Friday, February 20, 2009

Tell me he's not the best!

So Welcome to the baby blog for breedlovin's breedbaby!

I thought this would be a neat way to document the experience of Trying to conceive and once successfully knocked up recording what the experience was like, esp. for all those family members that aren't close by!

So these rosesrosees... were my valentines day gift and Chris's way of telling me that he's ready to start a family. So here's a little back story. I was ready and have been ready for a very long time... Chris and i talked and he finally agreed that April would be a good time to start trying (or as he puts it, not preventing).

Well on Feb 13th these roses appeared on my doorstep with a note that in the PS said something along the lines that there was a white clue in them that we needed to discuss.

Ummm yeah, apparently i'm not the sharpest tool in the shed b/c it took me a while to figure out Baby's Breath... I DID though! So when Chris got home i danced up to him very excited that i had it all figured out, when he tells me: "um yeah i ordered those BEFORE we decided on April". Oh man let down! But he surprisingly perks me right up by saying that since our finances are looking so good he thinks March sounds good to him! SCORE!

So that's the story of my super creative amazing husband and him jumping (okay maybe not jumping, more like stepping slowly one leg at a time) on the baby bandwagon!

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