Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wedding Redo!

SO i have a MAJOR update coming your way but I wanted to throw this in for fun until I can get my act together! Over at Crafting a Fairytale she did a little Wedding Redo and I thought I WANT A REDO!!! So here's how it would go down if Cowboy and I could get loaded and do a killer vow renewal!
Now Northern Cowboy and I got married way back in circa 2006, aka Pre-Pintrest. So here's what i wouldn't change:

Time of year: LOVE the fall! Love what we did with the fall!

Change Time: The dress

While my dress was beautiful it wasn't my dream. I think i decided I wasn't going to be able to afford my dream and since this was beautiful, it was enough. Here's what I wanted at the time:
A silk taffeta look, but with more folds and drapes, etc. 

 NOW i would go for something more like:

 I would want it to be more memorable. Have the details more pronounced so they are more easily seen in photos. I would want it truly unique and i wouldn't listen to anyone else (like my Dad who hated the corset back, but that would have saved my back-fat!)

And for my hair (because OMG i HATED my hair!) I wanted something natural and free, like:

The Cake:
First of all it wasn't what I was told i was going to get. I was supposed to get a cake with swiss dots all over with edible fall foliage, not fake plastic crap.
What I would redo to:
Or even go non-traditional like:
The Flowers/table center pieces:
While proflowers did a budget good:
IF i didn't have a budget i would have preferred:
And while I LOVE the pumpkin/flower center pieces, i wish they would have been executed better:
and maybe with some height thrown in

The Venue was amazing a far as location and the staff and food. I wouldn't have minded if it looked a bit more like this though:
I mean if i had all the money in the world.... ;)

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