Mrs. Breedlove

Hi! I'm Mrs. Breedlove. I was born in the North but raised right in the south! I grew up in North Carolina and attended North Carolina State University (that's the Wolfpack NOT UNC!)! That's where I met my amazing husband and father of my child!

My husband was born in the south but raised in Maryland (the traitor state, couldn't pick a side). We dated for around 4 years before we got married and lived Happily ever after!

I live in the north now(you'll never convince me MD is not the north) and I'm slightly sarcastic, sorry it just happens, like poop happens, my sarcasm happens too~

I LOVE my husband, my daughter, and my dogs, and I’m a Christian, though not always the best example. I’m addicted to my family, although I do love my alone time~ I’m passionate about family, food, God, certain causes, and my friends. I AM too old for my age and am often compared to Suzzie Home Maker (even if I have been slacking!).