Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You know what?

I REALLY miss getting to lay on my belly. Getting to lay on my belly on the floor next to my daughter. Getting to lay on my belly to stretch out my hurting back. I miss it!

Know what else? I Hate it that my crotch (sorry Mom and Seph) hurts ALL.THE.TIME. It's most likely "lightning crotch" which is when your ligaments, etc are stretching in preparation for birth and you get real zinging pain in the lady regions. I got it with Kinsley. With Parker? It's earlier and ALL.THE.TIME! I'll be hitting up the OB tomorrow to drink some nasty sugar drink and have them drain my blood an hour later to see if I'm getting fat because of Gestational Diabetes or just because I am a PRO at gaining weight. So, I'll ask them what's up with my lightning then.

I'm also tired. VERY tired. I have moments where I think, WOW I can function... then it's promptly glazed over with the same extreme exhaustion that I'm used to. Tease. It doesn't help that i have a MILLION things to do for this weekend and not enough time to do them, especially with a crazy toddler demanding my attention (not that i don't love it, she's awesome like that).

You know what else? My Cowboy is a rock star. He came home last night and did ALL the dishes, cleaned/picked up the downstairs, and dealt with the dogs and some laundry. He just walked in and did it. Yes, I'm lucky like that.

See, you thought i was going to complain the WHOLE post! Man I'm full of surprises!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

it's very possible i'm the worst mother ever at taking pictures.

It's true. We had a great if you don't count the 10 hour car ride stuck in traffic with a screaming 2 year old trip and I really don't have that many pictures to show for it! Well, what are we going to do? So instead of bombarding you with a million pictures I'll bombard you with a million stories and a few pictures. Deal?

So the trip down, womp womp. Yeah it started at 6am and ended at 4pm! OH.MY.GAWD! The traffic was terrible in the beginning and terrible in the end. In the middle we had some laughs.

Like when my daughter turned into Stewey (Mom. Mommy, Momma, Mom, MOM, fruit snacks?).

Or when i told her no fruit snacks so she immediately without missing a beat went to Chris "Dad, Daddy, Dad, CHRIS!" Yeah she hollard for CHRIS! lol. We had a good laugh about that one.

Then there was the amazingballs Bojangles lunch (if you don't know what Bo-J's is then i don't have time for you, you'll have to google it and be jealous that you've never tasted the yummy greasy goodness of it). When we were in the drive through the lady at the window kept saying "OOOOh Dawg, LAWD have Mercy!" I mean like 4-5 times while we waited at the window. It was so bad as soon as Chris pulled away we both just looked at each other and died laughing.

The trip started with me getting Kinsley dressed and telling her we're going to see Sasha and PopPop that day, her response was "YEA!!!" in the tenth hour i told her we were almost there and didn't she want to see Sasha and PopPop, her response was "NOOOOO, I like see Sasha PopPop" while she shook her head no, which means she doesn't like something. She never says "I like it" and means that she actually likes something, she always says "I like it" while shaking her head no, meaning I don't like it.

So we get there and she's happy as a clam and after dinner and running around after the dogs, she had a full evening of helping Sasha cook for the next day.
Cooking cornbread stuffing is serious stuff!

"Yea! I did it Mommy!"

Kinsley's constant request while cooking was "I eat it?" and Sasha always said yes... then K wanted to eat the raw onions. My Mom doubted she would like it, to which I laughed because that was just challenging my daughters taste buds and K never backs down from a challenge. She had four pieces.
The next day we woke up and "Uh Seph" (aka Uncle Seph) heard about all the "I Cookin!" and had Kinsley help him make pancakes... yes i know I'm a rock star photographer!

That went well and so we played for a while afterwards and I was promptly worn out and deemed that K was too, so we were both going to take a nap. Kinsley was not interested in a nap. But, upon fear of death, or loss of her passy, I told her she MUST stay in her bed. My brother took this picture since i was completely dead to the world.

Hey, she's still in the bed!

Then after Thanksgiving dinner it was silly time with PopPop

There's a lot of those pictures because 1. How cute is that baby on my Dad and 2. It reminds me of playing with my Dad.

While in NC my Mom also booked a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. It was awesome. I'll review it if there's interest but I'll sum it up here with 1. Kinsley is fearless and wanted to do all slides and wave pools, sans Momma. 2. OMG look at her goggles!

