Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Mother-In-law is awesomesauce

So we all know that my parents rock, I mean, HELLO they raised ME! And Sasha and Pop Pop really step it up with Kinsley! I think SHE gets more calls from them than I do now. It's pretty cute. Thing is though because of the man i chose decisions i made i live 7 hours away from them. Completely SUCKS. BUT we are very lucky because my Mother-in-law only lives 40 minutes away! AWESOMESAUCE!

Every other Monday she is off from work so she picks up K for some Grandma time. Need a babysitter? Oh you BETTER ask Grandma first! And Kinsley just adores her. K calls Grandma a mixture of MawMaw/Mama (I'm Mommy). They sing silly songs about nothing, they dance and play a pretend piano together. Kinsley even LOVES to help her clean. It's really cute.

But this is not why she's Awesomesauce, she's Awesomesauce because she had Kinsley over to her house ALL WEEKEND! Okay it was Saturday night through Monday, but that's basically a whole weekend! Now before you think I'm trying to peddle my daughter off on the first bidder, I've been feeling REALLY sick and the only thing that helps at all is laying down. Hard to watch and play with a toddler while always laying down! And she knows that and knew i needed it and watched her for me! OMG AWESOMESAUCE!

I missed my butter bean so much and was so happy that she was home, but I'm so lucky to have such a great Mother-in-law! All those prayers my parents prayed for me while i was growing up worked!

Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm all shook up... uh huh

Well i'm not (even though with this nausa i feel like it) but this blog is about to be.

I'm stepping back. I'm going to be closing all of the stories about my boobs, poops, and other TMI subjects. Yep, you will no longer get to read about all the things that make this body go round.

I started this blog as a way to keep family and friends up to date on what was going on with Kinsley as I was growing her. Shortly after that I noticed that many women were reading it to feel "normal" during their pregnancies and after that child rearing stages. I feel like this is a close group of international friends that relate and don't judge. I knew I would get some readers that were reading for their own entertainment, not to keep up to date or, for lack of a better word, knowledge. Those people have begun to hurt not only me but my family. Taking my words, turning them around, or using them in ways that hurt others.

SO after much thought and prayer, this blog will ONLY be updates on Kinsley, future ultrasounds of 2.0, and maybe a family vacation here or there.

It is hard for me to walk away and do this, but i know i must. BUT as a consolation prize I will be starting a NEW blog. This blog will be private and you will have to ask permission to be allowed to view it. IF you're a mother or just a woman that wants to know about the trials and tribulation of pregnancy and the stresses of raising a toddler I will give you access. Everyone else, I hope you understand when I cannot approve you.

Thank you all for these amazing memories and this wonderful journey we've been on. Thank you for "listening" to me, giving me advice and passing along hugs. I love you all!

If you want to request permission to read "It's In My Belly! For now..." leave a comment with your email address or go to the site and request permission!


Friday, July 22, 2011


the creepy "your child is the size of this fruit" pictures! I say creepy because how weird is it to compare you child to the size of something that people also use as a reference for their boobs and some male anatomy.
BUT regardless, we will proceed and show you what Babylove 2.0 is today!

An OLIVE! Whamp whamp. Yeah i'm not so excited about this one since well, Olives are gross! But check out these details!
Your little embryo has now officially graduated to fetus-hood. (they have a graduation for EVERYTHING these days, preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, MIDDLE school... come on people where's the specialness in THAT?) Adding to the excitement, a Doppler ultrasound device might be able to pick up the beating heart. (That's IF i could get a flipping appointment, but NOOO i have to wait until NEXT friday when i'll be TEN weeks along. Gezzz!) With basic physical structures in place and increasingly distinct facial features, baby is kind of starting to look like...well...a baby! (Yea no more tadpole/gummy bear! I can make humans!)
Here's what it has to say about me, HA:

As you squeeze into your jeans and struggle to button your shirt, try enjoying the gain -- after all, when was the last time putting on the pounds was totally guilt-free? (guilt free now even? riiiight)It's also probably time for some new lingerie. (and this is supposed to make me excited?)Your sore, bigger-by-the-minute boobs will feel so much better in a maternity bra.

Lets check out another disturbing site shall we? For research purposes.

