Monday, November 10, 2008

i know i know... here's your updates:

So i don't have any AMAZING weight loss update but i do have a plan. Here it is:
My friend Tina and I joined a group at work that will have us working out Tuesdays and Thursdays for a bootcamp and weighing in on Tuesdays during a weight loss group meeting! (Accountability!) Then Tina and I are also going to walk/jog/etc with each other during lunches (as many as possible)... and i'll doing my 30-min shred at home and walk the dogs. We have to bring in a food list this week and what a list it will be for me! YIKES! Oh well, here's to honesty!

I carved this pumpkin on Thursday(10/30)... took FOREVER! But it was fun and worth it! Then i made Chris some Old Bay Spiced pumpkin seeds! YUM!

i LOVE handing out candy to the kids and make them little bags every year... Chris puts up with my need to please but he did think i looked cute so he insisted on a picture! lol, I love that guy!

Here is my Humble little house on Halloween! I thought it was very cute!

This is my neighbors house for Halloween, as you can see she put me to shame!

So on Saturday 11/1 some friends of ours were having a Halloween party... of course Chris and I couldn't go b/c of his out patient surgery he had the day before but low and behold he fell asleep on the couch and I was DYING for some entertainment! So i called up our friends Tuck and Martiena and said "I'm IN!" and I had an hour to get a costume together... well the girl throwing the party wanted all the girls to be a little slutty and, well, i just wasn't comfortable with that since I'm just beginning my weight loss journey again. So i got inspired and decided to go as Dead Sexy! OH YEA! It was a HUGE hit actually! I must apologize to Christina though for having to sacrifice her bridesmaid dress to this cause~

One of my favorites, Martiena and I

And Tuck and Martiena as Bond, James Bond and his girl Eglours Tata!!

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  1. Hello annapolischick! dmuppet7 from The Nest here. Just want to say that your costume was extremely flattering! You look fantastic! Hey, if that's what you look like now, just think how amazing you'll look after some more exercise and dieting efforts!