Monday, December 29, 2008

watch out I'mback

So i've been bad about this blog but i haven't been too bad to myself!! I haven't gained ANY weight over the holidays!! WOOT! Now i haven't lost, but i haven't gained! So Now i'm back in my weightloss mode!
Breakfast: egg white veggie scrambles on top a low carb pita with some reduced fat cheese sprinkled and coffee with little creamer and splenda
Snack: Veggie bag (grape tomatoes, cucumber, carrots
Lunch: small side salad with FF Italian dressing and a can of Amy's FF veggie soup
Snack: WW berry yogurt!
Oh AND i worked out at lunch earning 4 points! OOOH YEA! But I'm going to try not to eat them! At least until i start really training for the Cherry Blossom b/c i don't NEED to eat more for a 30 minute workout, even if it was HIGH intensity! But what's funny is if i want to... i still have almost all my points left to eat since i worked off everything i've eaten so far! Crazy huh?? Lets see if i can keep this up!
Here's some holiday pictures for you to enjoy! I had great Christmas with Chris's family and MY family drove up to surprise me! YEA!
One of the Christmas gifts, I love my new Cake stand... more gift pics to come!

The arm... something happened to my arm and it wouldn't stop hurting so Chris's mom gave me this to help it... and boy did it! YES!

Jess with her new Coach bag! Every girl loves a coach bag!

My Topher was so excited to get a good Driver~

This is how my Mother-in-law does Christmas... WOWZA!

My family!

Us at the National Christmas tree... sorry so dark.

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