Monday, August 30, 2010

I need toothpicks, is it the cloth diapers fault?

So i have a NON-sleeper and I will try ANYTHING to get some sleep! I mean for reals ya'll! I even bought cloth diapers because i read somewhere babies sleep better in cloth. Is this true... honestly i don't know, all i know is we've tried two nights in cloth diapers and things are still not good.
I mean we're going to try it again but oh i need some sleep... terrible right now i can't hardly keep my eyes open... I mean it's really bad people. Yesterday I took a ten minute nap while pumping because i REALLY could not stay awake.

Oh and guess what The Man told me... we're going to have guest tonight... uh huh. I mean I LOVE the people that want to come over and meet my "darling" little Kinsley BUT seriously? It's like this... 1. my house is a WRECK 2. I get home at 515 and they want to come over at 6... well Kinsley MUST be eating dinner BY 6 or she'll have a melt down.... meaning when i get home i have to cook... not clean... the house that is a WRECK, are we following along here?

OH AND my daughter will not just sit nicely and eat alone, no she's a social eater and only eats well IF we're all eating with her, i don't know why but there it is.

I just love it when days start like this~

How do you get your child to sleep? We've done cry it out, we've done 12 hours by 12 weeks, we've done the baby whisperer, cloth diapers, larger diapers, dream feeding, drugs... i mean Motrin and orejel for her teeth. Please tell me someone knows something that i haven't tried!

PS AWESOME guest post coming on Thursday!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

She just wants to be big SO bad!

Kinsley wants to be a big girl so badly. It's really funny yet quite sad that Kinsley is wanting to grow up so fast. I love little moments like this one where she's trying to show her independence yet....

...yet she always wants to make sure i'm still near!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

We're an eating Fool I tell you!

Kinsley now eats dinner with us each night. It makes for an interesting evening for me since i have to rush home and get dinner made before she's ready to fall asleep... BUT it also makes me MAKE dinner rather then get lazy and just grab something. So i'll take it.

And Kinsley REALLY enjoys being s big girl with her food. SO much fun... here she is LOVING spaghetti! I was worried when we first gave her the Stage 3 babyfood spaghetti because she HATED it, and you know i didn't blame her because it was pretty gross... but oh how she loved Sasha's (my Mom) sauce! Mom freezed a bunch for me so it was nice to have a quick dinner to make!

This is her "Oh SNAP i didn't see that camera coming" face
This is her "You know what, FINE DON'T give me warning, i'll just eat the food on the back of my hand" face.
and here's her "Oh you know I'm a huge sucker for cameras" face.

Such a good little eater!

Friday, August 27, 2010

She's a fast little booger!

SO i HATE the layout of my house. It's not conducive to making dinner and watching an active baby. If i'm in the kitchen there's no way for me to see Kinsley in the Den and you all know she's not going to STAY in the kitchen and play nicely for me, no matter how much i bribe her with food, toys, bowls, knives, (i mean i would never), gezz! The point is she won't stay put and i have to make dinner.

So I listen for her and peek around the corner every now and then. I mean we have baby proofed about as much as we can with out bubble wrapping her.

Well i hear a wine... not a cry but a pissed off wine. Well immediately i assume it's Stella going in for the lick attack (she loves a good runny nose)... but then i look around the kitchen and she AND Sadie are in there with me.... hmmm guess I should go and check on this situation....

Yep with in a few moments (I swear that child was just sitting over on the other side of the room playing, i saw and heard her toys!) she was here, behind the chair and end table, trapped. And when I asked her what she was doing, she laughed at me. OOOOh gezz! This is going to get interesting!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guest Blogger Thursday!

So i've decided to start TRYING to have a guest post every Thursday (GBT) for ya'll, because i know i can get old. So to kick us off on the right foot Kit from Blogging Dangerously has graciously allowed me to re-post this post that she wrote for another favorite of mine (and a future guest blogger) The Heir to Blair. I'm so excited about this because it really helps with a oh so sensitive subject that, well my family does NOT want to read if it's from me! So without further ado...

