Monday, June 23, 2008

Potty Etiquette

So the other evening I was having dinner with some local Nesties and the topic came up of talking in the potty and what is acceptable and since i'm being the "KNOW ALL" on southern etiquette i'm here to inform ya'll of the rules. Now the rules change on the type/size of restroom you're in and how intoxicated you are... but...

1. NEVER speak to people while you are or they are in a stall... UNLESS you need toilet paper or a tampon.
2. If someone random is doing this and you want to contribute to their conversation DON'T... it's not classy and YOU DON'T KNOW THEM... it's an unwritten rule that conversations that take place in the restroom are private and are not meant for others to join in.
3. Try not to have any kind of conversation in the restroom unless A. There is a sitting area where you walk away from the toilets, B. You have to discuss something before you get back to the table/ where ever you are.

These rules are important because the restroom is a private place and should be kept as such, do your thing and get out.
Also most ladies do not want to think about what you might be wiping while they are discussing something profound with you.
And you are only keeping everyone else in your party waiting while you lallygag in the restroom.

Now these rules do get a little more lax if one is intoxicated (but that's not terribly classy to begin with), at a club, in a long line.

Now enjoy your potty trip!

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