Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How should a southern girl eat??

This is a topic that has been up for debate for centuries... It's such a difficult topic to settle since a southern girl is supposed to be able to cook... and not just a nice tossed salad, but huge filling (from scratch) farm meals~! So if a woman from the south is supposed to be able to cook fried chicken, home-made biscuits, apple pie, etc then should she be allowed to eat said food? This is a question because the south is the capital of beauty pageants. And no one likes a double chinned beauty queen~

This topic popped into my mind as i was sitting here eating my egg beaters, after having finished my extra protein slim fast on the way into work. I was looking at my food thinking "Seriously, this is what i have been reduced to in order to loose weight?!?!?". Now eggs are a southern food, but they are normally fried or cooked scrambled with cheese in bacon grease (hey sounds gross but it's really amazing!).

So this is why i believe there are so many bulimics in the world, and no i am not making light of a very sad condition... but in a way we're encouraging this condition... I mean what else is a girl to do when she spends all day cooking up fried chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese, fluffy mashed potatoes, bacon green beans and fried okra?!? It's simply not an option to not eat is it?... ah but there is way....

Enter the ultimate Southern Hostess... As a party thrower (and i only do theme parties with food matched to the theme) i have learned that a good hostess simply does not have a moment to eat, even at dinner parties! You mingle or help progress the conversation. You refill drinks, or platters... you get the next course ready, etc. So you basically peck like a bird that is on it's way to extinction. And here is how the southern girl eats!

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