Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday to ya!

Good Friday Morning to ya!

And a little Kinsley to get your weekend off to a good start!

She's READY for Summer!
Yes you may eat those chubby knees and wrist.... nom nom nom

Oh TOO cool for School. Such a diva, and LOVING it!
"What's up yo"
"Check ya later!"

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dedication and GIVEAWAY!

So Kinsley is going to get dedicated at our church on Memorial day weekend (I think I've mentioned this, yes? no?) Anyway, she is... so I'm working on her attire (because you KNOW she has to be all that and a bag of chips in front of the ENTIRE congregation!).

So here's the dress that she's going to wear
Awesomeness right??? Yeah my good friend Martiena's mom HANDmade this! It's stunning! So Kinsley must also have her signature bow for her hair... what to do... what to do... I KNOW! I went to one of my favorite creators Princess Couture Designs and guess what... she's going to create a one-of-a-kind bow for my little diva! It's going to match her dress perfectly! YEA! Here's some raving i've done about her bows before . I'm telling you ladies i LOVE her stuff! It's not just that it's incredibly cute too, it's also VERY reasonably priced AND she puts it on the clip of your choice... WHICH I LOVE because her clips ALWAYS stay on!

So why all this bragging and raving you might ask??? Because I'm holding a giveaway for these awesome hair accessories! Yes that's right! Enter to win and if you win then you can pick up to $10 worth of bows, courtesy of Princess Couture! Here's how to enter...

1. Become a public follower of my blog (see off the to right, down some)... this gets you 2 entries

2. Become a fan of Princess Couture Designs on Facebook and tell me you are (one entry)

3. Follow or become a follower of Princess Couture Designs and tell me (one entry)

4. Visit Princess Couture's website and tell me your favorite bows! (one entry)

5. Vote for me on Top Mommy blogs (hey gotta start somewhere even if it's the bottom)! one entry

6. blog about this and link it on your blog (3 entries!)

Please list a separate comment for each entry.
Contest closes Sunday, May 2nd, at 8pm. I will announce the winner on Monday, May 3rd!

Good Luck and Don't worry, I'll post when her bow arrives!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why did you give this lady a camera, photos.

Okay so we all know that every picture we take of our children is not always the best shot... that's why we blind them with the flash, because one out of 50 HAS to be good right??? Well here's some of the not so good.... some you've seen, some you haven't... enjoy

"Do you know what i just did in my pants???"
"I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too"
"Dude, that was some strong sh!t"
"Make her stop! Make her Stop!"
"She's crazy i'm telling you, CRAZY!"
This is Kinsley impression of a grumpy old man.
"oh the thumb, oh good, it's still there"
"Holy crap lady, FIND THE THUMB! FIND IT!"
"What did you put in that milk~"

She's such a funny girl! Photo shoot Wednesday!

Here's more of the happiest girl in the world... please ignore the scratch on the side of her nose... she got to her face before i could get to her nails!
"tee hee... Mommy you're so funny when you sing the ABCs!"

"Oh my favorite part! ZZZZZZZZZZ"
"Good job woman... keep it coming!"

And more Kinsley eating fun for your enjoyment.... well eating and other stuff.... lol (the second one is long and mostly for the Grandparents that enjoy watching her do nothing~

okay this video won't post.... i'll try it again later... enjoy the one that did~

Good Wednesday Morning to ya!

Not much to report here but i thought you might enjoy seeing that i'm alive! Now i swear i do NOT wear that much eye make up! I wear eye shadow, liner on top and mascara... these videos (because of the lighting) make it look like i put on bedroom eyes every day.... NOT SO! True i'm mascara addicted, but i do not wear bedroom eyes to the office! Promise!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The only good thing about being a working mom!

So we've been MIA, i know... but for good reason... i was at deaths door! Seriously! I had that 24 hour stomach thing that was coming out both ends.... oh it was TERRIBLE! I was shaking, tingling, i was dizzy and light headed, not to mention coming out BOTH ENDS! Uh!

Luckily though i have the best husband and mother-in-law. She came over and took care of Kinsley while we went to the ER and then stayed while Chris took care of me and the house. Chris helped me bathe (because you have to take a shower after you poop your pants one the way home when you were trying to release gas, yeah great!), got me lots of drinks with electrolytes in them, bought stock in chicken soup, and then he cleaned the house!

Today i'm doing MUCH better but my stomach is still hurting quite a bit and well, lets just say i'm not letting one "sneak out" still, and i'm still tired... BUT thanks to being a working Mom i was able to take Kinsley to daycare yesterday and go home and REST!

Seriously, yesterday i have never been so grateful for daycare! She didn't stay a whole day, but being able to drop her off at 8 and pick her up at 230 and to get to sleep and rest that whole time was amazing!

I puffy Heart Daycare!

Startling news!

Okay not startling news per say but startling! Just watch and see!

Isn't that the funniest thing! Bless her tiny little frozen heart!

We are eating Cereal!

