Friday, February 26, 2010

umm she's on to me!

Yeah so i come back to work and everyone is like "WOW you look great! Lost the baby weight, rested! WOW!" I'm all like "YEA i know! She sleeps GREAT! I MIGHT have to give her a passy but she's mostly sleeping through the night! HAHA!" Ummm yea... apparently i didn't knock on wood b/c Kinsley is having none of THAT now! Oh yea, she wakes up at like 1250ish now and the passy is not doing it! UH! Doesn't she know that we're getting up WAY early now and she needs to let me sleep?!?! So i get up and throw a boob in her mouth and then off t sleep we go again. Chris wakes up (AFTER ME!) in the morning and as i'm trying to figure out a way to apply makeup to cover the 10lb bags under my eyes he tells me how tired HE is and if Kinsley woke up last night! SERIOUSLY!!!

Yeah i'm so sorry he's SOOO tired when i was up at 1 in the morning feeding our baby to the lullaby of his snoring! No seriously he has been working terribly hard lately and i DO feel bad for him... but COME ON KINSLEY! SLEEP!

Dang, my kid is a celebrity!

At daycare that is! Oh yeah, she's EVERYONES favorite! they line up to hold her and see what she's wearing that day! From her bows, to her earrings, to her socks they just love her and that couldn't make me any happier, since i know she's getting spoiled!

Yesterday Kinsley did a mini photo shoot since i thought she looked snazzy in her leg warmers (we had to change her outfit since she blew out of her diaper... again...)

Kinsley has also found her hands and Chris and i are always making jokes about them. She's always wringing them like she's nervous or holding them like she praying or trying to stuff them as far as possible into her mouth. Last night Chris was getting her ready for bed while i took a bath and he was like "Um woman, i think K's got a problem, i think she feels fat" So i take the bait and ask why... "Well she's stuffing her fingers into her mouth making herself gag and won't stop".... lol First she's nervous, then she's a nun, now she has an eating disorder... Great and she's only 12 weeks old!

Back at work...

So this is the last day of my first week back at work. Luckily i only worked half days. And with that being said i can't REALLY tell you how it went. Every day i wasn't gone from Kinsley that long... i got great adult time and still had a lot of Kinsley time... now that didn't keep me from crying like a banshee on Sunday night for about an hour, cradling my baby in my arms begging Chris to find a new job in a cheaper area so that i could stay at home "WITH MY BABY"!

This is how our schedule went this week

440 am I wake up and start getting read
515 am i pump one side
530 wake K up and feed her from other side and then pump what's left.
550-620 Dress K, get bottles ready, store milk, get pump ready again, get my food ready, warm up the car and then head to Day Care
630-640 Drop off K at daycare
Drive to work
730-1130 Work
1130-1215 Drive home
1215 Pick up K
1230 Eat lunch then nap
And the rest of the day is stuff around the house, making dinner, etc...until 7-730 when we bathe Kinsley and get her ready for bed, lay her down, i get her and my clothes ready for the next day, i take my shower, get the bottles and pump ready, feed her one last time and try to be in bed by 9. Next week it will get ALL thrown off when i'll be working from 730-4 and won't pick her up until 515ish.

But we're doing it... here's Kinsley on her first day of "school"

Can't you just feel her excitement?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Earrings? Check!

So you can think i'm a terrible person, whatever, but i got my daughters ears pierced! It went down like this. My Favorite Aunt was coming in town to visit K and I when i had the bright thought that HEY, she's owns a Mearle Norman and pierces ears there so lets have her bring up her guns! Then my parents decided to come into town too and since my Dad pierced my ears when i was in first grade i thought why not let him help, you know for memories sake! lol

So we sat her down on her Daddy's lap, I held her head, Papa Mutt did one ear and Missy did the other! She cried a bit and then she was good to go once i picked her up! And they look great! Just see!

This is the Missy that did it!

Aww what a pretty KK!

Kinsley has friends!

When i was home (i'm not more on that later) Kinsley and I enjoyed getting to spend time with our dear friends. While i would sit and gossip about the Bachelor with Melody we would have Caitlyn practice her babysitting!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Parental foreplay... (sorry mom)

Well when you're a parent you're very busy and yet you still want to find time to let your spouse know how much you love them... so you resort to anything you can...

And then you realize you may not have a lot of time before your bundle of joy wakes up and you skip all the small talk and get right to the point...

Who says there's no romance after kids??? lol (I LOVE IT!)

Well the snow has stopped... for now

Here's a few pictures of the snow... this is after it's been melting for 1 1/2 days!