                                         (that's a grape, tastier then an olive!
Your new resident is nearly an inch long —                                                                  — and weighs just a fraction of an ounce. She's starting to look more and more human. Her essential body parts are accounted for (thank God! but it's all essential right?), though they'll go through plenty of fine-tuning in the coming months. Other changes abound: Your baby's heart finishes dividing into four chambers, and the valves start to form — as do her tiny teeth (oh the teeth, as exciting as that sounds, NO THANKS! Teething SUCKS!). The embryonic "tail" is completely gone. Your baby's organs, muscles, and nerves are kicking into gear. The external sex organs are there but won't be distinguishable as male or female for another few weeks (unless he's like his... oh I'll stop). Her eyes are fully formed, but her eyelids are fused shut and won't open until 27 weeks. She has tiny earlobes, and her mouth, nose, and nostrils are more distinct. The placenta is developed enough now to take over most of the critical job of producing hormones. Now that your baby's basic physiology is in place, she's poised for rapid weight gain.

So that's the bean. We're 9 weeks! YEA!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The bad of the good

Well this kid is FINALLY laying off the morning sickness! THANK.GOD. See though, THAT is a double edged sword. OBVIOUSLY I don't enjoy morning all day sickness BUT it is a reminder that 2.0 is growing big and strong in there. So when the sickness fades (and it did with Kinsley right around this time) all you want is an ultrasound to make sure things are still grooving in there.

So yea that's it, MOST of the time I no longer feel like I'm going to projectile vomit on anyone so you can all be my friends again without fear of ruining your outfits. YEA!

Next up, the exhaustion... not as bad. I mean who am I kidding, it's still large and in charge but I'm not longer a total walking zombie!

Again, while all of this is good, especially for my sad neglected house and husband, it's also scary but you want to make sure it's normal and not something terrible that you're going to have to deal with, which would suck because everyone knows now. But, I don't regret having everyone know because if, God forbid, something were to happen I would want to be able to talk about it and deal with it, rather than hide it.

So that's the bad of the good. I'll let you know how it keeps on keeping on~

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

decided I better make this into more then one post...

You know how when you're about to give birth they tell you that you will forget all about the pain once you see your baby, that way you'll want to have another. Well besides that being a load of crap (forgetting the pain, not want another, because I do... I better) I DID block out some memories apparently, but luckily for me I have this lovely blog where i can go back and relive all the horror. What horror do I speak of? Morning sickness! Except this time it's random all day sickness... yeah I think this baby has a sense of humor, if you want to call it that.
I wake up and get in the shower only to realize i have a HUGE (or at least it feels huge) wad of think spit and the top back of my troat and any attempt at getting it to dislodge itself from my gag reflex only makes me dry heave. Awesome. So my mornings are full of me dry heaving, burping, and cough, rinse and repeat.

Oh the hormones are ragging and they almost ragged all over your father!

The evening started out wonderful, he went and got me a burger from McDonalds after I almost projectile vomitted the healthy dinner I made. I was in burger heaven. Then it was bed time. Mommy decided to sleep on the memory foam mattress topper that Sasha bought for the twin bed... so it only covers my side of the bed. Well according to Daddy this screws up his pillow and makes him snore, so then I can't go to sleep. I don't understand how this screws up his pillow since HIS pillow shouldn't be on MY side, but we'll deal with that later. So after debating this issue I take the topper off and very "nicely" inform him that he better stop snoring now.

He informs me that HE can't get comfortable, there's no where for his legs to go, and he's hot. That's when I informed him that it's HIS idea to have the dogs in the bed, NOT MINE! I throw myself out of bed, demand Sadie (because Stella is already down, she's had enough of his drama) to get down into her bed, go downstairs and drop the thermastat and turn the fan up higher and then lay down.

Now he would like to sleep on MY side of the bed so he can put his scabbed knee outside of the covers easily so it won't catch on the sheets. ... !!! ... ksdfj#$knjdoidj~~~!!!! I stand up, pop a tylenol PM, grab my pillows, walk to HIS side of the bed, tell him to move the #JH)# over only to  have him tell me he's just going to stay put. ARE.YOU.FREAKIN.KIDDING.ME!?!?!?!? WHO IS THE PREGNANT ONE HERE!?!!?!

