Thursday, February 12, 2015

Well it happened. I don't know how it happened (I mean OBVIOUSLY I do know HOW, I have a degree, not in math) and I don't think I like that it happened but, I have a five year old. She is going to leave me for the big wide scary wonderful world of Kindergarten next year, and never to talk to me again. 

Kinsley Grace
Five years old
VERY sassy and opinionated and argumentative. (Thank you God, yes I did want a daughter JUST LIKE ME *enter eye roll*)
Smart as a whip (didn't know whips were smart, but again, just like me haha), she can already read level 1 books and is starting to read level 2. She's Ah-mazing and blows my mind with how smart she is. Asks how to spell everything because she's always writing something~
She wanted a pirate party so I made a cake~ BAM!

Then we invited her friends and it turned into a toddler frat party with no where to move, next year we'll out source this to some place, *never in my home again*! She had a blast, Kinsley also (kind heart that she is) collected toys 4 tots at her birthday party. Some friends brought her a gift, some brought a toy for a poor child, some brought both. I really wish I had a picture of her donating the toys, instead this family picture from the party will have to do!

Kinsley isn't the only one growing up. My crazy little man is really becoming more and more of a handful, but luckily he still love his cuddles with me. And luckily only throws objects over the balcony and not himself yet. 

We've been having a lot of this in my house:
See what I mean?

But it's cool because I have my little cheerleader to balance things out! #lovebeingacheermom

It's winter time in Maryland, which means manual labor for the kiddos. Luckily Santa brought Parker something to help us with it! 

Honestly I've felt like a craptastic (yeah I just made that up) Mom and I know why now... it's the winter. My personality, body, mind, even spirit HATE the winter and the short days and seriously take a hiatus. So I'm sorry my little babies and Chris for who I become in the winter. I know I'm not a fun person to be around. BUT the days are getting longer! It's light out until almost 6!!! 

More than anything, when I reflect after all of my complaining, I need you babies to know that You Are Important! You ARE so special to me. You ARE amazing and loved. 

Keep growing but always need me, except for the potty, I'm totally okay if you can learn to wipe your own butts now~

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