This past Thursday I decided to start Kinsley on Cereal. I came to this decision based on a few things. 1. She's 4 1/2 (now almost 5) months old and you can "start" between 4-6 months. 2. The doctor told us a long time ago we could start it a little because it might help her reflux. 3. She watches, like REALLY watches me eat now and acts like she's eating too! So i thought, what the heck!
And you know i think it went REALLY well!

She's so cute! And LOVES it! She now will open her mouth in anticipation of the next bite! We have started to thicken it up and add in some butternut squash... She loved the squash at first but then after a few bites acted like i was gagging her! lol, so we stopped for the night~
Silly K!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

YES! She LOVES Sesame Street!

I don't know why but I have this deep need for Kinsley to like Sesame Street. I think it's because there are so many weird shows out there for kids that, frankly, i just find disturbing. What happened to the Sesame Streets, Smurfs, and Care Bears of my childhood? Now there's these weird purple dinosaurs, dancing things that sequel instead of talking, and tall rubber pink monsters that don't have moving mouths and look like a textured condom!

I don't want to have to throw a Textured condom party people!

So did what any decent parent would do... i went out and bought Sesame Street sing Country Songs! Oh YEA! Bring the street to the backwoods... it's a win win ALL around! Fanfreakintastic!

Here's my little cupcake completely loving it.... this is after she was STARING at it for at LEAST 10+ minutes!

Yea! I can't wait to get her more!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Photo shoot Tuesday!

I just thought Kinsley was too cute for her own good this morning with her big ole' flower!

Her daycare agreed, they were snapping photos at 630 this morning!

You have my permission to sample that delicious double chin!
nom nom nom...

Oh all that munchin got some crazy eyes!

4months and 16 days old.

More Swimming!

These photos are a little blurry but you get the jest. She is still doing great and I love spending this special time with her! She's so cute!

Here we're working on floating... sometimes we'll put her head in the water, sometimes it's on my shoulder, depends on if she just swallowed a lot of water or not...

This is how we start each exercise "Hands on the wall"

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I love clothes

But clothes don't always love me! My good friend Christina lifted my spirits by telling me how much she LOVES my vlogs because she gets to see what i'm wearing... now i'm by no means ready for New York, BUT i'm slowly making it here in DC. SO i thought i would share my shoes with you today! Squeeee!

I mean they are REALLY great (not for walking, just strutting!) They match just about everything... i got them a few years ago, at the outlets somewhere and LOVE them!
And i paired them with some AWESOME boyfriend jeans from Ann Taylor Factory Store, similar to the ones below but mine don't have all the paint globs on them....Here's more of my shoes detail! FUN!

Throw on a breast feeding tank, LONG blue crew neck, cream blousey sweater and a hip necklace and you're ready to go! Oh and a urban style brown belt! Awesome!

See i may not be where i want to be body wise yet, but i don't think that means i have to dress like i'm not there. My good work friend and i had this debate. She had a HUGE rip in her jeans and i said she needed to buy new ones
"Oh i will when i loose some weight"
m:Um just go to Old Navy and get some to make due
h: Yea but i really want to loose some weight first?
m: do you like those jeans?
h: no but i want to be smaller
m: umm okay but why are you punishing yourself for not being where you want to be? That guilt isn't going to help you loose any weight! Make yourself feel good! Hell order online so you don't have to go to the **Insert voice of doom** "FITTING ROOM" and take them back to the store if they don't fit...

Ladies, don't punish yourself or let your wardrobe slip because you don't like your size. I don't like mine BUT i still want to feel pretty and presentable. Plus Kinsley gets her picture taken A LOT (yes normally BY me but not always) so i don't want to be in all her pictures with her looking like a dowdy Mom, i want her to look back and be like "Wow mom you were Hip!"

So take care of yourself, you'll be a better mom, wife, and person for it!
But clothes don't always love me! My good friend Christina lifted my spirits by telling me how much she LOVES my vlogs because she gets to see what i'm wearing... now i'm by no means ready for New York, BUT i'm slowly making it here in DC. SO i thought i would share my shoes with you today! Squeeee!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Finally Friday!

Now tell me this face wouldn't make your whole day better! Go ahead I dare ya to look at that amazingly cute kissable dimple and not smile!
Or look at this fantastic laugh (that doesn't make a sound) and not smile!

Or those big eyes and tell me you don't want to eat her up! Notice the hint of a chunky thigh above! Oh if that child were a chicken i would want a thigh! nommm nomm nomm!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Homework already?

Yeah so I look in KK's box on Monday and there's papers to take home... i throw them in the bag and promptly forget about them. So we get home yesterday (after finding out she has a fever, most likely due to teething) and i see them on the table and think "i should probably look at those"... so i do and do you know what??? The Kid has HOMEWORK! Yeah! At Age 4 months! I mean seriously?!?!? The note says to take this paper doll and decorate it with your child to represent her and her family. Yeah OKAY! Let me take my 4month old and give her some scissors and glue! GREAT idea! She can then cut her mouth open after she glues it shut from sucking on the glue... forget about markers or crayons, i don't feel like seeing multi colored poop for days!