Intimacy in Marriage

Sometimes I’m not sure if my readers are more shocked by the WAY I talk about sex on my blog – or by the fact that I actually HAVE sex and 4 young children under 7. The resounding comment on my blog is, “I will try to remember these things in case my husband/wife and I EVER have sex again!”

And you know what? I get it. For a few years there it felt like the only time my husband and I had sex was when we were actively trying to get pregnant. And after the second or third night of “trying” we were ready to wait a month until the next window.

Sometimes the most intimate we were was just leaving the other one alone in the bedroom to make magic alone and then get some much needed sleep. We weren’t going for movie-style intimacy, we were just trying to hang onto some semblance of our sexuality.

After my 4th daughter was born it got much more difficult. First of all we had 3 young children who were keeping us hopping during the day and a newborn who was keeping us awake all night. Then, YEARS of breastfeeding had taken their toll on my estrogen level and I was just NOT IN THE MOOD. And when I WAS in the mood my body wouldn’t cooperate so it hurt – pain is definitely NOT an aphrodisiac!

I talked to my doctor and she gave me an estrogen based lubricant that worked wonders. First of all it helped during sex but then the estrogen was absorbed and helped me get to the point that I no longer needed it. If you think that you have a physical issue (pain, or anything that’s not like it used to be) please ask your doctor.

Once we’d resolved that issue we ran straight into another issue – timing. I’m a night person. I have a lot of things to do during the day and I can’t relax completely until they’re done and everything is put away and things are in their proper place and my face is washed and my teeth are brushed, etc.

My husband is more laid back but when he’s tired he’s TIRED. Bedtime for him is LIGHTSOUT, no talking, keep your hands to yourself time. So you can see what I mean about timing issues. Day after day he would walk into my home office and get shot down. Night after night I would roll toward him only to have him roll away.

And it was okay, our marriage was strong enough. But after a while I realized that it didn’t HAVE to be. We didn’t have to have a lackluster sex life because we had a strong marriage. Sure, on the weeks where we all came down with a stomach bug it was good to know that sex could take a back burner but during the weeks when things were going well it was equally good to know that I was married to a man who could curl my toes – TWICE.

We started trying to be more flexible. I realized that if I was in the mood during the day we could squeeze some time together into 15 minutes – certainly less time than I was allowed for lunch – and easily shorter than a nap. We started going to bed earlier.

And the more sex we managed to have, the more we thought about sex, and the more sex we ended up having. There were weeks when we had sex 5 times – and they were followed by weeks where we didn’t have sex at all. And then there were weeks after weeks after weeks when we had sex twice. There was really no pressure to keep score but the point was that we were in the habit of having sex instead of the habit of NOT having sex. And while our marriage may have been strong enough to withstand NOT having sex, it was nice that it didn’t HAVE TO. There was no pressure to have newlywed sex but it was nice to be enjoying my body with a man who could curl my toes - TWICE.

Now if you are interested in becoming a Guest Blogger for me feel free to contact me! You don't even have to BE a blogger (though if you are i'll pimp out your blog on here!). You can talk about anything! Adventures in teething, your most recent trip to the bar, or how you met your Honey!
Just let me know or please say yes when i ask!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my main squeezes birthday. This is his first birthday as a father! YEA! So to have a little nod to Daddy today, Kinsley wore her Camo. I mean she IS going to be his little hunting buddy!
Hi Daddy! Happy Birthday and Thank You for cleaning the downstairs for Mommy last night! Love you!
See you when you get home! Moooowah!

Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I love my Uncle Dan!

We went to visit some friends on Sunday but since they live so close to Debbie and since Chris's brother was still in town we decided that we would stop by and say hi. Kinsley immediately took control of the situation and put on a show for everyone. This little ham LOVES attention. I don't know what she's going to do when we decide to have another baby because she's going to get very upset when someone else gets her attention!
She kept doing this... now do ya'll know why i keep calling her toys "chew toys" and not "teething toys"?
Play time with Uncle Dan is always awesome!

And my little attention starved baby also has this face that ya'll have seen previews of, also known as the scrunchy face. This is it in its full glory and she wouldn't stop doing it. Plus as a bonus if you look at her a go "Kinsley Say CHEEESE" then she'll scrunch her face up and blow out her nose.