I inform him my temper is reaching dangerous levels and he better find a way to sleep QUITELY, VERY soon. I'm almost asleep and your sister begins to cry... why is it again that pregnant women can't drink??? It's just not fare!

oh 2.0 you are surely kicking my butt. This weekend I was able to get TONS of sleep... but i'm still tired. We went shopping at super walmart and the whole time we were there i thought i was going to up chuck on isle 5... just thinking about that store is making me want to vomit.
Daddy said I was mad all weekend but i wasn't, it's just really hard to smile through the constant feeling of nausa. BUT i have to say i'm lucky. Because even though I always FEEL like I want to share my cookies with the world I haven't AND i'm able to eat, although not everything.
What make us the happiest pair in the world?
Mac & Cheese!
Chick f la
taco salad
taco bell!
salad with ranch dressing (sometimes)
Mac & cheese (oh did i already say that? ;))
Here's to hoping this nausa and exaution end soon, but you keep baking happily!

This pregnancy is like WHOA different. I have morning sickness All Day, especially during the mornings and evenings. The boobs don't hurt as bad but WHOA don't touch the belly. You touch the belly it makes me want to puke on you.
Also very different? Food. With K I might not be able to choke down chicken but that was mostly it... this baby? Oh it depends on the day, hour, minute. Yesterday I was driving home early not feeling well and knew I could stop and eat whatever I wanted. Chick f la? Taco Bell? Burger? And even though all of my options had at one point in time seemed like heaven, only Burger King Whopper would do. Everything else made me feel sick. Last night? Making dinner for the Man and ALL I wanted was watermelon. The Man brought it home to me and I had that with Mac & Cheese while he had crab stuffed salmon, M&C and green beans. When i try to eat something that the baby has deemed not worthy, I'm repaid with hours of nausea. Awesome.
Lastly, sleeping position. When i was pregnant with K I ONLY wanted to be on my right side... I would switch when things went numb, but then back i went. This one? Left side, preferably with my head on Chris and my body in a just so perfect curl. This Chris snores and ruins everything... but still the left side is the best.
Wonder what else is going to pop up and surprise me with this one...

Epic Fail

So I often forget how many people read this that ACTUALLY KNOW me in person. Like we are BBQ, old college, facebook friends. I get going on here and just assume that if anyone is reading they are in a foreign country laughing at the silly American girl. I mean I know I have a few followers that live in the good ole USA but I keep forgetting that a few of them know me, like know my address.

Well, I've been getting tired of not talking about 2.0 on here because with Kinsley I was all PSA PSA **WAMMMP WAMMMP*** I'm Having a FREAKING BABY! And this one (because of fear of the unknown that we've seen friends deal with) I'm all, "No I don't feel like drinking, excuse me while my bloated belly throws up on your child, but don't worry it's not a disease, but I can't talk about it".

So we've slowly been telling people, some have guessed (apparently it's VERY unusual for me not to enjoy a cocktail), some were almost vomited on, others I just told because I knew I would want their support regardless. Then I started thinking about my blog. The hubs doesn't always understand my need to over share with the world, but I don't understand his need to sit for hours on end and watch cars go around a track (Left turn left turn left turn), so I just figure to each their own. Plus when I try to ramble most of these thoughts by his head after hes gotten home from a 13  hour work day I don't always get the feedback I'm craving. Not his fault, the man's tired. So I blog! I tell my story! I hope to connect to other people and make them feel a little less weird or help them to confirm that they are, indeed crazy, just like me~

As a result of my verbal diarrhea problem, Babylove 2.0 is now known to all. I didn't think (because lets face it, I don't always think first) to ask the hubs his thoughts on my sharing our news to the Internet, I just did what I always do... I shared. And apparently people who know the digits (Hey Martha, Becca, Paul) still read! Besides being freakin stoked that they take an interest in the life of this over sharing Southern girl, I didn't follow through with the thoughts of how their knowledge in our baby would affect Hubs.

Because of this he won't get to tell his friends himself. Many guys wouldn't care but I think I kinda stole his thunder and I really hate that.

So if any other friends read this (act surprised for his sake)!

