Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sometimes people just don't even TRY to get it

So Chris and I are under QUITE A BIT of stress right now. Here's what's currently on our plate.

1. Buying a new house and all that goes with that (inspections, loan paperwork, scheduling movers, transferring/scheduling/starting/stopping utilities, etc)
2. Renting out our townhouse and all that goes with that (getting a lease in place, finding renters, getting it "show" ready, scheduling the replacement of carpets, etc)
3. Finishing our basement before we can even hope to have renters move in
4. Parker's birthday (which has been postponed to the beginning of April)
5. Our full time jobs (which Chris is BEYOND stressful and never 8 hours a day... more like 16... hello single Mom and poor stressed hubby)
6. Taking care of our kids (dinner, breakfast, baths, etc and the tantrums OMG)
7. General upkeep of our "normal" lives (the never ending amount of laundry, cleaning (despite how pointless it feels with drywall dust everywhere), paying bills, etc)
8. Finding the kids a new preschool (we're moving counties)
9. Brother-in-law's wedding in April (getting attire, scheduling for the kids, scheduling for me, get a dog sitter, etc)
10. Future sister-in-law's bachelorette party
11. Packing up my whole house
12. Trying to stay on a workout plan/diet plan
13. Dealing with my dogs (sorry right now that's the nicest thing I can say about them... sorry dog "mom's")
14. SNOW (OMG Make it GO AWAY)... this is on my list b/c it's something that I have to deal with almost daily in some way!
15. My Granny is about to pass away
16. Kinsley's dance classes and birthday party invites
17. Knowing that our Sundays are about to shot between Church and then the joining classes for Church in the evenings (and knowing we can't put if off b/c we LOVE our church and these only happen once a year but we also have to schedule childcare for them)

Really most of this is "normal" I guess but the new house, renting out current house, and basement are sending me over the top. We HAVE to get the basement done to rent our current house. We HAVE to get our current house rented to not put ourselves under. Add that stress to the fact that the only decent preschool/daycare out there that feeds into our new school system is more expensive BUT I REALLY want the kids there because Kinsley is digressing at her current preschool from not being challenged.

Basically though my rant isn't about what's on my plate. I put it there and I'll find a way to make it all work. My rant is about people that only see what's on THEIR plate and ignore my plate. I get it, everyone is busy, everyone has stresses, everyone is trying to keep their head above water. But if I can get over myself to help you out... it would be nice to either have you return the favor or in the very least leave me alone. I get everyone doesn't have kids, or dogs, or totally understand moving stress, etc... BUT Oh. My. Lord! TRY!

I feel helpless, often because I know all this ("good") stress is killing  my husband and there's not much I can do to help him because I'm at my wits end too. I hate complaining about this stuff because in the end it's all great stress (Hello new house, Hello kids getting a better school, Hello super awesome wedding coming up) and who wants a to hear a whoa is me story. Kind of like those assholes who are always going on about "OMG I HAVE to go and buy a new dress for this super awesome blah blah blah at the club". Yeah shut it people. I get it. But when people who are supposed to get it and who are supposed to support you don't... it just gets really hard.

Before anyone emails me and starts texting "OMG are you talking about me" STOP! Put the phone down, shut off your computer and just let me rant. This is my space to blow off steam, this is my space to decompress so that I don't decompress on my family. This is not about you this time, this is about me. I love you thank you.

This morning in the middle of my kids meltdowns about "Parker is hurting my feelings" and Parker wants to put his own socks on but then wants my help because he can't do it then gets mad at me because I helped him after he asked me to... and then "OMG I left my bracelets at home" I really almost started crying. I miss my friends. I miss shooting the shit and complaining about our perfectly happy but stressful lives together. I miss sitting down with a glass (okay bottle) of wine and not worrying about okay I can't have too much because then I'll be useless for part of the day tomorrow and I have so much to do! Hell MAYBE I'm tired of being a grownup at this moment!

Okay rant is done. I'm putting on my big girl panties and we're going to get this done. We're closing on the new house in 28 days (unless it's sooner because of potential renters... hello AWESOME but OMG more stress). We're going to get to party like it's 1999 in 51 days. And all will be right with the world. Thanks for letting me rant. If you're reading this and want to help... call me and ask me to meet you for coffee or to come over for wine (you might have to come to me though because the hubs has been crazy busy and often I can't get out of the house... ever). That's what I need. I need to be surrounded by my friends...  not given "well I would really like to but...." That would feed my sole. And if you're my friend and I haven't been the best of friend to YOU lately... I'm deeply sorry! I promise calls, friend dates, SOMETHING is in our future!

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