Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Life with a 3 year old is like a constant kick in the ass

So i was all ready to write today about how much I hate three. How three year olds are the devils spawn and I'm going to put my child up for sale... then when I was going on hour 2 of laying in my child's bed with her while she wasn't sleeping and she was chatting away, despite my reprimands to shut the hell up stop talking I came to a realization!

See a little over 2? weeks ago we switched Kinsley to the 4 year old room at daycare. She is academically VERY ready for this room. Upon further thought and listening to her, i don't think she was emotionally/socially ready for this. Since her move we've been having poop issues, which are now constipation issues and we've been having behavior problems. I can't believe I'm just now putting this together (enter Mom of the year) but I think they are related. *SMACK head to desk*

So I asked the director to put her back in her 3 year old class part time. She really needs the academic challenge but she also needs to fit in and be with her friends.

I hope her poop gets better~

FYI I did take her to the dr and we're on a regime of Miralax to get her normal again.
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