It was a great trip. It only took 8 hours I think to get home. We took a longer way to avoid traffic and had a few long stops (to get prune juice to unclog my baby... oh she's unclogged alright!).

The icing on the cake? Get to see my parents again THIS weekend for K's second birthday. YEA my kid is going to be 2!!!! Like whoa.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving too!

Monday, November 28, 2011

late but here's the 27wk update

So I'm just doing an update because in a few days I'll take the 28 week picture AND my first pic in the 3rd Trimester!!!!

How far along? 27 weeks and 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: 20+/- pounds
Maternity clothes? yeah and some of my maternity ones aren't fitting the way i would prefer because this kid is riding HIGH!
Sleep: I mean REALLY!?!? You still want me to answer this one? I get perfectly comfortable and fall asleep surrounded in a cocoon of pillows and blankets only to wake up covered in sweat. So I ditch the pillows and now wake up with hip pain... what's a girl to do?
Best moment this week: Getting to show my big ole belly to my family!
Movement: Definitely. He is everywhere and loves to let me know when a particular pair of pants doesn't fit to his liking. lol
Food cravings: I could live off cereal. really... or spaghetti!
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: No thank you. Although i do get a lot of Braxton Hicks when I'm too active.
Belly Button in or out? Still in. I think it was flatter by this time with K but it's still a little cave with Parker.
Stretch marks? I don’t want to talk about it. I think he's trying to make some of his own...
What I miss: Wine, real beer (no non-alch beer). Being able to roll over without grunting.
What I am looking forward to: Getting the GD (gestational diabetes) test over with this week.
Weekly Wisdom: Buy a maternity support belt. The BIG one. Not the little band kind, the strap it on like you mean it kind... it will do a body good.
Milestones: Parker has lodged himself in my crotch.

So yeah Parker is head down and I'm constantly being attacked with Lighting Crotch. It hurts, it's no fun. Chris thinks this pain would be a turn on. It's not. Need I repeat again, it HURTS! It's a shooting pain in your lady parts that is caused from the pressure of the head being down... yea, his HUGE head is down... know how i know it's huge, because it HURTS ALL THE TIME!!!! I don't get twinges, i get it ALL THE TIME!

thanks Parker.

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Belly is big, luckily it's comparable

This weekend i shipped my kid off to the in-laws. She started with grandma, went to brother-in-law/sister-in-laws and then finished up at g-mas again! I was sad slightly when i spoke to her on the phone but honestly, it was GLORIOUS! I got some stuff done. I SAW BREAKING DAWN! (yes i was alone with a 100 preteen girls and about 20 moms, we all bonded) and I got to sleep in!!! Sort of, if you count 730 as sleeping in, I do!

But I still did stuff and it was hard. Laundry is hard. Picking up the house, is hard. Functioning is starting to get hard. Despite my lack of midsection I am carrying this child very differently. Most likely because K liked having her skull crammed as far down in my pelvis as possible and this kid likes to tap dance in my pelvis. Kinsley slept when i slept, this kid i think wants a beer or something because he's partying. PLUS he's a swimmer. K was never a swimmer, she was content to just be head down and give me major pelvic pain... Parker, He likes to try out many different positions and turns and it makes me want to vomit. Seriously.

So I feel huge, but in a different way. The good thing is this time we have different couches! While they aren't as comfy as the old one they make for getting up much easier, which is good since Chris is back to working like a Mexican.

My baby shower is in two weeks and the only thing i can think about is WHAT IF I DON"T GET PARKERS BEDDING!?!?!? Stupid I know. I mean 1. it's sold in a set so that makes it flipping expensive. 2. people still have 2 weeks to band together and chip in and show the love together! 3. UM Chris and I will just buy it, DUH. but regardless that is a constant thought in my mind.

Oh and I finished K's 1 year book. You know, everything Kinsley from the time she was born until right before her party. Yea that book is $158! DO WHAT!?!? Robbery I'm telling you! Well, it's done... we'll see when I actually buy it from the bloodsucking photo sight that won't combine all my promotional $20 cards from buying over priced maternity clothes... thanks bitches.

More up dates later? K?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some things make me sad, and it's my blog so i get to talk about them!

There's a article out that says there's a new test that will determine if your baby has down syndrome or not. It's a blood test so there isn't the risk of miscarriage linked with other test available.

