Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What makes you Happy Happy Happy

This post is going to go ALL over the place y'all so brace yourselves and hold on!

first this happened this morning:
Do you watch Duck Dynasty? You should because OMG awesome show and Parker agrees! HA

This girl is my love

I mean check out her style this past weekend for Dance! I love her!

So we went on a date to get her favorite, donuts, after lunch. She ate the top of her donut and i ate my one munchkin!

Then my genius 3 year old brought this over to me... she just HAPPENED to write her name, by herself, without my help! Amazing!

Next... I've lost 4 lbs!!!! BUT i think i gained it back tonight, UH. I got home and ate some chips and dip... was ready to shop and then run, but then we ran out of time and so i didn't... I took the dogs to vet and got home and the hubs had McDonald's for me... thanks to him but dangit to me!

So I hope my running friend is in for a beating tomorrow because I'm going to make her up the pace so i can down the weight... bwah ha ha!

I haven't had any amazing things happen with my body, no dramatic weight loss and no sizes lost or inches gone but i'm running and I have been for going on my 5th week!! I'm doing it and loving it! I want to get out there every day and run! So i'll take that small victory!
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