Monday, April 9, 2012

A complete update~

So i'm going to update you in one long post, don't worry there's a ton of pictures to break it up!

Parker is growing well and fast! He's such a chunker!

He's also found a new best friend in Sadie!

He's becoming more and more alert and has even started to smile for us!

On his 6 week birthday he had to go to the hospital because he had a temp of 100.7 and anything over 100.4 requires a visit to the hospital at his age. After many test (blood test, spinal) it was determined that he just had a cold. The next day there was no fever and we were in the clear! 

His re-flux is still not doing well but is manageable as long as he is on his meds. 
We've been trying to stay busy while i'm still on maternity leave. Kinsley goes to daycare most days to keep things consistent for her, but we've taken her out a few times for fun!

Like the ZOO!

She had so much fun. We went with her little friends Jackson and Nico. "Here Kitty"

The elephants were their favorite! I think because they are always putting elephants on Mickey Mouse Club house. 

She is a big "helper" with her brother. Wants to always hold him, his hand, etc. It gets to be a little aggressive at times, like when we caught her trying to pick him up from his play mat to put him in his swing! YIKES! Mostly though she's sweet about it.

My parents came up for Easter for a visit. Here she is getting her gifts from us, A REAL Micky Mouse Clubhouse!

Going to see what the Easter Bunny brought!

I LOVED her in this easter dress. As soon as i put it on her she started twirling saying "Princess Mommy". She was beyond cute. She also insisted on wearing her candy necklace. 

One of the Moms in our circle organized an Easter Egg hunt! It was so cute and fun!

Here's my 7 week old chunker! Looking dapper!

A smile caught on camera!

It was a great Easter weekend with the whole family!
We are also Potty Training! WHOA! It's stressful to say the least. When we go places we put a pull-up on her so that i don't loose my cool. But on Saturday we went to the inner harbor and the aquarium and she kept it dry all day! She went to the potty, told us a few times even that she needed to go and she pooped in the potty! It's always hit or miss. 

I try to get her to go every 30mins now (used to be 15), sometimes longer. We keep a potty in my car for outings. And she MUST go when she gets up and before bed and before we leave the house. Another thing i learned from her teacher, after she goes and gets excited I tell her to "do more", often she pees just enough to re-leave herself and not to empty her bladder. When she goes to daycare she wears thick panties all day because they are really good at helping to train her!

Parker sleeps okay i guess. He's up every 3-4 hours... normally every 3. Lately it's been 2 again. AND the BIG problem is he's always peeing out of his diapers at night and so that means i have to change him and his bedding. Now he's not in the crib so there's no changing the sheet, but still! KILLING ME!. I've got to get him on a better schedule. Any tips?

I haven't been the best on my weight watchers lately, but now Easter is over and I'm jumping back on. I did jog for the first time on Friday... now i just have to find time to jog again... any tips there? lol. 

Well thanks for reading this horribly long update and i'll try to be better about posting so we don't have to go through this again! lol

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  1. Great update! Parker looks like such a baby and Kinsley is a big girl. Good luck with the potty training!