Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Weightloss but New Spice set up!

So i didn't have a weightloss today, but at least I didn't gain weight right!?!? Anyway, I took time yesterday, on my day off (love government holidays!) to organize my kitchen more... I did this because the kitchen is a place of extreme disdain to me. I do not have enough cabinet space nor do i have enough counter space. Chris and I have solved this slightly by getting rid of our "eat-in" kitchen table, since we never used it anyways, and getting a kitchen cart with a butcher block top and cabinet doors! SWEET! Well i also despise my spice cabinet, since it's so cramped so I came up with the solution below! YEA! Isn't it pretty! I just love love love it! It was also VERY reasonably priced, i just need to order a few more for the teny tiny spices! YEA!

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