Tuesday, February 4, 2014

There's a lot of amazing things happening here and i'm stressed!

So basically this is IT:
This will be our new house on March 20th! That's right people a single family home with land!!! WHOOP! 

While we still have a lot of bridges to cross still, lets take a moment and get excited! The following pictures are not my own they are from the listing, so therefore the furniture is not my own (although I would take most of it!).

First item on the checklist for a new home, open floor plan, CHECK!

 Second item on the list: Large functional kitchen: CHECK
Now you'll see some "open" cabinets, these aren't true open cabinets, she simply just took the doors off them and I will be putting the doors back on!
 View from upstairs to the den!

On the list: Large Master with room for our HUGE furniture and enough closet space: CHECK
This room has 3 THREE 3 closets! Chris will have the two long bi-fold door closets and I will get the HUGE walk-in closet! AMAZEBALLS! 
Oh AND there's a laundry shoot from this bedroom to the laundry room that's right off the kitchen! HOLLA!

 On the List: Double sinks and a tub: CHECK
Um how about double sinks with a TWO PERSON Jacuzzi tub!?!? OKAY!

 List Item: Finished Basement: CHECK
In our current home we're finishing the basement... never again! This new house just happens to have wood planking, a gas stove, a bar, a backroom which will make a perfect office (another List item) and a full bath!

 This is my boyfriend's future bar... he's very excited about it and very happy that I married him so that I could give it to him~ ;)

 What I haven't shown you? The laundry room with pantry, the half bath, basement bath, and kids bath. The space that will be chris's office/guest room. The kids rooms and their VERY SMALL closets (oh well they don't need it like I do!!!). Also the schools the kids will be going to are AMAZING!!!

This little piece of heaven is on 1.72 acres! So there'll be lots of space for the kids and dogs to roam, run, and have nice outdoor fun!

BUT like I said there's still quite a few hoops to jump through. We've made it through the general inspection and the pest inspection. We still have the well and septic inspections to do, oh and get to settlement with all our $$ and loans. House buying isn't ever easy but this house is DEFINITELY making it worth it! This is a forever home and it's just enough for us to grow and entertain and not kill each other in the process! 

So keep the prayers coming! We have 44 days left! AND we need to find a renter for our townhouse... so if you live in Maryland and need a place I know a townhouse with your name on it! 

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  1. Yay!! So exciting!! That house is amazing and perfect for you and your family! I can't wait to see what you'll do with it and you guys will make it your own :)

  2. Gorgeous home!! You guys will love having all of that space!