Here's the thing. 92% of mothers who are told their baby will definitely have this extra chromosome choose abortion. THAT HUGE! AND sad. I know there are complications that go along with this, I know that you also have the chance that you will be faced to raise a perpetual "child". BUT there are SO many benefits to having that blessing in your life! And God didn't choose you for this child to hurt you, he chose you because he thought you were worthy of it!

In the article it talks about possible eliminating this "disease" from our population. I know there's this whole "survival of the fittest" but this doesn't show me how strong we are as people, but how weak we are to not want to take on the challenge.

It's pretty obvious that I'm a pro-lifer, I don't try to hide that fact. But, this makes my heart hurt so bad. A woman is terminating a child that she most likely REALLY wanted because it's not "perfect" in her eyes. WHO IS SHE TO SAY WHAT IS PERFECT!?!?! It's bad enough to terminate babies because they just aren't "ready for a child" and they can't "consider adoption" (because it's SO much better to kill a baby than give it up to a family wanting a baby)... but to kill a baby because they aren't "perfect".

I'm really sadden by what our world is coming to.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from K's school!

Every year Kinsley's school does a Thanksgiving dinner and it's so much fun to get to sit and talk to the teachers and parents and watch the kids play together. Boy do the kids like to play while we're there, little show offs. Here's a picture explosion of the event!
So I asked K to give me a pretty smile and this is what I got...

LOVING her mashed potatoes, just like her Daddy!

This is her "I just saw Grandma face!"

Grandma Love

Going in for some Daddy love!

K has been very proud of herself lately because she's been drinking from a big girl cup. She drinks from it and then says "I Big girl!"


A little playtime showing off!

This is her surprise face! The music just came on and she was excited to say the least! This is the face I see when she pee pees in the potty too! Priceless!
And what would a party be without the Chicken dance? Sorry it's a terrible video but it's still cute!

26 weeks... wait that's it?!?!

With Parker:
Here's me with Kinsley:

I would say Parker's got a lot more point to him!

Alright here's the deets

How far along? 26 weeks
Baby's weight: Anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5, I'm going to say on the higher end since i make big babies! Me?? Oh I've gained 20lbs... HOLY WHAT?!? yea... that needs to slow down since it's about to speed up! UH!
Stretch Marks? only leftovers
Sleep? OMG so last night I went to bed at 7pm!!! It's was AMAZING! I'm still a walking zombie but get this... BIL and SIL are going to babysit tonight and THEN Grandma is going to have K spend the night!!! I GET TO SLEEP IN!!! Something about this week (time change? growth spurt) has made me feel like I'm in the first tri again.
Best moment this week: Sleeping ten hours last night!!
Movement? Not a ton this week. I feel him kicking and moving but it's not as pronounced as it was... maybe he's as tired as i am!
Food Cravings: None... don't want any... I mean I'll eat but NOTHING sounds good.
Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: None but I've been getting a lot of braxton hicks lately.
Belly Button in or out? barely in
What I miss: Wine. I just really want to drink some wine without guilt!
What I am looking forward to: I get to see my family in 5 days!!!!
Weekly Wisdom: If you have family that is willing to help USE THEM! It's hard and take it from a girl that used to never ask for help... ASK! It's SOOO worth it!
Milestones: None, I'm so behind I just want to make it through the week!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

uh i HAVE to do something with my house!!!!

I know, i know, i have a few things on my plate right now (finishing up the toddler room, beginning AND finishing the nursery, painting the hallway, paying for a outrageous vet bills, having a baby, having a 2 year old's birthday party, thanksgiving, Christmas) but the lack of completeness in my house is driving me INSANE!

My awesome Brother and Sister in law are going to help us paint and stuff the nursery and hallway. So that's a check. I'm going to paint the Kids bathroom and then my co-worker is going to come over and hand paint under the sea touches to customize it for the kids. So those are my main priorities right now. AND mostly i have all the tools (paint) to get it done.

But OH dear love of the master bedroom! It's TERRIBLE! There's NO paint on the walls, NO curtains hung, NO artwork or decor of any kind hung up. It's BARE! It's NAKED! It's BORING! I would LOVE to something crazy and bold! Like an accent Terra Cotta wall, but i think the hubs might leave me for that one.

The Kitchen, so NOT me. I want yellow, country chic. I don't like country/plaid clutter, but clean lines with a country/homey flair.

When all that is done I might stop complaining... for a while...

Why isn't there a hold button in life?

