Monday, May 31, 2010

Help a kid POOP for crying out loud!

So Kinsley is a GREAT eater already! She LOVES her pears and will eat her squash and will sometimes tolerate her peas. She generally eats about 2 1/2 jars a day. She is NOT a fan of the cereal and you know what, i don't care. I'll talk to my pediatrician next week about if it's of great importance for her to eat the cereal but she has NO interest in it and has a TON of interest in her food so that's what i'm going with!

Well since she's such a good little eater our poops have changed... drastically! She has gone from liquid poop explosions up her back to turning her face bright red and popping her eyes out of the sockets to get a tiny terd out, bless her heart!

So after watching her make a weird expression, complete with the Elvis lip and nearly making her head pop off with all of her effort I promptly went to the store and got apple juice and prunes. I've heard they both work to help "push" it out, so we'll see.

I mean think about how frustrating this is people, to go from pretty much if you cough then you're entire body empties to feeling like you're in labor every time you need to poop! Has to be confusing for the poor thing! But don't worry, she's still taking it all in stride!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ah Ha Moments

So i've been doing a lot of post lately on how i'm overwhelmed and i need this and that's not right, etc.
Well it's me people... it's not that Chris works crazy hours (even though that is hard)... it's not that my dogs shed too much (even though they DO)... It's not that i need to loose weight (but that would be nice) it's me. I've been very open with my struggles with depression on here but there's a trickiness to depression... when you're slipping again you don't know you are... you think the world is wrong and you're not.

After reading some other blogs i've realized that my depression is back or never left, etc. It's easy to ignore it when I have the beautiful face of my daughter to look at and blame it on Chris, the dogs, the house, my job...

It's also easy to ignore it because when it's not beating down your door but quietly tapping you think it's just life... but when life doesn't go away and there's always a weight on your heart you know it's time to look for help. Luckily through my friends admissions i am able to reflect and admit to myself. I'm hoping there is something my doctor can do without me having to stop breastfeeding. Only certain medications are okay when you breastfeed and i think i would become more depressed if i had to stop now when things are going so great with it!

Some people think you're weak if you have depression but i think it takes a VERY strong person to admit they need more help then they can give themselves.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sasha and Pawpaw are coming!

And we are SOOO excited! Kinsley is beside herself with glee about getting to see her Sasha and Pawpaw (I've decided i like Pawpaw better then papa). I was telling her how she'll get to see them tomorrow morning when she wakes up and she was just beside herself with excitement... so excited infact that she wouldn't hold her head still long enough to get a bow in it (and i can get them in there FAST people)!

Yea for family!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh Lord, Chris get the guns ready!

So this is Jackson, Kinsley's boyfriend from next door. See she has a few boyfriends (one at school, one at church, one next door), she's not a slut just a tease (she ONLY flirts!).

Well Jackson is her walking buddy and is VERY entertaining.
He taught Kinsley how to sit up!
He kept the bugs out of her hair
At one point Kinsley tried to get me to leave them alone (i think she was embarrassed with the amount pictures we were flashing)

She just thought he was too cool for school. Especially when he did his "Squeal like a girl" noise, that sent her into a fit of giggles!

Aww Young love.
It's cool people, we've checked out the parents. Dad's a cop, they're christian, like to have beer/wine when we BBQ. Totally cool.

AND the bonus, apparently Kinsley was just WORN OUT from all of this flirting and SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! I kid you NOT! I know it was just a fluke but I GOT SLEEP! YEA!

Sometimes Kids have long days too!

So Kinsley just didn't want to take a lot of naps yesterday at Daycare so when it was time for our evening walk she was, to say the least, DONE! I started walking with our neighbor to look down and see this face plant. How freaking cute and pitiful all in one (I swear i didn't put any rum in her "bottle")
Check out her monkey toes! She plays with toys even in her sleep! Crazy girl!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keep me walking

So Kinsley and I have a pretty good thing going lately. I pick her up at daycare, feed her before we leave. Go home, let the dogs out, then head out for a walk (sometimes with her Next Door Boyfriend Jackson... love that Good Southern Name!), come home and eat squash and pears, take her bath and off to bed she goes. It's nice, we both get outside, i get a little exercise and sometimes girl time with my neighbor. Today, however, could be interesting.

