Wednesday, December 4, 2013

She's 4...

Somehow my sweet first born is 4! Today is her birthday and it's actually hitting me hard. Normally I spend so much time on celebrating birthdays that I don't have time for it to emotionally hit me... but today, her birthday is in the middle of the week. Her party isn't until Saturday so I have all day to sit here and think about how my sweet baby girl is FOUR! 

This past holiday weekend my family came up for Thanksgiving and since they couldn't be here for Kinsley's actual birthday they did a pre-birthday celebration with her. It was awesome, she walked around all day telling us it was her pretend birthday and she could do what she wants!

Mom took her to ICE! I don't think she really got how amazing it was, that EVERYTHING was made out of ice, but she enjoyed it and we were VERY impressed! 

A little pre-gaming on the train!~

These are backwards for some reason but whateve, enter: ICE

Here's the life-size nativity scene! 

 Huge Taxi with her Grandmas!

 New York New York!
 The theme was the Night Before Christmas (wish i would have made it down last year for Madagascar!) It was fun! These coats were ridiculous on her! Her Uh Seph helped out~

 She's into snowmen~

 I mean it's ALL ICE people! ALL of it! And there was a 2 story Ice slide!!!

 Afterwards Uh Seph (she called her uncle's "Uh" when she was little and my brother has tried to keep it going for him at least) took us to Gingy's house to decorate cookies... Kinsley had us all decorate one. Can you pick out the one she decorated?

Then this morning I had this all set up for her to take up to:

I think it went over well! 

And now my baby is four. This weekend we're having a huge Ariel Under the Sea blowout for her, I still can't believe in a year and half she'll be in Kindergarten!

I love you sweet Kinsley Grace. For all that you are and all that you will be! You are such a sweet and caring little girl. You're thoughtful of your friends and family. You never forget anything and are amazing at learning everything. God has blessed our lives by letting you into it, Thank you for sharing your sweetness with us!
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