What a crazy little stinker.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Yummy Mummy Monday!

So today is not so hot... yeah i know what you're thinking "Geezzz Erin we're seeing a TREND of LAZINESS!" And i KNOW, I AGREE! But what can i tell you? Northern Cowboy held me down against my will and pried by jaws open and stuffed that lovely chocolate fudge topped eclair down my throat. I didn't want to eat it, i promise! And it would have been really rude to NOT enjoy the steak topped with a creamy lobster and mushroom sauce with a side of garlic mashed potoatoes and ceaser salad, oh and a bloomin onion and two cocktails since it was Northern Cowboys birthday dinner and all. I mean really people I HAD to be polite.

So yes, it was a great weekend, a tasty weekend. And now my ass is just as tasty, that is if you enjoy seeing cottage cheese wrestle a hippo under a blanket, yummy.

So I'm REALLY going to get back on my Yummy Mummy plan... TONIGHT! Yes i really am... and do you know why i think i'm going to this time as apposed to all of the other times? Because i've instituted a no TV/electronics rule for the week at home. Yeah so when K is in bed I will have to clean or workout... or verbally communicate with the hubby, or if we're all lucky combine it all! So the TV is allow IF i'm doing a workout video or playing Wii (hence interacting) with the hubs. I feel like we (meaning me) use the boob tube too much and i don't want Kinsley to grow up with it always on in the background. So OFF it goes. We're going to try this for a week and see how it goes.

Pray for my sanity!

Finger Paintin!

So Chris's work is having an art contest for kids ages 0-14 years old. So Chris asked me if Kinsley was going to enter, to which i replied "Of Course she will!". So we decided to start "practicing". I got an old sheet out, stripped her down and invited over her boyfriend's best friend (hey her boyfriend was in a different zip code) to paint with us. She might have gotten more paint on her and her friend Nicolas but she had fun, as you can see!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mamma Slippers

Go here to Letter to Little and read this post. I almost started crying. It's so beautiful and sums up what I think most mothers feel.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ever go through stages

So if you were to look in my closet you would see a very confused girl. I can't seem to decide who i am. I go through stages and they tend to go in a cycle.

First Cycle: Preppy
Preppy is in my southern roots. I love me a polo (pop the back collar), denim/khaki skirt, pearls, and rainbow flipflops. I love my scarf headbands, my ribbons, and my embroidery. It's just apart of me and when i need to just feel pretty it's by go to!

Second Cycle: Stylish
This is where I take preppy and put a little more city into it, with ruffles, sleeker tops with embellishments. Pretty chunky jewelry. I'll wear skinny jeans, gladiator sandals, and big statement earrings.

Third Cycle: Trendy
Here I bring out the daring in me. I'll wear leggins, or skinny jeans with a flowy top and platform heels. I'll style my hair all punk. I'll toss all cardigans to the back of the closet (because i know preppy me will want them later). I pull out the bangle chunky bracelets and the purses the size of my child.

Forth Cycle: Weekend me
This is when it's just me and the fam. No where to go, just us hanging out running errands. I love my jeans, of any style. Pair them with my flipflops or cowboy boots (depending on the weather). Throw on a t-shirt or solid color v-neck tee. Pair it with my Mom teething bling and the diaper bag as my purse.

I go through these styles often. Sometimes one will stick around for a while or even a season. Often one will only make an appearance for a single event. But i just can't seem to gravitate to just one style. I guess i'm still discovering who i am, maybe i always will be. Or maybe i'll just keep it up until i can afford to shop at Anthropology (soon).

Friday, August 20, 2010

Where is my willpower?!?!?

So i have NO willpower. I mean it's seriously a REAL problem. What did I do last night? Ate half a frozen pizza. Why? Because I was 1. craving a burger but didn't want to buy one, 2. I really wanted to have a cookie (or 4) when i got home but Chris had eaten them all. So all my convincing myself not to stop and buy junk b/c i can have a cookie when i get home was in vein, no cookie so i had pizza.

And did i workout, walk or at least have some good ole calorie burning sex? No. The hubs fell asleep on the couch and i sat there watching a bunch of girls that look like i did at their age win the cheerleading national championship in 2006 (Reruns, love them). You would THINK that seeing them and how in shape they are and reminding me of how i use to be would get me up off my ass or at least eating better.