Catch up Post

I'm writing this post as a whole of Diary submissions. I won't post it until Chris and I ARE pregnant and we're telling the world. BUT I wanted to record the journey like I did with Kinsley. I didn't want to miss one sore boob, one accidental pee, or any morning sickness that might come my way with another little bean. So I'm saving these post as drafts until I allow you, my dear readers in on the little secret! The secret right now? We're "trying"! Or as Chris still likes to call it, not preventing!

It ALL started in May. I was having weird cramps, not feeling okay, so i decided to go to the GYN and have her check things out... and once she checked it all out i had her remove things too. MY IUD! I was worried about it and yada yada it was going to be coming out in a month or two anyway, so peace! I told her to give me some birth control pills because the hubs wasn't QUITE ready and she told me they weren't going to be effective for a month and if i was only going to use them for a month or two i was just going to screw with my body, so i said... Oh well... we're using condoms i guess.

When the hubs found out about this turn of events (pills a no go) he wasn't thrilled. I mean what married man who is used to NO condoms, wants to start using them?!?! But we did... until the weekend of his Richmond Race Experience! That is the weekend that all was given into. And I don't know but I REALLY think i was ovulating that weekend. I had ALL the signs that I normally have when I ovulate... open cervix, sore down there, cramps on one side, around the right time... That all doesn't mean official proof and even if i was it doesn't mean that we're going to be pregnant... but it's a start!

So now we wait. I will test at the end of this week because that would be 2 weeks after ovulation, if that's what it was. It could be too early, or it could just be plain old negative, but i'll let you know!
This week I've been SOOOO tired... like whoa a Mac Truck just hit me tired. BUT that could be because Kinsley hasn't been the best sleeper lately... BUT last night she was and I was asleep by 9! ALSO I had a HORRIBLE head ache last night. I mean so bad it hurt to open my right eye. I NEVER get head aches and the last time i got one like that was when i was in the beginning stages of pregnancy with Kinsley. BUT I was farther along so...

So yeah, we don't know anything... I may or may not be... I hope I am. We cleaned out the basement Saturday and just seeing the bassinet and swing again made my uterus turn circles. I'm SOOOO yearning for this! But at least we aren't preventing anymore so if i'm not there's always next month!

Well last night I took a pregnancy test. I just can't shake this sleepiness so i just did it. There was the FAINTEST line i've ever seen but i REALLY think it was there. I told Chris, ran to the store and  bought a digital. While i was waiting on that test to process I ate ice cream and then BAM "not pregnant". Granted it's EARLY still and the other test IS more sensitive but we'll see. I'm going to wait until Friday morning and then i'll test again. pregnancy pee is more potent in the morning so i figure giving it another day and half and using the good stuff gives me a shot... Still will be a little early but I HAVE TO KNOW! If we are pregnant and this baby is a girl, her name will be Virginia, you know, since that's where she was made~

Oh sweet babylove 2.0, I hope this is really you in my belly zapping out all of my energy to the point where i feel like a sitting (because i'm too tired to walk) zombie. Holy Freakin Jesus! This is the first day this week that i didn't take a nap at lunch, all because some Damn Co-worker had to come my way blabbing about Fuddrucks (okay it was my Boss asking nicely if i would like to join her).. we ALL know i have absolutely NO willpower when it comes to that place! Hello, I grew your sister off those burgers! So i went and now here i sit SOOO tired, only getting more tired at the thought of having to take care of your darling energetic sister. Oh dear lord help me. Bless her heart, but i wish it wouldn't make me a bad Mommy to doap her up on some good infant drugs just so we could take a nap until Daddy got home to take care of things. SOOOOO tired. All I have to say is I better be pregnant or else this is going to be one hell of a cycle or i'm having some hell of a lot of phantom symptoms.

Well it's official! Momma got a postive test last night! Daddy is calling you #4 (Stella is #1, Sadie #2, Kinsley #3, you #4... don't take it personal!) and you're the size of a poppy seed!
That's you little bit!
I am so excited about you but also very causious. I've told our neighbor Kristin, my co-worker Lisa and your Aunt Christina. We are waiting to tell the grandparents and uncles until the beach so that Kinsley can have the privilege of telling everyone! It should be a lot of fun!
The first time we'll get to see you will be July 29th! That's SO far away but I can take it, I'll just start doing my thing with less caffine and more sleep... I'm sure Daddy will NOT like that. lol.
I love you Babylove 2.0. You have some big shoes to fill with such an amazing sister, but i know you're going to be incredible in your own way!