Kinsley surprises us every day with how much she is growing and learning. Last night Chris and I just laughed with each other at how "grown-up" K is. These moments with her are so special and a lot of times I get reminded of that when i see her through Chris's eyes. Last night after a books and a song she got up and climbed into her toddler bed to bed tucked in. Chris just looked at me with a face that said "She's putting herself to sleep!". I'm used to this because I tuck her in every night, where he works late many nights and misses it. Last night he also got the "Barbara says" speech... where she repeats every rule her preschool teacher has, yet rarely follows them at home. lol.

She's just so much fun and so silly and I find I have to MAKE myself slow down and just play with her rather than worrying about dinner or cleaning up the kitchen sometimes. There will always be a kitchen to clean and hands to wipe, but there won't always be a little girl looking up at me giggling saying "Play Mommy" "Me too Mommy" "pumpkin in my belly Mommy"... those times will slip away and I will find myself wishing I hadn't worried so much about about the everyday or being too tired.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beginning of Real Potty Training...

There's nothing more joyful than the sounds of your toddler running through the house yelling PEE PEE POTTY! MIMIE MOUSE PANTIES! Wait, Whaaaa?

I took Kinsley's love of naked time as a sign that she wanted to potty train (rather than going in the other direction and her trying to tell us what she wants to be when she grows up, entirely unacceptable!). We've had most of the "tools" for a while; you know, panties, potty, candy. I'M just not personally ready for this. I've got enough on my plate without worrying if she's peeing all over my floors and furniture WITH the dogs. It would be pretty funny if she would pee ON them though... oh a girl can dream.

So last night I got more excited than a grown woman should about Minnie Mouse panties for my little girl. She got an M&M for sitting and trying on the potty when she thought she needed to go. She got two if she actually PUT pee pee IN the potty. Here's the thing. She has this toilet that plays music when she pees... OR just scoots the right way! Kinsley's face is all happy with "THE MUSIC PLAYED! I pee peed and get TWO candies!" when in fact she did NOT pee pee. Not at all. But how do you explain to a toddler that the potty is playing a cruel joke on her and making her think she pottied when in fact she didn't so therefore she only gets one piece of candy. UH!

So we'll be trying again tonight and hoping that the lying potty keeps it's trap shut unless we really have something to celebrate.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

25 weeks and 4 days

OMG i feel HUGE! These last few days I've been feeling VERY big and tired. He must be growing, AGAIN. I know that's a good thing and I'm very happy about it, but that doesn't make it less tiring! NOT to mention I have a child, a TODDLER, a busy toddler. lol. I've been dreaming a lot about Parker lately. I would dream some about K but not A LOT... with Park I'm dreaming about how he looks, etc. I think it has something to do with I know basically what to expect this time around, where with K I didn't so I couldn't be specific in my dreams. Honestly I'm REALLY jonesing to hold him!
How far along? 25 weeks 4 days

Baby's weight: A little over a pound and a half
Stretch Marks? only leftovers from when i was pregnant from K, don't think i would see new ones since K did such a good job of decorating me before.
Sleep? RIIIGHT, sleep between a huge belly that is always feeling like it's going to fall off and a toddler that will still wake up and need reminding to go back to sleep... even though it's been 2 nights since that's happened, knock on wood.
Best moment this week: SEEING my belly move! He's a wild man!
Movement? Yeah he likes to dance parties in there at the most interesting times...
Food Cravings: Not really into food right now. Sometimes something sounds okay but nothing really makes my knees quiver.
Gender: BOY!

Labor Signs: no, although I've been having A LOT of labor dreams! wild... not early labor but I'm full term and in labor...

Belly Button in or out? barely in

What I miss: being able to bend... having a toddler there's a lot of bending... i don't do it so well.
What I am looking forward to: seeing my family next week

Weekly Wisdom: Make your toddler your admin assistant, they are GREAT at doing the "low" work. "Can you hand Mommy that thing she dropped yet again?"
Milestones: K's clothes are sorted so now Parker has his nursery back, just need to get started on his nursery...

Monday, November 14, 2011

She doesn't like clothes, no I don't have pictures!

This past weekend we went to visit my BFF who just moved back to NC. It was so great to get to SEE her again! Kinsley, though, decided to take this opportunity to begin her dislike for clothing. I took a moment to sit down on the couch and rest during the party they were having on Saturday night when one of our friends mentions to me so just saw K with half a diaper running down the hallway. I asked her if she meant half a diaper and nothing else on and that was confirmed.