Wrong again. I had 3, count them, THREE donuts this morning, with my Half Caff, venti skinny vanilla latte. I mean what's the point of going for the skinny drink at this point?? It's like a diet coke with a Big Mac and large fry! DANG i'm AWESOME. Lol.

She's gonna get you!

Well Kinsley is back to her old self now. Still has a mild cough but it's really nothing. I mean looking at her you wouldn't think anything was ever wrong with her!

She LOVES to scrunch up her nose all the time and it really makes her look like a sneaky little girl! lol
She has mastered going up the step (as long as i take her socks off so she won't slide) and she's getting the hang of going down. Instead of turning to do feet first she will slowly go down hands first! lol.
A little Momma/daughter love. I look like a fool but K looks Angelic!
What kind of smile is that? Apparently K is thinking the same thing!
There's my bundle of love (ignore the sweat ring on my head, GROSS!)

Well they grow up too fast so enjoy every moment you have!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why is she growing up?

Okay smart-asses i know WHY but i don't have to like it.

So last night K let me sleep a decent amount. She called me into her room around 330am to give her the boobie juice. After she had her fill she coughed so i sat there holding her until she was done coughing and settled. And you know what? It broke my heart! I wasn't cradling this little baby anymore. NO i was rubbing the back and resting my chin on my 8 month old who was SITTING in my lap with her head against my chest!

I feel like just yesterday I was still wobbling around with a big pregnant belly and now I'm cuddling my 8 month old!

It was too much to take in, so i just sat there a little longer holding her and remembering THAT moment for the future when she doesn't want to sit on my lap.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Once upon a time there was a good baby...

So last night, and oh every night since this past Thursday, Kinsley has been waking up.Now I get it, she's sick, she coughs and she needs Mommy cuddles... but last night this kid was possessed! I'm serious! 10:30pm rolled around... only 4 hours after she went to bed and she woke up crying. I went in and tried to soothe her back to sleep by rubbing her head (a favorite of hers) and giving her the passy, but NOT picking her up. Well this did NOT work and soon she went to level 6 crying. So i picked her up to cuddle her and try to rock her to sleep. This made her escalate to level 10 crying. I'm telling you my kid was going ape-shit! I've never heard he scream like this before. It was comparable to a horror film staring her screaming!

So finally i whipped out the boob and she was content until she decided that 130am was a good time to practice her horror movie skills again... wonderful.

And what does the hubs ask? "Why is she so mad?" I don't know Cowboy, maybe she's still up set that her daycare took her bow off since it didn't match the new outfit that they put on her... how the hell should i know? Maybe she's just pissed at the world because she is dependent on the Momma. Or MAYBE she's just possessed and we should have been Catholic all along so that we could have an exorcist come!

Here she is in the morning while we're getting ready to leave... late. Notice that sneaky grin?
Momma Pick me up, i promise to stop turning my head backwards and throwing up green bile!
Begone evil demons, you will not have anymore control over me!
(look closely, see the tongue? yeah that's her new thing, show everyone her tongue... is it forked at the end?)
HAHA! Man I slept GREAT last night! Feel like a million bucks, how about you mom?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don't ya wanna?

Grab my button for your blog? I would be MUCHO obliged!

Here's the Goal people!

Okay so i REALLY REALLY (imagine a whiny child...or myself... stomping her feet and pulling on her hair) want to go to BlogHer2011 in San Diego, CA.

What is BlogHer some of you might be asking??? One of the largest gathering of women bloggers of all niches. We're talking Mom bloggers, food bloggers, life bloggers, etc. And ALL of my favs are there so i could get in some MAJOR stalking! I mean AWESOME!

So here's the thing, it ain't cheap! I mean to say the least.... here's a break down k
Registration: $198 (if paid before 2/28/11)
Flight: $300-$400
Hotel: $200 a night (unless i can find some other BlogHer attendees and convince them i'm not some crazy physco stalker and get them to room with me, then i'll pay like 50-100 a night... depending on how many i fool, i mean convince)
Food: Well i'm hoping i can get TONS of free food at different events but still, need to budget for some starbucks right?!?! So for the Hell of it lets say $150.
Wardrobe: Okay we shouldn't go there because well, Caviar taste with a trailer park budget.