See i wore a dress today to work. It is the MOST difficult dress EVER if you're breastfeeding. You have to unzip the side to have ANY access, and then it's only to one boob. Want access to the other one? Take the dress off! And then i have to zip it back up... which makes me feel like i'm stuffing a sausage into a straw because the zipper SUCKS. See I wore this dress to my brother-in-law's Graduation from Virginia Tech and had to go into the gift shop office in order to feed Kinsley because of this dress! What worries me is when i go to her daycare and she's all like WHOO HOO the Boob is here! FEED ME! and i'm all like ummm can't until we get home, then she will proceed to SCREAM all the way home, my boobs will start leaking, the dogs will want to go out, i'll be caught in this contraption that has a crappy zipper that likes to get stuck and by the time i get the boob to her then her whole mood will be shot and putting her in a stroller for a nice relaxing walk will be out of the question! Do you SEE how all these dots are so delicately connected?

But on the upside... the dress is REALLY freakin cute!

not sure if i've gone here with you.... deep dark secret

But i don't want my dogs anymore... hanging head in shame... i LOVE them... i REALLY do. They were like my children, until i actually HAD a child. Now they are just something else to do at home. Have to feed them, pay attention to them, clean up after them and keep them from injuring Kinsley.
I know, I'm a terrible person, and i will never give them up or wish harm on them but sometimes i dream of a life where we never had them so i wouldn't be going through this now.

Our dogs used to be people to me. They slept in our bed and went everywhere with me. I felt HORRIBLE if i was 15mins late getting home! NOW, now they have their own beds. Are not allowed up stairs unless we're sleeping and are no longer allowed in Kinsley's room at ANY time. Northern Cowboy LOVES to give me a BIG HUGE ENORMOUS guilt trip over it but honestly i don't care. I want to walk with my daughter without my arm getting pulled out of its socket. I want to put her on the floor without worrying that a dog might have peed there, a dog might step on her, or she might come up with a mouth full of dog hair.

I love my dogs, they are SOOOO sweet, but honestly... i wish they were older if you get what i'm saying.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hi My Name is Kinsley

And i like wearing Bows the size of my head, because i'm a diva!
It's really fun when i walk into daycare and they tell me I'm always a fashion Statement.
And that I can TOTALLY pull it off!
The other Kids love my style too! Don't worry I'm not snobby about it... I just LOVE bows!

More V-Tech

I thought ya'll might enjoy seeing more of Uncle Dan's Favorite Cheerleader!

Here she is with her Aunt Jessie!
Don't you just want to eat those pudgy little arms? Nom Nom Nom!

Monday, May 24, 2010

What's going on in the Breedlove world?

So this weekend Chris and I got to go on a DATE! YEA! It was awesome! We went to the Macaroni Grill and then to the movies to see Robin Hood! GREAT movie!

This weekend we also started trying to Furberize Kinsley. This is teaching her to sleep without us... us and my boob... I think though we're going to have to get a little tougher with it... or as my co-worker put it "do the Russian bootcamp method". lol. Cry until she sleeps.... eh, we'll see, I don't think Chris could take that. She went back to sleep each time she woke up but it took us going in there and giving her a passy again and shushing her, etc. Never took LONG but we still had to go in there like 3-4 times a night which equals BAD sleep for Mommy and Daddy and caused us to take naps WITH her which caused us to miss church on Sunday. UH! What are ya going to do?

Well I hope ya'll had a great weekend and if you have any tips for us let us know. She GOES to sleep fine... it's keeping her asleep that's killing us still!


