Monday, January 5, 2009

Da dada DA!

It's the new year! SOOO have you made your new years resolution? Clean more, eat in more, get out of debt, save money, travel more, workout more... oh here's an original one: Loose weight! Yeah that seems to be pretty typical but you know what??? It's mine! LOL! It started before the New Year though... I just started my tracking again after. I've been slowly getting into a pretty regular workout routine and now i'm upping my game. And starting yesterday I started tracking myself in my New Momentum Plan Weight Watchers tracking book. And NORMALLY i would NEVER start on the weekend, but you know what, no more weekend off for me! I tracked yesterday and said NO to a lot of foods that i wanted but didn't need and I did it! We had friends over and i STILL did it! It's POSSIBLE! I just had to REALLY think about was i hungry or did i just want to eat/munch b/c everyone else was.

So here is what yesterday looked like.
Coffee with FF creamer :2pt
4oz Sausage: 6pt (yeah i know... that stinks!)
1/2 c dirty rice :2pts
Salad w/FF dressing and a sprinkle of reduced fat cheese : 1pt
3 Miller 64 beers: 3 pts
2oz Potatoes: 1 pt
3oz chuck roast: 6pts
Veggies 1 1/2c : 0
misc. muchies: 2pts
Total: 23pts

I stayed within my points! I didn't workout but that's okay. I plan on doing most of my workouts during the week with hopefully a long run with Chris on the weekends... Here's to your new year and starting it off right!

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