey neighbor stage. She is OBSESSED with looking out the front windows at anyone and everyone! It's almost embarrassing. But the problem is the neighbors don't help out the situation. They see her peeking out at them and laugh and wave. So then she gets excited and squeals and spins circles and goes back for more!
Speaking of spins circles, that's her new thing too. She spins until she's so dizzy and falls, gets up and does it again! In addition to this mild form of self inflicted torture she will also go all Kamikaze on us. Yeah, she stands up on the BACK of the couch (when we're diligently watching her while painting or cooking dinner) starts flapping her arms while giggling wildly, looses balance, crashes to the ground (often side swiping her head on the coffee table on the way down), cries, talks, laughs, and tries to do it again! I'm telling you, this child is sick!

But also sooo cute! We've entered the "pretend" phase too! She walks around pretending to feed herself and anyone else she can get that spoon close to! God I love her!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

ABC.... Easy as 123

Age: 28
Bed size: Blissfully large KING! but still not big enough!
Chore you hate: folding laundry, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming my couch... ok, so perfect housewife i am no.
Dogs: two. Two that i love some days and want to give away on others
Essential start of your day: Kinsley Kisses! She tried to tell me no this morning~! I wasn't having that!
Fav colour: Pink, shocking i know.
Gold or silver: platinum/white gold/silver
Height: 5'6"
Instruments I play: vocal cords?
Job title: Contract Specialist, unofficial titles: Wife, Mother, Cook, House Keeper, ....
Kids: One so far, the cutest little 15 month old.
Live: Maryland
Mom’s name: Marsha
Nicknames: Breedwoman, E, Sweetcakes
Overnight hospital stays: birth of Kinsley
Pet peeve:Bad drivers. Ones that won't respect the fast lane, etc.
Quote from a movie: If you have something bad to say about someone, come sit next to me!
Right or left handed: right
Siblings: 1 brother, 1 half sister that doesn't want to talk to us because she is punishing us for having the same father as her, who THAT is who she is actually mad at but thinks if she has a relationship with my brother or I that our father is "winning" so therefore we can't have a relationship with her... awesome i know.
Time you wake up: around 520ish
Underwear: yes please!
Veg you dislike: Lima beans
What makes you run late: Being the one that has to get me AND Kinsley ready all the time. Or if the coffee isn't ready. Or if i forgot something, or if i slept in... do you see a trend? I guess i make myself late.
X-rays you have had done: teeth, feet
Yummy food you make: everything i make is yummy! I'm a good baker thanks to my mom! I'm good a other food too... cookies though? i'm still working on being able to make a good cookie.
Zoo, favorite animal: Monkeys!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

15 Months!

Kinsley (as of last Friday) is FIFTEEN months old! Can you believe it?!?! i can't. She had her check up yesterday and here's how it went down.

What words can she say?
Dada (DA, Daddy)
Shoe (shhhheewww)
Doggie (also sounds like Daddy at times)
Please (ppppessss)
All Done (ah da)
Hello (HAla)
Teeth (tete)

(I know i'm forgetting some but oh well)

She can also sign
All Done
Thank you
Working on: Drink, play, car, ball, bubbles, bath, milk, water, hat

She's not just walking, she running and twirling

She is not saying animals sounds, but since she says the word for Dog the pedi is fine with that.

She follows simple commands and laughs at some of them

She loves to give "love" (hugs) even though her friends would rather have their space.

She LOVES trying to put on shoe and socks and tries to help take her clothes off.

She LOVES to brush her teeth

She's a Fantastic eater. She'll eat pretty much anything, but lately she's been kind of, eh, about her eating. I think it's the teeth coming in and the fact that she wasn't feeling very well lately.

So here's her stats

Height: 31 1/4 " = 75%
Weight: 21.4 lbs = 25%

She's a string bean, yet she has the CUTEST little belly!

Her ear is all cleared up and so is her chest, so no more breathing machine! YEA!

I really can't get over how fast she's growing and changing. She's trying to climb out of her crib some now, luckily not getting very far. She's very caring and funny. She knows what she wants and what she doesn't want. But, she also knows how to be polite. She's learned we don't throw things on the floor if we don't want them, we HAND them to Mommy. She's a fearless child right now, climbing EVERYWHERE. And her smile would make Scrooge smile. She loves music and bobbing her head along to it, and she LOVES her puppies.

Kinsley is 15 months old and while i LOVE this stage, i want my baby back!

I promised you....

Photos of her pitafullness in THE mask... so here, here it is... my poor baby!

This is how she was most of the time... not loving it but resigned to the fact that it would happen.
Other times... not so happy
"Ma! Put the F'in Camera Down and take this thing off!" (is what i imagine she's thinking)
Almost done with this baby! Please be grateful that it's making you better AND this is only the first time we've had to do this!
I love you!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

She loves shoes...