So what does all this mean??? It means I, the Mommy, have to do it, OBVIOUSLY! And since it's SOOO obvious that her Mommy will be doing it FOR her i knew it had to be pretty decent since, HELLO i'm not 2! SO i got out the scrapbook stuff and went for it! It was actually kind of fun!
I would like to point out a few details: Notice the mandatory bow! Do you see her earring? They are little rhinestones! She has a cross bracelet and we could never forget the puppies (even if we do want them to go sleep somewhere else)! I think i did pretty good, if i do say so myself! A+ to me!

And now it's McFatty Thursday and this weeks edition will be in the form of a Vlog!

So what do you think? Should i vlog again? Let me know! Hey if you want send me a webcam and i'll vlog CONSTANTLY with Kinsley at home! You'll get the two of us for the price of one!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today i will be "running" a 5k at my work. I can't remember WHY we're doing this or more importantly why I PERSONALLY am doing this but I am, i paid $10 and told my friend i would so i am... get the paramedics ready because NO i have not been "training", actually i haven't jogged since before i was pregnant! Yep, this should be good...

So i promised you, now here's a picture of my "My Stash"! This is all in the basement deep freezer. It rarely gets touched and is always added to! I usually only dip into the stash on Monday mornings for daycare. And i don't need all her bottles from there because i always pump enough for at least one each morning. Plus when we go out i always pump ahead of time so she has milk. Each of those bags hold 2+ oz each. I think the average is 3 in each bag, some more, some less. I think i have one maybe two months of supply there? Yes?

This is not just an extremely cute picture of my daughters bottom, it's also her birthmark (or what Chris and i believe is her birthmark). See it? It's really faint, it's the dark shadow on the right side right above the hairy patch above her crack (gentle i know). Ever since she was like a month old Chris and i have been asking each other "Is this a bruise?" so now we're chalking it up to a birthmark! CUTE!
Now prepare yourself for the cuteness that is about to ensue.... sleeping baby this morning as we arrive at daycare.... bestill my heart i just want to SQUEEZE her she so cute!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I did it!

Yep i got my hair cut... What do you think?

I know it's nothing CRAZY different but it feels MUCH different to me... i'm still working on styling it so that it looks different then my previous style, but i'm not so great with that, since my hair is trained to have the part, etc.

So this morning was WICKED hard to wake up. Kinsley woke up twice during the night! UH! I'm so sleepy! This morning she was so tired too that i just sent her off to daycare in her PJs (with a change of clothes for when she woke up). Bless her heart, if only i could come to work in my PJs... man i wish telecommuting was an option!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Little bit of a melt down and NEW shopping fun!

So i got my hair cut this weekend... photo to follow... and while there we had a bit of a melt down. I've been very stressed lately, feeling like a single mother because Chris's job is entirely out of control. So Saturday i go to get my hair cut. There were no husbands, grandmothers, or friends that were around to watch Kinsley so I took her with me... she's been in a good mood~

I feed her before we go in... she's ALL smiles. I'm getting my hair washed and we're still smiling!
I sit to begin the cut and just as the first snip is about to happen... Kinsley decides she's DONE!

Great! I try to comfort her, NOPE.... i try to FEED her, NOPE! Nothing is working! I'm now THAT woman with a screaming infant IN a salon! Uh I know i know!

Just as i'm in tears a VERY pregnant stylist comes over and offers to hold her, SWEET! And Kinsley is perfectly happy for the rest of the time! Doesn't help that i know that MY stylist never wants children~ Great!

Oh so I LOVE children's consignment stores! I mean they are only going to be in the clothes for 2-3 months max so why waste a lot of money on them right? Well there's this new website where it's an online clothing swap! How cool! You put a box of your gently used, still in great shape kids clothes on there and pick up other peoples clothes! How cool! I've picked my first box so when it arrives i'll let you know what i think... but here's the other good part... you get to rate the people that you receive boxes from! So eventually you an save your favorites and steer clear of the crappy ones and all you pay is shipping for your box!

You might need an invite to join so let me know if you want one and i'll send it your way!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

When to make the "K" silent for your child...

So Kinsley's school is having a fundraiser through a bookf air or whatever, basically i order a book and they get one free... great right??? yeah, until i ran across this book...
I'm a phonetic person... i read it like it sounds... what if my daughter is too??? How would i explain this one???
Couldn't you just see it now? 4 year old Kinsley running around "I want Knut" "I want Knut" OBVIOUSLY not something i want her sharing with the church! Oh, Lord!

Day at Home...

4 Months Old!

We had our 4 month appointment and she is a STRING BEAN! She is 25 1/4" LONG! Look at her grow! I'm thinking Model or Ballerina!
And she's only 12lbs 13.5oz! What a tall drink of water my little cupcake is!