Monday, August 29, 2011

Well Hot Damn!

Sorry I know i don't curse a whole lot on this blog (because it isn't very polite but i never claimed this was a family friendly blog!) but man this morning I deserve the right! I just weighed myself!

I was bracing myself for the worse because, lets be honest, I look 5 months pregnant and I eat a lot of crap. The thought of baked chicken breast? puke
Steamed veggies WITHOUT cheese? Double puke
A bowl of mac and cheese for lunch? OMG i'll lurve you forever!

So I've been avoiding the scale, because well, I was never teeny tiny to begin with and I do nap at lunch rather than workout.

But GUESS WHAT Y'ALL! I've gained a total of SIX pounds!!!! That's it! I think i ate that much in BBQ Chicken dip yesterday! MAN i'm so happy right now! I just want to jump from the roof tops!

It really makes me happy because i'm just a bowl full of lumpy potatoes right now with all rolls falling off of my middle but something is working! Watch, i'm going to start walking tonight with my neighbor and i'll gain 10lbs by then end of the week... because mother nature is fickle like that!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The fair was a hit, especially the derby!

Friday night we went to the local county fair (which is bigger than our state fair) and Kinsley LOVED it! I knew she would be entertained since she's a true people watcher, but man she REALLY had a great time.

We mainly went to watch the Demolition Derby (K and my first!) but we got there early to see some animals and partake in fair food!
Walking through the sheep barns was very entertaining. I think K thought she was Dr. Doolittle because she was BAAAAA'ing the whole way through! She didn't want to converse with the cows though. Even when on any other given day she loves to talk about a good MOO cow, when she saw the real thing it was a no go. Wouldn't even wave at them! Just kept telling us "NOOO, All done!" lol.

We stopped at my favorite stand to get a funnel cake (they are from SC so we have a hick bond~). Then we got me a pita and K a corn dog (where she ignored the "corn" and ate the dog).

Finally the BIG event! The DERBY! K thought we were there just to play in the stands. And she was COVERED in black dirt when we left.
See Grand Stands are awesome!
Once it got started though she really started to get into it. Of course getting to hang out with Aunt Martiena helped a lot!
And Daddy explained things too!
She watched seriously but would then clap and cheer when everyone else did!
But mostly she just wanted to play with Aunt Martiena. Can you say life saver? OMG, if she wasn't there i would have had to leave early from being so tired of trying to keep up with K.
K had a blast, was up all the way home, had a great bath that turned the bath water colors, and slept! I think she'll do it again next year! Maybe she'll even say hi to a Cow then!

Last week at 13 weeks

This was me last week. OMG what is up with that belly?!?! That's just not okay. Only 13 weeks in that photo and i look like 5 months along! And the BOOBS! Oyvah

Monday, August 22, 2011

Does this make me a bad parent?

So yesterday Chris and I were walking around Food Lion grocery shopping and K was in one of her usual moods and didn't want to be in the cart so she was walking around too. Well sometimes she gets on a mission. It's hard to explain, I really need to try to video tape it, but she bends her knees, leans forward, and pumps her arms like she's in a 80s aerobic video. Normally her head will be up with her chin jutted out and she's walking, FAST. Last night though she was more concerned about her feet and so she ran RIGHT into a cardboard display. I mean it was a WHAM! I saw it coming but it was like a slow motion of a bad accident, you want to try to stop it and start to attempt to but then it's too late. And OH how the mighty did fall. It was SO.FUNNY. She was fine. Didn't even cry, but Oh.My.God, I don't know how I kept functioning after seeing that. I asked Chris if he saw it but he replied no but he HEARD if from around the corner! Oh.My.Lord! That just did me in!

So then last night we were trying to fall asleep but we couldn't stop giggling just thinking about K in her mission walk WHAMING right into that display.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

My heart just never leaves these images.

Have you ever been to the website Reece's Rainbow?

It's a site that helps children from around the world that have downsyndrome find families to adopt them. Did you know that in MANY countries once a child with downs reaches a certain age (often 4) they are then institutionalized for life? Often left in a crib (tied down to it) and forgotten. There are 6 year olds that weigh TEN POUNDS! TEN POUNDS! I know american babies that were BORN at that weight!