I have on my brave face right now... I just saw what every Mom-to-be dreads seeing... pink when you wipe. It could be from you inplanting yourself into Momma's tummy for safe keeping... I hope so... please don't leave me.

Oh 2.0 you gave Mommy a real scare... you're already going to be a tough cookie huh? There was a lot of pink on Friday. I went home and took 3 test and they were all negative. I was very sad. I was convienced you were a chemical pregnancy... but then Saturday morning i tested again and Postive... and the pink stopped! So my thoughts? Since it was SOOO early i think you were just finding a snuggly place to rest for the next 8 months and we all know Mommy has issues with low HCG levels so you only make your presence known this early in the mornings when the levels are most potent. I'm so glad you're still with us, growning and attaching! Daddy and I will get to see you at the end of July! I love you so much already, now STOP FREAKING ME OUT!

Oh little 2.0 how much like your sister you are already. Making me bloat like i'm trying to smuggle a small pillow into work. I've broken out the maternity pants already because I just couldn't deal with using a hair band to hold my pants up anymore. The curse of a small torso and extreme baby bloat... love it.

Once upon a time i couldn't keep my flipping mouth shut! It's bad Babylove 2.0, i just want to scream from the roof top and interwebs that I'm pregnant! BUT i know i need to wait. I need to give you a little more time to make sure your home is nice and cosy and we need to tell the parentals too. IT'S JUST SO HARD TO KEEP THIS A SECRET! I told my waxer about you. Yep as she ripping the hair out of my underarm I told her that I'm pregnant. I figure it gives me that glee i'm looking for and if anything, God forbid, were to happen I wouldn't have to "untell" her. UH, why does pregnancy have to be so scary yet so wonderful at the same time?
I'M PREGNANT! Right NOW I'm Pregnant and I couldn't be more excited, or tired, but more so excited... except right now because I missed my afternoon nap since i was getting hair ripped off my body... But still very excited!

Won't be long now and we get to tell your Sasha, Pop pop and Grandma about you! We're so excited! Daddy keeps asking if #4 is giving me karate kicks yet, it's cute. I'm so excited to know you're in there. I can't wait to see you at the end of July! We're praying for you and loving you!

Oh 2.0 You're throwing me for a loop that's for sure! WOW. This pregnancy is hitting me a LOT harder then your sisters! MAN! Besides being tired now i'm feeling sick! YUCK!
BUT at least I'm pooping! That's right it's been glorious! Despite being regular i'm in Maternity pants... so bloated. There better not be a 3.0 in there too!

Dear little baby that sucking all of my energy like i used to suck the last little drop of wine from my glass. STOP! It's not seemly! OMG, I'm feeding you healthier food and i even worked out for you today! But i STILL had to take a nap! See here's the thing... with your sister i knew i could CRASH once i got home... i CAN'T with you because I now HAVE your sister who enjoys leaping off couches, digging in the fridge, pulling the dogs tails and trying to play in traffic. So I REALLY need you to grow without zapping every last strand of energy I have! Oh My Freaking Lord! I jokingly wondered if there were two of you in there taking turns on hoarding all of the energy and I realized there ARE two of you... Kinsley and 2.0.

On other fronts,  you know since you're all of 6 weeks and 4 days old, there are NO developments on babynames. NOT A ONE. I mean there's a few that i like and could tollerate on you for the rest of your life, but none that Daddy and I agree on and that scream BABY 2.0!! Do you think the hospital would frown at 2.0? hmmm

I was going to wait, but I'm tired of hidding...

Yep you are understanding that correctly... I'm pregnant! Due Feb 25th, so we're around 8 1/2 weeks!~
I've got post that was writing to catch you up on the whole precess, so I'll post those soon... we haven't had our first appointment yet, it's not until July 29th so your thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated that everything will be okay.

So there you have it people! We're Pregnant! Here's to Babylove 2.0!

Friday, July 15, 2011

so Kinsley would like to redeem herself...