I bolted down the hall like a mad woman, for fear that my daughter was "marking" the house like feral dog, to find her in the back with jeans around her ankles trying to get the other half of her diaper off. When I asked her what she was doing she responded by smiling at me with a "oops i got caught" look. OOOh child.

Then last night once we had returned home she promptly went up to her room and started stripping. Pants-gone. Diaper-history. She then wanted to put on princess pull ups... yea but as soon as those were one they were off too. THEN she "claimed" she wanted to pee pee in the potty, when really she just wanted to sit on it naked and stick her feet in it, LUCKILY with no pee in it at the time.

After being informed by Cowboy that "YOUR daughter is running around naked", I informed him that "HIS daughter wasn't listening to me so it was up to him to get a diaper to stay on the naked butt.

Think she's trying to tell me something? Like it's time to seriously potty train? Yeah that's what i thought too. Damn, i'm soooo not ready for this!

Alright, give me all your tips, especially what you did at night and in cars. It's got to happen.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Food, it has a whole new meaning

Food with this pregnancy is pretty different. It's a take it or leave it kind of thing. Some days I could care less about it and just eat cereal all day. I'll make a full out dinner for everyone and then sit down with a bowl of Cheerios.

Other days it is sent from God. For example. One night I was driving home, earlier that day I had heard mentioned Taco Bell. Well it came to a point where I HAD to go out of my way to find a taco bell and devourer their yummy goodness! And I DID! As soon as it touched my lips I was taken into another kind of happiness I've rarely experienced. I wanted to call friends and family and tell them to RUN to their nearest Taco Bell, because surely something has changed in the way they make these tasty treats. What that taco did to my taste buds can only be called orgasmic.

Very few foods make my toes curl up and quiver this pregnancy (where a burger always did when i was pregnant with K), and I'm not always guaranteed that it will do each time i eat that food.

Oh but when it happens!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I fear I must wake earlier...

Right now here's the general schedule.

5:40ish roll out of bed and shower, earlier if i have to wash my hair, which means i need to dry it.
5:40-6:10 shower, get clothes on, etc. Pack food for work (if K isn't up yet) and take everything to car.
6:10 go up and wake up K, again, if she isn't already up. get her ready/
6:25 head out to daycare
6:30-640ish drop of K at daycare, set up her breakfast, etc
7:30-4 (or 430 if i'm earning time) work
445-515 somewhere in there pick up k
5-630 get home at some point, feed and let dogs out. try to get something going for dinner. go on a walk or play with K.
630-7 start bedtime routine, bath, teeth, books, songs, bed
by 730 she'll be down, if not earlier
730ish eat dinner since normally i'm running behind and feeding K whatever I can come up with while cooking Chris and mine for later.
rest of the evening until 9 or so, veg out from pure exhaustion
9-930 go to bed.

Here's what I know
1. I NEED 8 hours of sleep... since i never sleep all 8 I need to try to for at least that.
2. I'm pregnant and always tired...
3. We need to clean more, I REALLY want the dishes done each night but i'm tired of being the one to do them most of the time
4. I need my evenings more manageable so I can cater to K more.

Here's what i'm thinking...
5-545 Get up and get ready
545-610 Prep any dinner for that night, get my food for work together, etc.
610 get up k and get her ready
625 out the door to daycare
640 leave daycare for work
730-430 (we'll just plan for a late night since i need to earn A LOT of credit hours) work
515 pick up K
525 throw dinner in oven or finish it up almost to point of eating, feed dogs, let them out
550ish eat dinner (or at least give K non-mac and cheese or chicken nugget dinner for 100th time in a row)
610 (she's a fast eater)-700 play, go on a walk (in the dark, YEA winter) watch Mickey Mouse!
7-730 bedtime routine
730-9 feed myself (if not previously done) clean up what i can of the kitchen (if Chris still isn't home to eat) switch laundry (during a commercial), clean one room (during a commercial, like the 1/2 bath... something pretty quick)
9 be IN BED to SLEEP!

I don't know if it's doable. I mena getting up at 5 won't KILL me... might feel like it when i look over at the snoring hubs, but I need more time and staying up later to do stuff isn't going to happen because i'm dead on my feet before i even leave the office. And dinner is my main struggle (even though i've mastered fast meals).

