Friday, February 7, 2014

Do You know...

Do you know how hard it is to get your house ready to show... all you people who have had to declutter and be show ready because you wanted to sell, my heart goes out to you!

The hubs and I have decided to rent our townhouse, we're dodging that "show bullet" right? NO. Imagine, people want to look at the place they are going to sign a lease for! OMG. Well in our perfect world we would have renters starting on April 1. We close on March 20th. See how this timeline isn't conducive to just "sure come on by"? If we want them to start on April 1st THEY have to make plans, etc so they would most likely start planning... now? I'm not ready now. More like I'm a pig invited to a cow ball not ready!

Besides the fact that the basement isn't close? we have to clean and purge and declutter. Oh.My.God. Have you tired cleaning with kids around? How about kids and two harry, shedding dogs? To say such a thing is pointless is the understatement of the decade.

So we have some potential renters... they may not workout, even if they don't we need to get ready. When is this "ready" date that our Realtor (Dear Lord Baby Jesus, God Bless her heart for trying to help out our struggling butts) wants to try to show some people our house? Feb 22. That's in 2 weeks. This weekend (at least Saturday is pretty full with birthday parties and friends) busy, next weekend is little Man's 2nd Birthday Party... yea, so I have to move everything to storage, clean the house, get (our friend to) the basement ready-ish, paint/touch up the house, oh and keep it there with two kids, two dogs, a husband with a very demanding work schedule, and a partridge and a pear tree. Did I mention I work full time and am out of the house from 620-445ish? yeah...

Pray people, God has gotten us this far, I'm going to need him to get us a little farther! Pray!
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