Monday, March 31, 2014

You know when you're heart breaks...

So Parker is my sick child. He's not wimpy, lethargic sick. He's the "I'm going to ransack your house and make you wonder how in the world I can do that while having pneumonia" sick. Baffles me.

He's always been sick. He got a 101.... something or other fever before he was 6 weeks old... into the hospital we went because they don't play with tiny babies. He was fine, just a cold. He got so many ear aches he got tubes. He's had pneumonia and other lung illnesses we got our own nebulizer.

He has something going on again. They are certain it's a sinus infection and pneumonia could be a byproduct of that since there's so many crackles in his chest, can't be certain unless you do a chest x-ray but they are going to treat it the same regardless of the x-ray so why submit him to unnecessary radiation?

I'm a though parent, I don't cry when my kids gets shots because I know it's for their own good and they will be okay. But it BREAKS my heart and spirit to see my VERY rambunctious two year old sit calmly through breathing treatments, stick his finger out knowingly for oxygen level test, turn his head for ear checks without even a hesitation because all of that is his norm. THIS SHOULD NOT BE HIS NORM!

Don't get me wrong, Parker has always had a very... understanding? personality. You could "reason" with him from a young age, so it's normal for him to accept his circumstances without big fanfare. Not timeouts or anything super crazy, but waiting to get to do something, having to go to the doctor, yep he's cool.

But my heart is breaking. He's always been sick on some level, and we just go with it. It doesn't slow us down anymore. We travel with the nebulizer just in case. I know we're blessed because it could be worse, but it breaks my heart to know my child thinks this is normal.
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