Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Happened?

I'm here to tell you I was on a roll! I was working out CONSTANTLY, eating healthy i would say 70% of the time and looking good. I wasn't loosing pounds but everyone around was telling me that they could see a difference.

Now they would have been lying to me and just feeding me crap because they felt pitty for me that was working so hard with no results but I saw a difference (no matter how slight) too!

Lately though, no go. UH it's been so hard. Work is all crazy wonky and will continue to be until the end of September. I feel guilty if i don't work late, which means i then miss my workout time slot. UH sucks big time. When i don't workout then i eat bad. It's a terrible cycle.

Then we went to Texas FOR THE WEEKEND (crazy i know) and i came back sick so that threw me for another loop. I'm so far behind on my 1/2 marathon training i just want to give up but i won't let myself. UH! LIFE is sucking huge!

So you see, life happened and my motivation went with it. I'm trying to get it back and my good friend Cathy is trying to help me because she needs a boost too, but the desire isn't there right now. How do you get your motivation back? Follow Me on Pinterest

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  1. I can tell a huge difference looking at your face book posts. I'm so jealous and I'm now on week 3 of couch to 5k. I wanna be like you so stop slacking or the people you motivate will too! Haha