So what we're up to $800-1000. Yea, that AIN'T Happening at MY house. NO WAY! The Northern Cowboy will surely put his foot down on THAT one, even if i could spread the cost out here and there.... so here's my unimaginative solution (since like EVERYONE who went this year and other years did this... what can i say, i like to follow the cool crowd), I'm going to get sponsored! Yea, that's right, me. That's my goal. To get some poor sucker (or two) to think i'm cool enough to go to BlogHer on their dime and tell everyone how awesome they are for sending me.

Now you might be wondering HOW will i get sponsored? (I mean i'm not making this up, people were sponsored by Born Free, Nutri System, etc). I will get sponsored with YOUR help... I mean no, you don't have to give me money, even though that would be TOTALLY cool with me... YOU help me to get more readers.

You like what I say, tell a friend. You love seeing Kinsley in the mornings? Tell a friend. Share me on Facebook, Twitter, Everywhere! Comment, tell me what you like and don't like. QUICK people spread the word.

So the first goal is to get enough money for the Registration. I'll take it in $1s or $100s but once i get that $198 I'm registering! Then onto the flight and roomies!

So thanks and QUICK Spread the word!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Fair

So i volunteered at the Fair like every year. I work in the souvineer booth with my good friend Melody. AND like every year we throw all diet to the wind and enjoy a funnel cake!

But this year it was different. THIS year it was SINFUL!

This year at the fair our hommies from South Carolina gave us a funnel cake that made all other funnel cakes taste like a home ec project. It was a GLAZED funnel cake. Now if you've ever had a Glazed Funnel cake then I hate you for not telling me about it sooner. I mean it's like a Krispy Kreme Donut on crack. I mean i think we could solve our drug problem in the world with these things. I was sharing it with my pregnant friend and ya'll, i almost threw an elbow to her face and ran with the funnel cake. I did NOT want to share it with anyone, even her unborn baby.

So forget the deepfried butter (that's just kind of weird) and get a glazed funnel cake~

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh we have a cold

So K has her first cold.. poor thing right? I mean yea I totally agree, I feel her pain. I get she can't breath and her throat hurts so that makes it hard to sleep... But i mean come on, grow up kid, let you Mama sleep. Just because you're up doesn't mean I have to be!

So it's like this. K wakes up, in her own spit up... gross and pitiful. So I don't feel like having a WWE match with her matress in the middle of the night so I just bring her into bed with Chris and I. (Only to find out that Chris is sick too, that's a whole other post) So she's in bed with us because that's the only way to get her to calm down and sleep (hence the only way I get to sleep). So we're sleeping, or we WERE, until Kinsley decided that it's 2 in the morning and she's awake and wanted me to be awake to. Oh, but my daughter doesn't do anything halfway, she likes to SMACK me awake. It's not a nice little pat pat, it's a WHACK wake up MOM! Oh and let me head butt you too, and now i'm going to rub my snotty runny nose all over your shirt and hair so that you don't get mad at me for waking you up because "I'm so pitiful". Man you got to love a snotty sleepy baby that just wants to play at 2 in the morning... that's okay... she said "Mama" at lunch on Friday... yeah i have THREE witnesses!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Working on the blog...

So I feel like lately I've taken a detour from what my blog was in the begining. It was a respectfully funny antidote of my life. Now it's simple me whoring out pictures of my daughter hoping that she'll keep my readers interested. Now, while i appreciate the hard work she's put in these last eight months, i think i need to step back up my game and give ya'll more of what got you to reading this in the first place.

As a part of this "makeover" on the blog i'm also going to try to introduce ya'll to some other blogs that i just love by doing everything i can, short of selling them K, to get them to guest post on here so you can enjoy the reasons i started blogging!

So let me know what you want more of! Do you want more Kinsley (i don't know how i can do that short of bringing her to your house and plopping her on your lap. Do you want more Stories of my life, sans baby. Do you want more Vlogs? Let me know!