I wanted to get it on video for y'all and I promise i will this weekend, but Kinsley felt so silly having y'all see her tantrum that she redeemed herself yesterday and this morning.

Besides being the cutest little girl known to man, she was a VERY good friend and played so nicely! She ate a good dinner (willingly!) and then let Daddy give her a bath! She even had a round of hugs and kisses for the house and Nite Nites for all!

Then this morning as we were walking to the cars and Chris was getting into his truck Kinsley yelled "wuv you!" (love you) and when I dropped her off at daycare and I was leaving, i got my very own "Wuv you"!

That little girl makes my heart melt!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

oh the toddler tantrum...

So yesterday Kinsley didn't get what she wanted so a FULL OUT tantrum began. It started outside, to all of my neighbors delight i'm sure and then continued inside. Although it was much less of a production once we got inside it was still filmable... yes this will be shown to her future husband!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I thought daycares knew how to take care of children...

At least better then me since they deal with TONS of kids... I mean they've seen it all right? APPARENTLY NOT!
Yep, apparently MY child is the ONLY child to ever start throwing toddler meltdowns at this daycare. At least that's what they are leading me to believe. Every.time. Chris or I pick up or drop off Kinsley they have something to tell us and 9 out of 10 times, it's not something cute.
"Oh boy those terrible twos are starting"
"Man she really doesn't like to be told No"
"Kinsley likes to tackle her friends"
"Kinsley gets mad when we won't let her wake up the babies"
"Kinsley insist on sitting IN the water table even though we tell her she can't"
"Kinsley was just fussy all day"
"Oh Kinsley was NOT happy at story time today"
"She was so mad when we wouldn't let her push the stroller alone"

I could go ON and ON. I mean does my child EVER smile there or listen to anything? I see pictures of her being happy, playing dress up, feeding her baby dolls. She never cries when I drop her off, she's always happy to go to "school".

I figured with them being the "professionals" and having taken care of who knows how many children a 19 month old pushing her limits and acting like a 19 month old wouldn't be headline news, but apparently it is. Most the time I laugh off their comments as being simply conversation with me because I know how little bit likes to push her limits (hello 2 timeouts within an hour last night)... but today it really bristled my Momma feathers! My daughter is a VERY sweet girl! She likes to give kisses and hugs (sometimes aggressively but she thinks she's just giving GOOD hugs). She knows how to clean up and how to sit in her seat and eat her food with utensils. She can say please and thank you and she LOVES to help throw trash away.

MAYBE the problem isn't Kinsley MAYBE it's THEM... or maybe I'm just being an over protective mother...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Southern Gentlemen

There's just nothing like them, and sadly, there's very few left!
When I was in college I had a whole Fraternity of them calling me Ms Erin. Died.With.Happiness.

I LIVE for a man to hold the door, pull out my chair, offer me his seat, etc. I love it so much I married one that does all of this most of the time.

Some women laugh at the Southern Gentleman and the genteel way of life, but oh how i wish it would come back to the norm!

Want to be a southern gentleman? Follow this list from Miss Janice

Here's a few etiquette skills practiced by Southern gentlemen:

~A gentleman always addresses a lady with "Yes ma'am/no ma'am."...no exceptions to this rule!
~A gentleman respects his elders...always!
~A gentleman is modest and humble...a very enduring trait.
~A gentleman never refers to a lady as a woman...that would be "common."
~A gentleman behaves himself in public...'cuz he knows if he doesn't, people will think he wasn't raised right!...and people talk.
~Gentlemen respect their Mamas...if he doesn't, get rid of him real quick--'cuz he'll never respect you either!
~When going up an escalator, a gentleman stands behind the lady; when going down the escalator, he stands in front of the lady...to protect her should she fall.
~When entering an elevator in the company of a lady, a gentleman goes first to clear the way. When exiting, the person closest to the door goes first, regardless of gender, and holds the door open for others.
~A gentleman procedes a lady when walking down stairs...again, to protect her should she fall.
~A gentleman offers to carry packages for a lady...my husband has been my schlepper for many years!
~When in public, a gentleman defers to older persons, male or female...shows respect!
~A gentleman always serves a lady first, before serving himself...always!
~A gentleman does not spit in public...certainly NOT in the company of ladies.
~A gentleman always pulls out the chair for a lady...this is SO important!
~A gentleman is expected to open a door for a lady...it would be ever-so rude not to!
~A gentleman offers to carry a lady's lipstick in his pocket...very sweet thing to do.
~A gentleman offers his coat to a lady when she's cold...of course.
~When dealing with a lady who doesn't accept his courtesies gracefully, a gentleman considers her unpleasantness as a failing on her part, not his!...Amen!
Do you ever read things that are dripping of inspiration? Whether it's that kick in the rear to get you to lose weight, tackle a project you never dreamed you could do, or to just REALLY appreciate life? I read one of those, here. This Blog is full of beautiful writing, breath taking pictures, and a story that makes you want to grab life by the horns and thank if for all of the bucks and kicks along the way.