So this weekend we introduced Pears to the mix of Cereal and Squash... I think she liked them! I went into the Kitchen to get something to clean her up with and this is what i returned to!
At every meal she is VERY excited to gobble down her pears and squash and she's SO proud of herself when she does! My little girl is getting WAY too big!
This past weekend at her Swim class Kinsley is now going COMPLETELY under water! When i show her it's time to hold her breath you can see her do it and under we go! She's such a little fish! Not to mention the light of my life!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Southern amazingness!

Okay so i don't WANT to blog about this b/c i know it's only going to make the number of entries go up BUT i get another entry if i do blog about this...

The Southern Belle Baby is having a give away of monogram amazingness! I REALLY hope I win because i LOVE all things monogramed, damask, and polkadot and this site has it ALL! So even if you don't win or don't want to enter go to Miss Lucy's and check out her cute stuff!

TGIF, I'm Thankful

I'm thankful we made it to another Friday
I'm thankful my husband listened to me and has been so helpful lately.
I'm thankful that my daughter only woke up two times last night.
I'm thankful that even though Kinsley ruins my sleep A LOT lately she always has the most amazing smile for me in the morning to let me know it's going to be okay.
I'm thankful i have such an amazing mother-in-law that helps me over and over again.
I'm thankful that I have amazing neighbors that will watch my daughter so i can go on a date with Northern Cowboy.

I'm thankful that God has blessed me!

TGIF! Please prepare yourself for the cuteness about to insue!

I LOVE my new phone, it allows me to capture moments like this:

"Brace yourself Momma, cuteness is coming!"
and this...

"Nom nom nom FEET!"
and this:

"I'm so stinkin cute I make myself smile!"
and this...

"Oh Momma You're always so silly in the mornings!"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

head to desk...

Daycare just called... wants to give Kinsley Orajel... so i was RIGHT last night in my sleep stupor when i said I bet it's her teeth! DEAR LORD when will those crappy little shits just come in already and let us sleep! I don't even see one trying! All i get is her moaning during the day, spitting up EVERYWHERE, and then no sleep at night! MAKE IT STOP!

Don't You just LOVE the new Layout?

I know i do! It was created by My Trendy Blogs! She was SO easy to work with, gave me lots of options and was really patient with any and all changes i wanted to make! I love how it really reflects my personality and the price is VERY reasonable, especially since i have NO CLUE how to do it!
So go and check her out and tell her I sent you!

Rollover! BAD GIRL!

Okay so Kinsley now LOVES rolling from her back to her tummy! She thinks she's SOOO cool! I went into her daycare last night to see her on her tummy doing her best to crawl (Already!)... she can push herself along a little bit with her toes, so funny!
Anyway, i was SO excited about this and kept encouraging her all night to roll on her tummy. THEN BED TIME HAPPENED!

So i put her in her crib and she rolls onto her stomach and her little head pops up to look at me like "Um HEY! I'm still awake in here!" Even though she was very tired she kept doing this no matter how many times i laid her on her side (her sleeping position for the last 5 months). Well i decided to let her be since OBVIOUSLY she wanted to be on her tummy.... cool, I go downstairs, look in at the monitor and she's face down not moving, i run upstairs only to find out that NO she's got her head to the side like i do when i sleep... aww she's like Mommy!

Yeah, then she wakes up at 9... i go in... try to sooth, doesn't work so Chris rocks, puts her back in her crib, she cries, so i rock and then off to bed we all go.

Until 11, yep she's up again, so i feed her and back to bed we all go.

until 3, so i go in and she's PISSED, she's rolled onto her belly and can't roll back over in her sleepy stupor so i help her and sooth her and she's still pissed. So i pick her up and rock her for 20mins (while she just STARES at me) and am FINALLY able to put her back in her crib, and back to bed we all go.