I'm sure no one on my side of the family will believe me when i tell them this BUT my daughter loves shoes and it isn't because of my encouragement. I'll tell you, I was worried I wouldn't have a girly girl because I'm so girly. I was (and sort of still am) worried that she would rebel, and she still might, from all things girly. My Mom isn't "girly" and she's still awesome. I have a lot of friends who aren't "girly" and they are the best girls in the world. And the last things I want to do is force my personality onto Kinsley, I want her to be her own person.
So you can imagine how my heart did little inside dances of joy when one of her first words she has learned was Shoe (or shhhhhheewwww)! Or when I was making dinner last night, after kicking off my heels, to turn around and see this!

Shhhhhheewwwww MA!
Eh Eh! (or toddler for help)
So help I did and again and again and again. We're going to have to work on walking in heels... i mean if she REALLY wants to~
Oh I can just picture the shopping trips now! I think Chris's wallet just died! lol

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm at a count down.

This is the homemade sign that is hanging in my office. Each day I will rip off a number to reveal the next smaller number, meaning i will be one day closer to my vacation. Vacation in Charleston, SC... where we will be going to the beach... where most people wear swimsuits... so i'll be expected to wear one. yeah, see where i'm going with this?

So i'm about to take some serious measures. Everyone keeps telling me to not be drastic, to just make small changes. Don't eliminate anything from your diet, you don't want to deprive yourself. But i also don't want to be a freaking beached whale! Plus the thought of small children running in fear is motivating! 

So here's what i'm looking to do.

1. Wake up at 5am and start off my day with a workout video.
       I'll admit it, i've been hitting the snooze until 530, sometimes even 545 and barely getting to work on time by the skin of my teeth. If i'm going to cut it close, i might as well do it with a video right?
       Video of Choice to start off? 30 Day Shred. Yep, I am.

2. NO DRINKING! Alcohol i mean. For one month I will not drink. This will get rid of my empty calories, cut out my food binging and will make sure I don't talk myself out of waking up early the next day to do my video!

3. AT LEAST 80oz of water a day. I don't care if i have to sit there and chug it down before i go to bed. It's at must!

4. Jog at least 10 miles a week. I should be doing A LOT more then that, especially with the Cherry Blossom around the corner, but i need to do AT LEAST the 10.

5. Only one cheat meal a week.
      That means if we're driving to NC and we stop at a McDonald's and I have a burger rather then a grilled ck salad, THAT was my cheat meal. So i better plan ahead and make it good.

So there's my plan. Do you have one? I don't want to cry and cover up the whole week at the beach, i want to flaunt it (or at least sport a sexy one piece since i have stretch marks from...).

110 days until the Swim suit takes over.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Half full or full of ....

Sometimes i want to get on here and post to the world about how THAT's it! this time is different, something has clicked and i'm REALLY going to loose weight, but i know it's all just a sham. I know that i won't follow through. I want to get on here with my goals and dreams but, honestly, i know when i get home i'm going to be so frackin tired that it's simply not going to happen.

I read through some amazing blogs of these women running all of these marathons and half marathons, looking like rock stars as they kiss their children after they cross the finish line. And well, I want that to be me. i want to have time to make that ME. When can i find the time and energy and will power to make that ME!?!

I have amazing friends that are awesome emotional support but that's not enough for me. I mean i DO DO DO need it but something just isn't clicking. Maybe it's the running in the dark... Dark and cold do not equal motivation in my book. Sitting here in my toasty office looking a the sun (even though my head says it's cold out there) equals motivation.

I want to run a race of some kind in every state before I die. I think that would be pretty cool. It can be a 5K or a marathon, but i want to do it! AND i know i CAN!

I'll get there, I'll motivate myself... I hope.

Do all of my lower case "i"'s get on your nerves? I'm a child of the instant message age, what can i tell you.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

interesting to say the least

So I got THE call from daycare on Friday that Kinsley was just not doing well (kinda knew it since i had picked her up early the day before and found out she had an ear infection) and might need to go home. So I called the hubs, he rearranged his whole day to go and pick up our little bean, to only get another call once he was already on his way that she was "perking up"... he picked her up anyway.

This weekend went well. Kinsley wasn't a crazy child full of out of control energy, but she was happy and good. Monday she woke up with a slight fever. I threw some ibuprofen in her and prayed while i risked a daycare drop off. Yea... I didn't even get to work when they told me to come back. She was still officially sick. And I believed them since she was all of a sudden getting a fever WHILE on antibiotics and still pulling on her ears.

So i took her to the pedi, again, and sure enough her infection was still there. And her lungs were wheezing (handing over my mother of the year badge now)... so we screamed through our first breathing treatment for it to only clear up one lung, so off to the chest x-ray we went.

Have you had to do one with your child? It looks like this:
except seems tighter and my child was SREAMING uncontrollably. yeah you feel like an awesome parent while that's going on...

Came back clear though, no pneumonia. So we had to rent a nebulizer and continue with breathing treatments at home.

I kept her home on Tuesday, she did GREAT! I was able to work from home and she terrorized the dogs all day!

Today i went back to work and G-ma came over to watch her and they have been living it up! Tomorrow she has to go back for a follow up appointment, i hope it goes well! I hate seeing my baby stuck in this thing:
pictures of her in it to come.