It breaks my heart, I'm DYING to help these children.

Sasha here is 6 years old!

6 years old!

this is so sad and not acceptable! I want to help these children so bad. I want to take them all home myself. Please go the to site. Please pray for guidence, even if you can't adopt one yourself you could maybe donate a few dollars to help a family adopt!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't forget these children! They are worthy of love!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

where did my sleeper go?

The other night I put Kinsley down at 645 to go to bed, which is pretty normal for her, especially since she only had an hour and half nap that day (which is NOT normal). She continued to cry off and on for an hour. Once Cowboy got home at 745 I sent him upstairs to see what was possesing his daughter. A minute later he was by my side holding a VERY awake little girl, WTH!

So she played, then we read some books, then she helped me clean. Finally at around 830 I told her that was it, it was nite nite time. "NOOOO" was her response but I didn't cave (this time... stupid passy)! She went to bed and promptly woke us up at 400am REFUSING to go back to sleep, just constant crying. At the Man's insistance I brought her into bed with us, where HE slept and I stayed awake while having my hair played with/pull out. Awesome.

So yesterday I made sure Kinsley was GOOD and TIRED before laying her down. We played in the water with all her friends, had a playdate/dinner. Laid her down around 830... and she slept! until 4am. WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH 4AM??? Is someone outside banging on her window then? Help a tired Mom out people! I told her it was NOT time to wake up, it's Nite Nite time and NO more crying. And that worked!

I don't know what's up with her lately. She's so flipping cliggy. Chris tries to take her and play with her and she yells NO and runs to me and looks at him like he's the boogy man. This has GOT to end!

I'll tell you what though, i'm looking forward to Friday night! We're GOING TO THE FAIR! and you all know what THAT means! This pregnant Momma is going to eat! Especially the glazed funnel cake! Oh yea talk dirty to me big funnel cake maker boy! Yummm!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Babylove 2.0 is 12 weeks! (yesterday)

Chris and I went for our first trimester screening yesterday and got a gander at a very stubborn baby. This baby did NOT want to cooperate with helping get the measurments. Instead it look liked it was laughing at us. GREAT, another one. Here's some photos for your viewing pleasure!

Friday, August 12, 2011

I always hate this time of year...

You know, the days after BlogHer. The yearly conference that all the super cool and super elite bloggers get to go to because they have wicked awesome sponsors that want to pay for them to go. Yea, then they get to hang out with each other. Network their blogs. Learn how to improve them. And get tons of fun swag.

You might remember last year when i made it my mission in life to get to attend BlogHer this year. And well, as you can see i didn't. Instead I got a new job, hubs got a new job, I threw K a kickbutt birthday party, I stopped breast feeding, I broke K of the bottle and moved her into a toddler bed. I attended numerous weddings and drastically curbed my spending (for the last 1 1/2 months).

I'm still DYING to go to BlogHer, Maybe I'll get to next year. But I have a feeling it's going to have to be on my dime... not sure what the hubs will think of that...

Night One of Mission Get Rid of Passy

So last night we got rid of the pacifiers! We went around the house (Kinsley and I) and collected all the passys. Put them in a gift bag and then SHE handed them over to my neighbors new baby daughter. The whole time I kept telling her that she's a big girl and Charlotte is a baby and needs the passys. I told her to say Bye Bye to the passy's and now the passy's are All Gone. Basically I said anything I could think of to help her realize what she was doing... even though I'm sure it still didn't fully click.

In return Charlotte gave Kinsley a (previously supplied by me) Big Girl Thank you gift for her passys.

Then night fell. The bath started. The bath ended. The question came, Passy??? I told her they were all gone, we gave them to Baby Charlotte. She inspected her bed through mini tears. Finally she let me rock her. We talked about Baby Charlotte, about passy's being gone, about Elmo (come on she's only 20 months), about the dogs, then we said her prayers.

I laid her down and she SCREAMED.

I let her cry for 5 minutes, went back in, told her again passys are gone, she wanted to rock so I rocked her. After about 8 or so minutes I laid her down again.


