Friday, August 10, 2012

Here's where I throw up on you with pictures and epic stories!

Okay hold your hats and away we go...

Parker looking devilishly hansom in his swim trunks. I forgot his rash guard top to he stayed in his onezie, I thought that was a nice nod to all of the cool kids at the pool... 

He was happy in the water, until I sat him in it... already complaining about the shrinkage "That water is VERY cold girls"

K's been going to dance class. WHEN she listens she's very good technically... except when it comes to jumps/leaps... she sucks at that, i'm not going to lie, kid has no ups... it's cool we'll work on it... I mean she's only 2! She has like 3 years before we put her in the Olympics for gymnastics! 

See, she's good! 

Chunker turned 5 months... I know! And he loves his feet. I think they are pretty tasty too so i can't blame him.
These are rare smiles caught on camera because as soon as son sees a camera he turns into my brother and either looks drunk, confused, or unhappy... great 

Of course the hambone of the family couldn't let brother get his picture taken alone! So i let her in on the fun.

Kid dressed herself after peeing and leaking snot from her nose. I let it stay because at least she put her clothes back on...

Chunky loves to make silly faces... I think my uterus just flip flopped... DOWN I SAY, we're closed for business! 

hence the name Chunky... look at those chins!!!

This is the part of the show where sister gets aggressively affectionate... oye

"Save me Mom!!!"

And yes for those of you who can do math these pictures WERE taken after he turned 5 months, which IS AFTER the forth of July... Where I just so happened to miss taking ANY pictures of Chunky... Mother of the year... so I celebrated again in his room... Never miss an opportunity people!

This is how I know she belongs to me... i mean besides the stretch marks.

okay maybe more so this one... such an awkward one that one... 

And then there was one day, at my house, that diva was playing with her Daddy and whacked her head on our banister behind the couch and M&M's are the only thing that calmed her...

Oh yeah, this one IS sort of recent... we have a SITTER!!!!

This is his "OMG you are looking at me and I just want to eat your booby" face... i mean don't we all have one of those???

I know I promised stories but well, i'm out of time... I know i'm such a tease... more to come
Laters babes (where is that quote from... hee hee)

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