Until 345, she's up again, Chris goes in this time, tries to sooth, tries to rock, NOTHING works... after 10-15 mins of this i yell for him to bring her into our room where i attach her to the boob and back to bed we all go.

Until 430 when my damn alarm clock goes off and curse the whole world and mumble under my breath things i wouldn't never repeat and then i kiss my SLEEPING daughter as i head to the shower.

Rolling-over SUCKS!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yea so I was talking to a friend the other day and we were discussing our bodies and what we would like them to look like and how pregnancy and parana babies sucking on your boobs does to them. So the topic of Plastic Surgery came up and boy did i get excited just thinking about this!
Before i got pregnant it was known to Chris that once I'm done manufacturing babies (I would like 3 more floor models, Chris only wants one more, we'll see who's the better seller!), if we could afford it, work would be done to restore my body and self esteem to fix whatever diet and exercise won't fix (ie the boobs that are gathering around my waist and making friends with my now droopy belly button).

Now i know what you're thinking "Erin those are your battle scars from child birth and all it's beauty". Well if you REALLY believe that come over early in the morning and visit with me while i roll my boobs up into a bra that is the size of your head and then cover my whole torso with a slimming tank top so that you don't know how lumpy, wrinkly, etc my stomach is! And i did preface this with AFTER diet and exercise!

Speaking of which... i was SOOOOO motivated yesterday... then i didn't get home until late, chris got home, i made spaghetti (my freaking favorite!) and it was all down hill from there! I had GREAT aspirations to at least do 8min buns and put some laundry away... instead i did 60 min buns on the couch after TWO plates of pasta and i carried a basket of laundry upstairs and put it beside my dresser! OH THE SELF SABOTAGE! But hey, at least i did some of K's laundry and carried the basket UP STAIRS!

Then K decided that she wanted to visit A LOT during the night... Little Stinker! I'm SOOO going to get her back when she's in High School and wants to sleep and i'm going to go in and wake her up telling her i just need her to spend some time with me because i miss her... lets see how cute she thinks THAT is! Mommies ALWAYS get the last laugh!

Poor little baby!

So on Saturday Kinsley spit up projectile style ALL OVER my mother-in-law. Now at first Chris and i weren't concerned because she's done this before.... OFTEN! So we changed her clothes and got her ready, again... until the threw up again... she was being so pitiful afterward too that we just didn't feel okay with it. So we told them to go ahead and we would come if she started feeling better. Well she went STRAIGHT to sleep and the woke herself up throwing up again... this is when Northern Cowboy and i looked at each other and decided that it was time to go to the doctor. But where's a doctor in a city you're not from?
Welcome GPS (piece of crap)... took us to a VERY VERY shady place... it was dark and there were half dressed people there, not welcoming... We got into triage and asked the nurse if we should go to a pediatric emergency room and she said "yes, it's right down the street".

Sweet! We walked in and immediately felt MUCH better with this choice! Got taken right back to a room too! By this point Kinsley had thrown up/gag/dry heaved at least 3 more times!

Here's my poor baby in her room!

"Daddy make it better"
My child does NOT cuddle anymore, she's always going going going and then wants to be left alone when she's tired. She couldn't get enough cuddles this time!
Well they scanned her belly and found it healthy and decided it was most likely a bug, gave her some medicine for the nausea and let it settle. Then brought in some pedialite. Let me tell you, that child sucked that bottle down like she as at a college frat party! She was HUNGRY! She kept that down and so then i fed her and she kept that down and back to the hotel she went!

She was such a little sweetie the whole time, even though i was a wreck! She's all better now and pooping with the best of them!

Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sweet little cupcake!

This morning i had to stop and get gas... so i jumped in the back seat while the pump did all the work and look what i was greeted with! She just loves spending time with everyone!

Looking at this picture I'm noticing that I think she has the "Breedlove" forehead... it's LARGE! lol, i see bangs in her future!
And we'll need bows for the bangs! This is a custom creation by, who else, Princess Couture Designs! I told her a K with a cupcake and LOOK! See my mom calls Kinsley Cupcake and I've started to do it too!

