Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bring it on

No I'm not going to start doing a back flip in a little skirt while some gay, or not so gay, guy holds me up in the air by my ass. I'm bringing on my eating... my clean eating. I feel off the wagon a little last night with some baked beans. I didn't realized baked beans weren't paleo... I figured the sauce wasn't but the bean... uh... but I didn't eat the mashed potatoes OR the mac and cheese AND I didn't have wine! Score for me!

I feel like this time, more than any other time, I get it. I really GET how this journey is mine and it all comes down to ME and MY choices. Yes I wanted to get a big chips and cheese dip snack after the kids went to bed, but you know what, I settled for an apple. Was I happy about it? HELL NO! But I was happy that I could control that craving and make the better choice for myself.

I haven't started working out again, it's been really crazy. Probably won't start tonight either, but I can't do EVERYTHING... I just can't. I can chose to put the right things in my pie hole.

Tonight I've set it up for success... at least with myself. I made beef stew in the crockpot! The kids may tell me they are full and don't like it, but at least I know I'll be eating something besides the 3/4 of the can of peas I ate last night!

Low point though this morning... I was sumo squatting my daughter from her bed to the floor so i could get her dressed and my pants ripped. It was the lining of my very nice wool work pants, but still, it happened. Loudly. I.was.devastated.

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  1. I like your thinking! and I love your capital letters - HELL NO is usually how I feel about choosing nutrisystem over french fries ;-/ I think you have a great start!