Reading through Kelle's emotions of finding out that her daughter has downs syndrome really gave my heart a stirring that I can't quite explain. I've read numerous stories of families who have joyously welcomed that extra chromosome into their lives whether by choice or not (adoption/a surprise from God). I've seen their amazing struggles and happy smiles that make you feel all warm like apple pie. But, I have never read such a raw and captivating story as the one shared there. Kelle really lets you into her heart and what was going on in her heart and then you're crying along with her as she is finally able to see what a blessing she has in her life and how she could finally celebrate with her friends and family that were surrounding her with toast and cheers and prayers.

Seeing Kelle's daughter Nella celebrated in that way, seeing how the plans were already in place before they knew and how things just got so much sweeter once they knew, it just brings tears to your eyes.

Read her story, savor her story, then live your story!

Monday, July 11, 2011

We did it... WHY? Because it ws hot out!

We took the muchkin to...
I know, we're lunatics and asking for it, but I had never been. And all of the places that I HAD been that were similar to this were REALLY fun, so I figured why not. Well I'll tell you why, because Chuck e Cheese SUCKS now!

It's true! The only sort of cool thing that could have possibly interested my daughter was this:

But she was too little to climb up into it and the one time I tried to help her was NOT pretty. The "Toddler" area was a joke, that is if you can maneuver around the 7 year olds that are climbing and swinging from the ceiling. And the oh so awesome ride ons? Yeahs scared the CRAP out of her.
But wait there's a show right? Lights Camera Action?!?! Nope, no show, and even if there was there was only on animated character to "do" anything. TOTAL let down. Not to mention the pizza and bread sticks were terrible! Oh well, lesson learned!

I'm sure once you kids understand video games and can climb rafters it's the place where fun happens.


While in Charleston we decided to take a day trip to visit Savannah, since it was only 2 hours away. The high light of the trip? PAULA DEANS! OMG!!!!
It's like this, yes is just good ole home cooking with slabs of butter. But, that's Paula Dean. Don't think you're going to go there and eat a gourmet meal, but you'll a dang good and authentic one! We were all happy little clams eating the lunch buffet and Kinsley got LOTS of mac & cheese and mashed potatoes so she was thrilled!

What else was a high light? All of the random water play fountain around. We came across this one early and she was very excited by all the Wawa!

This was after she lost her luck in dodging the water, we just let her have fun in it since I brought an extra outfit, when we found another one she had to go in we stripped to the diaper!

Happy HOT HOT HOT family... I was so tired by this point! Ha

Friday, July 8, 2011


We went to Charleston and had us a glorious time! It was truly wonderful! We rented a house with my parents, Cowboy's Mom and my brother. It was around 4 blocks to the beach and had a fishing dock and pool in the community. It was lovely!
Kinsley REALLY took to this vacation! One night we all went out on the fishing dock with Cowboy and Papa and Kinsley just had a grand ole time running around.
She didn't need her hat but became obsessed with hats and sunglasses this week!
Favorite place to be, between Sasha and Grandma! She's trying to rock them all by herself. 

I love this little diva shot with her hand on her hip.

Looking for fish!

My Dad (Papa) and Cowboy went fishing many nights we were there.

Papa is holding Chris's fish up for me to see! One night Chris caught a STING RAY! No kidding! I'll post a pic of that soon!