Soo good to eat!


What do you think? It's SOOO me! I know you're all like "Erin, I thought you were hooked on pink and green like a good crack habit", but NO i'm not! Pink and Green are Kinsley's signature colors and this blog is about ME. Now yes, i do pimp my daughter out like a good piece of meat on here but that's because she's APART of my life... that and i know why you all REALLY visit my blog!

Well i hope you enjoy the new layout and here's the question for the day...

What's your favorite workout to do outside of the gym (i do not have a membership)... video, jogging, stairs, couch watching.... tell me how you get it in!


Things might get bumpy, but by tonight, it will be worth it! YEA!

Yea Uncle Dan!

So this past weekend we went to Virginia Tech to watch my brother-in-law graduate! We are SO proud of him and Kinsley was his own personal little cheerleader!
I can't even begin to tell you how much attention she got at the stadium for this little outfit!

Uncle Dan is in there somewhere! YEA!
Sadly we missed his College Graduation (this was the University) because Kinsley got randomly sick and had to visit the ER in Roanoke, VA! She's fine but more on that later!

Monday, May 17, 2010

5 months!

Dear Cupcake,

You are now FIVE months old! I can't believe it. I don't know where the time has gone. You're now laughing and talking CONSTANTLY. We don't know what you're saying but you LOVE saying it! You're discovering new things every day, like rolling over! You can roll from your tummy to your back and from your back to your tummy! The first time Daddy and I saw you do it we didn't even see it. We looked down and you were on your back and then looked back again and you were on your tummy! It was so funny! Everyone thought we were silly for getting so excited!

Each morning I get the pleasure of getting you up and ready for the day! You always great me with a smile. Whether it's from your crib where i walk in to find you playing with and talking to your feet, or from right beside me in bed where i brought you when you woke up at 4 in the morning (only 30 minutes before i have to get up) hungry.

Right now your favorites are your feet (you LOVE eating them), Sesame Street (you watch it on car trips with Mommy and Daddy aren't entertaining enough for you anymore), your Sophie teether, standing (assisted), and baths! You love attention and start smiling as soon as you see a camera is pointed at you!

You've taken Daddy and my heart! Just thinking about you brings a smile to our faces and i couldn't imagine a more perfect baby! Mommy loves you baby girl, i just wish you would stop growing up so fast! I want to keep you my little peanut forever.

Later this month we're going to have you dedicated at church. You're whole family is going to be there! This means Daddy and I are going to do our best to make sure you know God and how much he loves you. So if you're ever sad, confused, lonely, or scared just lean on him baby girl. Look to him for guidance and be the best little girl you can be and everything will always be fine!

Love you more then i thought possible!

Right now Kinsley ALWAYS has a finger in her mouth chewing away!
It's so easy to get her to smile... this is literally ten minutes after she woke up!
Oh just look at the yummy rolls coming! I love to squeeze and kiss them!

I'm in love

To say i love shoes is an understatement! Shoe are the part of a wardrobe that always makes me smile! They are the part that ALWAYS fits (unless you're eight months pregnant but that's neither here nor there)! You can have fat days and still get to wear your favorite heels!

Now i stumbled across the guess website and my heart started beating faster and my palms started sweating and i got this crazy little content smile on my face. I immediately started trying to think of ways to justify needing to spend a few hundred dollars on these shoes, but other then giving me sweet unnatural bliss every time i put them on my feet, i couldn't think of a one.

So instead of buying them, i'm going to share my favorites with you!

