Thursday, April 12, 2012

Potty Training sucks!

All these post I've read where their kid is potty trained in 1-3 days... I HATE YOU! What your kid is too good to pee on your couch, mother, floor, or at the dinning room table? Your kid doesn't throw herself on the floor crying in the morning yelling she doesn't want to potty yet will happily go 15 mins later at daycare?

Between dealing with a newborn and all that entails, potty training sucks. I pick her up from school to a bag full of poop covered panties. The lunatic afternoon teacher even left a GIANT turd in one pair. I mean really??? You couldn't just let that one roll into the potty DIRECTLY BEHIND YOU? You HAD to send that home? REALLY? This isn't show and tell people, this isn't the nice artwork that we put up on the fridge, IT'S POOP! Keep it!

We do have good days though, like when we went to the playground up the street and Kinsley taught her friend how to sit down and pee in the grass. Now don't judge me, there's no way I could have gotten her home to pee in a respectable toilet while toting a newborn... so we improvised once and well, she actually learned that lesson. Does she learn MANY others? No. But, peeing in the grass at the playground? Done.

The lesson I learned? Don't let Kinsley pick out her own M&M's for her reward. She's supposed to get ONE, MAYBE two when she pees in the toilet. If you let her pick it out then she will act like she's choosing a color then grab as many as she can and stuff them into her mouth before you even know what is going on... normally at least 5 or 6 pieces.

So Yeah, potty training sucks. I have toddler potties all over my house. I have one in my car and i have a fold-able seat to take into places with us. I have disposable seat covers on the ready and THICK (don't even bother with those damn Elmo or Princess panties, there's no barrier there and it's literally a waterfall when there's an accident) underwear falling out of all my bags.

Anyone have any tips on how to make this go any better?


  1. I just posted last night about our potty training saga (it took us 7 long months).

    I seriously thought my kid would go to kindergarden in diapers.

  2. Wow... I so feel for you! I'm planning to embark on this particular joy of parenting this summer... wish me luck!

  3. I've tried to potty train but with the new baby around my daughter is extra attached to her diapers. Once the little one is older I plan on pushing a little harder with the potty training.

  4. haha we totally QUIT potty training. We will revisit in the summer, or when he seems ready. He just wasnt there yet.

    But yeah, it sucks!