I love the colder weather but i hate winter for the simple fact of lack of sunlight!

My back is taking names!

Oh yea, it's on a war path and I'm it's first battle. Right now, I'm loosing, badly. It hurt so bad last night that just attempting to pick up my toddler almost sent me to my knees in pain. Nothing hurts a Mama's heart more than hear "Hold you" (her version of Hold me) and not being able to. I would try to sit down on the floor and do it, not good enough for her. Finally Mickey Mouse helped a Mama out by entertaining her enough that sitting on the couch with me was "Hold You" quality snuggles.

This morning, not a lot better. I had hoped that a good nights rest would heal my piece of shit back, nope. Instead it taunted me in my dreams by having me dream about a hurting back and then i would wake up to roll over and it would wake me up more because it still hurt. Backs a bitch!

This morning on our way downstairs Kinsley started her chorus of "Hold YOU" and so i had to scoot on my butt down the stairs while she sat on my lap. Luckily she thought it was a silly game.

Today i'm going to do some Pilates at lunch in hopes of stretching and strengthing it. I refuse to give up, I ALWAYS WIN!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I was pregnant and we went to a wedding

I could end the post right there and you would already understand everything I'm about to tell you without having to say a single word, BUT i won't because i know you want photos, right?

So it ALL started with a dress from ebay. A very pretty dress that i felt like a huge, square house in. YEA! But it's from ebay so i can't return it, so i WILL wear it... but i just couldn't this weekend and feel pretty. LUCKILY my good friend called me and she had an AMAZINGBALLS dress for me to borrow! It hung so nicely around my belly! I just loved it! Want to be pregnant again to borrow it again!

Here's the Cowboy and I

Seriously, if it wasn't for this woman below i wouldn't have lasted as long as I did at the wedding. Germaine's pregnant too and we kept each others spirits up despite all the drunk husbands people around us.

This couple rode with us to and from. They are great and Lisa was a good person to have a double date with. Very sweet girl.

OMG my CHINS!!!!

Oh, this one. Scott. Yea, Scott has a minor obsession with pregnant women. He thinks, despite our multiple chins and bat wing arms, we're hot. And it's hard to keep his hands off the belly. Flattering, but weird.

It was a great wedding, despite the fact that I couldn't have a drink and it hurt like no other to stand and dance. But anything for that happy couple, they were and are beautiful and I'm so happy i got to see and be at their special day~

WOW this pregnancy is brutal!

So if I do ANYTHING it seems like I'm going to end up with a back ache! I always had a little bit of lower back pain with Kinsley, but it was more of an irritant than hindering. Well not this time around.

Saturday I used the morning to clean the inside of my car. I vacuumed, amoralled, and even shampooed my seats and carpets (with my Green machine!). After that I did a few things, then laid down for a nap. Got up, got ready, went to a wedding, and got to bed late.

Sunday we really didn't do anything except try to survive until Kinsley would take a nap, since she didn't fall back and I got to bed so late. After that we picked up some and I sat on the bed and fold a pile of laundry taller than Kinsley.

The thing, ALL DAY Sunday my back felt like it was going to break in two! I was in SOOOO much pain! Today I still am. It's not AS bad, but it's still bad.

I didn't do heavy lifting! I just cleaned a car.

Apparently my back is NOT willing to let me do anything, OBVIOUSLY my back hasn't met my toddler or husband. Doing nothing = not a chance.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Things you never thought you would say, and then you became a Mom

We don't lick our socks!
Please don't wipe Mommy's bottom!
Don't touch Sadie's butt hole!
Don't talk about Mommy's boobies in public.
Please don't take your clothes off (while outside).
That's how Daddy's go peepee in the potty.
Furniture Polish is NOT juice!

You have any good ones?

Such an amazing night!

I don't have pictures just stories. Chris was out of town last night for a conference (yes i was alone AGAIN with a toddler, sick dog, well dog, and a baking baby!) and I was stressed about it, so I did what any other good Mom would do and got Burger King for dinner!

Kinsley and I went home, fed the dogs and gave Sadie her pills, took them out and then sat down to our cheeseburgers.

Afterwards we went for a walk. She wanted to go to the slide (mini playground in my neighborhood) and since we still had a while before bedtime i said yes. She was SOOO excited (because I almost always say "another time"), she squealed with delight! We went over and she played on the slide, I ran after her, then something amazing happened. I was teaching her how to climb the ladder and she started counting. She counted all the way to TEN WITHOUT my help! Then she did it again and again! I was so proud of her! I knew she knew her numbers but normally we help her along, not last night!