Check out this pair... every girl needs a nude pair of shoes. Makes your legs look longer and matches everything. AND i just think this pair happens to be perfect! (Hey i don't have a pair of nude heels, is that a justification??)
I love the girlishness of eyelet and now they are on SHOES! This is too good to be true!
OKay tell me these aren't HOT! In jeans, with a skirt, or MY favorite, with a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans! OMG my heart is melting!
These are sure to stop you man in his tracks! Lepored, RED, Heel! SQUEE!!!
Platform, buckle, SNAKE! I might have just hugged myself in happiness!
OMG, i HAVE to find a justification for these! They are the reason for my exsistence! I was meant to wear these! PINK SPARKLY HEELS! If i die before i can buy these, BUY THEM and bury me in them! Seriously, treat this as my Last will and testament and DO IT... oh and buy a second pair for Kinsley so she can always remember me and the happiness i found in these shoes! (Morbid thought i know but LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!). I really think these shoes sum up my definition as a person. Fun, Pink, sophisticated practical pump, while a fun sparkly impractical pink! OMG! OKAY moving on...
Bow Chicka WOW WOW! Yea! THESE little babies are just DYING to get in my feet with a nice black pencil skirt!
And for the ever pratical woman... black... BUT with a BOW! I puffy heart bows!

okay can we just one more time....
ahhhh... much better!

Friday, May 14, 2010


So this video below is SERIOUSLY disturbing! I can't stand how terrible it is. I wouldn't have posted it but i wanted you to have a base for where my frustrations are coming from... it's hard to put into words how I feel but Blair does it QUITE well!

And now Chris has decided we will NOT have a "Tiny Dancer" in our house if this is what they will be teaching her!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's time I look to Me

So yesterday I put it out there, and you know... i'm going to keep it out there. As long as it's out then i don't feel like i'm drowning in this alone. So here's where i'm going with all of this...I've been emailing with an old friend lately and she's been going through a funk too, and she's decided to start putting herself first so that she CAN be a better mother, wife, etc. and it's funny that she decided that b/c I sort of did too without putting the phrase to it. I'm Trying to figure out what makes me tick, why i procrastinate, why i become so easily defeated. I know i deal with depression and it's being treated, but i think next time i meet with my psychiatrist we need need to treat it as more then a chemical imbalance and work more on me.

I ordered some books to help me Organize my life and to look deeper in myself (I'll let you know how they are and if they are good i'll pimp them out on here)

I decided I'm tired of dieting (Even though weight watchers SAYS it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change, IT'S A DIET to EVERYONE i've spoken to about it). I want to eat for my fuel, not for my happiness. I want my food to give me energy, not comfort. I want to have REAL food, not sodium packed frozen boxed meals ALL THE TIME!

I just want to find a way to be happy without a justification of "I will be happy when...". Don't get me wrong, my daughter, husband, family, and friends all make me VERY happy, i love them dearly and couldn't be luckier... but there's still that funk always weighing me down. And i have to look at me for that. I didn't realize yesterday that when i was ordering those books that would be my ultimate goal but i think until i'm passionate (my friends phrase) about me and taking care of me, everything else is just going to sub par.

I'm excited and overwhelmed with this new journey that I'm going to be going on but I think it's going to be a great ride (if I follow through with it!) lol.

So what are you passionate about? How do you not loose sight of who you are? How do you "Keep it real"?

The Bow Gods Have Smiled on us!

So we ALL know i have a slight problem with buying bows. They are like my crack, and let me tell you Momma has got QUITE the crack habit! Kinsley just had some new bows come in the mail and let me tell you they are SOOO FREAKING CUTE!

Here's some of her booty!

I just LOVE the Fish!
She got a different Jewel then the one shown but still VERY VERY cute!

AND she got a custom bow for her Dedication AND she was gifted a bracelet to match! Where did she get all of this fabulousness? Our favorite bow maker Princess Couture Designs! She put them all on baby snap clips for us (so they stay amazingly in Kinsley's baby-fine hair) and now she's going to be the hit of Virginia Tech when we go there tomorrow to see her Uncle graduate! YEA!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Makes it all worth it!

She's an angel!

She's my mini-me
She cheers me on when i think i can't keep going on!