Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's time to vote kiddos

Alrighty Kiddos, I want the take away from today's lesson to be GET YOUR BUTT OUT THERE AND VOTE! Hopefully my guidance in previous post will teach you how to vote, NOW DO IT. I don't ever want to hear you complain about the state of our economy, your rights, etc unless you voted.

Here's some of my issues though with our voting system.

1. People should HAVE to show a government issued ID! Period the end. AWWW we are discriminating against the poor that can't afford an ID (even though a LARGE majority CAN afford beer)... well we give them food stamps and housing, why not an ID? Think about it!

2. Our dear president Obama (aka the worst thing ever to happen to this county) is let illegals vote. Um A. They shouldn't even BE here B. They shouldn't be able to get jobs that LEGAL people need and C. They aren't citizens Get them out of here and NO, NO votes for them!

Fix these and A LOT of the fraud will go out the window.
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