Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sorry I'm late

I have to tell you that I'm very sorry I'm pretty much always late now. I use to be a very punctual person. It was even a pet peeve of mine when people weren't on time. The women's fraternity i was a member of in college even had it as one of the "rules". But, now... Now I have kids, dogs, and a husband.

So next time we're to meet up and I'm late, here's a few reasons why:

1.My son started crying at 4:30 this morning and threw all of our lives into a tizzy... sorry I know it's now 6pm tonight.
2. I told my daughter she couldn't have candy for breakfast so she had a meltdown, which led to a pee accident which led to a wet wipe bath...
3. It's too dark out
4. My son thought his juice would look better on his head
4. My daughter's foot is dying
6. THE flower dress is dirty, enter meltdown
7. The dog got out of the house (via knocking over the kids and bolting out the door)
8. I can't find my keys (left them in the door LAST night)
9. We need to find sunglasses
10. Despite telling everyone 31 times that we are late we REALLY needed to stop and read a book.
11. We needed boo boo ice for the dying foot.
12. Despite "I'll be better tomorrow Momma" they weren't
13. We needed a princess bandaid for our bug bites
14. We had the wrong color headband on... clearly matching is wrong
15. We needed a snack, and juice, and now we aren't hungry for the lunch we were going to have with you.
16. The dog decided to throw up a sock at that moment
17. My Son "found" the throw up sock
18. My son decided to "hide"... on top of the throw up
19. My daughter needed to change my son's diaper
20. My son bit my daughter because she was trying to change his diaper
21. The sky is blue
22. My son put his only clean coat in the toilet, so now he's wearing his sister's pink one
23. Because Sally's Mommy lets Sally.... clearly I'm a terrible Mom
24. Because "I'm just going to be sad now"
25. because i locked myself in the bathroom to scream
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