I let her cry for 10 minutes this time. (It was really an off and on thing. Cry, scream, talk, quite, rinse and repeat) I went in, she wanted to rock. I rocked her for maybe 3 minutes and laid her down.

She slept. ALL NIGHT! As far as I know (since sometimes I just don't hear her anymore) she never woke up once crying for the passy!

I'm sure the apocalypse is coming but at least we made it through night one!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why so I look SOOO pregnant

When other Mom's who are at the same point in their second pregnancy or even farther along then me Don't.

I'm guessing this is example one of why you need to do a better job of getting back in shape after baby... booo

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

how do you work this darn google reader?!?!?

So over the years I've collected quite a few blogs on my google reader and well, it's cluttered. It's full of blogs that, honestly, i don't like to read so i just skim through them so they'll disappear from my google reader. (that's my dirty little secret). A few times I've tried deleting or unsubscribe from them but they always reappear! It's scary, like there's some kind of google reader monster that is messing with my head.

Like the numerous cookie blogs I was following, thinking I was going to become some awesome sugar cookie decorator and sell them to friends and make them for family members. Yea, I haven't made ONE sugar cookie.

And honestly I do NOT need one more hobby to fill my basement with supplies that I will use for a few months and then forget about for years, BUT refuse to throw away because I just KNOW that I'm going to pick it back up...

So how do you get them off your google reader for good? I can't keep taking this reminder of how I really want to do something but honestly i just don't have time because I'm a working mother that is lucky if I actually MAKE dinner at night, much less do laundry to make cookies. HELP!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The passy's days are numbered.

Kinsley's nights with her passy are now numbered. We will be giving away all passy's on Thursday evening. OH YES!

See, Kinsley is in a toddler bed. Meaning she CAN get out of her bed. So we'll put her to bed with a passy in her mouth and one in each hand. She'll then drop one on the floor and cry until we come in and pick it up for her and give it to her. This is not acceptable.

We all knew that this day was coming, who really wants to see a five year old dropped off at the first day of kindergarten with a passy in their mouth because that's they only way they know how to comfort themselves? (I'm sorry if you do, that's just weird. I think you should re-evaluate yourself as a parent... OMG did I just say that? That's the kind of stuff that goes in that other blog)

So on Thursday we are visiting with a friend who has a 4 week old baby. Since it's perfectly acceptable for an infant to have passies we will be gift wrapping all of her passies and giving them to the baby. The baby will then give Kinsley a Big Girl gift (that I will buy and wrap ahead of time and give to my friend).

There WILL be crying I'm sure. There WILL be sleepless nights I'm sure. But in the end I WILL WIN!

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Want to see what pure happiness is?

A slide into a pool! OOOH YEA!
I got home yesterday and two of Kinsley's friends were playing in the pool so i grabbed K and threw her in, after a while they lost interest, until I thought of putting the slide IN the pool. SCORE! Here's just a few of the awesomeness being had!

As you can see, K preferred the face first approach. No one else tried it, but she's a dare devil!

11 weeks!

outta control right? well the doc said that i would gain my weight faster and more in the beginning than the end. She said i would gain about the same amount most likely just quicker.. I've only gained 6lbs so I gues it's just moving around~

Thursday, August 4, 2011


My tiny terror is back! She's finally getting her energy back after having been sick! She was a wild woman last night! I was in a great mood after getting to see 2.0 again and she was thrilled to get to see Sasha (My Mom is visiting). We took a walk around the neighborhood and then her playdate friend (who also likes to sneak smooches with K) joined us. We wondered over our neighbors house and well the kids weren't thrilled with what was in their yard since their buddy lives there and they want him to stay.

Cute kids!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I totally suck at posting right now

I know! But here's a pic of why!
I mean that looks like a pretty awesome blob to me! It was jumping and dancing all around my tummy and the u/s tech gave us the worst pic she could! All the other images there were arms and legs a moving and a gooving.
Oh well, still cute.
And look how big this girl is getting! Like Whoa! Slow down kid!
She picked out those shoes herself!

Here's her CHEESE face at the dr.
Is it me or is she the most beautiful girl ever? God I love her!