Monday, January 6, 2014

Let it begin, again

I'm beginning my clean eating, paleo lifestyle again. I'm not saying no carbs, etc ever again. And i'm not saying to wine ever again. I'm saying not for now. I'm going to commit myself to this for 30 days. See there's 97 until my brother-in-law's wedding (yes Jess you read that right, even though I know you already know that). He's marrying my long lost sister and I can't wait! So in hopes of not hating my photos from that day (the whole family is in the wedding so we're bound to get some good ones!), i'm getting my diet in check!

It's time to put on my big girl pants and just recognize that I'm failing myself. I am not 18 anymore and I cannot eat an entire tray of fries and not gain weight. Plus I should be doing that anyway. I need to take care of my body by putting good things into it and being a good example to my kids with the food I eat. So hello meat and green beans!

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  1. haha how did you know I would get excited seeing two digits instead of three for the countdown! you must be long lost then ;) glad you're so excited too

  2. p.s. I know you can do it! you always look fab anyways but I know you're working hard and it shows :)