Hope y'all get a chance to make it to low country and the rivah!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

so i share, a lot

Not like I'm a good kid in the sandbox type sharing, no... like as in I use a pillow to separate my boobs, have IBS, and enjoy teen dramas kind of sharing. I  mean come on, this isn't headline news, I DO have a blog....My husband doesn't get it. He's a very private person, and that's cool, only i'm not, i've never been. Honestly, I don't know how. I have my Dad in me, I'm a sharer. He always has been and I think I might always be. I also notice it tends to be a southern trait, we LOVE to share everything and anything with anyone who wants to pull up a chair and listen. Remember Steele Magnolia's? "If you have something bad to say, come and sit by me"... or if you have ANYTHING to say... it's a problem.

It's my way of relating to people. I feel like you'll understand and like me more if you know I poop just like you! Normally it works for me, not so much for him.

How do you change who you are, who you've always been so that the person  you love more than anything else in the world isn't hurt?

I don't have an answer, do you?

the tantrums are coming the tantrums are coming

Oh wait, nevermind, they're here.

So Kinsley has never been shy about the fact that she doesn't give two turds when I tell her no. We all know she likes to smile at me WHILE doing what I told her not to do. I've grown used to it, no matter how often I want to knock that smerky grin right off her face.

Kinsley has also found a deep love for the phrase "Oh NO" and therefore the word NO. It's wonderful, all of this communication.
Me: K, hold Mommy's hand when crossing the street.
K: NO!
Me: K, do you want some milk?
K: NO!
M: Please don't jump on the back of the couch, you'll get hurt, sit down.
K: NO!
M: Would you like to watch elmo in a bubble bath while I shower you with cheetos?
K: NO! (...then gives me the side eye because she realizes she just said No to her three favorite things, hee hee, sneaky Mommy! I have to get my kicks somehow!)

Yesterday we were practicing our listening skills... meaning I was practicing not loosing my ever shortening cool as my child repeatadly ignored my demands to stop dumping water on her friend. I didn't want to seem like that nazi Mom that is always freaking out at her daughter yelling NO (oh i guess that's where she gets it... whatever) and taking away all of her fun. BUT I also didn't want Kinsley to never be invited over for water play again because she doesn't understand that while splashing is fun, trying to shove your friends heads into the water is not.
So I told her, "Kinsley, if you dump water on your friend again we are going home"
She did it, without hesitation, while smiling at me.
So we went home.
She started screaming "NO! NO MOMMY!" and then ended with the most heart renching BYE BYEEEEEEEE like i was marching her to a certain death, rather then dinner, a bath, and Elmo.

Does your child throw any awesome tantrums? You know they do! Share!

well, might as well

Meant to publish this a few weeks ago but forgot so you get the joys of it now. You're welcome!

I told cowboy that i wasn't going to blog about this because it's too motifying, but 1. who am i kidding.... 2. I've mortified him enough on here, might as well abuse myself right?

So I was having some constipation issues this weekend, and well, still am! Oh I'm normally like old father time, my clock is ALWAYS on time and I never have a problem because well to quote the dear boyfriend i'm "full of shit"... really I am...

Right now, I REALLY AM. I went ALL.WEEKEND. with NO movement. I mean not even a passing of the gas that a real lady would NEVER admit to, but yea, we're talking about me.

So by Sunday I was in pain. No really I was in back up pain. It was like rush hour bumper to bumper in my intestines ALL WEEKEND LONG! And by Sunday evening it was starting to feel like there had been a few fender-benders.

So I told Cowboy that enough was enough, i was going to buy a laxitive. So I did... when i got home I realized it wasn't just any laxitive, it was a suppoitory! O.M.G! Yeah, i'm not going into ANY details... but while it sort of worked for the moment, it didn't last long and I was stopped up again... next plan of attack? Attack it from the top with the laxitive I meant to purchase!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh she's a talker!

I don't know what she's saying most of the time but she's a talker! Over our vacation Kinsley decided that she had a lot of stories to share with us and we would have full out 20 minute converstations with her about who knows what. But MAN was she TELLING!
This was us on one of the many legs of our trip. I was a passenger, not the diver. Sorry it's all wonky but i don't know how to rotate it... but enjoy the jibberish!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

coming soon

more post... I'm back from Vaca so i'll catch y'all up soon on our little beach baby! Kid LOVED the waves and the sand!