No eating outside for us!

The neighbors house... this mound is taller then Chris (6'3")

Here's a shot of the circle

And here's KK with her new boyfriend!

She's inlove! Really she's just mad about needing her beauty sleep! we have high hopes for the pair in say Twenty-Five years! His daddy is a cop! That's a good sign!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jersey's from California!

Yeah well i apparently produce as much milk as a jersey cow and happy cows are from california right?

I pump each morning after i feed Kinsley so that i can have a stock of milk before i go back to work... well this was my plan.... honestly i don't know how much i have but it's A LOT! I've filled the door to my freezer in our kitchen and now i've started putting it in the basement freezer, were i have a row and a half of milk!

Each morning i normally pump 6-9 oz... the other morning i pumped 11! I've read you have the most milk producing in the morning and i can attest to that! SO pump away moms! I've also picked up some breastmilk tea (helps you keep up your supply) for when i go back to work, just in case!

So despite our painful start, this jersey cow is a happy cow with a happy baby!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

this is what we're dealing with...snow

can't even open our door~

guess we won't be grillin

or driving to the store

or visiting the neighbors!

but thanks to me we can now open our door!

Two months and she got shots... and has refulx!

Here's our princess on her Two month birthday

And when you're two months old you have to go to the doctor for shots....


Happy at 10lbs 9oz and 22 1/2 inches long!

and post-shots:

Sad little girl! but happy now that she has her Daddy to protect her!

Oh yeah and we have reflux! GREAT! She get medicine 3 times a day now! Poor thing! At least she'll start feeling better!

Oh and we went by the daycare to square things up for our arrival... yeah i can't talk about that right now... that makes me so sad!

okay off to enjoy watching the rest of our 3 feet of snow fall!

new bows!!

So you all know how Kinsley loves her bows and must wear one at all times right? Well i found this GREAT website from another blog (Mrs. Foreste) and these bows are AWESOME! I can't wait to use them all... and order more when spring comes!

Oh and the prices are SOOO great too! So go to Princess Couture Desgins to gets yours! I love them!

KK likes to help me cook!

i had the best memories of cooking with my mom... hopefully Kinsley and i will make the same ones!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And here's ME checking in

So you get all the Kinsley updates, here's an update on me.

I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight but definatley NOT body! SO i've been tracking my Weight Watchers points this week (i've made some yummy WW dinners, i'll post those when i get a chance) AND i've done 2 days of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and i'm about to do day number 3! And my arms are sore! I mean other things are too but REALLY my arms!

Yesterday i got an IUD inserted, so no babies for me for two years! You can keep it in for up to 5 but i just want it to work for 2, then out she comes and hopefully a little brother for Kinsely!

And my mood is doing great! Kinsley and i have little things planned with friends and family here and there so i don't feel lonely, Kinsley has been doing great (except for A LOT of gas or something yesterday), and Chris and I are even getting to connect more!

This week has been super busy with Doctors appointments scheduled for most of the family (me, Kinsley, Stella). Kinsley will get her 2 month shots on Friday (YIKES!) and i've been repapering the cabinets! FUN!

I hope ya'll are doing well... i'm going to go and shred now... b/c even though it's snowing here non-stop i have some crazy friends that are getting married in the Bahamas and i will have to be in a swimsuit there! UH!

What is bliss?

Riding in your car while peeking in the backseat to see your baby in her mirror staring calmly at her girraffe toy that's dangling in front of her.

You are missing the point here people... read between the words. My child is AWAKE and not crying IN THE CAR! Ahhh sweet happiness!

I attribute this to 1. the baby whisperer schedule 2. her wubby that i keep on standby 3. God has smiled on me!

She's growing so fast!

So we've been working on our strength training lately... Kinsley that is... okay okay i am too, but this post is about HER. And she's doing sooo well! I'm almost sad about it because it means my little baby is growing up!

Here she is working on sitting up in her bumbo

Chris loves this chair because i'll put her in it while i'm cooking dinner and when he walks in the door there she is bobbing around! So cute!

Then today as i was checking email, i went back downstairs to see this

Do you see it??? Look at her right hand (well it's on the left)... she's holding her toy! and i didn't put it in her hand! She did that all by herself!

I know, some of you are thinking... gezz Erin she's just holding a toy... but that's HUGE! Normally she'll grasp something i give to her but not for long.... much less grab something on her own! Oh my this little one is just moving right along and i don't know if i like it! I want my little cuddly baby back!