And without much further ado... I'm pimping out my child again!

Kinsley already had her dinner (or attempt at it) and so now it was our turn, but OBVIOUSLY she won't just sit there and watch, so i loaded up her tray with peaches, bread, and stage 3 spaghetti (yeah don't blame her for not liking that crap, i'll be cooking her the real stuff soon!). Kinsley had a lot of fun with her food and set straight to decorating herself with it (notice forehead). Towards the end she was getting pissed when she would put a peach in her mouth, like crying at the nerve of whoever (herself) put that god awful texture in her mouth, then she would swallow it, the drama would be over, and she would pick up another to start all over again, lovely.
She also enjoyed feeding the dogs her drool soaked bread and allowing them to help her clean her hands, beautiful!
And then off to the bath SHE went!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Word!

So this morning I was getting ready for work and my Mom was watching K on my bed. Kinsley was OBSESSED with trying to get to me. Well she was crawling around on the bed trying to get off and as I was reaching for something on the bed she looked at me and said "MA". YEA! That's right MA! I mean no it wasn't Mama. But it was Ma and it was directed at ME! So i think she knew what she was saying!
What do you think?
Hubs doesn't agree but you know he would have if she said Da.

Making bath time so much fun!

Kinsley still LOVES her baths, but they are VERY difficult to give to her now. She LOVES to stand and so she's always trying to stand and crawl, etc in her baths. Luckily her Elmo bathmat really helps the sliding.

Always the cheeser for the Cameras!

Once again i have videos that will not upload themselves... so when they come, you will see them~

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She wants to escape!

Hi Mom, I can stand... so please lower my crib so i don't leap out and bang my head... thanks so much!
Mom! Daddy is locking me in and won't let me go down the stairs!
Mom! Where are you!?!? Help!

I have a cute little video of her standing in her crib... but blogger is sucking right now... so when it stops i'll let you see it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She thinks she SO funny

So Northern Cowboy was staining the deck on Sunday and Kinsley just wanted to encourage him. She is in this amazing outfit for two reasons 1. She pooped out of her first outfit and 2. it's almost bath/bed time so what's the point of getting something nice dirty? So here is my little redneck baby:

Yea Daddy!
On of her many funny smoochy faces she was making on the door! Lol

Monday, August 9, 2010

Yummy Mummy Monday!

Well here's to a NEW weightloss guide! Lets see if i can stick to this!
It's called Yummy Mummy. You buy the book which is a pdf. You also get a few other guides, etc. Reading through it i really like this program. It's made for busy Moms. So it really sets out high protein meals with whole wheat carbs. You have to eat every three hours to get your metabolism going. And you will work out for 90min A WEEK! Yeah not a day. She really involved strength training into your program because muscle burns more fat. You will be healthier and leaner if you burn fat and build muscle rather then just loose weight.

Holly focuses on how you look, not on the number on the scale. She wants to you to loose at a safe rate (1-2lbs a week) and she wants you to have cheat meals. But, with the cheat meals, you plan them ahead of time. For example i know that my mom is coming into town so one night we'll go out to eat. So i'll cheat then. I won't go over the top like i use to But i will order something that i really want, not just what i should eat.

So i've planned my meals out for the week and put them together and here's what it's going to look like most days:

On the drive in: Fruit smoothy with protein powder and light yogurt in it.
3hrs later: whole wheat blueberry waffles topped with natural peanut butter
3hrs later: spinach wrap of turkey, white american, baby spinach leaves, bell pepper slices, and mustard. and a little bag of baby carrots.
3hrs later: apple slices and almonds
Dinner: tonight will be ck breast, brown rice, and salad
Tomorrow: low fat sausage with peppers and onions, a starch and a veggie
wednesday: fish, starch and veggie
thurs: turkey burger on whole wheat sandwich thin with sweet potato fries
Friday: I'm hoping my Mom will cook!

and then weekends we normally wing it and go to the store.

I will be running every other day, walking whenever my neighbors want to, and doing my toning on non running days!

For more info on the Yummy Mummy program keep reading or go here. And no i'm not being given/paid anything for telling you about this program. It's just one i've decided to try and thought you might want to know how it goes~

We LOVE church!