Eventually the burger caught up with me and I explained to Kinsley that I had to potty and didn't have a diaper on so we needed to go. With promises of Mickey Mouse she took it rather well!

We got her ready for bed then snuggled on the couch watching Mickey. Went upstairs, read a book and sang a few songs before she went to bed.

After I cleaned up I laid down on the couch to watch my guilty obsession (Vampire Diaries!) and my little boy started dancing. So I lifted up my shirt and got my first show of SEEING him kick all over my belly! He was going crazy!

All in all, an amazing night. Could have only been made better if my Cowboy could have been there to share it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kinsley's new love and WTF CO-WORKER!?!?

Kinsley has a new love, the Carousel. She thought it was the best thing and wanted to slap a Momma for not telling her about it sooner. This is the smile she had as soon as her little butt hit that horse!
Every time she passed me as she went around I was greeted with a smile so big it could have knocked me over!

To put it mildly she did NOT want to get off! lol.

No what's up with my co-irker? Oh the little hussy came by my office and the convo went something like this:

Hussy: So when are you do again?
Me: February!
Hussy: Oh my, really? Are you sure? Aren't You a little big?
Me: (WHY YOU STUPID MOTHER....) Well it is my second child
Hussy: Oh so you stretch out more? I don't know, my kids are adopted.
Me: (Just because you have never experienced pregnancy doesn't NOT mean you are allowed to be stupid and call a girl fat you KD##)$()_WZksd!!!) oh ok...
Hussy: I mean you ARE sure there's only one right?
Me: yes

OH MY LAWD!~ She's lucky I let her walk away! Why, WHY, would you say that to someone??!?! "Aren't you a little big?" WHERE in her TINY little brain did THAT comment even begin to sound okay to voice?!?!? Oh she's on my list! And she just put herself near the top!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

yea she's cute but DANG that passy!

So today is picture day at school and we had to work for this outfit! I had another planned, until i realized that I have forgotten to buy her tights. She only has one pair of tights right now (will be remedied this afternoon!) and they came with a Christmas dress from my friend. Well I didn't want her school pictures to be Christmas pictures so here's what we came up with, I think she's rocking it!
But oh that dang passy!

It's all she talks about and it's creeped back into our lives the way chocolate does in a diet.

Quick, run, one last hug for Momma!

So if you have any tips on getting rid of her passy let me know. We tried giving them away... i caved early so i don't think that will work again. Some of them have holes in them from her chewing them so lack of suction isn't a concern of hers. Do i just need to do it and deal with it? OH how sad our house will be...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

She's a Professional Y'all

Trick or Treater that is! The first few houses I had to really work with her to get her to say "Trick or Treat", or in her words "Or Treeet", and then tell the people thank you for candy but once she realized what it got her I couldn't stop her. She didn't even want to wait for me to get to the doors! She would pass other kids and then, THEN, she started going to houses twice! We only went around to the townhouses in our circle because, hello she's not even 2 and well, I'll be eating her candy (except for the lollipops) but she hit those houses and she hit them hard and often, they didn't even see my trick or treating ninja Elmo coming! Okay, well MAYBE they did, after all she was a 3 foot tall red furry Elmo, but they didn't care~

"Or Tweeet" (Why am I saying this? This is so weird...)
Whoa, that person gave me candy!

Mom, check it out, Candy! And I didn't do ANYTHING to get it! I swear I didn't steel it!

K's little friend REEEEEEECE or as her parents like to call her Reece.

Running to the next house, she thought this was a pretty cool concept.

Nico! Nicolas was fierce lion! 
Super Jackson! So handsome... K just loves him!

Our happy family!

I'm going to show this lollipop who's boss Daddy!


Kinsley LOVED her trick or treating experience. She visited all of her friends around the circle, twice, and got candy for it! She always insisted on having one piece of candy in each hand, which was a problem when it was time to get another piece, often she tried a candy exchange by putting down one piece and picking out a new one. Don't worry, the kind neighbors gave her back her other piece of candy! After a few houses she didn't even need a lot of prompting to knock, say trick or treat, and then thank you. Often she was so fast i caught her saying it on her own!
Does a Momma proud!