Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A while ago I got the itch to run (pre-injuries) and asked some friends if they wanted to do the color run with me, they said yes, were ecstatic even? AND Despite the fact that we all hover somewhere above or below 30 we thought it was the best idea to do the Color Run in Tutu's!  You know the color run, the run where they throw color powder on you? The "Happiest Run on the Plant".
So here we are in our tutu glory!
Best part? Got to run it with my future sister-in-law!

Well somehow these girls kept my big butt running and despite having not run in WEEKS, they got me to finish that run in 32minutes! SAY WHA! That was a PB!

Aren't we cute? Above is us before the actual race even started! Below is after the race... amazing!

I'll tell you this was a HAPPY and FUN run. Little congestion, awesome music, and everyone was so fun and friendly! It was an excuse to just have fun and be silly and I totally dug it and totally needed it! AHHHH!

Then commenced the longest shower of my life, and i still have color on my hands!
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