Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So here's a catch up that will make you go whoa~

So I had hand, foot, mouth disease. I'm like the ONLY adult i know that has gotten it... yup it's rare for an adult to, yup, i got it... Guess what else??? It's rare to have peeling skin afterwards... BUT I DO! Seriously my toddler asked me what is wrong with my feet BECAUSE i look like i have leprosy (sp?). gross, not my finest moment.

Parker is almost 6 months old... my uterus just cried. He waves, even though he doesn't know he's waving and if he was my first kid i might say that he IS waving but I know the truth now...it's still cute.

Kinsley is very grown up and likes to scream bloody murder when i force her to pee on the potty in the morning... awesome. You would think I was cutting her and not trying to make her relieve her bladder. Her bladder loves me, Kinsley does not. Kinsley DOES love Veggie Tales (or as she calls it, Mato). But she only likes the Veggie Tales Live DVD, not as much into the cartoons... weirdo

I made these sugar cookie bowls that i filled with cream cheese mixed with powered sugar and topped with fruit, you know to make it healthy... my face hole was happy.

I have yet again WAY too much on my plate and want to add more because Pintrest is the devil. So instead of working at lunch like I should be doing I'm planning my kids birthday parties that are in December and February... good job tubby

We got an awesome new memory foam mattress that I loved for 4 days... now i want a topper on it... don't tell the hubs. We got it for so cheap so i think the topper would be okay to buy... except we need a new roof now... boo Oh and we need new windows, siding, sliding doors, and chimney inserts. Can i get a sponsor?!?!

I have a lot of pintrest projects to show you, but that requires me taking pictures, uploading them, and then editing them and using them... that's a lot of work... just find me on Facebook!

That's enough for now... i would hate to overload you with how interesting my life is~

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