First and foremost, the lack of a bow in this picture is NOT my fault as i was not there when the photo was taken.

That being stated... This is Kinsley Sunday morning after church (hence why the bow is gone). She has now moved up to the walkers and crawlers room (such a big girl!). She LOVED being able to play with all of the other kids. She also, apparently, thought it was quite funny when the other children would cry... she would laugh at them (only my child!).

As you see, Kinsley INSISTED on wearing her Dorthy shoes (hey whatever makes them happy right?).
She also LOVES to clap now... it's just the bees knees!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sex life, what?

OKay first a warning... Mom, Dad, Seph, and anyone else related to me... STOP READING NOW! If you keep reading you will be reading about something that you may not want to know about... the baby making process. No, we're not trying to make another baby... but the mechanics of what goes into it, so STOP READING!

I'm serious, you REALLY don't want to go here!

Okay i warned you, and you're a glutton for punishment and nightmares.

So one topic i've wanted to approach for a while, but have been quite leery of is the sex life after a baby. But i didn't want this to turn into some cheap soft core porn, nor did i want to go into such detail that you would all gauge your eyes our because you were picturing my post baby body naked. Then i read this post. Blair's guest poster really gave me the guts to put it all out there!

First i'll fill in the non-Mom's of what they are in for. So Chris and I had the typical sex life, it was great and as a man he had the typical "it's never enough" mantra. But the "marital's" were always yummy.
Then it was time to get pregnant... and all of a sudden "it was enough", lol. He would claim each time i would jump him as soon as he got home from work that he "knew" what i really wanted (a baby) but he would always give in and it would be so much fun and then WHAM! Pregnant the first month. Now to MANY of you this would be AWESOME... to my husband? Not so much. I had promised him 4-6 months of "trying"... Sorry Honey, you have Super Sperm!

Well you know all of those lairs, i mean women who claimed to be SOOO horny their entire pregnancy and their husbands were turning them down??? Yeah, once again my husbands hopes and dreams were dashed.

Well finally Kinsley came along and all of those sexless nights (I mean it never STOPPED, just slowed) were worth it. And BONUS i had a mandatory 6 weeks waiting period. For his sake we tried a week early and ladies, things were a little tight, and not in a good way. So we gave up and tried again later (If at first you don't succeed).

Since then it's been a roller coaster. A coaster full of sleeplessness, depression, hormone changes, self image insecurities, etc. When it happens he still takes my breath away. BUT getting me to let it happen is no small feat. It's not that i don't want him, it's that I don't want him to see me naked, I want more sleep, I want a few minutes to myself, I want to be crazy sex kitten from college but i don't know how.

In college (SEE Mom and Dad, Seriously told you to stop reading!) we were crazy, spur of the moment, exhibitionist almost. And now, often it's him trying to "cuddle" and me giving in and telling him lets make it a quickie... again.

So how did you and your husband get back into the swing of "things" after the baby? How do you try to put yourself out there to be sexy for your husband even when you feel the furthest thing FROM sexy. I mean don't get me wrong, i know that my still present stretch marks, flabby tummy, saggy leaking boobs (again Told you to stop reading), and spit-up clothes are dead sexy to everyone.... but how do you get that out of your head and feel worthy of a sexy Northern Cowboy that loves you no matter what?

So i guess this post has turned more into a post of how to get over myself... so how do i?

Friday, August 6, 2010

She's 8 Months Old!

Kinsley is super big now. I just look at her in amazement with how much has changed in just 8 months. She is SUCH a mover now, it's out of control.

Kinsley Claps (not on cue though)
She pulls up to standing
Can sit up and support herself
She crawls EVERYWHERE!
She will babble to you for hours
She has her big girl carseat now!
She knows what "all done" with sign language (she doesn't quite do it but she knows what it means when you do it and starts waving her hands in response)
She has two teeth and i see in her gums where her upper teeth are trying to come in.
She has traveled to the Bahamas, North Carolina, and Oregon.
She eats a rang of stage 2, 3, and finger foods
She still has not tasted a drop of formula
She's in size 3 cruiser diapers
And she's still as happy as ever!

Now on to the good stuff! Photo shoot!